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Posted on: March 6, 2010 10:30 pm
Edited on: March 6, 2010 10:37 pm

The OVC: Horse Eats Eagle


Here's that up-to-the-second Ohio Valley Conference Tournament news you requested.

If the NCAA Tourney started tomorrow, the bracket -- which some would likely consider endlessly fantastic -- would consist of Cornell, Winthrop, East Tennessee State and Murray. 
Unfortunately, this awsomeness is not meant to be, and in the next week we'll see a host of much, much better teams. But for now, the bespectacled underdogs have the podium to themselves.

Tonight, the Murray State Racers finally broke what seemed like one giant two hour tie ballgame in the last minutes to claim their OVC Championship over a tenacious bunch from Morehead State. There's a reason head coach Billy Kennedy was the OVC Coach of the Year. Part of it was because of a 17-1 conference whoopin'. The other is that he figured out how to beat a frothing Morehead team which seemed bound and determined to upset the Racers. The result? A 62-51 victory that was much, much closer than it appears and a minor magic show from a determined Isaiah Canaan with 16 off-the-bench points.

All in all, a good night for Kentucky. UK clinches its 44th SEC title, Louisville offs Syracuse and two OVC greats face-off for a championship. Also, Eastern Kentucky University found an unscratched lottery ticket in a BW3s parking lot.

So welcome to the show, Murray. And guess what? Right now in a pool of your fellow tiny-conference champs, you're the Yankees with your fourteen NCAA Tourney appearances. Jeez, give someone else a chance, will you?

Posted on: March 4, 2010 8:54 pm
Edited on: March 5, 2010 12:49 pm

Previously, on the OVC Conference Tournament...


Welcome to OVC Basketball, Mr. and Mrs. America. If you’re like me, in the past two days you haven’t been able to go anywhere without someone telling you all the latest information on the Ohio Valley Conference Tournament, which started on Tuesday. Oh, you probably wished to your self thirteen or fourteen times, how I wish there were some sort of website-journal which would keep me up to date on all my favorite OVC teams.

I am pleased to tell you, Mr. and Mrs. America, that such a site exists. And if you google “Ohio Valley Conference Tournament” you will probably find it, because Google is very effective.

But perhaps you’re thinking to yourself “I have already taken the time to find this particular CBS website, and I like my sporting information as closely related to Simon Baker’s smash prime time hit The Mentalist as possible.” In that case, I am happy to tell you I can help.

As we mentioned before, the OVC Tournament began on Tuesday. It was a giant affair, with four games, and afterward everyone was so tired that it was decided that everyone should go home and relax and get some sleep and come back on Friday. Also, Eastern Illinois had a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday morning and Tennessee Tech had to pick someone up at the airport on Thursday night. But here’s how the excitement of Tuesday’s matchups shook out:

-Murray is “racing” to a tourney bid. See what I did there? Because Murray State is known as “the Racers.” I know, it’s very impressive. But not as impressive as a handy 84-51 Racer win over Tennessee State which saw five players with double digits, led by sophomore forward Ivan Aska. When the CBS College Basketball Road Trip saw Morehead State derail Murray’s unbelievable 17-game win streak, we were told afterward by a bystander that we’d see this matchup again in the OVC Tourney finals. That’s looking like a good bet, because…

-Morehead has come to play. The Eagles meant business when they took down Murray in last Thursday’s intra-state rivalry, and they meant business when they bested Jacksonville State 87-54 in the first round. It’s clear that Kentucky’s contingent are the two teams to beat. Well, minus Eastern Kentucky, which fell to Eastern Illinois 68-61.

-#6 Seed Tennessee Tech Knocked off #3 Austin Peay, where sophomore forward Kevin Murphy knocked down a three with six seconds left to become the most popular man in Cookeville, Tennessee -- an accolade previously held by that one guy there who met Triple H at a Hampton Inn continental breakfast once.

Play resumes at the Sommet Center in Nashville tomorrow, as Murray takes on Eastern Illinois and Morehead faces Tennessee Tech. Will the soothsayer we met at Johnson Arena be correct? Will we see a Morehead/Murray rematch in the finals? Will Horatio Cane and his CSI:Miami team be ready to face their most difficult case yet? The answers, respectively, seem to be maybe, possibly, and tune in to CBS Mondays and find out! Likewise, stay tuned here. We’ll let you know how it all works out.


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