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Bears-Packers Rivarly to Another Level

I was in trouble. I was trying to figure out what to do for a blog entry, then the thought hit me. I literally lived in the middle of one of the most historic rivalries in the NFL for a couple years. I lived on the Wisconsin/Illinois border for a few years. There is nothing quite like it, except maybe if you live on the Pennsylvania-Maryland border. I don’t know. That might be something to try. The point is, I’ve seen everything there is to see from the Packers-Bears rivarly. Us Packer fans would go over to Bears fans houses occasionally to trash talk and vice versa. It still pisses off my Bear-fan relatives when I wear my cheesehead to their house. So yeah, Im pretty jaded in that area.

There isn’t quite a rivarly like the Bears-Packers. Yes one could say the Ravens-Steelers in funner to watch. But the Bears-Packers rivarly has a unique history to it. Both teams first seasons were in the early 1920’s, the Packers being in 1921, the Bears being in 1920. The teams winning percentages over time are only 20 points off, yet this year is the first year since 2001, and only the fourth year ever that both the Packers and the Bears are in the playoffs. This week will be the first time since 1941 that the Packers and Bears have played each-other in the playoff game. The last time this happened, the Bears won and went on to beat the Giants for the championship. 

All the Packer fans that are okay with the Bears, I find this to be baloney. I believe it is a second duty for us Packer fans to root against the Bears with all are heart. That’s what makes a rivarly a rivarly.

Oh and my prediction for the game. Well you guys guessed right if you assumed that I picked the Packers to win. As for the score, I think it will be Packers 31 Bears -----

.......Stupid c-nsor button is j-mmed again! -h well, g-ess we’-l h-ve to se- h-w muc- th- Be-rs sc-re. G-odni-t!

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Posted on: January 10, 2011 1:17 am

Couple Things I Noticed This NFL Week...

1. You can bash Don Capers all you want, and he did make some questionable calls over the course of the game, but holding the Eagles to 16 points is nothing short of spectacular. A lot of people (myself included) thought that for the Packers to win, this was going to have to be a shootout, but that's not what happened. Our defense contained arguably the best passing game in the NFC, and one of the better rushers in the NFC. Granted, there were injuries to Jackson and Vick, and Akers missed two field goals, but the point is, our defense made a statement tonight.

2. Matt Hasselbeck has been the ultimate Saints killer this season. A great game in the regular season and a awsome game in the postseason, helps the Seahawks to an upset (and cost a lot of people money). The thing is, Matt Hasselbeck has finally found something he can enjoy over the last 4 years. Statistically demolishing the Saints.

3. I think we have our future RB in James Starks. I know it was only one game, but watching this guy run is like looking at your lawn right after you've mowed it. It's satisfying. This guy hits holes hard, when there isn't a hole, he creates one, and when he gets tackled, he almost always falls forward. I really don't think Jackson is the answer. Starks as the regular runningback with Kuhn as the fullback. Maybe trade Grant for something, or Jackson.

4. Injuries have limited the Jets from achieving the spectacular defense they had last year, but they came up clutch in the playoffs against Peyton Manning. BTW, another loss for Manning in the playoffs. I know there have been injuries, but it's gotta be dissapointing to not get past the wild-card round when most seasons, you don't even play a game that week.

Posted on: January 8, 2011 2:00 am

Rookie Grades

After careful consideration, I've decided to asses all of the legit rookies, grade style. Each rookie starts with 60 points, and they win or lose points depending on their performance, and their importance to their team.


