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Posted on: February 20, 2011 2:58 pm

Reflections in the Super Bowl afterglow

Some things to consider about the parody of parity that is the NFL. Any team can beat any team any given week eh? Until the playoffs anyway. Seven teams have 29 Super Bowl wins among them; if you add in the Colts , Dolphins , and Broncos it means ten teams have won 35 of the 45 Super Bowls. The twenty have-nots share ten wins. Whats my point? Something smells in football, whether its the BS of college or the NFL needing marketable QBs with a Lombardi on their resume.

A quick political aside: If Julian Assange was really about all high minded ideals like complete openness he'd have already hacked into his own legal issues and shown us the evidence or lack of concerning the rape allegations against him. Hypocrite.

Where are all the good Amish professional athletes?

The NFL doesn't see fit to save a tape of the first Super Bowl but when footage of the entire game is found in an attic in Pennsylvania league officials immediately jump in and claim ownership for purely righteous and unselfish reasons. Considering a thirty second ad during the Super Bowl is running a cool $3 million that would seem a fair finders fee to the folks who have held on to the tapes the last FORTY FIVE YEARS . If nothing else lets call it an idiots tax for the NFL to wake up and focus on the legacy of the game instead of marketing marketing marketing.

Funny to hear Mario Lemieux crying about another team employing dirty play. Pot, meet kettle. If Matt Cooke isn't enough of an everyday reminder that the Pens aren't above employing chippy, remember the name Ulf Samuelsson ?  For that matter, you weren't exactly the paragon of Mike Bossy -type play either Mary. Oops, Mario.

Its difficult to support either side in a battle of billionaires vs. millionaires, but considering that we rarely hear of former professional sports team owners suffering from post-concussion disorders or needing multiple replacement surgeries etc. siding with the players becomes much easier.

Really like how Blake Griffin plays, really don't care for or watch the NBA hardly at all, had no idea they still did the dunk contest. Haven't all the good dunks been done before?

Gotta love the marketing geniuses at NFL.COM. Offering a playoff fantasy game is great right up to the final big game.....and there is no longer a link on the website to find how your team is doing. With the money they're saving on a low-rent commissioner there should be plenty of cash left to support more than a half-assed attempt at a decent fan friendly site.

Speaking of, the esteemed commissioners Goodell and Stern will work cheap if their leagues sustain a work stoppage. Gee guys, thats big of you. It doesn't sound like a cheap PR stunt either. Credit where its due, the two of you almost deserve congratulations for making Gary Bettman and Bud Selig look borderline competent. Almost.

Condolences to the family and friends of Dave Duerson 

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