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Some Crappy Event Known as The CPMD Schedule

Southern Hospitality Division

(1)BucFan 1-0
GoHornets 1-0
(3)BostonBay 0-1
(1)Bolognahead 0-1

Monday January 24th

BucFan at BostonBay - FF win for BucFan
GoHornets at Bolognahead - GoHornets wins 11.95-2.00

Thursday February 3rd

GoHornets vs. BucFan
BostonBay vs. Bolognahead

Monday February 14th

GoHornets vs. BostonBay
Bolognahead vs. BucFan

Mockdraft Mediocrity Division
(1)Cain 1-0
(3)Joe 0-1
Biggy 1-0
(3)GoCavs 0-1

Thursday January 27th

Joe vs. Biggy - Diaper wins via Judge Vote
Cain vs. GoCavs - Cain wins 9.6-0

Monday February 7th

Joe vs. Cain
Biggy vs. GoCavs

Thursday February 17th

Joe vs. GoCavs
Biggy vs. Cain

Young and Restless Division


Monday January 31st

McGradykid vs. LBJWitness
Blood vs. Jakey

Thursday February 10th

McGradykid vs. Jakey
LBJWitness vs. Blood

Monday February 21st

McGradykid vs. Blood
Jakey vs. LBJWitness

And regardless of what the rules on the front say, heres the voting rules:

1) There's no teams so all scores will be ranked on a 1-3 scale. 3's will be tough to get. Want a 3? View my ATMD votes. That length, detail, and supported evidence gets you a 3. Anything less than a 1.5 will count for the game, but you will be credited with a missed vote. There's 72 hours, if you can't get a 1.5 (as I plan on any legit vote being a 2 or higher) your vote will count as a missed vote, though I will count it in the game score.

2) You get One missed vote per Pool Period. So with 18 games in Pool Play one, here's how it breaks down. Since you have to keep 3 of your original players from the start of the Pool Period (after Pool Period 2, you have to keep 3 players from the start of Pool Play 2), missed votes will go as follows.

Vote all 17/18: 5 trades/7 players
Vote 16 Games: 4 trades/6 players
Vote 15 Games: 3 Trades/5players
Vote 14 Games: 2 Trades/4 players

Miss more than 4 of the 18 games....No Trades.

3) Voting patterns will be monitored. They were handled poorly by the Judges in the ATMD who were oblivious to the obvious. You have a trend of voting against people who vote against you, you lose trades. You seem to always vote the same person, even in games they shouldn't win (which I will have my opinions on), you will lose trades. Any people who think they will team up to vote people through, nope. This doesn't mean if you vote someone twice, you should vote against them the 3rd game. I've done enough games to tell which comments are ones that were predetermined coming in and which ones are genuine opinions. Don't believe me. Try me.

4) Votes are at 72 hours on the dot. No roving time this Mock Draft. I'm not listening to "What's the difference between 75 and 76 hours?" At 72 hours the game is dead as long as 8 TOTAL points have been reached (probably requires 4 votes). Think that's too few? Make sure you all vote in each other's games.
If 8 points aren't reached, it goes to a BOD decision which the 3 judges will vote on.

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Some Crappy Event Known as The CPMD Rosters/Div.

Southern Hospitality Division


PG: Raymond Felton
SG: Manu Ginobili
SF: Nicolas Batum
PF: Al Horford
C: Dwight Howard

BE: Kyle Lowry
BE: Nick Yioung
BE: Jared Dudley
BE: Matt Bonner
BE: Marc Gasol


PG- Rajon Rondo
SG- Wesley Matthews
SF- Danny Granger
PF- Kevin Love
C- Al Jefferson

BE- Kirk Hinrich
BE- Kevin Martin
BE- Shawn Marion
BE- Marcin Gortat
BE- Andray Blatche


PG - Steve Nash
SG - Dwyane Wade
SF - Grant Hill
PF - Carlos Boozer
C - Tyson Chandler

BN - J.J Reddick
BN - Dorrell Wright
BN - Rashard Lewis
BN - Gilbert Arenas
BN - Kendrick Perkins


PG- Tony Parker
SG- Arron Afflalo
SF- Paul Pierce
PF- Pau Gasol
C- Andrew Bynum

BN- Michael Beasley
BN- Ron Artest
BN- Jamal Crawford
BN- Shaq O'Neal
BN- D.J. Augustin

MockDraft Mediocrity


PG- Darren Collison
SG- Danilo Gallinari
SF- LeBron James
PF- Paul Milsap
C- Andrew Bogut

