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Dwight Freeney's Ankle Not Doing So Hot

The big news over the weekend -- and the big news sure to carry on throughout the week unless someone gets caught with a dead hooker in the trunk of their rental car -- is the status of Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney and his bum ankle.
ESPN reported on Sunday that Freeney's ankle was not only sprained, but also had a torn ligament. For their part, the Colts have been downplaying the severity of it, telling everyone it's nothing more than a "basketball-type" injury. And since he's not a basketball player, and since everyone knows basketball's for pussies, Freeney should be just fine:

Team spokesman Craig Kelley said Sunday night Freeney was being treated in Florida for a basketball-type injury, nothing more. 

"He is under the care of our athletic training staff," Kelley said. "Nothing we have seen changes our diagnosis that he is questionable. He has a third-degree, low basketball sprain."
However, it should be pointed out that a third-degree ankle sprain means something is torn, as Adam Schefter tells us via his Twitter. And while Adam Schefter is not a doctor, it's kinda hard not to trust him. I mean, look at him! He's so tiny and adorable! He can Twitter that he just saw a Abraham Lincoln riding on a unicorn and I would totally believe him!

But, yea, a third-degree ankle sprain, at worst, means a torn ligament and, at best, means a badly stretched ligament. Either way, it's not looking good for Freeney.

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A Lot of People Will Watch the Super Bowl

A league source tells PFT that the NFL anticipates that Super Bowl XLIV will shatter all other viewing records before it.  

Last year, Super Bowl XLIII generated for NBC an all-time record audience of 98.7 million viewers. This year, the average audience is expected to extend into nine figures, for the first time ever. 

That said, the ratings record generated by the final episode of M*A*S*H in 1982 remains safe, given the extensive fracturing of the American audience by the multitude of cable channels and proliferation of the Internet.
Wow, nine figures. And yet the ratings record for the final episode of M*A*S*H* will remain intact? Holy flying monkey turds, how many people tuned into that damn show? Was there only one channel back in 1982? Were there even that many people living on the planet back then?

Times must have been tough in 1982. Crazy giant mobile phones that only gazillionaires could own, no Internet, no PS3, no social networking. How did people find out about their favorite celebrities' sex scandals? How did they know if a movie like Avatar made any kind of money? Were there even movies in 1982? I think they were called talkies. Man, people who lived in 1982 must have just eked out a miserable existence until it was time to watch M*A*S*H*. Or die while hunting for mastodon meat. Which ever came first.

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Kurt Warner Retires: What They're Saying

Though this isn't a Super Bowl XLIV item per say, it does have to do with a Super Bowl MVP. It's also the biggest news in the NFL today. So we feel the need to mention it. And in case you've been trapped under a very fat person today, or work for NORAD, then you know that Cardinals QB Kurt Warner announced his retirement from the NFL earlier this afternoon.

So rather than give our own take on it, here's a look around the globe on Warner hanging em up: As you can see, guys like Troy Aikman, Larry Fitzgerald and Tony Romo are sad to see Warner go, but also honor the man and his 12-year career. No doubt Kurt's inbox is being filled with well wishes from current and former NFL stars as we speak. 

Except one particular e-mail Super Bowl XLIV Blog has been able to exclusively attain. It was sent to Warner by a and had the following e-mail attachment:

Retirement??? Whatchu talkin bout Kurt?

Not quite sure what to make of this, or who that e-mailer might be. But there's always someone looking to spoil the fun. Congrats on a great career, Kurt Warner!
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Unlike Gruden, This Guy Isn't a Fan of Drew Brees

Our own Mike Freeman has an excellent piece on former Saints offensive lineman Conrad Dobler and how much he disagrees with Jon Gruden that Drew Brees is awesome. But Dobler's dislike of Brees is not based on his quarterbacking but, rather, Drew's comments of former NFL players who criticized the NFL Player's Union:

Dobler, who has been heavily involved in attempting to gain better benefits for older retired players, unleashed on Brees, who was once critical of the Gridiron Greats, an organization dedicated to improving the financial and physical well-being of older NFL retirees. 

"Drew Brees is a great quarterback, but personally I don't care for him," Dobler said. "I don't like him very much. He basically called us a bunch of whiny old men. He's in the Super Bowl but doesn't understand the history of the game.

Far be it for the Super Bowl XLIV Blog to make light of a pretty important on-going debate in the NFL. So, I recommend you read the entire piece and form your own opinion on the matter and maybe even engage in the debate in the comments. 

I generally stay way from most debates. I prefer to not stir the pot or ruffle feathers. I'm a pacifist, really. The only debate I'd ever engage in is which is the better restaurant: McDonald's or Burger King. I say Burger King because there's always that chance that you get a stray onion ring mixed in with your order of fries. AND I WILL FIGHT THE FIRST MAN WHO DISAGREES WITH ME ON THIS ON MY FRONT LAWN!!!
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This Just In: Drew Brees Is Short, Awesome

As good as Peyton Manning has been this year, Saints quarterback Drew Brees has been equally great. And, like his Super Bowl counterpart, he's pretty much the main reason his team is in the big game this year. But what makes Brees such a kick-ass QB?

