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The Colts Dilemma

The Indianapolis Colts have had a hard season to say the least. Nobody knew the extent of Peyton Manning's uinjury during the lock out and by training camp, the worst came to life. Peyton Manning was out indefinitely...with a neck injury.
I know Peyton Manning is a great QB, one of the greatest I have ever seen play the game, but if you would have told me before the season started that the Colts would be 0-12, I would have called you explicit names. Well, Week 14 is here and what do you know, the Colts are 0-12 and have a two game lead for the first pick in the 2012 draft. Many NFL experts are saying Stanford's QB Andrew Luck is the no brainer first pick of the draft. Even the vice chairman of the Colts, Bill Polian, has already stated the Colts will take Luck with the first pick. That means the Colts are willing to spend their first round draft pick on a QB to play with Peyton Manning. Manning, however, has a clause in his contract that will require the Colts to extend his contract by March, before the draft, or release him. Manning can help the situation by moving that deadline back.

This situation will make for the NFL's top story this offseason. I find it hard to believe, even with Manning's greatness that the Colts would go 0-16 without him, or even 1-15. There are so many holes in the defense and even the offense that the Colts need to address. The Colts taking Manning's replacement would not address these holes. Manning wants to do one thing and that is win. Manning will not be on board with a rebuilding program that will be at the end of his career. If the Colts take Luck with the first pick, they are telling the world they want to rebuild. In a perfect world, Peyton Manning and Andrew could coexist, but this is Manning's last few years and he doesn't want to end his career as a mentor for the Colts new future. If the Colts truly believe Manning is fully recovered and will be ready to go next year, they cannot afford to take Luck with the first pick. With the new rookie wage scale, the first pick isn't an ugly fat woman it used to be. It is a perfect 10 model. The risk with the first pick no longer will set a franchise back 3-5 years. It is a worthy investment. The Colts will have many opportunities for trades which will mean extra draft picks which they are in dire need of.   Andrew Luck is a quality player that is capable of starting his rookie season.

So the Colts have two options with a healthy Manning...Either trade down for more picks and compete for a championship in Manning's last years (and they still can draft another quality QB that would be mentored) or they draft Luck and either let Manning walk or trade Manning to another team. Of course, trading Manning would get more draft picks but a trade for Manning, believe it or not, with his unknown health status, will not get as many draft picks as the number one pick. I don't see Manning getting traded before the draft. 
I feel for the Colts. It's one thing to have a possible 0-16 season after so many great seasons, but the misery will not end as the Colts will be the main story heading into the draft. It is a possibility that the Colts fans may have already seen the last game Manning plays ina Colts uniform. That thought makes me sick and I'm a Cowboys fan. I can only imagine how that makes Colts fans feel.  
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A True Tim Tebow Assessment

There has been so much uproar over Tim Tebow in the NFL, it has been ridiculous. The main reason is because of how flamboyant he is with his religion. Who cares what his religion is? Religion has nothing to do with sports. People need to evaluate him as a NFL QB and that is it. So here is a real assessment of Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos QB.

There is no question that Tim Tebow has the intangibles to QB in the NFL. However, his skill set as a QB is weak, very weak. As a QB, a quick release is a must and Tebow's mechanics is probably the slowest in the league. It looks even slower than Byron Leftwich's release. Leftwich didn't have the legs that Tebow has, which is truly an asset in today's NFL. However, we all know what eventually happens to a running QB in the NFL. Tebow will receive more hits than any QB has if he keeps playing the same way, and he is a tough guy, no doubt, but injury is inevitable with his style of play. What is the team's back up plan if he is injured? We all have laughed at teams that had scrambling type QBs with pocket passers as back ups, but what about Tebow's situation? Can a team run a Tebow style offense and have a back up plan? A week of practice goes by running Tebow's offense and all of the sudden he is hurt, how does a Brady Quinn come in? How does a team adjust? Tebow has a long way to go to learn the pass plays that are dependable. 