Sam Bradford: 60% completion percentage (+5). More than 15 TD's (+5). More TD's than interceptions (+2). 3000 plus yards (+5). Team in playoff contention (+10). More passing TD's than games started (+5). Overall Outlook: Bradford couldn't lead his team to the playoffs, but he still had a fantastic season, and he put up good numbers. Overall Grade: A-

Jimmy Clausen: 50% completion percentage (+2). 1-5 TD's (+2). More interceptions than TD's (-2). 1000 plus yards (+2). Overall Outlook: Clausen stats were among the worse, which is understandable considering the talent around him, but he still had a crappy season. Overall Grade: D

Tim Tebow: 500 yards or more (+1). More TD's than interceptions (+2). 5 plus rushing TD's (+5). 50% completion percentage (+2). More passing TD's than games started (+5). Overall Outlook: Tebow didn't have a spectacular season, but considering people thought he was going to be a complete disaster, he was all right. Worth consideration. Overall Grade: B


Ryan Matthews: 500 plus rushing yards (+2). 5 plus rushing TD's (+5). More than a 4.0 yards per carry average (+5). Team in playoff contention (+10). Overall Outlook: Matthews got injured a lot but he had a pretty good season and San Diego was in playoff contention all along. Overall Grade: B

Jahvid Best: More than 1000 yards from scrimmage (+5). 5 plus TD’s from scrimmage (+5).  Less than two fumbles (+10). Outlook: Detroit was never in contention, but Best had a good season, being both a rushing threat, and a receiving threat. Overall Grade: B

Wide Receivers

Dez Bryant: 1000 plus all-purpose yards (+2). 2 punt return TD’s (+10). 500 plus receiving yards (+2). 5 plus receiving TD’s (+2). Over 10 yards per punt return (+5). Outlook: This guy could be the next Devin Hester with more receiving skill. Definately a player to look forward too. Overall Grade: B

Dmaryius Thomas: 500 plus all-purpose yards (+1). 2 receiving TD’s (+1). 250 plus receiving yards (+1). Outlook: Probably something to look forward to in the future but was pretty much nothing this year. Overall Grade: D

Mike Williams: 65 receptions (+5). 900 plus receiving yards (+5). 10 plus receiving TD’s (+5). Team in playoff contention (+10). Outlook: Williams was by far the best performing rookie receiver this year. You never know, but we could have the making of a HOF on our hands. Overall Grade: B

Jordan Shipley: 600 plus receiving yards (+3). 3 receiving TD’s (+2). Outlook: Shipley’s rookie year could’ve gone worse. But it also could’ve gone better. This guy will end up being a great receiver over time. Overall Grade: D

Tight Ends (numbers enhanced)

Jordan Shipley: 50 plus receptions (+5). 400 plus receiving yards (+5). 4 receiving TD’s (+5). Outlook: Shipley didn’t do bad for a TE and he established himself as a receiving threat for the future. Overall Grade: C

Rob Gronkowski: 40 plus receptions (+4). 500 plus receiving yards (+5). 10 receiving TD’s (+10). Team in playoffs (+15). Outlook: New England’s TE’s were literally the key in making their passing offense super dangerous, and getting them to the playoffs. Overall Grade: A

Aaron Hernandez: 40 plus receptions (+4). 500 plus receiving yards (+5). 6 receiving TD’s (+6). Team in playoffs (+15). Outlook: Hernandez didn’t put up as many TD’s as Gronkowski but he still had a great season. Overall Grade: A-


Eric Berry: 4 interceptions (+5). Interception returned for a TD (+10). One forced fumble (+1). 70 plus tackles (+5). Team made the playoffs (+15). Outlook: I was high on this guy coming out of the draft, and my point’s been proven by his play. Truly a terrific rookie season. Overall Grade: A

Earl Thomas: 5 interceptions (+5). 60 plus tackles (+5). One forced fumble (+1). Team in the playoffs (+15). Outlook: Thomas is another DB who had a great season. Granted he played in a divsion with bad QB’s, but he did really well. Overall Grade: B

Joe Haden: 1 sack (+1). 6 interceptions (+5). 1 forced fumble (+1). 50 plus tackles (+5). Outlook: Haden definately didn’t have a bad season. This guy should become one of the premier DB’s in the NFL. Overall Grade: C

Ndamakong Suh: 10 sacks (+10). One interception (+1). One forced fumble (+1). Fumble recovery for TD (+10). 40 plus tackles (+5). Outlook: Suh was a beast on the line, and he kept the Lions close in games. Overall Grade: B

Posted on: December 23, 2010 7:51 pm

Early Madden Cover Candidates

I know it isn't even post-season yet, but I thought I'd throw out a couple names that I think would make good atheletes on the Madden 12 cover.