BE- Zack Randolph
BE- Luke Ridnour
BE- Marco Belinelli
BE- Jason Terry
BE- DeAndre Jordan


PG - Stephen Curry
SG - Kobe Bryant
SF - Luol Deng
PF - Chris Bosh
C  - Tim Duncan

BE - JaVale McGee
BE - Jason Kidd
BE - Vince Carter
BE - Tyrus Thomas
BE - Chris Kaman


PG: Deron Williams
SG: John Salmons
SF: Rudy Gay
PF: Amar'e Stoudemire
C: Emeka Okafor

BE: Shane Battier
BE: David West
BE: Brandon Roy
BE: Jrue Holiday
BE: Glen Davis


PG - Brandon Jennings
SG - Joe Johnson
SF - Gerald Wallace
PF - Dirk Nowitzki
C - DeMarcus Cousins

BE - Tyreke Evans
BE - Landry Fields
BE - David Lee
BE- Darko Milicic
BE- Hedo Turkoglu

Young and Restless Division


PG: Chauncey Billups
SG: Stephen Jackson
SF: Kevin Durant
PF: Kevin Garnett
C: Brook Lopez

BE: Thabo Sefolosha
BE: Trevor Ariza
BE: Luis Scola
BE: Andre Miller
BE: Andris Biedrins


PG: Chris Paul
SG: Eric Gordon
SF: Carmelo Anthony
PF: LaMarcus Aldridge
C: Nene

BE: Serge Ibaka
BE: Richard Jefferson
BE: Deshawn Stevenson
BE: DeJuan Blair
BE: George Hill


PG- Russell Westbrook
SG- Monta Ellis       
SF- Tracy McGrady  
PF- Josh Smith      
 C- Joakim Noah       

BE- Lamar Odom
BE- Ray Allen         
BE- Andrea Bargnani      
BE- John Wall
BE- Ben Gordan


PG- Derrick Rose
SG- Andre Iguodala
SF- Wilson Chandler
PF- Blake Griffin
C- Marcus Camby

BE- Jason Richardson
BE- Roy Hibbert
BE- Tayshaun Prince
BE- Jeff Green
BE- Devin Harris

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Some Crappy Event Known as The CPMD

Draft Results:

Round 1:

1. GoHornets- Dwight Howard
2. GoCavs- LeBron James
3. McGradykid- Kevin Durant
4. BucFan- Dwayne Wade
5. Jakey (trade to Diaper)- Kobe Bryant
6. Cain- Dirk Nowitzki
7. Joe- Amar'e Stoudemire
8. Bolognahead- Pau Gasol
9. LBJwitness- Derrick Rose
10. Blood- Chris Paul
11. Diaper (trade to Jakey)- Carmelo Anthony   (traded to Blood)
12. BostonBay- Deron Williams   (traded to Joe)

Round 2:

13. BostonBay- Rajon Rondo
14. Diaper (traded to Jakey)- Monta Ellis
15. Blood (traded to Jakey)- Russell Westbrook
16. LBJWitness- Blake Griffin
17. Bolognahead- Paul Pierce
18. Joe (traded to BostonBay)- Kevin Love
19. Cain- Gerald Wallace
20. Jakey- Josh Smith
21. BucFan- Carlos Boozer
22. McGradykid- (traded to Jakey)- Chris Bosh   (traded to Diaper)
23. GoCavs- Danilo Gallinari
24. GoHornets- Manu Ginobli

Round 3:

25. GoHornets- Al Horford
26. GoCavs- Andrew Bogut
27. McGradykid- Kevin Garnett
28. BucFan- Steve Nash
29. Jakey (traded to McG)- Tim Duncan   (traded to Diaper)
30. Cain- Joe Johnson
31. Joe- Rudy Gay
32. Bolognahead- Tony Parker
33. LBJwitness- Andre Igoudala
34. Blood- Lamarcus Aldridge
35. Diaper (traded to Jakey)- Joakim Noah
36. BostonBay- Danny Granger

Round 4:

37. BostonBay- Al Jefferson
38.Diaper- Stephen Curry
39. Blood (traded to Jakey) (Jakey trades to McG)- Brook Lopez
40. LBJWitness- Wilson Chandler
41. Bolognahead- Andrew Bynum
42. Joe (traded to BostonBay)- Wesley Matthews
43. Cain- Tyreke Evans
44. Jakey (traded to Diaper) (traded back to Jakey)- Lamar Odom
45. BucFan- Grant Hill
46. McGradykid- Stephen Jackson
47. GoCavs- Paul Milsap
48. GoHornets- Raymond Felton