Who Tebow has beaten in the NFL. Has he played the top tier teams in the NFL? No, not at all. Winning in the NFL is great but lets not forget Rex Grossman was a super bowl QB. Tebow and the Broncos are 4-1 with him as a starter and they have only scored more than 20 points in one game, their win against the Raiders. Eddie Royal scored the decisive TD through punt return. Other than that, the Broncos haven't scored more than 20 points. While I hate the Jets, the Jets only had three days to prepare against the new Tebow offense. Somewhat similar to the Wildcat and the Wildcat went extinct pretty quick. Another player that created a stir in the NFL, Michael Vick, had a Tebow type effect in 2010. Teams forgot how to play against Vick and he looked like a diamond in the rough. Now that there is tape against him, he has looked college like. Expectations are the same for Tebow. This new offense will be figured out and easily killed. It will be very curious to see the Denver game plan down by 14 points. Do they change the QB?

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Week 3 Thoughts

The NFL is proving again why it's America's sport. NFL teams truly do start 0-0 and have a chance of making the playoffs. The short season makes every game count. There is no time to relax during the season and there are always storylines to keep us talking on even the boringest of off days.
Here are my thought from Week 3:
- The Cowboys finally looked good, but they are not off the hook just yet. I still question Garrett's game plan. He has shown in the past that he can put a game together, but quickly reverts to his stupid pass happy play calling. He still needs to manage the run game better. Marion Barber should be the main focus of the run game and if he is running well, should never come off the field.
- I was waiting for one of two things when the referee stuttered his way through offsetting penalties. Either a "wanna get away" Southwest commercial or a "I'm not really a ref, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night" Holiday Inn commercial.
- The young Buccaneers learned a tough lesson against the Steelers. It's a good lesson to learn from.
- Call me crazy, but Coach Tomlin may not have wanted this. It's going to be tough to put a guy like Ben Roethlisberger back on the field after his team has rallied around the back up QBs. Big Ben has put his ego before the team and chemistry could be an issue.
- The Patriots have a lot of scoring to do this season with that swiss cheese defense.
- Jets WR Braylon Edwards should have had his BAC read after his TD. He actually caught the ball. He must have been drunk.
- Ravens WR Donte Stallworth is going to run over a defender before he scores a TD. That was cheap. I know.
- Anquon Boldin looks like the stud he is. Hoowazthat other guy they picked up? Scary win for the Ravens.
- Bengals win, but QB Carson Palmer looks more like Trent Edwards than the franchise guy they had hopes for.
- Coach Mike Singletary fires another OC. Mike Martz looks good in Chicago. Singletary may want to drop his drawers again.
- The Chiefs have some explosive players. The most explosive may be QB Matt Cassell who may blow the season up if he doesn't play better.
- Who's that with the worst QB rating as a starting QB? That's right. Vikings Brett Favre who looks more like the INT record breaker than the TD record breaker so far. That was a bad pass to Percy Harvin who made a great diving play for the TD. I'm not scared to say it.
- Saints Garrett Hartley better mark his calendar for the next job fair in New Orleans. Just ridiculous.
- Drew Brees looked more like Eli Manning than Peyton Manning.
- I'm the carries watch for Titans RB Chris Johnson. It will be tough for him getting 30 plus carries every game.
- I'm not falling for Eagles Michael Vick just yet. I want to see him face a tough defense that has game tapes against him. The Jaguras and Lions (who the Eagles barely beat last week) may not combine for 6 wins this year. I need to see more.
- They make a QB high profile QB change and the Redskins remain the same. Losing to the Rams is inexcusable. No pride still.
- Somebody should tell Albert Haynesworth that he isn't winning anybody over with his pathetic remarks. He made a quote tying his contract to slavery. I don't even think Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton would be dumb enough to defend that garbage.
-- If I'm Dan Snyder, I'm not calling other teams for trades, I'm calling Tony Soprano.
- Raiders Sebastian Janikowski should read my Hartley remarks. Oh wait, he has Al Davis for an owner. His job is secure.
- Only Colts Peyton Manning can bring in a rookie practice squad player and not appear to miss a beat.
- The Chargers special teams is horrible. That's two games they choked in big situations.
- Why would any player in the future consider the Chargers?
- The Packers fans who hated on Ted Thompson can start kissing his feet. He made a great call going with Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers looks to have the ability to equal Bart Starr's super bowl total.

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What's Wrong With the Cowboys?

