Posted on: March 9, 2011 8:03 pm
Edited on: March 9, 2011 8:04 pm

2011 SEC Tournament Bracket + More

Lets begin with the full schedule for the tournament

Thursday - March 10th

Auburn/Georgia @ 1:00pm
South Carolina/Ole Miss @ 3:30pm
Tennessee/Arkansas @ 7:30pm
LSU/Vanderbilt @ 10:00pm

Friday - March 11th

Winner of Auburn/Georgia plays Alabama @ 1:00pm
Winner of South Carolina/Ole Miss plays Kentucky @3:30pm
Winner of Tennessee/Arkansas plays Florida @ 7:30pm
Winner of LSU/Vanderbilt plays Mississippi St. @ 10:00pm

Saturday - March 12th

Semifinal #1 @ 1:00pm on ABC
Semifinal #2 @ 3:30pm on ABC

Sunday - March 13th

Championship @ 1:00pm on ABC

Well all the SEC teams play each other tough so you can't really say one team has an easier path over another.  Florida had some easy games and some tough games against both Tennessee and Arkansas so I don't know when team I would rather play for our first game.  But either way if we get through that first match then I will say we will probably have to play Vanderbilit for our second game just because of how tough they are I don't see them stumbling in the first round.  Then look for Kentucky to run the table and setup the championship match with Florida.  That should be a sweet game as it usually is.

If we defeat Kentucky (or whoever is able to get past Kentucky to meet us) then I believe we might be able to get up into the low top 10 rankings (8-9) due to some upsets in other tournaments.  If that happens then we might be able to get a #2 seed which would be cool.

I am looking forward to Selection Sunday (this sunday).  I will then be able to tell if we have an easy path to the Final Four or a tough one.  Personally I would love to have the Ohio St. bracket just so we can get the chance to get revenge over the early season loss.  That is if they make it far without getting upset.

I feel that we need several things to happen if we are to progress far into the tournament.  We need to make our free throws because we won't have many blowouts.  The teams we are going to play are going to be tough and they will be close games.  We will also need to make our 3's.  If we can't hit our open shots then we will have a tough time advancing.  Next is we need to get Macklin involved early and often.  The teams we will be playing will have decent to good to great big men.  Macklin will need to put pressure on them and make shots along with getting rebounds.  I also believe that if Boynton gets hot and stays consistant we will have a great chance of getting far.  I know Parsons will bring his A game because he desperately wants to finish his senior year on top with two championships.

Overall I can't wait to watch Florida play and I hope they bring the passion that they have over the last part of the season.  Good luck Gators.  You can do it!


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