Round 5:

49. GoHornets- Nicolas Batum
50. GoCavs- Zach Randolph
51. McGradykid (traded to Jakey)- Ray Allen
52. BucFan- Tyson Chandler
53. Jakey (traded to Diaper) (traded to McG)- Chauncey Billups
54. Cain- Brandon Jennings
55. Joe- Emeka Okafor
56. Bolognahead- Michael Beasley
57. LBJwitness- Marcus Camby
58. Blood- Eric Gordan
59. Diaper (traded to McG)- Luis Scola
60. BostonBay- Kevin Martin

Round 6:

61. BostonBay (traded to Joe)- David West
62. Diaper- Luol Deng
63. Blood- Nene Hilario
64. LBJWitness- Jason Richardson
65. Bolognahead- Aaron Afflalo
66. Joe- Shane Battier
67. Cain- David Lee
68. Jakey (trade to Blood)- Serge Ibaka
69. BucFan- Kendrick Perkins
70. McGradykid- Thabo Sefolosha
71. GoCavs- Marco Belinelli
72. GoHornets- Marc Gasol

Round 7:

73. GoHornets- Kyle Lowry
74. GoCavs- Darren Collison
75. McGradykid- Trevor Ariza
76. BucFan- Dorell Wright
77. Jakey- Andrea Bargnani
78. Cain- Demarcus Cousins
79. Joe- John Salmons
80. Bolognahead- Ron Artest
81. LBJwitness- Roy Hibbert
82. Blood- Richard Jefferson
83. Diaper (traded to Jakey)- John Wall
84. BostonBay- Shawn Marion

Round 8:

85. BostonBay- Kirk Hinrich
86. Diaper (traded to Jakey)- Tracy McGrady
87. Blood- Deshawn Stevenson
88. LBJWitness- Tayshaun Prince
89. Bolognahead- Jamal Crawford
90. Joe- Brandon Roy
91. Cain- Landry Fields
92. Jakey (traded to Diaper)- JaVale McGee
93. BucFan- Rashard Lewis
94. McGradykid- Andre Miller
95. GoCavs- Luke Ridnour
96. GoHornets- Nick Young

Round 9:

97. GoHornets- Jared Dudley
98. GoCavs- Jason Terry
99. McGradykid (traded to Diaper)- Jason Kidd
100. BucFan- J.J. Reddick
101. Jakey (traded to Diaper)- Vince Carter
102. Cain- Darko Milicic
103. Joe- Jrue Holiday
104. Bolognahead- Shaq O'Neal
105. LBJWitness- Devin Harris
106. Blood- Dejuan Blair
107. Diaper- Tyrus Thomas
108. BostonBay- Andray Blatche

Round 10:

109. BostonBay- Marcin Gortat
110. Diaper- Chris Kaman
111. Blood- George Hill
112. LBJWitness- Jeff Green
113. Bolognahead- D.J Augustin
114. Joe- Glen Davis
115. Cain- Hedo Turkoglu
116. Jakey- Ben Gordan
117. BucFan- Gilbert Arenas
118. McGradykid- Andris Biedrins
119. GoCavs- DeAndre Jordan
120. GoHornets- Matt Bonner
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Below is the 2010 ATMD IV Tournament setup. With 16 teams dwindled down to 14 now, the two pool plays and two transaction periods are complete set to culminate in the tournament to crown a new champ, or re-crown the only co-champ from last year still in the tournament, and the only member of the 2010 ATMD IV with any semblance of a title, yours truly. With 14 teams, the top 2 will receive a bye into the Quaterfinals where they will await the 6 winners carrying over from the Round of 14. Single elimination ala March Madness. The one change to this year's tourney will be an NFL style playoff as oppose to a specific bracket. After the first round, the 8 teams will be re-seeded with the 1 seed playing the lowest remaining team from Round one. And in the semi-s again, teams will matchup with the highest seed left playing the lowest seed left ultimately culminating in a championship match. Let the games begin:

Tournament Seeds:

