Posted on: January 29, 2013 8:17 pm

Unanswered Questions

In the fine tradition of ESPiN here are some of their leftover Media Day questions for the Harbaughs:  

1. How long have you been brothers? 

2. When you play tennis do you pretend to be the Williams sisters?       

3. Did your folks make you coach on opposite sides of the country so you won't fight in the car?                               

4. Do you know Brett Favre?               

5. When did you notice your last names are spelled the same?                   

6. You're both coaches. How come the Lakers didn't hire Phil Jackson?   

7. Are you guys related?                       

8. Is that the Ryan brothers selling programs outside the dome?                   

9. How come you didn't play QB for the Patriots when the Ditka brothers were coaching in the Super Bowl?       

10. Can your folks tell you apart?           

11. Do you think Peyton and Eli are brothers too?

As always feel free to add your own.
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Posted on: December 31, 2012 7:42 pm

Good Chief Hunting

Lately its become second nature to be a little embarrassed to be a Chiefs fan. At what point does Clark Hunt look into the mirror and ask himself how long he can continue selling a crap product and expect the fans to keep filling his wallet? At 2-14 this season the Chiefs would have to improve tenfold just to suck. The standard line from the front office hasn't changed in years: We're young, the players need time to learn the pro game, etc. Yadda. Yadda. Yadda.  Patience is a virtue...unless its coming up on the twentieth anniversary of your last playoff win. I guess in context it could be worse. In eight short years we can celebrate fifty since Chief uniforms have been seen anywhere near a Super Bowl.
Well, on the field anyway. The Chiefs have fallen and after a few weak attempts still can't get up. Why? Good question. Answering will sound like placing blame, but its not. This is about figuring out where and when things went wrong and what isn't working. This is about finding solutions.

During the Carl Petersen era maybe we grew complacent, or dare it be said....lazy? The team was consistently at the top of the division and Arrowhead was accepted as the toughest place to play on the road. Chiefs fans expected no less, demanded no more, and got just enough to keep us coming back next season. And then it happened. We had to know it could and likely would but we all still got blindsided. Shortly after the draft Willie Roaf retired. A little unease crept in, but KC could survive. Simply a need to address short term and fill next draft. Then Will Shields retired too. I have to admit at that point I was concerned. The O-line was now down two perennial All-Pro/future Hall of Famers. I told myself the whole season to Keep the Faith, that Chief management had a plan to replace them. Except they didn't have a plan (Even Custer had a plan). And did little toward even trying to replace either Shields or Roaf. In the few minutes it took for Roaf and Shields to make their announcements the biggest strength became the most glaring weakness.

It remains a weakness. Brandon Albert has been decent but unfortunately there are still five positions to fill. What the Chiefs are doing on D is confusing at best. Glenn Dorsey came out of college hailed as the prototype 4-3 defensive tackle. Shortly after the draft the Chiefs revealed plans to switch to a 3-4. Hmmm. Dorsey is too small for nose tackle and not quick enough to be a speed rusher off the end. Brilliant! If thats not enough of a setback needing years of recovery KC followed up by taking another lineman 3rd overall. Nothing really wrong with that-except they probably could have gotten Tyson Jackson with the third pick in the second round. Again, brilliant! All that aside the defense has enough talent scattered around to at least offer slim hope.

The offense? Guess it depends if the glass is seen as half full. Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe are potentially in the top few at their positions, Payton Hillis is a solid backup, Jon Baldwin was drafted as a downfield threat, and Steve Breaston was brought in. Great. Plenty of weapons, no way to get them the ball.

The hard truth is Kansas City hasn't had a QB since Trent Green hit the broadcast booth. He'd still be better than anyone now this many years later. It'd be nice to see Ricky Stanzi get a shot but it won't happen. Not as long as KC remains the NFL's recycling center for washed-up, has-been, or never-were quarterbacks. Not when there is still a one-hit wonder available. Rick Mirer? David Klingler? Matt Leinert? Vince Young? I suppose Todd Marinovich is beautiful this time of year. Brutal. Yet still all cheaper than Matt Cassel. It could be argued all were more effective too.

