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Posted on: September 19, 2011 10:58 am

Steelers vs. Seahawks Recap

Just a week after all of the speculation came that the defense was aging, and the offense was not disciplined, the Steelers answered back and made a statement for this year. Pittsburgh dominated on both sides of the ball shutting out Seattle and handing them their second loss of the season. The final score was 24-0 with scoring plays to Mendenhall, Redman, Wallace, and a 20 yd field goal by Suisham. A scary moment for Ben when his leg would be rolled on, and had to leave the game for a couple of plays. He would come back to finish the game completing 22 of his 30 passes for 298 yards and 1 touchdown.

The defense went from displaying their worst defensive stand in years to one of the best in years. The Seahawks failed to make it to the Steelers side of the field until the 4th quarter, and only totaled 190 total yards the whole game. Tarvaris Jackson completed 20 of his 29 passes but failed to throw a touchdown, or score at all. They gained only 31 yards on the ground, which is about 140 yards better than last week. Pittsburgh failed to force turnovers, but still had a solid outing this week.

The Steelers set out to rest everyones worries about the team this year, and even showed how dominant they can be. I still view this team as a SuperBowl contender, and think they can make a deep run to get back to the promise land and make an attempt for redemption. Next week the team plays a shaky Manningless Colts team who is still trying to find their identity, and a win, on Sunday night football. Tune in later this week for my Colts vs Steelers Preview.

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Posted on: September 18, 2011 10:31 pm

Shaky Start or Sudden Doom?

Last week we watched the Baltimore Ravens take the field on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The only problem is, the Steelers didn't take the field with them. Not one phase of the complete team performed anywhere near satisfactory. The offensive line looked sloppy, the run game was poor. Turnovers are what really did the team in though, giving up the ball as many times as scored points. Seven turnovers are never good, especially when your defense is aging. The defense is still dominant, and one of the best in the league. That being said, they need breaks. They can't come off the field get a sip of water and have to go back in the game due to a turnover. The offense needs to force longer drives and more points so that this team can get the rest they need in between series. 

This week Pittsburgh takes on an old superbowl foe in the Seahawks. A completely different team now as they only have two starters from the 2005 superbowl. Pete Carrol has taken over since and is looking to turn things around in his second year. Starting quarterback Tarvaris Jackson had a less than average game last week giving up two fumbles, and 1 interception in a loss to the 49ers. Also, a stat worth mentioning, in 8 east coast games the Seahawks have gone 0-8 and have turned over the ball 11 times. Hopefully this gives the advantage to Pittsburgh and they can get their season back on track.

My prediction: Steelers over the Seahawks 27-10 

Whats your prediction?

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