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Posted on: November 19, 2011 12:05 am

A True Tim Tebow Assessment

There has been so much uproar over Tim Tebow in the NFL, it has been ridiculous. The main reason is because of how flamboyant he is with his religion. Who cares what his religion is? Religion has nothing to do with sports. People need to evaluate him as a NFL QB and that is it. So here is a real assessment of Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos QB.

There is no question that Tim Tebow has the intangibles to QB in the NFL. However, his skill set as a QB is weak, very weak. As a QB, a quick release is a must and Tebow's mechanics is probably the slowest in the league. It looks even slower than Byron Leftwich's release. Leftwich didn't have the legs that Tebow has, which is truly an asset in today's NFL. However, we all know what eventually happens to a running QB in the NFL. Tebow will receive more hits than any QB has if he keeps playing the same way, and he is a tough guy, no doubt, but injury is inevitable with his style of play. What is the team's back up plan if he is injured? We all have laughed at teams that had scrambling type QBs with pocket passers as back ups, but what about Tebow's situation? Can a team run a Tebow style offense and have a back up plan? A week of practice goes by running Tebow's offense and all of the sudden he is hurt, how does a Brady Quinn come in? How does a team adjust? Tebow has a long way to go to learn the pass plays that are dependable. 

Who Tebow has beaten in the NFL. Has he played the top tier teams in the NFL? No, not at all. Winning in the NFL is great but lets not forget Rex Grossman was a super bowl QB. Tebow and the Broncos are 4-1 with him as a starter and they have only scored more than 20 points in one game, their win against the Raiders. Eddie Royal scored the decisive TD through punt return. Other than that, the Broncos haven't scored more than 20 points. While I hate the Jets, the Jets only had three days to prepare against the new Tebow offense. Somewhat similar to the Wildcat and the Wildcat went extinct pretty quick. Another player that created a stir in the NFL, Michael Vick, had a Tebow type effect in 2010. Teams forgot how to play against Vick and he looked like a diamond in the rough. Now that there is tape against him, he has looked college like. Expectations are the same for Tebow. This new offense will be figured out and easily killed. It will be very curious to see the Denver game plan down by 14 points. Do they change the QB?

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