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Video: Brad Keselowski on Inside NASCAR

One of the sport's top drivers, Brad Keselowski, visits the set of Inside NASCAR to talk about his difficulties in Texas, the suspension of Kyle Busch, and his plans for the final two races of the season.

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Kyle Busch wrecks Ron Hornaday in truck race

By Pete Pistone

After contact with Ron Hornaday Jr. knocked Kyle Busch into the wall on Lap 13 during Friday night's race at Texas Motor Speedway, a fired up Busch quickly retaliated. While the damage from the initial wreck didn't seem so bad that neither couldn't continue, the aftermath from Busch's revenge ended both their nights with both trucks heavily damaged. And even if Busch hadn't torn his truck up, he wasn't getting back on the track as NASCAR officials parked him for the remainder of the race.

Hornaday entered the night just 15 points off the championship lead.

When asked about the incdient Busch explained his view.

"If you make it a three-wide situation, I can’t go up in the dirt, you know?” Busch said. “I’m already on the outside lane, there’s not three lanes out here right now. … So if I just lay over and give up everything for Ron Hornaday, that’s not Kyle Busch’s fashion. I’m out here to win a race just as much as anybody else is.

“When he races up on my inside, gets loose and takes me up to the fence, I ended up losing my cool. I’ve been wrecked four weeks in a row and finally I’d just had enough of it.”

Busch said Hornaday racing for a championship should not have played into the way either were racing one another.

"I’m sorry it was Ron Hornaday and he’s going after a championship, but the fact of the matter is you can’t place all the blame on one person,” Busch said. “There were two people that got into it to begin with and two people that ended it.

"I had brushed the wall, but my truck was hurt where I don’t think we could have won after that. If you’re a guy racing for a championship, you need to be smart enough to understand that you can’t go three-wide on lap 15 and knowing how bad the trucks are when you get inside somebody, and not expect to get loose."

Hornaday was uninjured in the crash but frustrated and disappointed with the outcome of his night and tangle with Busch.

"It was a racing deal,” Hornaday said. “That crap he pulled down there, they parked Harvick for the same retaliation at Martinsville [years ago]. If they don’t park him on Sunday, I’ll be really upset.

“That’s just ignorant and stupid. I don’t know what you want to call it. He’s such a candy-ass, he won’t stay around to get a whooping like he’s supposed to get. It’s a shame. It’s not like I did anything wrong. I ran him down from a straightaway. He knew I was faster.”

Kevin Harvick went on to win Friday night's race and clinched the owners championship for KHI. 

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Inside NASCAR Video: Carl Edwards, Tony Stewart

Following a big win at Martinsville Speedway, Tony Stewart talks with Inside NASCAR and the driver he's aiming to knock out of the top spot, Carl Edwards.

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Video: Tony Stewart on Inside NASCAR

On and off the track, the October race at Talladega was filled with drama. Tony Stewart talks about the strategy of "sandbagging" and the behind-the-scenes bickering of team owners.

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Video: Matt Kenseth on Inside NASCAR

Moving up to third in the points standing, Matt Kenseth visits the studios of Inside NASCAR to discuss his winning strategy from Charlotte Motor Speedway, and his plans for the remaining races of the season.

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Video: Jeff Gordon on Inside NASCAR

Following a tight race filled with close calls with Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon talks about falling down a notch in the Chase for the Sprint Cup with the hosts of Inside NASCAR.

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