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2011 Pre-Season Colorado Rockies Blog

As a Rockies fan i've been pretty ecstatic during these 2010-11 winter meetings. I love locking up our two best players in Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez for ten and seven years respectably. The Rockies have all the tools needed to make the Playoffs, and even the World Series. This is assuming there will be no significant injuries for extended periods of time to any core players. Sadly, there may be the drop off in production almost all players have after a monster season, and/or after receiving a monster pay raise and contract extension. This may include the likes of Ubaldo Jimenez, Carlos Gonzalez, and/or Troy Tulowitzki. Hopefully all continue their stellar play, and lead the Rockies far into the Playoffs. Here is my pre-season predictions and comments, enjoy.

First off, let's start with a record prediction. In 2011, I see the Colorado Rockies going 95-77. That is a realistic record for all the young talent the Rockies have. I believe Dexter Fowler and Seth Smith will also step it up this year, and finally become a threat in the batting order. Jose Lopez also has potential to become a solid player at third or second base, wherever the Rockies decide to place him. The pitching rotation should be pretty solid, although not the best in the MLB by any means. The Rockies bats should make up for the lack of many major pitching stars, and give them a great chance to win many games during the season.

Predictions of end of season stats are always fun.  Here are mine for the expected roatations and lineups during the 2011 season.

1. - CF - Dexter Fowler       

.270 Batting Average   9 Home Runs   63 Runs Batted In   31 Stolen Bases   95 Runs   70 Walks   125 Strikeouts

- A speedy players that can be either very hot, or ice cold for extended periods of time. During the end of the season Fowler was starting to get into a groove, and should continue into 2011.

2. - 2B - Jose Lopez

.249 Batting Average   18 Home Runs   70 Runs Batted In   4 Stolen Bases   88 Runs   26 Walks   70 Strikeouts

- A player that can play Second or Third Base, he has never been known for much average, but has potential for solid power numbers. In 2009 with Seattle he hit 25 bombs. Hopefully Lopez can put up simliar numbers to those above. That would work with me, as that's about what I expect.

3. - LF - Carlos Gonzalez

.307 Batting Average   30 Home Runs   108 Runs Batted In   22 Stolen Bases   100 Runs   50 Walks   115 Strikeouts

- As witnessed last year in his breakthrough season, Cargo is a Triple Crown threat. He has that valuable trio of attributes, Average, Power, and Speed. His defense is also great as he won a Gold Glove in 2010.

4. - SS - Troy Tulowitzki

.313 Batting Average   34 Home Runs   110 Runs Batted In   15 Stolen Bases   100 Runs   56 Walks   90 Strikeouts

- A top, if not top SS in the MLB. Tulo has a cannon of an arm, and can swing the bat with the best of them. Tulowitzki should be an MVP canadite in 2011, at least if he lives up to expectations after that 10 year deal he signed.

5. - 1B - Todd Helton

.275 Batting Average   12 Home Runs   88 Runs Batted In   3 Stolen Bases   85 Runs   75 Walks   95 Strikeouts

- Once considered a top player in the MLB in his earlier years, those days are past him that's for sure. Although he can still be a solid bat, as well as contributing with his good defense at First Base. He may not play as much this year, considering his age, but is still a solid option at first.

6. - RF - Seth Smith

.270 Batting Average   22 Home Runs   94 Runs Batted In   8 Stolen Bases   80 Runs   65 Walks   80 Strkeouts

- Smith is expected to become the everyday Right Fielder with Brad Hawpe no longer on the team. He has always been known as a clutch pinch hitter. Now it's time to apply these skills with a starting position. The time to shine is now for Seth Smith.    

7. - 3B - Ian Stewart

.235 Batting Average   19 Home Runs   73 Runs Batted In   2 Stolen Bases   65 Runs   50 Walks   120 Strikeouts

- With Stewart's monster power potential he has always been a player the Rockies want to stick with, although his far to many strikeouts are frustrating. It is still uncertain whether Stewart is the sure fire starting Third basemen with Jose Lopez and Ty Wigginton now members of the team.