We all have heard the talk all week about what is wrong with the Cowboys and what will happen if they lose this weekend to the Houston Texans. There really isn't a debate about what is wrong, just a debate who is to blame. The offense is to blame and the offensive coordinator and owner are to blame.
Let's start with Jerry Jones first. While the stats may not prove it, Jerry Jones is one of the worst owners in the league, perhaps the worst, worse than Oakland Raiders owner, Al Davis. While Al Davis, is notorious for drafting (Sebastian Janakowski- 1st round kicker, Jamarcus Russel- 1st overall, Darius Heyward-Bey, 1st WR in 2009) and signing overrated players and trading stud players for underrated value (Randy Moss), Jerry Jones hasn't had a bad roster throughout the years. Jerry Jones, however, has eaten his foot several times as an owner. Al Davis had a public squabble with young coach Lane Kiffin, but Jerry Jones has been known to discredit some rather big figures in NFL football. Jerry Jones hired Jimmy Johnson in his first year as owner and Jimmy Johnson turned the organization into a dynasty. However, Jerry Jones forced Jimmy Johnson to leave the Cowboys after two consecutive super bowls and was even quoted as saying Johnson didn't deserve the credit for what he did. The replacement coach, Barry Switzer, won a super bowl, and according to many Cowboys players at the time, was in spite of Switzer. It was pretty obvious to many that the talent spoke more than the coach who looked to be a figurine on the sidelines.
With Switzer and no guidance, the Cowboys quickly fell to the bottom of the league and after many experiments at head coach, owner Jerry Jones finally went with an experienced head coach and legend Bill Parcells. Parcells built the Cowboys into a winner quickly even with the restraints of his owner. The talent on the current Cowboys team can largely be contributed to Bill Parcells. However, owner Jerry Jones felt it was time to move on past Parcells, and made a very strange hiring. With no head coach, Jones hired Jason Garrett as offensive coordinator. Jones then hired Wade Phillips to run his team.
The Cowboys continued success, but after a 13-3 season, they failed to win a home playoff game against the eventual Super Bowl champions New York Giants. In reality, the Cowboys success was in huge part to the player Bill Parcells brought on board. However, owner Jerry Jones was caught talking smack about a NFL legend Bill Parcells. Meanwhile, the huge failure of the Cowboys has been the Jerry Jones personal hiring of offensive coordinator, whose offense has been more offensive in a deragatory manner than as a NFL offense, Jason Garrett.
In my opinion, Jason Garrett is the worst offensive coordinator I have ever seen in the NFL. I've seen better offensive coordinators in college. He's the second guy to blame in the Cowboys failure so far. The reason he isn't the first guy to blame, is because he isn't the guy who hired him. It's been pretty obvious Garrett isn't ready for the NFL as an offensive coordinator. Yet, Jerry Jones has talked bad behind the backs of NFL legends, Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells, two guys who built his failing team for him. Jerry Jones disgusts me as an owner and is arguably worst than Al Davis. If not, he's easily the second worst NFL owner in the league.
There are many stats that can help the incompetent offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, but he refuses to use hboys were ais eyes. Going back to last year, the Cowboys were a falling team on verge of not making the playoffs. They knock off the undefeated New Orleans Saints, eventual Super Bowl Champions, by establishing the run. They continued to run the ball into the playoffs. The Cowboys are undefeated, 6-0, when RB Marion Barber has more than 20 carries. Yes, he's injury prone, but when healthy, he is a grinder and one of the best in the league. The man can't get hurt if he doesn't get the ball which Jason Garrett is good at doing...abandoning the run quickly. The Cowboys have a losing record when QB Tony Romo throws the ball more than 35 times. 4-10 since 2007 season. 
One of the most embarrassing things to hear as a fan is when an opposing player talks smack. Baltimore Ravens LB Ray Lewis said that the Cowboys offense was the easiest offense he has ever game planned against. As much as I want to hate on Ray Lewis, he's absolutely right. Who knows how good the Cowboys would be with a legitimate offensive coordinator. How good could Tony Romo, Marion Barber, Felix Jones, Roy Williams, Dez Bryant, Austin Miles , and others on offense be if they didn't have a debilitating virus called a horrible offensive coordinator? The Cowboys will never see a Super Bowl or even a NFC Championship game as long as Jason Garrett is offensive coordinator. It's sad, but true.  