1) Coast 2 Coast - Lakers2408/WCF
2) Good Ass Job - BNW
3) Black and Blue Wackadoo's - windycityjoe
4) The Flying McDutchmen - Skins
5) World's Greatest One Man Band - 3G
6) All Eyes On Us - Buc
7) The Diamond Cutters - Biggy aka Diaper
8) The Whole Fukcing Show - Kmvenne
9) Cain and Able - Cain
10) Who Wants Em - McGradykid
11) The Clutch Killers - Michigan Sports
12) Caucasian Sensations - LBJ
13) Sulphorous Nonentites - Blood
14) MMMMMM - Mighty Mouse
Tournament schedule:

Friday September 10th

Black and Blue Wackadoo's vs. 14) MMMMMM - B&BW 11 - 2.25
4) The Flying McDutchmen vs. 13) Sulphorous Nonentities - Sulphorous Nonentities 14 - 6.25

Monday September 13th

5) WGOMB vs. 12) Caucasian Sensations - WGOMB 12.5 - 2.25
6) All Eyes On Us vs. 11) The Clutch Killers - The Clutch Killers

Friday September 17th

7) The Diamond Cutters vs. 10) Who Wants Em -  The Diamond Cutters 13.25- (-2)
8) The Whole Fukcing Show vs. 9) Cain And Able- FF Win for The Whole Fukcing Show


Monday, Sept. 20th
1) Coast 2 Coast - Lakers2408/WCF
13) Sulphorous Nonentites - Blood

Sulphorous Nonentities win 8.95 - 6.60

Thursday, Sept. 23rd
2) Good Ass Job - BNW
11) The Clutch Killers - Michigan Sports

The Clutch Killers 8.75 - 6.25

Monday, Sept. 27th
3) Black and Blue Wackadoo's - windycityjoe
8) The Whole Fukcing Show - Kmvenne

Thursday, Sept. 30th
5) World's Greatest One Man Band - 3G
7)The Diamond Cutters- Diaper

Final Four

Sulphorous Nonentities vs.
The Clutch Killers vs.
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ATMD PP2 Standings and Schedule

Below is an updated list of the Standings and Results for PP2 of ATMD IV. It will be consistenly updated to fulfill your ATMD needs.

To avoid any confusion, you do not get credit for your opponent being hit with penalties. For example, in the BMU-LBJ game, beore the penalties were enforced, BMU won 23-2.5. BMU gets 19 points because of his 4 point penalty, but his PA stays at 2.50 as he doesn't get to benefit from LBJ's mistake. And for LBJ he gets credit for -.5 points for because of his 3 point penalty. However, his PA stays at 23 since he doesn't get to benefit from BMU's mistake. Penalties are only meant to hurt the violator. Not benefit anyone else. Any confusion over this can be explained by Kmvenne but anyone with a pulse should be able to understand what I just said.

Group A                                           

Black and Blue Wackadoos 3-0 ( PF: 64.3 PA: 3.75) 96% UR
Coast 2 Coast 3-0 (PF: 51 PA: 12.75) 80% UR
Good A** Job 2-1 (PF: 44.10 PA: 18) 71% UR
The Flying McDutchmen 1-2 ( PF: 8 PA: 26.55) 71% UR 


All Eyes on Us 2-1 (PF: 45.25 PA: 18) 72% UR
World's Greatest One Man Band 2-1 ( PF: 43.55 PA: 23.35 ) 65% UR
The Whole Fukcing Show 2-1 (PF: 29.75 PA: 34.60 ) 46% UR
The Diamond Cutters 2-1 (PF: 27 PA: 37.75) 42%
Who Wants Em' 1-2 (PF: 25.78 PA: 41.60) 38% UR
Cain and Able 1-2 (PF: 19.50 PA: 38.5) 34% UR
Caucasian Sensations 1-2 (PF: 11.50 PA: 50.50) 19% UR
The Clutch Killers 1-2 (PF: 6.1 PA: 31.55) 16% UR
Sulphorous Nonentities 0-3 (PF: 21.75 PA: 42.50) 34% UR
Come N Get It 0-3 (PF: 8.10 PA: 64.03) 11% UR


Monday, July 12th 

Coast 2 Coast vs. Who Wants Em' - Coast 2 Coast 21.75 - .5   (missed votes: BMU, Cain)

Good Ass Job vs. The World's Greatest One Man Band WGOMB 13.50 - 9.50  (missed votes: Joe, BMU (2), Mcgradykid)

Friday, July 16th

The Clutch Killers vs The Whole ****ing Show TWFS 12.75 - 5.75 (missed votes: BMU (4), LBJ (2), Cain (3), McG (2), Mighty)