8. - C - Chris Iannetta

.225 Batting Average   11 Home Runs   40 Runs Batted In   1 Stolen Base   35 Runs   30 Walks   70 Strikeouts

- Iannetta is not expected to be the everyday starter for the Rockies, unless he picks up his game from last year. After being sent to the minors for a stint, and his disturbing .197 average last season, Iannetta needs to come out and prove what he's worth, or else he may find himself in a backseat to one of the Rockies' younger prospect catchers.

Here is the stats for the assumed bench fielders.

Utility - Ty Wigginton - .250 Batting Average   12 Home Runs  40 Runs Batted In   0 Stolen Bases   20 Walks   50 Strikeouts

2B - Eric Young Jr. - .260 Batting Average   2 Home Runs   22 Runs Batted In   16 Stolen Bases   25 Walks   45 Strikeouts

OF - Ryan Spilborghs - .240 Batting Average   6 Home Runs   20 Runs Batted In   2 Stolen Bases   20 Walks   35 Strikeouts

C - Mike McKenry - .225 Batting Average   5 Home Runs   25 Runs Batted In   1 Stolen Base   20 Walks   25 Strikeouts


1. - SP - Ubaldo Jimenez

3.45 ERA   15 Wins   8 Losses   205 Strikeouts   85 Walks   215 Innings

- A slight downgrade in many stat areas, his remarkable start to the 2010 season surely won't happen again. Overall Ubaldo is still a good pitcher, and should produce for the Rockies.

- SP - Jorge De La Rosa  

4.05 ERA   12 Wins   6 Losses   180 Strikeouts   70 Walks   195 Innings

- De La Rosa also recieved a bigger payday from the franchise earlier this offseason, and by that payroll it shows the team has the confidence in him. Hopefully he can overcome injuries unlike last season, and play a vital role on the pitching staff.  

3. - SP - Jhoulys Chacin

3.85 ERA   12 Wins   9 Losses   200 Strikeouts   75 Walks   205 Innings

- Chacin has shown the Rockies some of his potential. During last season is when Chacin really seemed to be getting it together, and he should continue to get better. He is someone Rockie fans can't wait to watch this season.

- SP - Jason Hammel

4.35 ERA   10 Wins   10 Losses   135 Strikeouts   50 Walks   185 Innings

- Hammel has always been a steady pitcher, but not spectactular in any way shape or form. The fact he has never had a season with an ERA under 4.33, leads me to think he won't beat that this year either. Even though that'd be a great surprise.

5. - SP - Felipe Paulino

4.55 ERA   8 Wins   11 Losses   145 Strikeouts   55 Walks   155 Innings

- Paulino finished last season with an ugly 1-9 record for the struggling Astros. He has had some high ERA's during his career to (Never under 5.11) , but could turn into a solid pitcher in the fifth spot of the rotation. The Rockies traded Clint Barmes for Felipe Paulino this offseason. These stats are assuming he beats out Aaron Cook for the final rotation spot.

5. - Aaron Cook

4.45 ERA   8 Wins   10 Losses   90 Strikeouts   55 Walks   150 Innings

- I decided to give the veteren a shot at the fifth spot in the rotation. Cook has never been truly known as a Superstar pitcher, although he has had some respectable seasons for the Rockies. I believe the club will give the younger Paulino the fifth spot, but you never know.


- CP - Huston Street

3.20 ERA   3 Wins   3 Losses   35 Saves   55 Strikeouts   10 Walks   55 Innings

- Street has always been a solid closer, whether it was for the Rockies or Athletics. He did battle some injuries last season, and should have a nice bounce back season. Look for a good season for the Rockies Closer.