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Week 1 Thoughts

The NFL is off and running. Week 1 had a lot of games come down to the wire. Here are some thoughts I had during Week 1 throughout the NFL.
- The Vikings and Brett Favre better realize this year's schedule is much more difficult than last year's. They can't treat the first four games like its preseason games for Favre like they did last year.
- I hope the NFL looks into why the referee overruled the Visanthe Shiancoe catch. The first ref called it a completion, but was overruled by a ref who appeared to have no angle on it. If it was called complete like it should have, it would not have been reversed.
- Thank you Cris Carter for supporting what I have been saying the past three years. Jason Garrett doesn't seem to know what he is doing and it looks like the Cowboys don't believe in his offense. Not calling a kneel is on him. Why is he not on the hot seat?
- That wasn't a hold at the end of the game...that was attempted murder. Is strangling covered in the rule book?
- Redskins fans should enjoy the Week 1 win, but remember, your defense is outscoring your offense.
- Albert Haynesworth is a disgusting joke  to say the least. How can any owner justify trading for him? He's not an American.
- It didn't even take 30 minutes before controversy hit the Bengals. Not a surprise by any means. Bengals looked like kittens.
- A win is a win, but the Dolphins and Bears have to feel like they're 0-1. 
- The Colts Bob Sanders has to have the saddest career. The Defensive Player of the Year has now missed more games than played.
- The Texans have finally made their mark. They still have a tough schedule, but they look like they're ready to dethrone the Colts.
- The most hyped player I ever have seen makes his debut in his college area. 2 carries for 2 yards. Nice debut Tim Tebow.
- Did anybody else hear the Giants crowd cheer for their ex punter? They chanted "Feagles, Feagles" after a blocked punt. Funny!
- Good win for the Steelers. The fans were excited when they woke up in overtime.
- Vince Young looks really good. Nice to see him mature. What happend to that QB he beat in college? What was his name again?
- I watched Stewart Bradley get up and stumble to the ground to walk off the field. When I saw him back on the field a few plays later, I was absolutely stunned. Did the Eagles want to see a player die on the field? Is there a fine for an obvious lapse in judgement?
- It didn't take long for the Eagles to boo Kevin Kolb. You see Donovan McNabb, the Eagles fans aren't racist, they're just stupid.
- Mike Williams is a feel good story about a young man who lost his way, matured, and has found himself again. Michael Vick is not a feel good story. He would still be murdering dogs right now if he wasn't caught. He looks good, but he will never win back certain fans.
- I wasn't surprised to hear the Cardinals tried to get Kurt Warner to come back. Thank you for not making a soap opera about it.
- If I hear a peep of smack talk from the Jets again, I'm going to laugh. Good job Rex Ryan for putting pressure on your second year QB Mark Sanchez who appears to be a long ways away from being a good NFL QB.
- To top it off, the Jets haven't learned from the past. Don't get Ray Lewis fired up. He actually lives up to the talk.
- The Jets kept on talking; quoth the Raven "Nevermore".
- The Chiefs look like early winners in the 2010 draft. They have explosiveness like no other team. Now all they have to do is sustain a drive.
- There is a line between being a competitor and being a crybaby. Chargers QB Phillip Rivers was being a crybaby. The QB is supposed to be the leader of the offense. Pointing at your teammates and crying like a baby is not being a leader. It was embarrassing to watch.

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Bold NFL Predictions for 2010

Here are my bold NFL predictions for the 2010 season.


Dallas Cowboys- 10-6- An old offensive line with a bad offensive coordinator aren’t a good mix, but talent will prevail in the end. Talent can only take you so far, however.

New York Giants- 10-6- The young receivers step it up another notch and Eli has his best year yet. Could this be another wild card run?

Washington Redskins- 9-7- McNabb gets back at Philly twice, but it won’t be enough to get the Redskins a playoff berth. Redskins will look back at a few plays and wonder what could have been.

Philadelphia Eagles- 9-7- A winning record isn’t enough for Kolb’s first season as starter. Kolb starts to feel McNabb’s pain with the Philly fans as cries for Vick become a distraction.



New Orleans Saints- 12-4- The Saints offense is again too much for the rest of the division. After being the first in the odd trend last year (first team to lose last three games and win a super bowl), they seem to want to make it a tradition.

Atlanta Falcons- 11-5- Young QB Ryan shows leadership skills as he leads the Falcons to the playoffs in a late run.  Ryan, Turner, and White give Falcons fans security that they will be a playoff team for years to come.