Top Candidates

Michael Vick: I don't know if there's a rule saying you can only be on the Madden cover once, but if there's not, this is the guy who deserves to get on the cover. I mean, this is a guy who missed a couple games, and still has 3300 total yards, with 28 total TD's and only 5 interceptions. He had a really long streak going without throwing a pick. This guy has put up college type numbers, and he arguably had the best game ever for a QB. If the Eagles win the Super Bowl, its mostly because of him.

Arian Foster: This guy could be the next LaDanian Tomlinson. Almost 1900 total yards this year. He has a really good chance for 2000 total yards if he stays healthy. He also has 15 total TD's. At first, it looked like Houston had all it needed to make a serious playoff run. Unfortunately, the defense has been amazingly horrible this year. But that doesn't deprive Foster of his accomplishments. What really stands out to me is his 4.9 yards per carry. That's what I call consistent! This guy will be a top RB for years to come.

Darren McFadden: While McFadden hasn't put up as astronomical numbers as Foster, it looks like this guy has finally figured out the NFL. Somewhere, JaMarcus Russell has to be sitting in the fetal position, sucking his thumb. McFadden currently has around 1600 yards total, including 1100 yards rushing. Along with that, he has double-digit TD's. He has been a key part in making Oaklands offense respectable.

Wild-Card Candidates

Dwayne Bowe: While Bowe hasn't done much in the yardage or catch category, he has scored 14 times! If he does really really well over the last couple weeks, there's a small chance he could get 20 TD's. That enough is amazing. Kansas City is most likely going to the playoffs. If they make a deep playoff run, they have Matt Cassel and Bowe to thank.

Ndamakong Suh: I know he's only a rookie, but the stuff he has done for the Lions to make their run defense better is amazing. He has double-digit sacks, and even when he doesn't get a sack, he is always in there, putting pressure on the QB. Suh arguably had the biggest role in making the Lions defense adequete.

Devin Hester: Yes he hasn't done much this year receiving wise, but he showed against the Vikings that he still has it, returning wise. He now holds the record for return TD's. That alone puts him on this list because a single accomplishment like that, will occasionally go a long way.

I know it's way to early to predict what will happen in the playoffs, and that could really change the Madden cover candidates. But for now, I thought I'd throw a few names out there. Next time: will the candidates for Madden voting stay the same? Will Cam Newton have karma? stay tuned....

....I know Cam Newton isn't of the subject, you don't have to rub it in!!!

Goodbye, and Peace Out.

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It only took 2 years......

First off, before I do anything else, I want to apologize for my last blog entry. I was a little too excited, and I made myself look like a fool, and a jerk.

Okay, with that out of the way, let's get on to the entry.

Darren McFadden is closing in on 1,000 yards. Seriously. He is seven yards away from doing something he hasn't done since college, which was a couple years ago. For those of you who knew that this was going to happen, congrats. But after not even reaching 500 yards his first two years, I had pretty much given up on the first-round pick out of Arkansas. Now I'm considering getting him in the second round of my fantasy draft next year.

I found a lot of people (especially Raider fans) booing the signing of Jason Campbell. I didn't like it either. I didn't think Campbell was a good fit for the Raiders. But maybe having two decent QB's who get injured all the time and switch starting spots was just what the doctor ordered for McFadden (or maybe it was not getting injured, either way). And Oakland too for that matter. The Raiders are 3 games out of the wild-card. For fans of teams like the Patriots, Packers (me), Steelers, Giants, and Falcons, that might not be a big deal. But if the Raiders finish the season at .500, I'm sure Raider fans will be partying and getting drunk before you can say alcohol.