"I think he's just uncanny with his movement in the pocket, the ability to find the lanes and throw from different platforms," ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski said. "He'll move from his passing slot to get an open receiver. The accuracy is absolutely amazing."
It's that mobility coupled with tremendous athleticism and his crazy, blow up your face pinpoint accuracy that makes Brees great, which comes in handy because he's a little guy:

Brees is about 6 feet tall -- five inches shorter than Manning -- and sometimes has to get resourceful to see around his massive offensive linemen.  

"I stood there behind the Saints in training camp . . . and I can't see two feet beyond the line of scrimmage," said ESPN's Jon Gruden, who's no taller than 5-10. "He can throw sidearm, he can throw off his back foot. He can reset, start one way, reset and get rid of the ball. "When the ball comes out of his hand, it's quick. Tremendous pocket presence and a way better athlete than people realize."

And aside from being a mauler of defensive secondaries, Brees is also a great human. He's worked tirelessly with various charities, including his own Brees Dream Foundation, has been active in rebuilding New Orleans, and once brought a puppy who had been hit by a car back to life using only his smile and gumption. Not sure if the last part of that sentence really happened, but it sounds like something he would totally do. So it HAS to be true.

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Even Colts Can't Explain Manning's Awesomeness

So how good is NFL MVP Peyton Manning? So good even his own teammates and coaches can't fully explain it:

His relentless thirst for knowledge, his passion to know opponents better than they know themselves and his uncanny ability to recall crucial details in split seconds have many NFL observers wondering how, exactly, does Manning's mind work? 

"It's quite confusing," Colts receiver Reggie Wayne jokingly said this week. "It's something that whenever his mind starts to go, I'm trying to get as far away from him as I possibly can. Just tell me the end result, that's all I need to know."
Manning's greatness makes Reggie Wayne's brain hurt. So much so that he wants to literally jump into a time machine just so he doesn't have to think about it.  

And linebacker Gary Brackett likens Manning to a master chess player: 

"What's the saying, 'A good chess player can see 10 moves ahead?' I think that's exactly what it is," linebacker Gary Brackett said. "It's like 'If we do this, they're going to do this. If they do this, I'm going to do this.' Thinking that step ahead and being already on to the next one when they break up a pass. He and Reggie are great at that. Reggie just throws up the hand, Peyton knows exactly where to go."
So there you go. Peyton Manning is quite unstoppable. As unstoppable as a Polar Bear wielding a Samurai sword? Well of course not! Don't be an idiot!
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SHOCKING NEWS!: Jon Gruden Loves Drew Brees

Unless you've been stuck on a desert island this football season, or you're this guy, you've watched pretty much every Monday Night Football broadcast this year. And, in doing so, you've noticed that ESPN color analyst/former Bucs head coach Jon Gruden loves the crap out of pretty much every quarterback in the NFL. They all reside on this side of awesome. Every one of them. 

Saints coach Sean Payton asked Gruden to sit in on some offensive meetings during training camp. And now Gruden's talking about it. And guess what, Gruden LOVES Drew Brees

In a conference call with the national media Thursday, Gruden continued to rave about Brees. 

 “I spent a lot of time there in New Orleans watching this guy," Gruden said. “He is the surgeon. He will cut you up with three-yard passes. His guys will take those three-yard passes and they can run with it after they catch it. They can line up any formation and any personnel group you give them. They might line up in 30 different formations on the first 30 plays of the game.

The Surgeon? Goy. Well, at least it's better than the moniker he gave Peyton Manning (The Sheriff. Still quite don't know what that means).

For the record, Brees showed his appreciation for Gruden's visit last August and called the coach "a heck of a guy" on his Twitter. Asked for a response to Brees' tweet, Gruden smiled and then added, "Tee-hee."
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Dwight Freeney's Ankle Worse Than Reported?

PFT is reporting per a source that Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney's ankle injury might be worse than anyone is letting on.

Amid reports that Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney might not attend the Pro Bowl in order to obtain further treatment for his sprained ankle, a league source tells us that Freeney definitely won't be going to the Pro Bowl, barring dramatic improvement of the injury. 

Per the source, Freeney's ankle is worse than reported by the media.

Freeney injured his ankle during last week's AFC Championship game, and now that ankle will be under severe media scrutiny for the next ten days until Freeney is back to 100%. But will he be? You'll just have to stay tuned and log on here to the CBS Super Bowl Blog to find out. What else are you gonna do with the Internet? Look at dirty pictures? Find funny photos of cats? Watch a video of some d-bag dead lifting weights and then falling face-first into a rack of dumb bells? 

Well, yes, of course. Duh! But still... you should really come back here to make sure you get the latest on Freeney's ankle.
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