Carolina Panthers- 7-9- Matt Moore cools off during offseason and struggles throughout. The running game just isn’t enough to overcome a weak WR core.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- 3-13- The record seem to be a justification of how well the young Bucs will play. The step back will seem like a step forward to many as the Bucs look to be on the verge of breaking through next year.



Green Bay Packers- 12-4- The Packers run away with the division and the talk of Aaron Rodgers being the best Packers QB ever is the big topic at the end of the year. Will the talk interfere with playoff aspirations?

Minnesota Vikings- 8-8- The Vikings realize that last year’s start may have been a fluke as this year’s schedule is much tougher. There won’t be any room for Favre to ease into his QB role this year. Coach Childress becomes another infamous stat of Favre’s; Third consecutive coach to get fired with Favre’s exit who finally retires.

Chicago Bears- 6-10- The Bears have glimpses of breaking through, but lack of leadership keeps the team buried below .500. Bad end of season gets Coach Lovie Smith the pink slip.

Detroit Lions- 2-14- Injuries and a tough schedule keep the Lions from progressing. Detroit loses leads in a lot games as they find out they don’t have a “closer” for a RB. The weak defense gives up big costly plays again.



San Francisco 49ers- 11-5- The 49ers dominate the division, but many are skeptical as their losses are against the better teams on their schedule. Will they prove the skeptics wrong?

Arizona Cardinals- 6-10- Larry Fitzgerald doesn’t seem to be the same with all the changes. The running game seems to be the better part of the Cards of offense. The Cards get a spark from QB Max Hall at the end of the season.

Seattle Seahawks- 3-13- The record will enrage Seahawks faithful and they’ll lay blame on the wrong man, Coach Pete Carroll. The team has little talent since super bowl and this year, everyone will finally realize it.

St. Louis Rams- 1-15- It won’t be a dramatic 1-15 season, the win will come early, but there will be a lot of improvement for years to come for the young Rams. Steven Jackson may be moved before the end of the season.



New England Patriots- 12-4- The Patriots’ offense looks like the old Patriots offense now that QB Tom Brady has one year under his new knee. Laurence Maroney has his best season.

Miami Dolphins- 10-6- The Dolphins error-free football will not pay off with a playoff spot. The lack of another player stepping up to take the heat off of new addition Brandon Marshall will cost them the playoffs.

New York Jets- 10-6- The Jets improve their record from last year, but feel the pain of a new season as they fail to make the playoffs. The love for QB Mark Sanchez will be questioned by many New Yorkers as his mistakes prove costly this year.

Buffalo Bills- 4-12- RB CJ Spiller will challenge for the Rookie of the Year recognition by the end of the year. That will be the only bright spot for the Bills.



Indianapolis Colts- 13-3- QB Peyton Manning is the true professional and will not allow his team to take a step back. The Colts will not lose a beat from Super Bowl loss.

Houston Texans- 11-5- The Texans finally prove the experts right who have been predicting them to make the playoffs the last three years. WR Jacoby Jones and RB Arian Foster will have big years that get the Texans over the top.

Tennessee Titans- 8-8- The Titans lack of WRs prove to be costly as Chris Johnson is shut down in key games.  There will be many questions for the Titans going into next year.

Jacksonville Jaguars- 2-14- RB Maurice Jones-Drew’s ‘minor’ knee surgery turns into major as he can’t get the job done by himself. Coach Del Rio will be another coach looking for a job.




Baltimore Ravens- 12-4- The Ravens run away with their division, but have to play the entire season to clinch a bye week in the playoffs. The defense’s health will be the big question going into the playoffs.

Cincinnati Bengals- 10-6- The Bengals have a solid year and a couple of big wins will break the tie-breaker to get them in the playoffs. Will they be the dark horse of the playoffs like the Jets last year?

Pittsburgh Steelers- 7-9- The bad start and a rusty Ben Roethlisberger topped with a sloppy offensive line and a locker room with tension is a recipe of disaster for the Steelers. Steelers’ nation will wonder what will be the future of the Steelers for years to come.

Cleveland Browns- 5-11- The Browns band aids will not stop the bleeding. They may be able to pull out a couple of tough wins, but the playoffs are not in their future.



