Posted on: March 18, 2010 12:05 am

First Blog, Let's Snog

What up frickers?March 17, 2010 - you know what that means... a beautiful combination of fresh brackets and green beer. What better time to hop on the retard wagon and start a blog?  So, without further ado, let's get this wagon rollin'. First off, let's talk March Madness.  Here are my headlines:

1. St. Mary's, Richmond, Baylor, and Duke - these are the only teams I see coming out of the South.  Villanova has hit a snare lately, Purdue won't make it past the second round without Hummel.  And if you're gonna pick an upset, pick it in the South.  Texas A&M could go down in the first round to a good shooting Utah State, and Old Dominion could take out a inconsistent Notre Dame (not even on St. Patrick's Day will I go with ND, so that should tell you something).  St. Mary's vs. Richmond is the best matchup of the first round, and either team could go deep in the tourney.  

Final Say: I like Duke in to go to the Final Four. Coach K has 'em right where he wants 'em.  If Duke doesn't, Richmond will make history.

2. West Region = lame - Let's be honest here, either Kansas St. or Syracuse is going to the Final Four.  The only underdog I give a chance is Minnesota because of their play in the Big 10 tourney, and that's not a great predictor - c'mon it's the Big 10. 

Final Say: Go with the committee on this one.  Plus, Syracuse has the best jerseys.

3. Don't get me started on the East - This region could go a lot of ways. Kentucky, West Virginia, New Mexico, Wisconsin - they're all high quality programs.  Marquette's not that shabby either.  Oh yeah, and remember when Texas was #1 in the nation, well they're an 8 seed now.  This region is a toss up.  But here's my feeling: Wisconsin has a quality coach in Bo Ryan that usually exceeds expectations - they'll give Kentucky a run in the Sweet 16.  I like Marquette and W. Virginia to battle it out on the other side.   

Final Say: Hate to say it, but the committee is right again. Kentucky and West Virginia battle it out and Kentucky moves on the Final Four.

4. Remember Morningstar's Free Throw? - Well he doesn't. Kansas is the definition of what you want in a NCAA tournament team - 6 of them have won it all before, but aren't going for the seemingly unattainable repeat.  They can win, and they've been doing it all year.  No one is stopping them.  Everything else should go according to plan.  The toughest matchup to call in the 3rd round is Georgetown vs. Ohio State, but I'm guessing Evan Turner's used up all his luck.  

Final Say: Kansas beats Georgetown to move on.

Final Four: So let's say I'm right, and all the four seeds move on.  Or let's say I'm not right and some underdog gets in.  Either way, Kansas is winning the 'ship.  They'll take down anyone in the West region.  As for the right side of the bracket, no one from the South is getting in, so it's most likely Kentucky.  Kansas has the edge on poise vs. talent.  

Ok, so I know.  C'mon Dave Time, all #1 seeds, why would I ever read this blog again?  I can't give you an answer.  You just have to trust me on this one.  You're best bet is going with the committee.  I mean, no chance I'm right on this. But there's 300 million people's opinions online, and one of them is going to be right.  But with this advice, you're going to be at least in the top quarter, maybe the very top, of your pool.  

Yeah I'm looking at this blog right now and I'm thinking, man this is a lousy start.  But I gotta start somewhere.

Play on players.  
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