Whats that? I wrote too much about the Raiders? Anyways, back to McFadden. Some numbers for you. McFadden has 993 rushing yards as of right now. That is more than in his first two seasons combined. Also, McFadden's 7 total rushing touchdowns are more than in his first two years combined. Also, this is the first year in McFadden's NFL career that he has a receiving TD (he has 3). And get this. McFadden's 1400 yards from scrimmage are 4th in the league. 4th! And his 10 total TD's are 9th in the league. That has to be a good christmas present for the Raiders, McFadden, and McFadden's family.

So will the Raiders win out and the Jets and Ravens lose out? Will McFadden reach 1500 yards from scrimmage. Would cheese be better boiled? Stay tuned.......

UUUUUHHHHH! Cheese does not taste better boiled.......

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Posted on: November 22, 2010 9:49 pm

Song about halfway point in NFL

To the tune of Beat It by Michael Jackson

Why are the Bengals such a suck-up team? this year they are just flat-out getting pwned and creamed! The Colts aren't playing well, but they still might win the North. cause the Texans, are playing defense like Grade Four! Just pass it, pass, pass, pass. If the QB complains, just kick his ass! Tyler Thigpen, Brian St. Pierre, those are a few QB's that could beat the Bears! Just pass it! Just pahaaass it! Just pass it! Just pass it, pass it whoooo! injuries are happening all over the place! JaMarcus Russell better be ready just in case! two kickers are already out for the season, so pass it, even if your QB talks treason! Just pass it! Pass pass pass. If the QB complains, kick his ass! Stephen Gostkowski, Mike Nugent, use to be good, now at home paying rent! Just pass it! pass pass pass. If you're Rex Ryan, talk to the mass! How bout them Bills, they made me stand still, when they came back, the Bengals are a hack! Just pass it! pass pass pass (starts to fade away)

Thank you! Thank you! Im like another Al Yankovic (well not really but still...) anyway tune in next time!

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Enough With The Surprises Already!

I'm sure lots of people say that life is no good without a bit of unpredictability, but that just means they haven't been watching football of late. I've had it already. I can't figure out, is it because there's a lockout coming? Whatever the reason, teams are playing inconsistent football, and week after week, a good team just gets their ass kicked by some shitty team. I could go through 100's of things I am tired of, but I'll list my top 3.

The Cincinatti Bengals

I don't know what's happen to them, but week after week, they're having breakdowns. They were up by 17 points at home I believe against the Bills at halftime, and then the Bills come and score 35 unaswered points. Cinccinatti's (I've forgotten how to spell that BTW) defense hasn't been dominant over the past 5 years, but with what they're doing this year, you might as well put-in a bunch of high-school dropouts. For most teams 31 points at all is very good, but with a good running game and two top-15 receivers on offense, you've gotta score more points than that against the Bills.

The San Fransisco 49er's

What happened to the Alex Smith of late last year? He must've taken a trip to Tampa Bay, which is the city of the team that schooled them today. He's been so bad this year, they've benched him for Troy Smith (which has actually been a good surprise this year). Also, you've gotta trade Frank Gore while you can. Only 60 total yards against the Bucannears. I can understand that type of number against the Steelers but the Bucs? The Niners better figure out something on offense, or CPR on their season isn't going to work, playing in the NFC West, or not playing in the NFC West.


Sidney Rice, Stephen Gostkowski, Jermichael Finley, Mike Nugent, Tony Romo. Those are just a few of the players who have been sidelined, or are currently being sidelined with injuries. It seems like, unlike last year, all the impact players are getting hurt, including Finley, Nugent, and Gostkowski who are out with season-ending injuries. Another sad thing: some of the backups are playing better than the staters who got injured. Do I see a QB controversy in Dallas???

