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Uh oh

Reports out of Colts camp this afternoon is that Reggie Wayne left practice early after pulling up short on a route.

The four-time Pro Bowl receiver left practice 20 minutes early after aggravating an injured right knee. Coach Jim Caldwell said Wayne hurt the soft tissue below his kneecap. Wayne is listed as probable and Caldwell plans on him playing against New Orleans. Wayne got through the injury most of the season.
This might be nothing, seeing that Reggie basically played the entire season with a bad knee. And he is expected to start and play Sunday. But it's got to be a little disconcerting for Colts fans that two of their star players are banged up before the big game. It's ironic that this is happening given the fact that Indy sat down their starters and opted not to chase a perfect season just to avoid this kind of thing.

Jim Caldwell should've just slammed car doors on the hands of Colts players and stuck thumbtacks on their seats before team meetings at the end of the season. Seems like it would have been just as affective as resting them. Some guys think they know everything.
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Drew Brees Will Melt Your Face Off

The Super Bowl is just a couple of days away now (finally!) 

And that means a lot of over-analysis and conjecture. But it's all good fun, so let's dive in as kickoff approaches:

Brett Martell tells us that the Saints high-powered offense led by Drew Brees will be unlike anything the Colts defense have seen thus far:

In their previous two postseason wins, the Colts lined up against two of the NFL's youngest and least experienced quarterbacks: Baltimore's Joe Flacco and the New York Jets' Mark Sanchez... With an offense that led the NFL in yards and scoring, the Saints have the ability to outscore Peyton Manning and the Colts. That is why New Orleans could celebrate its first NFL title on Sunday night.
In the last two weeks, it seems as if everyone has forgotten that Brees and the Saints have an end of Raiders of the Lost Ark melt your face off type offense. This offense is like some crazy chemistry experiment where everything just blows up. 

Will it be enough to beat Indy? We'll find out Sunday. Keep your eyes shut, Marion!!!

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Peyton Manning Is Some Kind of Wizard

The Super Bowl is just a couple of days away now (finally!)

And that means a lot of over-analysis and conjecture. But it's all good fun, so let's dive in as kickoff approaches:

Michael Marot tells us why Peyton Manning's wizardry will win the Colts their second Super Bowl in three years:

While you're playing checkers, he's playing chess -- and he's always two moves ahead....  With seven days to study film of an opponent, Manning has no problems finding creases in a defense. With two weeks to break down the Saints, the best student to ever play the game will take advantage of every crack.
Peyton Manning is playing at a serious level right now. And while his forehead looks like something a dinosaur would have to ward off predators, it's really just a casing for the biggest brain in the NFL. The Saints D will certainly have its hands full. And this is why so many think this Super Bowl could be the highest scoring Super Bowl ever. 

For most of us who don't necessarily have a rooting interest in this game, let's hope so.
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Matt Light Is The Fat Guy In A Little Coat

The Super Bowl XLIV Blog attended last night's NFLPA event in Miami. Because nothing says "let's party!" like collective bargaining agreements and labor strife! 

Among the attendees were Emmitt Smith, Hall of Famer Tony Dorsett, Bengals linebacker (and TV star!) Dhani Jones and former Buccaneers linebacker Derrick Brooks. 

Here's a video of's Lauren Shehadi getting some of their thoughts on the upcoming game

As you can see in the video, Patriots tackle Matt Light was there too. His interview would have you believe he's a mild mannered, insightful individual. But when the video camera and microphones are off, Matt Light becomes.... The Most Interesting Man In The World!

Or just a crazyass dude. Either one works.


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The Super Bowl Is Really About The Parties

This column in today's Miami Herald reminds us that the Super Bowl is all about the parties. And the game. But mostly, the parties:

In Miami, [Jim Beam] will take over the posh Wish restaurant on Ocean Drive Saturday and transform it into a ``man cave'' where guests (male and female) can play arcade games and loaf on recliners. The daytime promotion will close to the public in the evening, when Jim Beam will bring in about 60 invited guests. 
And former Giants defensive end Michael Strahan agrees. It's all about the parties:

At a party Thursday, he said: "By the time you get through the partying, who cares about the game, to be honest with you." He added: "If you party right, the game is the last thing you worry about, you wake up in the fourth quarter." 
Being a professional athlete must be the balls. Especially during Super Bowl time. These guys wake up just so they can catch up with the next party where they can wake up next to beautiful women and empty bottles of Dom strewn across the floor of some hundred grand a night suite overlooking the ocean on Miami Beach.