RP -
Matt Belisle - 3.10 ERA   6 Wins   3 Losses   80 Strikeouts   20 Walks   80 Innings

RP - Rafael Betancourt - 3.45 ERA   4 Wins   2 Losses   85 Strikeouts   10 Walks   70 Innings

RP - Franklin Morales - 4.05 ERA   5 Wins   4 Losses   65 Strikeouts   40 Walks   68 Innings  

RP - Matt Lindstrom - 4.10 ERA   4 Wins   4 Losses   50 Strikeouts   28 Walks   55 Innings

RP - Matt Reynolds - 3.95 ERA   3 Wins   0 Losses   45 Strikeouts   20 Walks   50 Innings

RP - Matt Daley - 4.30 ERA   1 Win   3 Losses   35 Strikeouts   20 Walks   40 Innings

There is the 25 man, regular season projections. Hopefully the Rockies can live up to expectations this year, in some players cases, exceed expectations. Hopefully you enjoyed this preseason overview, and while we're are it, do we need a couple more "Matt's" in our Bullpen? I'll leave that for you to decide. Thanks for reading.

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Toughest Middle of The Order Duo

Which MLB team has the toughest middle of the order hitters? I thought i'd give you my analysis on my top 10 toughest middle of the order duo. Let the countdown begin!

10. Victor Martinez and Kevin Youkilis - It's not everyday you can have a catcher as your 3 or 4 batter. Hitting catchers are pretty tough to come by, and Victor Martinez cracks the top ten on list along with Kevin Youkilis. Kevin Youkilis and Victor Martinez have been dealing with many injuries this year, but when both are healthy they are for sure a top ten duo, they rank number ten on my list.

Kevin Youkilis:    .307 AVG. - 19 HR - 63 RBI - 4 SB - .412 OBP - .564 SLG.

Victor Martinez:   .281 AVG. - 10 HR - 40 RBI - 1 SB - .337 OBP - .461 SLG.

9. Ryan Zimmerman and Adam Dunn - Adam Dunn is a monster power hitter having had 5+ seasons with 40+ homers during his career, it has not slowed this year either. Dunn usually doesn't have a great average to go along with his power, but this year he also has a respectable average. Zimmerman is a top young 3B in the MLB, giving this duo the ranking of number nine on the list.

Adam  Dunn:          .272 AVG. - 30 HR - 77 RBI - 0 SB - .359 OBP - .573 SLG.

Ryan Zimmerman:  .297 AVG. - 22 HR - 63 RBI - 2 SB - .387 OBP - .540 SLG.

8. Evan Longoria and Carlos Pena - Evan Longoria has been a prime 3B a top the MLB seemingly ever since he hit the MLB. Carlos Pena may not have an average you'd like to see everyday, but his solid power numbers can make up for it a little. Evan and Carlos have been a top duo for a couple years now, and they rank number eight on my list.

Evan Longoria - .288 AVG. - 15 HR - 72 RBI - 15 SB - .375 OBP - .485 SLG.

Carlos Pena -    .212 AVG. - 23 HR - 68 RBI - 5 SB - .332 OBP - .441 SLG.

7. Miguel Cabrera and Magglio Ordonez - Miguel Cabrera has come out as a very respectable AL MVP canadite this year, MIGGY (The name given to him by fans) had monster numbers before the All-Star break, numbers most players wish they could have at the end of a season. Before Magglio went down with an injury this was one the most feared duos in the MLB, so therefore they rank number seven on my list.

Miguel Cabrera -    .338 AVG. - 26 HR - 93 RBI - 2 SB - .426 OBP - .627 SLG.

Magglio Ordonez - .303 AVG. - 12 HR - 59 RBI - 1 SB - .378 OBP - .474 SLG.

6. Ryan Howard and Chase Utley - I know, I know. Chase Utley has been hurt seemingly all season, but when he was healthy he and Ryan Howard have been a deadly combo, and a nightmare for the opposing pitcher. Chase Utley also has a chance to return soon, that would be a big life for the Phillies. This duo ranks number six on my list.

Ryan Howard -    .292 AVG. - 23 HR - 81 RBI - 1 SB - .356 OBP - .528 SLG.