San Diego Chargers- 12-4- The Chargers have no problem overcoming the loss of WR Vincent Jackson as rookie sensation RB Ryan Mathews has big year. Will the rookie get them past the hump in the playoffs?

Oakland-8-8- The Raiders defense keeps them in games, but the lack of offense will cost them games. QB Jason Campbell will manage  Raiders- games well, but doesn’t have the weapons to get it done late in games.

Kansas City Chiefs- 8-8- Nobody has talked about the Chiefs potential all offseason and the Chiefs will be hitting themselves after they let a few games slip out of their grasp. The Chiefs will shock a few teams.

Denver Broncos- 3-13- The Broncos look hopeless by their bye week. They traded away all their weapons and Coach Josh McDaniels may lose the locker room by end of season which may cost him his job.




Atlanta Falcons at Dallas Cowboys- The Cowboys defense proves too much for the Falcons and the Cowboys move on in a game that is secured late in the fourth quarter. Cowboys 23, Falcons 17.

New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers- The Giants show the green 49ers what the playoffs are all about and get revenge for a playoff loss in the 90’s. Giants 24, 49ers 10.

Cincinnati Bengals at San Diego Chargers- The tides turn for the Chargers as the Bengals miss a last minute field goal to tie the game, Chargers 27, Bengals 24.

Houston Texans at New England Patriots- The Patriots faithful begin questioning their faith as the Patriots get shocked at home again by the up and coming Texans. Texans, 30, Patriots 20.



Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints- Talk of the Cowboys becoming the first team to play at home in a Super Bowl is silenced in the Big Easy. The Cowboys defense does well, but it’s the offense, again, that is the disappointment. Saints 24, Cowboys 10.

New York Giants at Green Bay Packers- Unlike a few years ago, Aaron Rodgers leads the Packers against the Giants and doesn’t throw a game ending pick. Packers 31, Giants 20.

San Diego Chargers at Baltimore Ravens- The Chargers may have personnel changes, but things remain the same as their team looks at each other with blank stares. Who will be the man to blame this year? Ravens 31, Chargers 14.

Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts- The game of the year goes down to a field goal and Peyton Manning can shake his errors away. Colts 34, Texans 31.



Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Saints- The experts think the Saints are lucky to avoid Lambeau Field his time of year, but so are the explosive Packers who out duel the Saints in a offensive show case. Packers 38, Saints 34.

Baltimore Ravens at Indianapolis Colts- It’s a battle that is meant to be and Baltimore fans celebrate as they take down the evil Colts who left their city years ago. The Ravens stun the Colts in Indy with a solid run game led by Ray Rice. Ravens 31, Colts 24.



Baltimore Ravens versus Green Bay Packers at Cowboys Stadium

A great match up lives up to its expectations early, but the Packers pull away from the aging Ravens defense and prevail. Packers 31, Ravens 17. Aaron Rodgers is named MVP.



MVP- Aaron Rodgers- his running game will viewed as less and he’ll upset Peyton Manning in a close race.

Coach of the Year- John Harbaugh- The Ravens look to be a dominate team for a long time under Harbaugh’s leadership.

Rookie of the Year- Offense- CJ Spiller- Beats out Ryan Mathews who has slightly better numbers, but Spiller has no support.

Rookie of the Year- Defense- Nadomukong Suh- He won’t have many stats either, but teams will double team him all season. A DT hasn’t demanded this much respect since Warren Sapp.

