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Losing a Friend

Sadly, losing those who are close to us is a part of life we all have to deal with.  A good friend may be taken before their time, or even if they live out a full and healthy life it hurts just the same.  I’ve lost acquaintances over the years, but only a handful of friends; I guess you could call me lucky, but I am young enough at 28 to know that there is more heartache to come.  It’s just something we have to deal with.

About five years ago, I was of the opinion that one could not meet a person over the internet and become a true friend with them.  That all changed.  I am saddened to report the loss of one of my very dear friends, Trudy Turner, who you may know better here at CBS as


In January of 2007, I stumbled across a thread here called the “All Friends Bar & Grill” and Mopsele, Mops as we called her, was one of the mainstays.  I only later found out she was a southern lady, and the classiest one you will ever find at that.  Mops had the kindest, gentlest soul I have ever encountered here, or arguably out in the face to face world too.  She would treat anyone with dignity and respect so long as they deserved it, but had a mighty strong backbone too.  She was not afraid to speak her mind and tell trolls to leave the rest of us alone.

When I first heard of Mops’ illness a few months back I was distraught, but also deeply touched by the outreach of everyone and anyone who knew her.  We all pitched in to help her fight, whether through prayer, phone calls, or even a special radio show.  We have all spiraled into a deep depression upon hearing the news of her passing.  Yet, I know that she has entered a better place where she is free from pain and all of her earthly physical limitations, looking down on her B&G with pride, and that makes me happy.

After meeting such great people like Mops and countless others here on CBS, I call bullplop on the “You can’t develop close relationships with those you meet online” argument.  But, some have just not been as lucky as I, to come upon a place where you are welcomed and respected..and even yes loved, by your peers.  My thoughts and prayers go out to Trudy’s widow Willie, I can’t imagine the pain he is going through right now.

In closing, I invite all who read this blog to visit Mops’ home, the All Friends Bar & Grill.  It is on the off topic board, always near the top.  I also invite anyone to share their personal experiences of loss, that it may bring you comfort to express your pain.  You never truly get over the loss of a friend, but hopefully in time the realization sets in that he or she wouldn’t want you to fret over their death, but move forward and seek happiness in your own life.  God bless.

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Posted on: January 22, 2010 2:07 pm
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Ever feel unwanted as a poster? I did too.

I’ve been posting here for close to 4 years now and I’ve gained some insights though my chats with many very knowledgeable people.  These discussions have been sports related, and related to general life as well.  Throughout all this time however, my main concern was “How the hell can so many people continue to post on this forum with all the viable alternatives?”  The admins of this site have proven themselves corrupt and incompetent time and again, and I’m not the only one to notice.  From removing all avatars that weren’t sports-related (only recently have they relented this policy after much public backlash) to deeming certain threads and posts “off topic” just because they didn’t conform to their standards, the ivory tower dwellers here at CBS have proven their ignorance time and again.  This led to me and a few others asking: “Where can we go to find a home that is user-friendly?”

The answer, my friends, is NGS Forums.

Paste that into your address bar.  Bookmark it.  You'll be glad you did.

We at NGS have you, the poster, in mind.  Our staff, moderators and admins, are all regular posters like you so we understand your concerns.  We have no militaristic restrictions on avatars.  We have a Sexy Avatar Thread just like here on CBS.  The only difference is you can actually post your pictures without the giant “oops!!” that is so prevalent here.  Of course, there are rules, but they are set in stone and easy to follow.  We cater to the die hard sports fan, as well as the more casual observer.  All your standard general chat, bar threads, and music areas are there as well.  We have something to offer everyone, and perhaps our most important feature is the ability to eliminate trolls.  Any troll that enters is removed by ip, never to return.  You won’t find a troll creating dozens of accounts; that is impossible.

In conclusion, I hope you give NGS Forums a look.  Come over and create an account; you will find several great people around to help you.  If you’re reading this, you probably have me as a favorite so you can presumably trust my judgment on this.  Don’t settle for mediocrity!!  Come join a very special community where you will be treated like family.  Come to NGS Forums.  Our address again is:


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Posted on: October 25, 2009 4:30 pm

A Bold Step

Let me begin by saying I have been on this site for over 5 it's current state with the ratings and such for over 3 years, as you can see on my neat little description box thingy.  At times I have taken a hiatus, and then returned..because I have met some very nice and humble people here.  So why create a blog?  I don't know..I guess I just felt the need to have a place to air my random thoughts to a captive audience. 

So whether it be about Steelers football, Penguins hockey, Pirates baseball (God help me), Magic basketball...or Ohio State athletics..I will try to give my frank and honest (non-homer so to speak) musings.  And there are other teams and topics in the sports world worth mention also..believe it or not. Cool



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