Chase Utley -     .277 AVG. - 11 HR - 37 RBI - 5 SB - .383 OBP - .466 SLG.

5. Prince Fielder and Ryan J. Braun - This combo could have ranked number one for years before this year, but with recent struggles between the two they're ranked number five on my list. This threat is still just as intimidating as any other duo in the MLB too though.

Prince Fielder - .270 AVG. - 24 HR - 58 RBI - 1 SB - .402 OBP - .489 SLG.

Ryan J Braun - .290 AVG. - 16 HR - 68 RBI - 15 SB - .344 OBP - .464 SLG.

4. Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira- With all of the talk about Arod's 600th homerun and all of the people that weren't actually very excited about it (Me included) Arod and Tex still make one heck of a duo. Tex's average is pretty low this year, but Arod and Tex still make up one of the most well known duos in the MLB, ranking number four on my list.

Alex Rodriguez -   .264 AVG. - 18 HR - 89 RBI - 3 SB - .337 OBP - .474 SLG.

Mark Teixeira -     .259 AVG. - 26 HR - 85 RBI - 0 SB - .367 OBP - .501 SLG.

3. Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday - The Machine aka Albert Pujols and Matt Holiday make a dynamic duo. With both crushing over 20 HR's this year, they have carried the Cardinals on offense to stick with the Reds in their division. The Cardinal duo ranks third on my list.

Albert Pujols -    .313 AVG. - 28 HR - 84 RBI - 11 SB - .408 OBP - .578 SLG.

Matt Holliday -   .306 AVG. - 21 HR - 71 RBI - 7 SB - .380 OBP - .534 SLG.

2. Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki - This is a new duo to the MLB this year, Carlos Gonzalez has had a monster first full season and Troy Tulowitzki after returning form his wrist injury has been the found cog to bat behing Carlos Gonzalez. This dynamic duo can do it all, whether it's steal a base, hit a homerun, or even on the defensive stand. If you're looking for those components this is your duo. The Rockies duo ranks number two on the list.

Carlos Gonzalez -   .326 AVG - 25 HR - 77 RBI - 18 SB - .354 OBP - .578 SLG.

Troy Tulowitzki -       .317 AVG. - 10 HR - 46 RBI - 8 SB - .379 OBP - .505 SLG.

1. Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau - When both are healthy this is the most dangerous duo in the MLB. Mauer may be one of the few great betting catchers in the MLB, and to go alone with Justin Morneau that is a scary combo. Mauer's power numbers may be down this year, but the average is still definitly still there. Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau rnaks number one on the list.

Joe Mauer -         .325 AVG. - 7 HR - 62 RBI - 1 SB - .397 OBP - .485 SLG.

Justin Morneau -  .345 AVG. - 18 HR - 56 RBI - 0 SB - .437 OBP - .618 SLG.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my list, and any comments and feedback is highly appreciated. Thanks again!


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Sneaky, but Serious MVP Contender

In the National League their is a young outfielder you may not all give credit too, or realize how good he really is. Carlos Gonzalez has been a monster for the Colorado Rockies this year, you may not know much about him since he plays for the smaller market Rockies. Cargo (The nickname given to him by Rockies fans) has been red hot the last few weeks, and his season stats show it. Cargo hit for the cycle July 31st, and to finish the cycle he hit the walkoff homerun. Almost no better way to end a game and complete a cycle like that in my opinion.

Carlos is number two (.321), behind only Joey Votto (.326) for first place in batting average in the National league (as of August 1st.) Cargo is top 8 in the National League in RBI's (68) and is a threat to steal a base every time he's on the base paths (15). Carlos can do it all, whether it's steal a bag, hit a homerun (Not just little homeruns, mosterous ones), or make a Gold Glove type defensive play. Carlos will be a 30-30 threat for years to come.

With all of this being said here is how Cargo's numbers look through 92 games on the regualar season.

