Posted on: January 5, 2010 5:19 pm

An offseason with hope for improvement.

The O's started an aggressive offseason bid for excellence. The problem, we signed average players with little to no demand. We need a front of the line starter, and we signed Millwood. I like his workhorse style, but is he really an upgrade? The most promising upside with his signing is the Guthrie's stress level. Maybe Jeremy will get back in form and show the AL East that he has good stuff. 
We signed Mike Gonzalez, but we don't know who's closing, or if we have a legitimate closer? Maybe we should consider investing a little in the flat brimmed George again. The energy he brought into the ninth was second to none in close O's history.
Who wouldn't take a risk on Garrett Atkins? A proven third basemen who has pop and leadership. His errors are high, and he had a down season, but he isn't long term. He's warming the base up for Josh Bell. Hopefully Bell will be swinging to his potential for the early to mid 2011 season.
Let's go O's.
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