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Woodson over Revis?! AP still doesn't get it.

Darrelle Revis is so good, that opposing QB's didn't even DARE throw his way. The fact that he even had the opportunity to pick off six passes, was incredible. NOBODY CHALLENGED REVIS OUT OF FEAR! Revis shut down Randy Moss (twice), Terrell Owens (twice), Andre Johnson , Marquez Colston, Roddy White , Steve Smith (carolina), Antonio Bryant and Chad Ochocino. Did I miss anyone? Who did Charles Woodson shut down? Bernard Berrian and Devin Hester?

Job one of the corner back is to cover the receiver. NOBODY WAS BETTER THAN REVIS! The fact that Charles Woodson had 9 Interceptions with 3 returns for TD's was great, but New Orleans' Darren Sharper did the same thing. Charles Woodson had some sacks... wonderful. The Jets would NEVER rush the QB with Revis BECAUSE it would be an idiotic waste of talent, the way he blankets opponents. The manner in which Darrelle Revis SHUT DOWN ELITE opposing WR's was HISTORIC in nature! HISTORIC!

It's a shame that the Sports Media isn't smarter than this. Charles Woodson had a great year, but that doesn't make him the Defensive Player of the Year. It just shows that the majority of voters probably don't watch these guys play. Or maybe they don't know what to watch. What the Associated Press voters know are stats. As we should have learned from the steroid era in baseball, stats don't tell the whole story. Darrelle Revis was the thinking man's choice.

The Jets Defense, led by Revis, gave up an NFL low 187 points (removing special teams scores and offensive turnovers for tds). The Jets pass defense, of which Revis is the unquestioned STAR, gave up just 8 passing TD's all year ! Green Bay's secondary, led by Woodson, just gave up 5 passing TD's in one playoff game! Wow.

Granted the playoff games don't count, but shouldn't the impact Revis made on the NFL's number one Defense be considered?

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Posted on: January 10, 2010 1:38 pm

Peyton Manning Is Over Hyped

Peyton Manning is a great player, an all-time great, I concede that. But Peyton gets so much unwarranted praise heaped upon him by the sports media for the perception that he is the ultimate team player .

Peyton Manning CALLS HIS OWN PLAYS. When most other offenses get within the ten yard line, they try to run the ball first. The majority of coaches call the run until they have to pass, or they pass if they think that they can catch the defense off guard. Peyton can and often does, call his own number for cheap single digit yardage touchdown passes. I'd like to know the stats on how many TD's Peyton has under 10 yards over his career compared with past greats.

Then look at this years stats.

Average Rating over starts

Brees 109.6
Favre 107.2
Peyton 99.9

TD to Interceptions

Favre 33 TD's - 7 INT's
Brees 34 TD's - 11 INT's (+2 rushing TD's)
Peyton 33 TD's - 16 INT's

Completion %

Brees 70.6%
Peyton 68.8%
Favre 68.4%


Peyton 4500
Brees 4388
Favre 4202

Yards Per Attempt

Brees 8.5
(tie) Favre 7.9, Peyton 7.9

Team Record
Colts 14-2
Saints 13-3
Vikings 12-4

Individually, Peyton only wins in total passing yardage. How much do you want to bet that both the Vikings and Saints have more TEAM rushing yardage then the Colts. So which QB is TRULY MAKING THEIR TEAM BETTER?

You know where the Colts rank in team rushing? How about 32nd in the NFL. That's right. DEAD LAST.

The Saints rushed for 2,106 as a team... with Brees 112 yards short of Peyton's passing yardage.

The Vikings rushed for 1,918 yards as a team.... with Favre 298 yards short of Peyton's passing yardage.

The Colts rushed for an NFL LOW 1,294 yards as a team.

Maybe we should blame the Colts play caller instead of their legendary quarterback? Oh... never mind.... that would be PEYTON MANNING. But the sports media won't point that out.

The media just eats up stories about Peyton, like Tony Dungy on WFAN radio this week; where he's driving cross State lines to go see Anthony Gonzalez, just so he can throw him passes and get him ready for the playoffs. How does Dungy know that's what they're doing. How does he know whether or not Peyton just wanted to get away from home for a short while and have some beers with his friend?

Not only did Drew Brees have a better year and is more valuable to the Saints in terms of helping the entire offense, but look at what Favre's presence did in Minnesota, AT THE AGE OF FORTY! Favre had a year worthy of the unwarranted HYPE that he usually receives. Even though I think the guy is a big time prima donna, I would have made Favre the 2009 MVP, just edging out Drew Brees. I wouldn't have argued if Brees got it.

And there's something about ALL THREE OF THESE GUYS that needs to be pointed out. Did anyone happen to notice that all three of these guys play AT LEAST half of their games in A DOME? Anyone wonder what John Elway or Joe Montana would have done playing half their games in a dome, instead of the Denver snow or Candlestick winds? I wonder what Tom Brady would have accomplished in a dome back in 2007?

PEYTON OVER HYPED NFL PLAYER? Totally! I don't care how many MVP's he's given. Only Brett Favre is hyped more by the current Sports Media than Peyton, but at least Favre lived up to it this year, despite being one of the most selfish jerks in NFL history.

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