Carlos Gonzalez - Average: .321 - Homeruns: 21 - RBI's: 68 - SB's: 15 - Runs: 67

On Pace for

150 Games - .321 Average - 34 Homeruns - 111 RBI's - 109 Runs - 24 SB's - and 201 Hits.

If that is not MVP caliber numbers I don't know what is. As long as Carlos keeps on pounding the ball like he has been the last month, he'll be close to the top if not the top in NL MVP voting.

Other Stats

.337 AVG. with Runners in Scoring Position (RISP)

Cargo ranks among the top 10 in the NL in these catagories -  AVG (2) RBI's (6) SLG (5) HR (10) Runs (6) OPS (10)

1.000 FPCT in 48 games at CF.

Gonzalez has 1 error in 92 games this season.

Cargo isn't just a threat for MVP, but also a Gold Glove. 1 error is 92 games is great, and gives him a shot at winning a Gold Glove. This is my case at giving Carlos Gonzalez a serious shot at winning the NL MVP, award and maybe a Gold Glove too. Cargo is a "Sneaky, but Serious MVP Contender"

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What Went Wrong?

What went wrong? The Colorado Rockies were considered top dogs in the National League to win win the NL pennant, Rockies fans, including me, were going crazy and couldn't wait for the 2010 MLB season to start. What are they doing wrong? As a fan i'm very confused and after thinking about it many times still don't know the answer.

With the emergences of Carlos Gonzalez and Ubaldo Jimenez this season the Rockies should still be top contenders, the problem is they're not. Colorado finally ended a season long and longest since 2008 losing streak today (8 games) against the Pirates. Of course some losses came off walkoff hits and so fourth, but an eight game losing streak should never happen to a team with as much talent as the Rockies.

Troy Tulowitzki is one of the top, if not the top Shortstop in the MLB. Carlos Gonzalez has emerged as a top young outfielder in the MLB, and is a threat for a 30-30 season for years to come. Ubaldo Jimenez has been fantastic in 2010, Jimenez is on pace to beat the franchise record for wins in a season (17) and is a candidate for NL CY-YOUNG.

Colorado's not so big names have also been playing like stars. Miguel Olivo, the starting catcher for the Rockies is hitting around .300 with 12 homeruns and 44 RBI's. Jonathan Herrera stepped in at second base and hit .300 for the most part of his starting tenure, and moved Clint Barmes to Shortstop during Tulowitzki's broken writst injury. Which landed Tulo on the 15 day DL. Every Rockies player has played their hearts out and you can tell by watching, but it doesn't show in the wins column.

Colorado is two games above .500 (52-50) and is almost seemingly out of the NL wildcard race. The talent level of the Rockies is unreal, and it is crazy to see the playoff race and see them not even close to making the playoffs. Rockies fans, coaches, and manager are all scratching their heads, and are thinking the same thing: "What Went Wrong?" 

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The Fall of a Superstar...

Rockies fans sit and home with the biggest grins anyone has ever seen, this is of course watching Ubaldo Jimenez, but that has smile has turned to a frown and panic. Over Jimenez's last five starts he has given up four runs or more in four out of five of his last five starts. Rockies fans are starting to worry, you can tell. There are no more Ubaldo threads telling how great he is and how he is going to win the NL CY-YOUNG. No, no more of that. Josh Johnson has now clearly been better on this season now, and byb the looks of it Adam Wainwright and Roy Halladay have even moved ahead of him.

Many of you readers may be thinking, "How can you complain? The guy is 15-1 with a 2.38 ERA!" but the truth is, after you are accustomed to even higher standards that Ubaldo has set this worries you. The Rockies are trying to make a big final surge sometime soon to get into the playoffs, and if Ubaldo keeps pitching like he has the last five starts well, they won't make it.

Ok now let's think of some reasons or "excuses" to why this could be happening. A) With a cannon arm (96-100 MPH) his arm could be experiencing that wear and tear. Jimenez may not be getting that extra movement on the ball cause he is out of fuel, making it much easier for the batters to see and hit. That is just one idea. B) His team is not backing him up. Yes the Rockies are known as a really good defensive team, but in some of Ubaldo's last five starts (When he's been really struggling) there have been some costly errors, making Ubaldo have to get a "4th out" Those are two of my ideas to why he could be losing his title.

