Posted on: February 17, 2010 2:43 pm

Apolo Anton Ohno: The Greatest American Olympian?

This morning NBC declared that Apolo Ohno is one of the greatest American Olympians of all time. But is he really or is NBC just pumping him up to raise ratings?  Some would consider his 6 medals in the Winter Olympics (tied for American record with Bonnie Blair) enough to set him in the pantheon of Olympic greats like Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis, Mark Spitz, Michael Phelps, Michael Johnson and (yes) Bonnie Blair.  The difference between Ohno and Blair is that Blair won 5 golds over 4 Winter Olympic Games and never had any controversy tied to her medals.  Ohno, however has not win without controversy.  In both of his races in which he has won the silver medal, the result came because of crashes by competitors in front and behind him, effectively taking out the competition.  In one of his Gold medal wins, the result came as a technicality when the winner of the race was disqualified for illegally blocking.  So Ohno as won 3 medals (1 Gold, 2 Bronzes) on his own accord, which does not elevate him to the level of past American Olympic greats.  
If Ohno were to win a few medals this Winter Olympics, then perhaps he could ascend the steps into Greatness, but for now he is just another good American Olympian.
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Tebow's NOT SO Controversial Ad

In the weeks coming up to the Super Bowl, the hype surrounding Tim Tebow's ad was outstanding.  It was perhaps the most hyped ad in the history of television.  It definitely was the most overhyped (followed closely by this years ad).  Tebow's ad had no real point.  It did not offer the message that everyone expected or any message really.  It did not sell anything.  All it did was get the name of Focus on the Family out there.  But many people already knew about them, especially the people that would be interested in what they have to say.  

Those that are Pro-Life are upset because they were promised an ad that would champion their cause.  They received an epic letdown, much like the Florida Gators did in this years National Championship game.  I guess Tebow really can't pull it through with it really matters.

Those that are Pro-Choice are pleased that the ad did not have the content that they feared, but are still displeased at the notion of potentially putting such an ad on during the Super Bowl.

CBS did get it right, though.  The Tebow ad was not controversial and they knew it, but they allowed the public fighting over it to increase so that they may be able to pull in those few more viewers for better ratings.  They rejected several more contreversial ads including ones from, Electronic Arts, and Bud Light.  

All in all, the most controversial ads were from (who wants to see a bunch of endomorphic people in their undergarments), Taco Bell (Charles Barkley's rap/singging), and Boost Mobile (The Super Bowl Shuffle was bad the first time, did they need to redo it)
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