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Posted on: April 30, 2011 2:29 am

Ryan Mallet

I think the media blitz on what a terrible druggie problem child Ryan is, was a complete attack from the media based on nothing.   I will say I suspect and I am fairly certain he is a DB.  But a coked up, pot smoking flunky, nope not seeing it.   I am not sure what the media has against him but it cost him a lot in the draft.   The pats got a great deal and excellent back up QB.   I am not going to say what a great person he is, I dont know him personally and what I have heard on the Hill has not always been great about him. I hear on the hill he is a arrogant DB BUT I think lots athelets are arrogant DB's (ocho cinco, Ben Roth, Charles Barkley, Carmelo Anthony.. long long list here) I think some are flat out not good people at all, but they still get paid millions for their talent.   I watched him with Jon Gruden and he was fine, very respectful and answered directly and Jon was the arrogant DB to him and he handled him great, as well as Cam and the rest of the QB's handled Jon.   Ryan will not ever be a media darling but I dont think he is remotely the evil red flag person the media has made him out to be recently.  It just feels Ryan was singled out and maliciously attacked by the media based on nothing, and that they have it in for him really badly.   The reasoning is not clear, but I do know this vicious onslaught by the media cost him some money, I hope he gets the last laugh and learns from the pats and Tom and Makes em all eat their nasty words.  I hope this lights a fire under his arse to be a better player, I think he landed fine as far as being with Patriots, and being a understudy for Tom.  You never know this could be the best thing that happened to him.  It could be a defining moment, a humbling experience that puts a permanent fire under his arse to be a better person and player, I hope it is.

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