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Philadelphia Eagles Draft Grades

This was a strange draft for Eagles fans. Aside from attempting to break the record for most trades in a draft, Andy Reid also selected ZERO offensive lineman among the teams 13 picks.

13. Brandon Graham DE Michigan- The Eagles traded up 11 spots to grab what some people view as the most disruptive pure pass rusher in the draft. BUT, some other people are down on his because he's only 6'1 and he has short arms. What helps Graham overcome his height is his relentlessness, his raw strength and more importantly his impressive repertoire of pass rush moves. He'll come in and outwork just about anyone else at the LE spot and make in impact right off the bat across from Trent Cole IMO. Grade-A

37. Nate Allen FS USF- Ahhh the "Donovan" pick. No surprise here as a lot of people thought this would be the pick. Allen is a FS with good size/speed combo who can cover slot WR's when asked to do so. I have one glaring problem with Nate Allen and that's the fact that he's known for taking poor angles in run support. I watched more than a few USF games in the Big East and he was responsible for giving up some big runs. Luckily that's something that's coachable and more importantly his coverage skills are very good. Grade- B+

86. Daniel Teo-Nesheim DE Washington- After what seemed like 50 trades to get out of their current spots they take a guy that puzzles and angers a lot of Eagles fans. I don't HATE the pick. The one common theme among scouting reports is "all effort who just isn't athletic enough". Isn't athletic enough? Go look at his numbers from the combine, he's near the top if not at THE top of just about every drill he participated in. Add this to the fact he was very consistent in his production while starting every game in his college career I guess Andy Reid saw this kid as a potential filler for Trent Cole when he goes and a situational pass rusher for the near future. Was he worth passing on some good CB's for? Maybe not. Grade- C+

105. Trevard Lindley CB Kentucky- If this was the 2009 draft this would be a steal. But its not 2009.......and this isn't a steal. Lindley is a 180 lb CB who runs a 4.5 40. Not an amazing combo, plus the fact that he really struggled with injuries this year and he was burned early and often at the Senior Bowl. I guess he fills a need at CB, but I'm not impressed. They could've gotten Brandon Ghee in round 3 with one of the many trades they made. Grade- C-

121. Keenan Clayton OLB Oklahoma- A former strong safety who projects to WILL in the NFL. Maybe he's an insurance policy if Ernie Sims health doesn't hold up or if he just doesn't fit our scheme. Clayton is a really good athlete whose adept at forcing fumbles and making stops behind the LOS. Andy Reid never spends high picks on LB's but I like this pick and his athleticism may put him ahead of Akeem Jordan shortly. Grade- B

122. Mike Kafka QB Northwestern- I think most of us expected to see a QB taken in this draft. A lot of people were hoping to see a big guy like John Skelton, but no such luck. Kafka has good size at 6'3 220 and despite not having a huge arm, he showed good touch and accuracy while at Northwestern leading some to believe he's an ideal fit for a WCO. They'll need Kafka to learn quickly because he'll be 2nd on the depth chart come 2011. Grade- C

125. Clay Harbor TE/H-back Missouri State- Some people seem to think this was a wasted pick because of Brent Celek, but I don't see it that way. Harbor is a great athlete in the Dustin Keller mold who can be a valuable piece to any offense. At 6'3 250 lbs he plays strong at the point of attack he'll create matchup problems paired with Brent Celek if Andy Reid ever decides to run 2 TE sets. Would Eagles fans be so upset if this guy turned out to be like Chris Cooley? I doubt it. Grade- B+

134. Ricky Sapp DE/OLB Clemson- Ahhh how did I see this pick coming? Baffling to me, because in my mind Sapp is strictly a 3-4 OLB. He's too small and not NEARLY as physical as he'd need to be to play DE for us. So the fact remains that Ricky Sapp is the new Chris Gocong. A pass rushing specialist in college who Andy Reid feels he can turn into a legitimate SAM LB. I don't see it working out. Sure, a guy like Ricky Sapp is GREAT value at this point in the draft, but is the value that great if he doesn't fit your scheme? Grade- D+

159. Riley Cooper WR Florida- Finally. The Eagles at least attempt to land a taller WR with some skill to go with his height. I raved about Riley Cooper in my Senior Bowl write ups because of how fluid he looked and how well he went up for the ball. At 6'3 220 lbs he runs a 4.5 40 and could be the perfect crutch in the redzone for a young QB like Kevin Kolb. If he can come in and contribute I love this pick. Grade- B+

200. Charles Scott RB LSU- Well Eagles fans keep asking for a big, true RB. It's safe to say the Eagles found their man. Despite not having blazing speed, Scott has very quick feet that make him highly effective at the goaline. Think LenDale White and Jerome Bettis. He needs to break the stigma that big RB's can work in Andy's offense and he could be a huge goalline help. Grade- B

