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Posted on: March 8, 2010 7:55 pm

Becoming a Pro Athlete!

Every month through out the year there always seems to be a pro athlete that gets himself into some type of trouble with the law. Rape, murder, theft, drugs, who knows, but i wonder how this continues to happen to so many of these guys every year. Has anyone ever said to themselfs, " Boy i wish i was that guy." I`m sure somewhere along the way we all have.
Is it the money or fame that brings on these type of actions! Or are alot of these athletes this way from childhood. I for one would have a hard time having people follow me around, taking pictures, asking me to sign this, or sign that. I`m sure alot of athletes have a so called short fuse. It`s not one certain sport that has this problem, it`s just about all of them.
There are so many athletes in the world today. And a person that isan`t one wants to be one. Don`t get me wrong there are so many other athletes that give their hand in the community from which they live. I commend all on you that does that. They do so many good deeds, alot of times it gets over looked.
All sports have some type of fine or action in place. but this doesn`t seem to solve the problem over all. I`m sure it helps but these guys make so much money, what do they care if they get a $10,000 fine. That` like $20.00 to you or me. By the end of this week someone else will make the paper for whatever type of trouble they`ll get into.
Here you got Big Ben of the Steelers that`s in trouble again. Did he do it! Didn`t he do it! He`s the latest. Then there was Warren Sapp. He got into some type of trouble the night before the Super Bowl. The NFL network took him off of the show. The reporters can`t wait to get their hands on a story to wright. Any little thing gets so blown up it`s not even funny.
I`m not sure there is a true answer to all of this but anymore when i see a well known athlete is making the news for the wrong reason all i say to myself is "Boy i`m glad i`m not that guy!"
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