Posted on: October 30, 2009 1:36 pm

SEC has it all wrong.

Now I am not one to believe in all the conspiracy theory and that the SEC is doing its best to keep Alabama and Florida at the top of the rankings for a super showdown in the SEC Title Game. But when you watch how bad the reffing has been and how many of the bad calls seemed to help out the Big Boys, you have to at least take a step back and wonder.


The SEC has it all wrong here. The Refs need to be responsible for their calls, especially when they are as bad as they have been. A player or coach has to face the media when they don’t perform, why doesn’t a Ref who makes numerous obvious bad calls?


Now I am not saying that the coaches should be allowed to rant about the officials every single game for a missed hold. But the calls that were missed (or made in this case) were bad and the coaches had every right to stand up and make themselves heard. Do you honestly think that the SEC would have suspended these Refs if the coaches hadn’t said a word? Very doubtful.


The SEC needs to keep Mr. Kiffin on a tight rope, his mouth gets the best of him numerous times a day. But if the reffing doesn’t start getting better the coaches have every right to say it isn’t up to par.


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