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2,000 Yard Rushers

There have been only six NFL running backs to eclipt the 2,000 yard mark rushing, and I will explain to you what I think is the best rushers to do so. It's not a career thing, it's a single season thing. These are the best 2,000 yard seasons in my opinion.
WARNING: This may offend you...Barry Sanders fans.
1. Terrell Davis, Denver Broncos, is the best 2,000 yard rusher I have ever seen and in my heart, is the best RB I have ever seen play the game. There was a great reason why John Elway didn't win a title until his last two seasons, and that reason was Terrell Davis. Davis punished defenders in every facet of the game. He would juke you and if the defender didn't buy the juke, he would bull doze his way through. Many will say that Mike Shanahan's zone blcoking scheme had many RBs gain over 1,000 yards, but the fact was Shanahan could never find another like Davis who destroyed opponents. Davis may not have had that flashy TD score, but he did what football die hards appreciate the most...he mad the trenches even more painful for defenses. Elway rarely had to deal with a long situation because it was a guarantee that Davis was going to win yards with just his effort.
2. Eric Dickerson, Los Angeles Rams- Dickerson led a team with absolutely nothing to the playoffs and played in a close game, lost 10-7 to the NY Giants. He had Jeff Kemp for a QB and his leading WR had 34 catches for the entire season. Yet, Dickerson was able to earn over 2,000 yards. If there is any RB in the history of the NFL who had nothing, it was Eric Dickerson, and he shattered a record in the process. Dickerson did gain over 120 yards in the Rams defeat in the playoffs.
3. Jamal Lewis, Baltimore Ravens- Lewis came into the NFL and helped a bad offensive team win a super bowl. His 2,000 yard season didn't happen until a couple of years after the super bowl run. Everybody remembers that Trent Dilfer was the QB for the Ravens when they won a super bowl. What people refuse to remember is that Kyle Boller and Anthony Wright were the Ravens QBs during Jamal Lewis' phenomenal season over 2,000 yards. It did help playing the Browns twice during that season, but a division title is a division title. Lewis' only help was TE Todd Heap who led the team in receptions with 57 receptions. Who was their best WR? Travis Taylor. Need I say more?
4. OJ Simpson, Buffalo Bills- Simpson had his single season rushing yars records broken, but I think he is secure to never have his yards per game average broken. Simpson averaged 143 yards per game in his then NFL record season. He only played 14 games which was the standard in the NFL during his era. Dickerson broke his record but at fewer yards per game due to the elongated season. Simpson's Bills had a respectable 9-5 record, but back in his days, it wasn't good enough to make the playoffs. Simpson didn't have any help at all either when it came to receivers taking the pressure off the running back. The leading WR for the Bills had 30 receptions in his record year. OJ may be hated for reasons off the football field, understandably so, but the fact remains he was one of the best in the NFL at running the ball.
5. Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans- Sanders fans have to be stewing by now, but let me make my last few points. Chris Johnson, the only player to rush for than 2,000 yards whose team didn't make the playoffs in the modern era, was the only focus of the Tennessee Titans. Johnson, like others on this list had no help. His biggest fault is that his team dedicated the end of their season to helping him get over 2,000 yards. Their goal was to break the record and they fell short. The Titans had the worst record out of all the 2,000 yard rushers, but when you look at their roster, it was of no surprise. What makes Johnson's season great is that he was only in his second season and he also shatter Marshal Faulk's single season record for total yards. What that means is that not only was Johnson a threat with the ball out of the backfield, he was a threat catching the ball as well. Johnson had to deal with a QB change as well as having nothing for WRs to take the pressure off of him.
6. Barry Sanders, Detroit Lions- In my opinion, Barry Sanders' 2,000 yard season was the least important out of all of the RBs who conquered the feat. Sanders proved that age was not a factor in the record as he was 29 years old when he gained over 2,000 yards. However, Sanders greatness during the season did not translate into the playoffs. His amazing 6.1 yards a carry was almost cut in half in the playoffs versus the Buccaneers, the same team he burnt during the season for 215 yards. 18 carries for 65 yards does not cut it for a 2,000 yard rusher, and I don't care who the defense is. People can argue that Sanders' QB was ineffective, Scott Mitchell- 79 QB rating, but he had studs for WRs, Herman Moore and Johnnie Morton. Moore had 104 receptions and Morton had 80.
Terrell Davis is the only RB to gain over 2,000 yards and win a super bowl. Many want to claim he was just part of a great system, but I think he was the the reason why the system became great. Part of the greatness for a running back is making every yard count. Every time the QB gives you the ball, make it count. Part of making it count is by reading holes and not losing yards that can easily change the flow of the drive. Davis exemplified making every yard count. He refused to lose yardage and when the QB gave him the ball, it would be at worst, a different down with the same amount of yardage to go. Maybe it's his very short career or even the hype of John Elway, Elway deserves the hype, but Davis is lost in  the argument for greatest RBs of all time. Obviously, a bad RB doesn't get 2,000 yards. It's an elite class of its own. In my opinion, Terrell Davis leads that elite class. My argument for him other than that will continue...
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