Posted on: November 22, 2009 12:35 am
Edited on: November 22, 2009 5:07 pm

The Fall Sports Season Is Winding Down...

With the Fall Sports Season winding down, entering into the Holidays and winter, there have been many sporting events to follow, watch, listen to and attend.  Once again, we closed out another baseball season with a $$ driven MLB World Series winner, started the powerful NFL season, piggy backed with exciting Collegiate Football and now getting underway with the NBA and Collegiate Basketball.  What has been good…?  What is good…?  What will be good in sports…?


Our Fall Classic ended again with a $$ driven World Series.

If you are a Yankees fan, you loved the World Series.  Year after year, is it not the highest $$ paid lineup winning anymore?  Do the smaller market teams really have a chance?  How did the Yankees and Phillies get their pitching staffs?  What happened to the Farm System? 

Which brings us to the Free Agent Market for 2009.  Will Matt Holliday stay in St. Louis?  I think we all know that answer.  It is difficult for the mid-market teams to compete today in the MLB production. 

I heard this week, that the Cy Young Winner, Tim Lincecum, was the best contributor to his teams’ 2009 results; tell that to the youth of America.

Baseball went thru some difficult times in the 90’s, the owners were hardly making it, but the steroids pumped us all right back in.  Is there another strike coming…?

What’s going on in College BB?


The NFL has reached approximately mid-season with a few surprises.

Peyton Manning is still the premier quarterback of the league.  Do not tell Tom Brady or the New England Patriots, but it looks like Indianapolis, could be the leader to pick to win the Super Bowl for their rookie head coach, Jim Caldwell?  How about that coaching call by Bill Belichick…? 

Are the Denver Broncos for real?  The San Diego Chargers will let us know.  What does Jay Cutler think? 

What has happened to Notre Dame?  They better fire their head coach.  How could they be that bad? 

Is the Big 10 really that bad?  Will Michigan show up next year? 

The SEC is without a doubt the leader in collegiate football this weekend, ask the LSU Tigers aboutOle Miss, field goal…? However, who will have the most bowl teams and winners, the Big 12? 

I heard the Pac 10 is the second best conference in college football today.  Is this just the second year they have had more than one team in the Top 25? 

Whatever happened to the Nebraska vs Oklahoma game, Thanksgiving weekend?


The NBA is still playing no defense and a lot of “One-on-One” offense. 

Will LeBron James win a Championship?  Will he go to the Knicks?  I think we all know that answer.

Can the Celtics return to their Championship form?  Some may say that there are too many $$ in Boston…?

Kobe Bryant will still drive the Lakers to the Finals, or will Ron Artest get in the way?

What’s going on in College BK?

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