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Posted on: November 13, 2009 11:31 pm

How many teams can really crack the BCS???

A thought entered my head the other today. If Auburn begins the season ranked in the 20s, goes undefeated, wins the SEC Championship, and doesn't make the BCS Title Game, does every college team actually have a chance to win the title. College Football is the only sport that actually eliminates the possibility of a Championship run before a game is even played.

Now I know what you might be saying, some of these teams have no chance at stringing together 13 wins let alone win it all, but don't they have the right to at least have that chance. March Madness is one of the most magical things for a collegiate athlete as are the many other mulit-team playoffs in collegiate sports. For one month, you and your team dream of making a magical run and hoisting the Championship trophy. So, why are football athletes deprived of this opportunity.

Money. Plain and simple. If I were a commissioner of one of the major conferences, it would be hard to walk away from guaranteed millions every year that are brought into your entire league's teams based on one bowl game, let alone the other 4-7 bowl tie-ins that your conference may have. But where do you draw the line between competition and greed.

So, back to my main point. Who is really eligible at the beginning of the season? There are 120 college football teams. Assuming that any of the 65 BCS conference teams that run the table and win their conference championship have a strong chance at making the title game. Add in college football's darling Notre Dame and any preseason ranked non-BCS Conference teams. In this year's case (TCU, BYU, Utah, and Boise St.). So, you've got 70 teams that have a legitimate shot of making the title game considering they run the table. So, what about the other 50 teams. A whopping 42% don't even have a chance to compete for a title. That doesn't seem very fair to me.

And if you dive in deeper taking into consideration Auburn's wasted undefeated season, you could probably cut it down to even less teams that have a chance from the opening kickoff. I've always been an advocate for a playoff, but I guess you just have to deal with the system in place and hope for the best for the underdogs and a true championship game featuring the two best teams whether they be from the BCS conference or the non-BCS conferences.

Posted on: November 13, 2009 11:23 pm
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