Soooo, how does it get better? There is talent here but no clear or coherent team 'identity'. Trying to make the Chiefs into New England West has been a resounding failure so how about something original-starting with making Arrowhead a sure 7-8 wins every season again? Okay thats a longer term goal. How about ways to improve from this season to 2013? The Chiefs are in line for at least a top-five pick, if not the top pick. Despite what we've seen this season there is talent in Kansas City. Really. No, seriously. But the Chiefs are nowhere close to being one player away from contention. Not even if that player is the next Peyton Manning. The Chiefs have plenty of money so trading down for a Matt Kalil or another Pouncey brother and some depth picks would seem logical. The last few years it appears the Chiefs don't take having a high first rounder (read top-10) very seriously anyway. Having been without a QB for so long just fill out the rest of the roster and start Stanzi.

So now the head coach has been fired-again. Unless there is a Parcells or Cowher or a Jimmy Johnson on the horizon the Chiefs might as well just leave the position open and have coaching related decisions made by fan polling. There hasn't been an exceptional coach in Kansas City since Marty Schottenheimer was run out of town and when it comes down to it no GM once Carl Petersen started phoning it in about 5-6 years into his reign. Until Clark Hunt finally notices that his team lacks identity and leadership the Kansas City Chiefs will remain a moderately
talented team well capable of underachieving a 4-12 record (5 wins with a favorable schedule and a gale force tailwind).

Until that time queue up the new entrance music: Tiptoe Through the Tulips. Arrowhead ain't no jungle anymore.

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Posted on: January 23, 2011 11:47 pm

Defending Jay Cutler? Seriously? Yes. a little.

I don't care for Jay Cutler and never did. Personality aside I felt he was overrated coming out of college and the Bears way overpaid when they traded for him. That being said questioning his injury and/or his toughness without having all the facts seems just plain wrong. Can the viewing public somehow draw some sort of magical insight into the medical status of Jay Cutler simply by watching a televised football game?

If he truly did quit on his team he deserves every last bit of criticism he'll get, but until more information on whether he was really hurt or not is released we all need to hold off on passing judgment.

Let he who has never called in sick without really being sick cast the first stone.

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Posted on: January 26, 2010 4:52 pm

Drama Queen Revisited: PRFD

A rerun from August 2009. May as well put it up before the drama starts. Again.

A little discussed disease is slowly affecting the sports world and it needs to be brought into the light. Lately many have suffered its effects but few athletes have talked much about it and it remains not only frequently undiagnosed but without exception untreated. Growing public concerns have been met with an apathetic ear by the owners, media, and respective (but not respected) commissioners.

The scientific and medical research communities must soon address these concerns before this illness spreads into the general population. By no means am I crying Chicken Little . Continually ignoring the signs and symptoms won't make this disease go away. It must be treated. I'm talking of course about

                                    Post Retirement Favre Disorder

The list of afflicted athletes seems to grow daily. Some we hear about, but many wander through their post-professional career everyday lives without even realizing they've been exposed to the virus. Just recently WR Derrick Mason of the Baltimore Ravens was stricken. We recognize many of the names, but how many more must fall before the powers-that-be take notice? Here is a partial list (feel free to add the names of other victims I missed or was unaware):

Derrick Mason-Baltimore Ravens
Roger Clemens-Pick a team
Michael Jordan-Chicago Bulls/Birmingham Barons
Alonzo Mourning-Miami Heat
George Foreman-Boxing
Lance Armstrong-Cycling
Mario Lemieux-Pittsburgh Penguins
Wilt Chamberlain-Los Angeles Lakers
Sugar Ray Leonard-Boxing
Ricky Williams-Saints/Dolphins/CFL
Muhammad Ali-Boxing
Magic Johnson-Los Angeles Lakers

How many more must fall victim before this growing epidemic is addressed? It only takes a moment to open your hearts and your wallets. Won't you please (Yes, I'm channeling Sally Struthers )

One last thought (now channeling Homer Simpson ): Brett, you liar!

Thanks for reading.

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