220. Jamar Chaney LB Miss State- This was my favorite pick of this draft. For nearly two rounds I kept saying "Chaney has to go here, he's too versatile to pass up" and yet the Eagles and everyone else kept passing. Just about everywhere you looked had Chaney graded out as a 2nd to 3rd round prospect. Why does it seem every year this happens to someone? Well luckily the Eagles got wise and traded back into the top of round 7 and snagged him. Chaney can play all 3 LB spots in a 4-3 so it remains to be seen where he'll play, but a kid as versatile as him on a team as needy for LB's as this is a great thing to have. Chaney ran the fastest 40 among all LB's at the draft at 6'1 240 lbs and he's a tackling machine. The biggest knock on Chaney is that he's far too aggressive and that leads to missed opportunities and blown plays. My question is this: Is there such a thing as a LB being too aggressive on our defense? If so, he can be taught I think given time he'll end up blowing Ricky Sapp out of the water as our SAM LB and really being a steal in this draft. Grade- A

243. Jeff Owens DT Georgia- This is a typical Andy pick. A shorter DT, who has ridiculous strength but not a ton of production to match it last year. The drop in production is possibly due to the fact he was recovering from a knee injury in 2008. Before that he put up some decent #'s and showed he could get to the QB. Grade- C

244. Kurt Coleman FS Ohio State- Another guy the Eagles jumped on after he took a big fall. Kurt Coleman is a smaller FS who could provide good depth behind Nate Allen and really be a steal late. He flashes good instincts but just never quite broke out as a major playmaker. Grade- B

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IrishDawg's Collab. Mock draft: Eagles selections

1. Dez Bryant WR OK St.- Ok, so this pick is definitely not a need pick but can easily be summed up as a BPA choice. When my big board in round 1 fell apart and no viable trade was in place I decided to add the best WR in this years draft. He's big and strong with return ability and he's a nightmare after he catches the ball. Add him to the super explosive DeSean Jackson and last year's #1 Jeremy Maclin this is easily one of the most promising WR corps in the league. You're welcome, Kevin Kolb.

2. Brandon Ghee CB Wake Forest- After missing out on the CB of my choice in round 1 I get lucky and I get a break with Brandon Ghee. A physical CB with good size and speed. His technique will need to be refined, but his upside is tremendous and he fits what the Eagles want to do. He'll help ease the loss of Sheldon Brown and could push Joselio Hanson and Ellis Hobbs for valuable playing time in 2010.

3a. A.J. Edds OLB Iowa- Maybe a bit early for this pick, but A.J. Edds is easily the best pure SAM LB in this draft. As a former TE, he runs well and understands movements of offensive players while in pass defense, leading to 5 INT's this season. He's a tough Iowa kid who uses discipline and instincts as much as athleticism to make plays.

3b. Major Wright FS Florida- FS play for the Eagles last year was worse than horrible. What's a term for worse than terrible? I got one, "Macho Harris". The Macho project at FS was a terrible mistake by the coaching staff and a real FS needs to be added at some point. Major Wright was a player slightly overlooked in the Gators star-studded D, but he's a fast safety with good size and he's solid in his fundamentals. Like Brandon Ghee, if he plays up to potential and is a quick learner he could push for early PT.

4a. Dekoda Watson OLB Florida State- Some guys will describe him as a "workout warrior" but he also played well on the field. He had double digit TFL to go with 6.5 sacks so you know he can get to the QB. Oh yea, and on the workout warrior note, he ran a 4.5 at the combine weighing 240 lbs and then ran a 4.40 at the FSU pro day. Fast? Yes, and he also put up a ridiculous 40" vertical. He's more athletic than current WILL Akeem Jordan, but he'll need time to learn to play within Sean McDermott's system.

4b. Jermaine Cunningham DE Florida- Ok, that's 3 straight players from the state of Florida but they all presented great value. Jermaine Cunningham isn't a huge DE, but at 6'3 265 he's athletic and more importantly he consistently plays hard. He'll be a situational pass rusher until he can bulk up just a little bit and play opposite Trent Cole.

5. Sergio Render G Virgnia Tech- With Shawn Andrews finally gone, his brother Stacy not living up to expectations and Jamaal Jackson questionable to start the year the offensive line is in flux. Sergio Render is a strong player with a background as a mauling run blocker and he would add insurance and value this late in the draft. His pass blocking will need refinement, but Juan Castillo is one of the best in the biz and he can work with this kid.

6. Patrick Stoudamire CB Western Illinois- A small school prospect with a TON of upside. He was virtually never thrown at during his senior year because no one got open against him. At 5'11 205 lbs he's got good size and he runs well to boot. He'll be making a major jump in competition so it'll be interesting to see how his athleticism translates. As most small school guys he'll take time to develop, but in 3 years could be a great 1-2 combo with Brandon Ghee.

7a. Lonyae Miller RB Fresno State- I was shocked Miller was available here, because he's a great athlete who sat behind an even better RB in Ryan Mathews. At 220 lbs Milller runs a 4.49 at the combine, was strong enough to bench 225 lbs 26 times and caught the ball really well. That fits the mold of a player the Eagles need. Mike Bell will be a 1 year stop gap until Miller surprises people and contributes significantly in 2011.

7b. Jeremy Boone P Penn State- Sav Rocca stinks. Enough said.
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