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Posted on: October 19, 2010 6:39 pm

Chargers 2-4 after 6 weeks

I am not going to talk about the game with the Rams.  Instead, I would like to take a look at why the Chargers are 2-4.  Lets start off with the ownership.  Dean Spanos has owned the Chargers for quite a few years and over that time, this is what I have noticed.  He is a very wealthy man who seems to care more about his money than his franchise.  I say this because of the stadium issues that are going on in San Diego that could cost them an NFL team.  Jerry Jones comes to mind about the stadium issue because look what he did in Dallas.  I know that Dean Spanos has the money to build the stadium if he wanted to, but he would rather flip the bill to the tax payers.  Instead of doing what it takes to build the name of the Chargers by winning Super Bowls, he would rather stare into his bank account and wonder why the Chargers are having blackouts in San Diego.  I know the economy is not great, but I think that there are other people out there like me that are tired of having their hearts ripped out of their chest in the post season.
I used to work at the Marriott as a Doorman in San Diego.  I had the pleasure of seeing Dean Spanos at the hotel on a Sunday morning before one of their games.  You should have seen how he was wasting tax payer money by using the police as his personal escort.  He walks out of the hotel that morning, gets into a limo and about 8 policemen give him an escort to Mission Valley & probably home after the game too.  It blew my mind.  It was like he was a high ranking politician of some sort.
Next we will cover AJ Smith.  I know that people think that AJ plays hard ball and I am sure that he does.  I am also sure that Mr. Spanos has some influence on that.  I would have to believe that AJ is under orders not to exceed so much money for each year.  To me that has to do with Mr. Spanos more than AJ.  After all, whose money is AJ spending.  The Chargers organization was a mess before John Butler and AJ Smith came to San Diego.  I wish that John Butler were still around to run the Chargers, but we have to move on.  I would rather have a hard nosed GM over an organization that tries to run itself with no professional help.
Now, my biggest problem with the Chargers (and has been since he was hired), Norval Turner.  This guy is just not head coach material.  He does not inspire passion the way a head coach should.  He is not teaching his players sufficiently enough to stop the boneheaded mistakes that have been made in every single game this year.  I think he is one of the best offensive coordinators that have ever been around, but not a head coach.  Norv should step back and take back the offensive coordinator job and let somebody else who can coach do just that.
I know that there is talent out there somewhere in the coaching ranks and the Chargers need to commit themselves to winning a Super Bowl instead of just talking about it.  Good luck this year Chargers.  it's going to be hard to win the championship when you can't even win on the road with a #1 offense and defense.  How can you be 2-4 with stats like that.  
Last, but not least, the injury situation.  I hope that Phillip Rivers can carry the load with his 3 best receivers out due to injury.  I have not heard about Malcolm Floyd yet, but no Antonio Gates or Vincent Jackson really does hurt.   Let's see what kind of game the Chargers come out with against an always good New England Patriots team.  I hope that home field advantage helps so we can get back to .500.
Chargers 24 - Patriots 21
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