With Ubaldo seemingly out of the CY-YOUNG race suddenly, and pitching like a 5th starter his last five starts. We may be watching The Fall of a Superstar...

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MLB Weekly Headlines: June 21-27

Here are the "MLB Weekly Headlines" for the week of June 21-27. Enjoy everyone!

1. A very unexpected person to throw a No-Hitter? Many would say yes, but Edwin Jackson got himself a 149 pitch No-Hitter. On Friday June 25, Edwin Jackson was pitching against the Rays, He allowed 8 walks and was nearly taken out in the third, fourth, and almost every inning after that. Edwin kept his head up and hurled a no hitter. It may not have been a pretty No-Hitter, but hey, "A no-no is a no-no"

2. Billy Wagner earned his 400th save the same day Jackson threw his no-no, so many may have not realized, but the old time closer recorded his 400th save on June 25 also. Wagner may be getting older, but when your still throwing your fastball 96-99 MPH you'll still have success. Oh, and don't forget, Billy is throwing that fast with his left arm, He is truely a righty, so his left hand is his second arm that he had to learn to throw with as a kid when he broke his right arm. Think about it, if he is throwing 99 MPH with his left arm, and he's truely a righty, how fast could he throw with his right? Amazing.

3. Carlos Zambrano has gone on another dugout rampage. Although this time his did not take it our on a gatorade cooler, or a mitt, he just decided to go off on his team instead. Zambrano was suspended indefinetly after his outburst on Derrek Lee and a few other teamates, because they did not dive for hard hit balls. Cubs Manager, Lou Pinella said "That is unacceptable behavior, those were hard hit balls and would be tough for anyone to get" Zambrano took a huge hit with the suspension, and when he can return, it will be to the bullpen. This guy never learns.

4. Only a few days after hitting three homeruns against the Rockies including the game winner in the 10th inning, Dustin Pedroia hit the 15 day DL with a broken foot after fouling a ball off that hit himself. This happens as Dustin was the main source of power and hitting on the Red Sox. This is a huge bummer for Red Sox fans, and anyone who loves to watch Dustin Pedroia play.

5. Ubaldo Jimenez had his first ugly outing of the 2010 season. While pitching against the Red sox he allowed 6 Earned Runs. This raised his ERA to 1.60 on the season. Although Ubaldo was down when taken out and almost earned his 2nd loss of the season he did not get that loss, Jason Giambi came through in the nineth inning to give the Rockies the win. Keeping Ubaldo's record at 13-1. Let's hope we don't have to see Ubaldo get beat up like that again.

There is this weeks edition of "MLB Weekly Headlines" Tune in next Sunday and every Sunday of the MLB season for more!
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MLB Weekly Headlines: June 14-20

Here is the 2nd edition of "MLB Weekly Headlines" Comment and Enjoy. Thanks.

1. Manny Ramirez returned to Boston, with a mixed reaction from his former fans. Manny's return has been spoiled with two losses. Manny does have a Home Run to show for himself. The final game of the series is tonight June, 20 2010. The game should be aired on ESPN, Enjoy. 

2. Mike Stanton got his first Major League Baseball Home Run, in a thrilling fashion. Although, it was not the first pitch of his career or even at bat like Daniel Nava, Mike Stanton smashed a Home Run for his first careeer MLB home-run, which came in a 7-4 Marlins win. Marlins fans are very excited about Stanton, how could they not be? This kid's go a huge amount of talent. Mike finished 2-4, with a Home Run and 4 RBI's.

3. Stehphen Strasburg already has a record to his name: Most strike outs through a pitchers first three starts. Strasburg strck out 10 against the White Sox in his third start, which gave him 32 strikeouts through three starts. Stephen broke the record set by J.R. Richard with 29 strikeouts. Strasburg continues to impress and hasn't disappointed anyone. Yet.

