Posted on: February 25, 2010 3:15 pm
Edited on: March 9, 2010 7:52 pm

A Morning In Durham

By: Drew Franklin

3:00 PM

Good afternoon!  What’s hapnin’?

Me? Ah, we’re on the road.  Imagine that.

This morning, before leaving that great state just north of South Carolina, we stopped by Duke’s campus in Durham to see the atmosphere best known for getting Dick Vitale’s rocks off.  It was a very pleasant visit.  Let me tell you all about it in a list format as only we can do…

Elmo’s breakfast tastes like breakfast.   We met our good buddy Bomani Jones for some bacon and eggs at Elmo’s in Durham.  The food was good but it had nothing on our roundtable discussion of freestyle comedy.

Oh yeah, Beisner is here.  He looks so fresh, energized, and enthusiastic.

Krzyzewskiville is in-tents.   Tents in the Krzyzewskiville campground outnumbered students 50-1.  From a distance, K-Ville looked like a crazy scene, especially for a non-conference game against Tulsa.  But, as we made our way to the crowd, we were disappointed to find that most of the tents were empty and that Kryzyzewskiville campout is a joke. 

Cameron Indoor Stadium is smaller than I expected.  And I expected small.  There is a tiny foyer full of J.J. Redick pictures when you first enter Cameron.  Go through an ancient doorway and twenty feet past that is the baseline.  I bet the Fire Marshall in Durham is a basketball fan.

The Duke Law School has more money than you.  Our visit to the Duke campus wasn’t all basketball and public urination.  We stopped by the law school to see if we could sit in on a lecture, too.   Unfortunately, the lecture didn’t happen but it was interesting to see students flying around on jetpacks and writing with lasers.

Coach K’s Court has soft rims, as Beisner noted after shooting this picture-perfect, Mike Dunleavy Jr.-like jumper over Matt:


See you at Morehead!

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