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Posted on: June 27, 2010 1:00 pm
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MLB Weekly Headlines: June 21-27

Here are the "MLB Weekly Headlines" for the week of June 21-27. Enjoy everyone!

1. A very unexpected person to throw a No-Hitter? Many would say yes, but Edwin Jackson got himself a 149 pitch No-Hitter. On Friday June 25, Edwin Jackson was pitching against the Rays, He allowed 8 walks and was nearly taken out in the third, fourth, and almost every inning after that. Edwin kept his head up and hurled a no hitter. It may not have been a pretty No-Hitter, but hey, "A no-no is a no-no"

2. Billy Wagner earned his 400th save the same day Jackson threw his no-no, so many may have not realized, but the old time closer recorded his 400th save on June 25 also. Wagner may be getting older, but when your still throwing your fastball 96-99 MPH you'll still have success. Oh, and don't forget, Billy is throwing that fast with his left arm, He is truely a righty, so his left hand is his second arm that he had to learn to throw with as a kid when he broke his right arm. Think about it, if he is throwing 99 MPH with his left arm, and he's truely a righty, how fast could he throw with his right? Amazing.

3. Carlos Zambrano has gone on another dugout rampage. Although this time his did not take it our on a gatorade cooler, or a mitt, he just decided to go off on his team instead. Zambrano was suspended indefinetly after his outburst on Derrek Lee and a few other teamates, because they did not dive for hard hit balls. Cubs Manager, Lou Pinella said "That is unacceptable behavior, those were hard hit balls and would be tough for anyone to get" Zambrano took a huge hit with the suspension, and when he can return, it will be to the bullpen. This guy never learns.

4. Only a few days after hitting three homeruns against the Rockies including the game winner in the 10th inning, Dustin Pedroia hit the 15 day DL with a broken foot after fouling a ball off that hit himself. This happens as Dustin was the main source of power and hitting on the Red Sox. This is a huge bummer for Red Sox fans, and anyone who loves to watch Dustin Pedroia play.

5. Ubaldo Jimenez had his first ugly outing of the 2010 season. While pitching against the Red sox he allowed 6 Earned Runs. This raised his ERA to 1.60 on the season. Although Ubaldo was down when taken out and almost earned his 2nd loss of the season he did not get that loss, Jason Giambi came through in the nineth inning to give the Rockies the win. Keeping Ubaldo's record at 13-1. Let's hope we don't have to see Ubaldo get beat up like that again.

There is this weeks edition of "MLB Weekly Headlines" Tune in next Sunday and every Sunday of the MLB season for more!
Posted on: June 27, 2010 1:00 pm
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MLB Weekly Headlines: June 6-13

Here is the weekly headlines for the week of June 6-13. I hope you enjoy these weekly that I will do from here until the end of the year, tune in each and every week! Enjoy.

Strasburg's stellar debut has everyone tuning in. 

1. You know this had to be number 1, the long anticipated debut of the stellar Stephen Strasburg. Boy did he ever deliver with the 14 K's using those electrifying, nasty, dirty, however you wish to call it, pitches. "I'm still hungry" Strasburg comments after his debut, sit back and enjoy when he pitches the second game of his career, against the Indians June 13, at 1:05 E.T. Must see.

2. Carlos Pena is slugging his way along by homering game after game, Carlos has claimed Rays franchise record for longest streak with a homerun in a game with 6 straight games. Pena's average may be below the Mendoza Line (.196), but if we see him keep slugging like this he could be over .200 easily. Carlos comented " I'm trusting myself a little bit more. I'm trusting my plan." He will try and make it 7 straight games with a homerun Sunday June 13, vs. the Marlins at 12:40 E.T.

player photo

3. Is it a surprise? Dice-K may not be smiling anymore as he has hit the 15 day DL once again. It is just a muscle soreness reports sources. Muscle soreness?  How many times have we heard that? You get the point it does not surprise anyone that, in my mind the most injury prone player in the MLB hits the DL once again. This happens as Dice-K started to get in a groove including a 1 hitter against the Philles on May 22. Bad news for the Red Sox. Dustin Richardson has been called up to replace Dice-K.

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4. Here it is again, Brandon Webb throwing off the mound once again, we've heard this multiple times but he just never seems to return. Don't plan on Webb returning untill you see it with your own eyes. Webb threw about 30 pitches no problem says Webb. "The said I looked way more comfortable than I have." comments Webb. We will see what happens in the coming months, could Webb be eyeing a return after the ASB (All-Star Break)?

New York <a href=page/NYM">Mets logo" />

5. The New York Mets won there first road series of the season against the Orioles. Wait, the Mets just barely won their FIRST road series of the season? Against the Orioles!? Wow, The Mets are really struggling, no need to explain any longer. Read it over again if you don't see why they are struggling. Sorry Mets fans.

Daniel Nava becomes just the fourth player in league history to hit a grand slam in their first at-bat. (AP)

6. Happy Early Fathers Day Dad! Daniel Nava in his first MLB at bat, first pitch, hits a Grand Slam, becoming only the 4th player in MLB history to accomplish the great Grand Slam in his first MLB at bat. Nava's parents video-taped him thorughout the game, Nava's parents almost missed the game because of flight delays. How sad would that be? Nava finished 2-4, 2B, 1 HR, 4 RBI, I R, 1 SO. Great job kid.

player photo

7. Ubaldo Jimenez raised his ERA in a short 6 inning game against the Blue Jays. Jimenez still was amazing to watch and still has a stunning ERA of 1.16 on the year. Ubaldo is 12-1 with a 1.16 ERA, 84 Strikeouts, 34 Walks, and 93.1 Innings pitched. Ubaldo is the clear leader for NL CY-Young early in the season. Keep it up big guy.

There is the first edition of MLB Weekly Headlines. I hope you enjoy reading and leave comments to tell me if you liked it or not. Join in every Sunday on "MLB Weekly Headline" Thanks.

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