In a related story, I woke up and caught up with my junk mail reading. Patio furniture is 25% off at Joe's Discount Furniture this Friday? Sweet!
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Your Daily Dwight Freeney Ankle Update

Honestly if we didn't have Dwight Freeney and his ankle to talk about we'd have to cover the Manning Family ad nauseum. And no one wants that. So if your a fan of big-name players being on the fence about playing due to injury, this is your day. Unless you're a Colts fan. Then this must suck.

So here you go, America. Your Dwight Freeney Ankle update:

And we'd just like to close out this post by adding: Dwight Freeney's ankle Dwight Freeney's ankle Dwight Freeney's ankle Dwight Freeney's ankle Dwight Freeney's ankle
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Drew Brees Knows His Logos

Let's face it. Most NFL team logos are lame. The Cowboys: a star. Really? How original. The Colts have a shoehorn. Meh I guess that's old school. The Dolphins have a fish with a hole in its head jumping through a hoop. The Jets have the words 'JETS.' I guess so the fans can be reminded what they're called? Don't even get me started with the Browns (it's not even brown!! the hell??) and Steelers (twinkly things, and on only one side of the helmet?). The Chargers have a lightning bolt and... oh, wait... a lightning bolt is actually kind of awesome. 

Anyway, the Saints have the Fleur-de-lis on their helmets. And I'm willing to bet most people have no earthly idea what that whole thing is about. Well guess who does. Drew Brees, that's who. Some smartypants journalist tried to throw a curve ball of a question about the Saints logo at him, but Brees carved him up with knowledge like he carves up secondaries with his arm

Brees was asked what he thinks about when he sees the fleur-de-lis symbol, which alrso serves as the Saints logo. After appearing to be a little surprised by the line of questioning and aknowledging what an interesting inquiry it was, he rolled into quite the educated answer. 

"The fleur-de-lis symbol dates back to the French monarchy," said Brees. "So much of New Orleans' culture comes from the time when we were under French rule. That's just a big part of the culture. It's a big part of what New Orleans is all about. So when you look at that symbol, it is the symbol of the city. It's just like when you look at the American flag when you sing the National Anthem and you stare at it, it makes you well up with pride a little bit. When we see the fleur-de-lis, it makes us well up with pride."

Interesting. How many NFL logos have that much history in it? Boring? Oh hell and yes. But interesting nonetheless. Now you can dismiss this as some arbitrary news-filler on a slow day. But before you do that, admit to yourself two things: 

1.) Drew Brees is a learned and cultured man and 2.) You always thought the Saints logo was a pealed banana. 

Yea, you can admit it. You so thought that.
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The Colts Are The Bad Guys

It's pretty clear that the Saints are America's team entering Sunday's game. The underdog status, the history of the franchise, the recent history of the city, Who Dat Nation, Drew Brees, Bobby Hebert in  a dress. All the elements are there. They're the sentimental favorite.

Well the Colts would like to tell your sentimentality to suck it, because they're here to spoil the party. And they know it:

"It's amazing to see the Saints in the Super Bowl," the Colts receiver said Wednesday. "I remember growing up and thinking it would happen, and it never worked out that way. To see what it has come to is just great. Now, unfortunately, I've got to be the bad guy, but like I say I've got Bills to pay."
You hear that, America? What's gonna pay for Reggie's gold-trimmed bedsheets and his fleet of hovercrafts? A Super Bowl winner's paycheck, that's what.

Peyton Manning knows the Colts are the bad guys in this whole thing:

Peyton Manning understands what a Super Bowl win would mean to New Orleans, so he understands that to many fans the Colts are wearing the black hat. “We certainly understand we may not be the team that everybody is cheering for in this game,” he said. “We’re OK with that… I think as far as non-New Orleans Saints fans, non-Colts fans, somebody is going to pick a team to follow and they will probably pick the Saints. That’s fine."
Yes, every Super Bowl has it's good vs. evil. But both Reggie and Peyton are New Orleans natives. So this could all be just cheap talk. I think the only way we’ll truly know that they’re serious about all this “bad guy” stuff is if every member of the Indianapolis Colts grows a goatee for the Super Bowl. Like good Spock and Evil Spock, that's the only way we'll be able to differentiate between the good guys and bad guys.
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