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Posted on: December 27, 2010 2:00 pm

10 things the Cowboys must do before next season.

The Dallas Cowboys future looks pretty good actually. What the need to do is:

1st. Hire Coach Garret.
2nd. Get a bonafide Defensive Coach.
3rd. Release Marion Barber (Over paid and under producing)
4th. Release Roy E. Williams (Same as above message)
5th. Start to get a Good O-line.
6th. Look in the Draft for a Very Good Safety (Free or Strong)
7th. Get a Shut-down Cornerback.
8th. Possibly look to add a very Good back-up QB for Romo (Kitna is Good, but Old), Possibly McNabb ?
9th. A Excellent Middle linebacker is always good for a Good Defense (Chi/Bal etc.)
10th. Trade Terrance Newman for a High Draft Pick 

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