4. It's a huge bummer for Rockies fans and their team. The teams All-Star Shortstop gott hit by a pitch against the Twins and that was the end of discussion. 15 day-DL time for Troy Tulowitzki and it could take up to 6 weeks to fully recover. It's a sad thing for the team and fans to hear, especially when the Rockies started moving their way to the top of the divison. We'll see how they handle things without Tulo.

Those are the "MLB Weekly Healdines" for June 14-20. Hope you enjoyed and remember to join in on the 3rd edition next Sunday.
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MLB Weekly Headlines: June 6-13

Here is the weekly headlines for the week of June 6-13. I hope you enjoy these weekly that I will do from here until the end of the year, tune in each and every week! Enjoy.

Strasburg's stellar debut has everyone tuning in. 

1. You know this had to be number 1, the long anticipated debut of the stellar Stephen Strasburg. Boy did he ever deliver with the 14 K's using those electrifying, nasty, dirty, however you wish to call it, pitches. "I'm still hungry" Strasburg comments after his debut, sit back and enjoy when he pitches the second game of his career, against the Indians June 13, at 1:05 E.T. Must see.

2. Carlos Pena is slugging his way along by homering game after game, Carlos has claimed Rays franchise record for longest streak with a homerun in a game with 6 straight games. Pena's average may be below the Mendoza Line (.196), but if we see him keep slugging like this he could be over .200 easily. Carlos comented " I'm trusting myself a little bit more. I'm trusting my plan." He will try and make it 7 straight games with a homerun Sunday June 13, vs. the Marlins at 12:40 E.T.

player photo

3. Is it a surprise? Dice-K may not be smiling anymore as he has hit the 15 day DL once again. It is just a muscle soreness reports sources. Muscle soreness?  How many times have we heard that? You get the point it does not surprise anyone that, in my mind the most injury prone player in the MLB hits the DL once again. This happens as Dice-K started to get in a groove including a 1 hitter against the Philles on May 22. Bad news for the Red Sox. Dustin Richardson has been called up to replace Dice-K.

player photo

4. Here it is again, Brandon Webb throwing off the mound once again, we've heard this multiple times but he just never seems to return. Don't plan on Webb returning untill you see it with your own eyes. Webb threw about 30 pitches no problem says Webb. "The said I looked way more comfortable than I have." comments Webb. We will see what happens in the coming months, could Webb be eyeing a return after the ASB (All-Star Break)?

New York <a href=page/NYM">Mets logo" />

5. The New York Mets won there first road series of the season against the Orioles. Wait, the Mets just barely won their FIRST road series of the season? Against the Orioles!? Wow, The Mets are really struggling, no need to explain any longer. Read it over again if you don't see why they are struggling. Sorry Mets fans.

Daniel Nava becomes just the fourth player in league history to hit a grand slam in their first at-bat. (AP)

6. Happy Early Fathers Day Dad! Daniel Nava in his first MLB at bat, first pitch, hits a Grand Slam, becoming only the 4th player in MLB history to accomplish the great Grand Slam in his first MLB at bat. Nava's parents video-taped him thorughout the game, Nava's parents almost missed the game because of flight delays. How sad would that be? Nava finished 2-4, 2B, 1 HR, 4 RBI, I R, 1 SO. Great job kid.

player photo

7. Ubaldo Jimenez raised his ERA in a short 6 inning game against the Blue Jays. Jimenez still was amazing to watch and still has a stunning ERA of 1.16 on the year. Ubaldo is 12-1 with a 1.16 ERA, 84 Strikeouts, 34 Walks, and 93.1 Innings pitched. Ubaldo is the clear leader for NL CY-Young early in the season. Keep it up big guy.

There is the first edition of MLB Weekly Headlines. I hope you enjoy reading and leave comments to tell me if you liked it or not. Join in every Sunday on "MLB Weekly Headline" Thanks.

The views expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of CBS Sports or