Posted on: February 19, 2010 12:41 pm

In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle the Tiger Weeps?

Why did Tiger Woods need to apologize to America today? Did I miss something. Does Tiger Woods sleep in the bed next to anyone of us? Did he take the vow of marriage to all of us? What he did is morally and completely wrong, that is not the point. The point is, he did not need to apologize to anyone of us. The only person Tiger needed to say sorry to is his family and his lovely, but naive, wife. Tiger did not take any performance enhancement drugs, he did not harm anybody illegally, he did not abuse a child, nor did he break any laws. The same American public who want to chastise him have cheated at an alarming rate of 50-70% in their own marriages. So once again I ask, why did he need to apologize? Oh yeah, because he kicks everyone's butt in Golf and he has a billion dollars in endorsements, so now we all feel we deserve more from Tiger. Say it ain't so Tiger, say it ain't so. This one little amateur writer could careless. He did not cheat on the playing field, nor did he break any laws in America, only God's law. How is it we sit here and wag our fingers and harp "For shame" at Tiger? We watch movies and television shows with people who do way worst then Tiger did and accept it. The MLB is all juiced up, the NBA and the NFL has a wrap sheet as long as Alcatraz, and how many of these so called "wholesome golfers" can honestly say they never cheated. Tiger Woods needs to only apologize to his wife and family, that is all. Him apologizing to me is not what is needed. I was more concerned with his link to the doctor in Canada with the steroids then I am with the cheating on his wife. If he took these drugs then we have a concern, and now we can honestly get mad. He cheated, get over it. We watch movies and reality television shows based on this material and now we have morals as Americans? We are so moralistic that we have to look at photos, no we must see them, of his wife and children walking around? Leave Tiger alone, he cheated on his wife she has accepted him back and now so shall we. The best part is, in two years when he is winning his tournaments again are we really gonna care about all of this? Do we remember what Kobe Bryant did on that cold Denver night in the infamous hotel room. Let us look at the people who break the real laws in America and hold them in higher standards. Let us judge them in kangaroo court, not someone who has done something that 70% of Americans have done before. I am rooting even harder now for Tiger Woods, he deserves redemption for his sins. Tiger Woods made one mistake thou in all of this, he taught he was above the rules in the world. That is something that may be the positive out of this whole ordeal. Now he can come back down to Earth and realize he is still a mortal. Let's throw stones at him now, bury him alive. Maybe Michael Vick can help us out with the digging since he is now a moral citizen of the nation and forgave this man. 
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Posted on: February 17, 2010 11:19 pm

First Blog............ be kind

Here I am sitting, hours away from the NBA trading deadline, and all I can think is how the landscape of the league is being changed as we speak. The Cavaliers go out and land a high quality NBA forward (former All-Star Jamison), but also I hear the Knicks are going to land washed up former scoring champ McGrady. Now one would think what one has to do with the other, but these two moves are the moves that sum up the trading deadline this year. On one hand you have a team looking to make a big splash in the playoffs, and the pay out is an NBA title. The other side, one team is looking to make a big splash in free agency by landing a big expiring contract in order to land the ultimate prize. The common factor is one King James. The NBA is set up to either make a deal to win a title or to win a free agent in the off season. Some have come out and spoken against this formation (one Charles Barkley) idea of trading but what is the big problem? The Knicks are terrible with or without McGrady. If they want to take a flyer on a player and see if there is any juice left in the tank then so be it. The Knicks are looking to salvage a season in dismay by trying to infuse some life into a team that is looking like they have quit on the coach and each other. Besides Chandler and Lee, not one player on that team gives 100% night in and night out. What if Mcgrady pans out, what if he can still play at a high level. Then the Knicks could bring him back for a reasonable contract (since now he is part of their roster) and use him as a piece to entice other free agents to come to NY. Donnie Walsh looks like a genius with this move. He rids himself of some horrible contracts and holds on to a first round draft pick(only swaps his with Houston's pick). A team that is playing by the wrong rules in making trades is the Hornets. They have gotten rid of some quality depth players for what? Extra money so they will not have to pay the luxury tax? I understand that you play in a place where you are having difficulties selling out, but really. All you did was hurt yourself from making the playoffs by getting rid of some quality depth in Bobby Brown and Devin Brown. The prize in those trades......... hold for it....... conditional 2nd round draft picks in 2014 and 2016. Wow, people of New Orleans rejoice! Thank God for the Saints. The Knicks are trying to right their ship. McGrady may not be the answer, but he can not be much worse then what they already trot out on the court night in and night out. Keep you hopes high NY. God, how much does those Patrick Ewing days look good to Knicks' fans now? At least he brought you to the playoffs year after year. If Charles Smith could hit a lay up or John Starks would stop shooting he may have a title or two for you even.
This move for the Cavaliers smells of desperation in order to keep the prodigal son in Ohio. Do not get me wrong Jamison is a great upgrade and the Big Z will be back in about 48 hours once he is waived, but this move was totally done to keep James around. Not that there is anything wrong with keeping James happy, but why would a team who is the best in the NBA have to worry about keeping their star happy? They are not the Nets, or the T'Wolves. The Cavaliers, even without Jamison, would have been ticketed for the Finals. Would they beat Kobe or the Nuggets? Maybe not, even with Jamison they still will have a difficult time dealing with both teams height. What really bothers me about LeBron James is the idea behind the fact that he wants to be the best, but in the wrong aspect. He is so busy about the business end of basketball and not about winning titles. He should look to stay in Ohio or try to take a mid level exception somewhere he could team with other stars and win there. Why does he need the big contract? He is going to make a billion dollars whether he plays in New York or Norway, so why leave a situation where you could dominate the East to go and rebuild with the Knicks? Stay put in Cleveland or even go and join Miami for less money. Travel to Toronto and bring Chris Bosh back with you. Do me a favor Lebron, stay out of NY. The Knicks are not ready to win and you will only set yourself back professionally. Business wise, you will be everywhere, but will you win a title? Hard to say, but in Cleveland you are getting ready for something special. Sometimes, I see Lebron as the anti-Jordan. Love him or hate him, Kobe Bryant is all about winning titles. He only wants to win. Sure he makes loads of money doing it, but at some point I could see Kobe taking far less money later in his career to continue winning. Lebron, not so much.
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