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Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

A Brief History, updated for explanatory purposes only:

I was once regarded as the premier source of defensive and linebacker strategy and analysis among Steelers fans on this website.  My contributions were appreciated enough by fans of both my team and other teams to have earned me a 99 reputation score in just one season of football.  That, and about 8 bucks will buy you a movie ticket.  During the 2008 season, I was "The Professor" of Linebacker U - a thread on the Steelers messageboard that was created for the sake of discussing various topics pertaining to the linebacker position and helping others develop a more comprehensive understanding of related terms, strategy, and assignments.  Not only was the thread fun, educational, and entertaining but it had a hardnosed rock and roll atmosphere with tongue-in-cheek military undertones and an amusing Gilligan's Island theme.  It made for a nice break at the end of the day, or in the middle of it, and was alot of fun for all who participated and even those who were simply bystanders.  Cool group of guys with similar mindsets, personalities, and senses of humor as well as a shared passion for defense and the linebacker position. 

We came, we saw, we kicked azz.

Before the season was over, I became a target for a relentless barrage of troll attacks from a coalition of trolls formed by a troll Steeler fan.  Jealousy and envy can do that, and you'd have to understand the insecure nature of the people involved in this coalition to have even the remotest chance of comprehending all of the various motives behind it.  As a word of advice: don't even bother trying to figure it out.

I was eventually banned from the site as a result of my own reactions to these trolls when CBS repeatedly failed to do anything about it...and, with nothing better to do, the same trolls continued to go on attacking other members and accusing those individuals of being my aliases as well as dragging my name and personal information through the mud while spreading malicious rumors and deliberately turning good members against one another in this psychotically obsessive campaign to defame my character and reputation.   

Deceit, lies, manipulation...that list could go on, yet I ended up being the bad guy with all the labels because when CBS repeatedly failed to do anything about it I eventually lost my cool and proceeded to chuck people under the bus as a result of what I had been told, shown, and subjected to: not the least of which were repeated attacks ridiculing the recent death of my wife and mother.  But what happened in the past, stays in the past.  For those of you who were around for that nonsense and bought into it or believed a word of it then I'll pose one simple question: how many Top 1K posters on this site who contributed the level of knowledge and commitment to educating others that I did just so happen to simultaneously be all of the things that I was labeled and accused of?

Checkmate, case closed.  

A few of you probably still carry false judgments around in regards to what happened, but that's your problem - not mine - and I am ashamed of each and every one of you who ever associated anything negative with this name or my real life name, who ignored facts and reality in favor of rumors, or who cast judgment based on things that you were told...over the internet.  But I can forgive and forget.  The question is: can you?  That will be the sum of your character.   

This blog entry is only here as a one time explanation, so take what you will from it because its not up for debate or discussion.   
I have since received an apology from the CBS administration for their gross negligence and mishandling of the situation, but this is the first time that I have returned to this site in over a year.  It appears as though all of my old posts have been deleted and that some of my scores have been re-set to zero due to the amount of time that my account remained banned.  I certainly enjoyed providing in-depth discussions and analysis about linebackers and defense, something which was noticeably absent from the messageboard after my banishment and the dissolution of Linebacker U, but whether or not I ever return to the Steelers part of the messageboard in that capacity is going to require one of them seeking me out. 

And I think its pretty self explanatory as to why.

Go Steelers.

P.S.  My apologies do go out to those of my fellow CBS Steelers fans who were caught in the crossfire of this troll debacle, who were turned against one another by these psychos, anyone whom I personally chucked under the bus as a result of it, and especially those who at least had the set of stones to attempt to do something about it.  Yes its just a messageboard, but fans of the same team should have each others' backs regardless of the venue or medium, and a level of etiquette should exist that is not too dissimilar from the way you would conduct yourself in person.  What happened here was wholly unacceptable.
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