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Posted on: October 19, 2012 12:18 am

Oak vs JAX

The Jaguars come off their bye and with any luck maybe they discovered an
offense. Bought one off of EBay or maybe just stopped hoping for anything more
than one touchdown from Maurice Jones-Drew and spent all their time making a
better special teams so hopefully they can score a touchdown. Because there has
not been more than one since the season opener. The last game played hosting the
Bears only to lose 3-41 means that the Jaguars are not throwing in the towel, it
means they can't throw anything.

Blaine Gabbert is no different than the #32 quarterback we knew in 2011
except this time he has high-priced receivers that he cannot connect with
instead of no-name slugs. Gabbert has taken the best wide receiver that came out
of the NFL draft and so far Justin Blackmon only caught 13 passes for 119 yards
over five games. Gabbert has not passed for more than 186 yards in the last four
matchups and averaged a whopping 134 passing yards. He has thrown five
touchdowns, somehow, but has no yardage doing it.

Laurent Robinson is still impacted by his concussions and is not expected to
practice this week or play. WIth three concussions over the last three months,
Robinson might be out for a while and seriously, who cares? He went from being a
star in Dallas to catching only nine passes for 134 yards this year. Cecil
Shorts will replace him and is the current scoring leader for the Jaguars
because he has two touchdowns this year. Yes, that includes Maurice Jones-Drew.
Marcedes Lewis remains below 34 yards in each game since week one.

Jones-Drew was the only part of the offense that worked last year and ended
up leading the NFL in rushing yardage because the Jaguars fed him a steady diet
of everything. But this year he only produced one game over 77 rushing yards and
just one touchdown. His role as a receiver is inconsistent at best because the
Jags sometimes hold him in to help block so that Gabbert can throw more
incompletions. Jones-Drew has been limited to 13 or fewer carries in three of
the last four games. It is just not happening in Jacksonville and there is
nothing that Jones-Drew can do about it.

This will be interesting since the Jaguars have not faced a defense as weak
as the Raiders but then again - on the road. And while the Raiders rank poorly
against most positions, that is influenced by games against PIT, DEN and ATL.
The Jags have been on their bye and preparing for this game for two weeks. But -
that still doesn't magically give them a passing game.

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