I could list more surprises that tick me off but I'm rounding down. Hopefully next season, the teams like the Colts, Saints, Vikings, Cowboys, etc. can come out with a little more fire, and not be playing catchup for the entire season (with the exception of the Colts, who are ahead in the AFC North, even though they shouldn't be).

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Week 1 Top 5 Games Of The Week Recaps

Basically what this is is a recap of all the games in the week. I will mention the score, highlights, and maybe a couple other points for each game.

Game 1: Vikings/Saints: Saints 14-9

Well, I am pretty sure all of us thought that this game was going to be a high-scoring shootout. All of us who thought that (myself included) were very wrong. After this game it is clear that Brett Favre needs more time to prepare, as he threw for less than two-hundred yards, with 1 TD and one interception. Both QB's spread the ball around a lot, as a combined (from both teams) 18 receivers had one reception!  Adrian Peterson and Pierre Thomas didn't exactly have spectacular performances, but Thomas scored a TD, and Peterson picked up 87 yards. Kicking was a problem for the Saints as Garrett Hartley missed 2 field goals. All in all though, Im sure the Saints will take the win, and as for the Vikings, once Brett Favre gets going, look out!

Game 2: Browns/Buccaneers: Buccaneers 17-14

I have always liked Josh Freeman as a player, and he looked really good against the Browns (although they are the Browns). Freeman, coming back from a broken thumb, threw two TD passes. One to Mike Williams, and one to Micheal Spurlock. As predicted, the Buccaneers gave a lot of carries to Cadillac Williams, but he wasn't able to do much with them, picking up 75 yards and no TD's. On the other side, Jake Delhomme did well enough in the First Half, throwing a TD pass to Mohammed Massaquoi, to have his team leading 14-10 going into halftime. However just before halftime, and leading 14-3, Delhomme thew a sidearm pass that was picked off by Ronde Barber, and was taken to the three-yard line, setting up Freeman's first TD pass. The Browns didn't score from then, and the Bucs came back to beat them.

Game 3: Dolphins/Bills: Dolphins 15-10

For the score being as close as it was, the Dolphins made this a one-sided game, outrunning the Bills 132 yards- 50 yards. Trent Edwards played mistake-free but only threw for 134 yards, and completed just over 50 percent of his passes. Henne himself only threw for 182 yards, as it was clearly not a passing game (or an offensive game at all if you're the Bills!) Note: Brandon Marshall, in his Dolphins regular season debut, caught 8 passes for 53 yards.

Game 4: Bengals/Patriots: Patriots 38-24

This game, on the other hand, was every bit as good as good as advertised, as Wes Welker showed that his knee is perfectly fine, and he is ready to play, hooking up for two TD's with Tom Brady. Carson Palmer was no slouch either, throwing for 345 yards, and 2 TD's, one to Ochocinco, and another one to the rookie TE, Jermaine Gresham. The running game was all but shot with a pistol, as each teams leading rusher ran it only 15 and 14 times, as this game quickly turned into a shootout. Note: Mike Nugent made a 54 yard field goal in the second quarter, and Terrell Owens surpassed 15,000 receiving yards, respectively.

Game 5: Bears/Lions: Bears 19-14 but the final score should've read Lions 20-19

Too me, everytime the Bears and the Lions always play, it's fun because you have two QB's who throw a lot of interceptions, and two defenses that are injury-prone, or rebuilding. However, this game was extra special because of the rule! Too me, it just doesn't make sense. Once the receiver places two-feet in the endzone, with the ball, it should be a TD, no matter what he does afterwards. Anyhow, this was a well-played game, and Shaun Hill didn't look like he had that much trouble replacing Matt Stafford. Note: Jahvid Best had two rushing TD's in his NFL debut. Not bad, huh!

So anyway, those are my top 5 games of the week, in no particular order (although if it were, I think we'd all know which game goes first). Anyways, a lot of low-scoring games this week, so let's see if week 2 can produce a bunch of shootouts. See ya later!


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