All Eyes on Us vs. Come N Get It All Eyes on Us 21.5 - 0 (missed vots: BMU (3), LBJ, Cain (2), Blood)

Monday, July 19th

The Diamond Cutters vs. Sulphurous Nonentities The Diamond Cutters 15.25 - 5 (missed votes: Blood (2), Kmvenne)

The Flying McDutchmen vs. Caucasian Sensations- The Flying McDutchmen 23 - 2.50 (19 - -.5 w/ penalties) (missed votes: Jaysta, 3G) 

Friday, July 23rd

The Whole ****ing Show vs. The World's Greatest One Man Band
  TWFS 12.5 - 11.25 (missed votes: Jakey, BMU (5), McG (3))

Black & Blue Wackadoos vs. Cain and Able  Black and Blue Wackadoos 15.75 - 1.25 (missed votes: McG (4), LBJ (3), Jakey (2), 3G (2)) 

Monday, July 26th

Good Ass Job vs. Come N Get It
 - Good Ass Job 17-0 (missed votes: LBJ (4 E), BMU (6), McG (5 E), Cain (4 E))

Coast to Coast vs. 
All Eyes on Us Coast 2 Coast 16-7 (missed votes: BMU (7 E))

Friday, July 30th

The Flying McDutchmen vs. The Clutch Killers
 - FF win The Clutch Killers (-)1 - 0. (Jakey loses a point for missed votes). BMU loses 13 points for missed votes.

Who Wants Em vs. Caucasian Sensations - CS 9.75 - 4.75 (McG 6 point penalty enforced, LBJ 2 point penalty enforced) (missed votes: BMU (1), Jakey (3))

Monday, August 2nd

Sulphurous Nonentities vs. Cain and Able
 - Cain and Able 13 - 11.25 (missed votes: 3G (3 E), McG (1))

Black & Blue Wackadoos vs. The Diamond Cutters
 - B&BW 24.5 - .5 (missed votes: Cain (1))

Friday, August 6th

Coast 2 Coast vs. Sulphurous Nonentities-  Coast 2 Coast 13.25 - 5.5 (missed votes: LBJ (2), Cain (2) BNW (1))

Good Ass Job vs. 
The Whole **** ing Show-  Good Ass Job 17.60 - 4.50 (missed votes: BMU (2), LBJ (1), L2408 (1))

Monday, August 9th

Who Wants Em vs. Come N Get It- Who Wants Em 20.53 - 8.10 (missed votes: Cain (3 E))

All Eyes on Us vs. Caucasion Sensations- All Eyes on Us 16.75 - 2 (missed votes: L2408 (2), WCF (1), BMU (3 ))

Friday, August 13th

The Clutch Killers vs. The World's Greatest One Man Band- WGOMB 18.80 - 1.35 (missed votes: Biggy (1), Cain (1))

The Diamond Cutters vs. Cain and Able- The Diamond Cutters 11.5 - 5.25 (Cain -3 in Penalties) (missed votes: 3G (1), BMU (4 E), Kmvenne (2))

Monday, August 16th

Black & Blue Wackadoos vs The Flying McDutchmen-  B&BW 24.05 - 2 (no missed votes) (BMU -2 for missed votes)

Coast 2 Coast vs. Good Ass Job- GAJ wins 

Friday , August 20th
The Clutch Killers vs. Caucasian Sensations- Clutch Killers 9 - 3.5, TKC are 11 seed, CS is 12 seed (missed votes: BMU (1), Cain (1), Jaysta (1))

Sulphorous Nonentities vs. Come N Get It - Sulphorous Nonentities win via FF....SN is 13 seed, CNGI is 14

Monday, August 23rd

Who Wants Em vs. Cain and Able - Cain and Able 23.4 - 0, C&A is 9 seed, WWE is 10 (missed votes: Buc (1), Jaysta (2), BMU (2))

The Diamond Cutters vs. The Whole Fukcing Show - The Diamond Cutters 12.95 - 5, TDC is 7 seed, TWFS is 8 (missed votes: Jaysta (3), BMU (3), JP (3), Cain (2))

All Eyes on Us vs. WGOMB - WGOMB 12.30 - 0, WGOMB is 5 seed, AEOU is 6 (missed votes: Jaysta (4), BMU (4), Kmvenne (1), Biggy (1))

kmvenne's birthday
Black & Blue Wackadoos vs. Good Ass Job- winner gets bye and 1 or 2 seed

Coast 2 Coast vs. The Flying McDutchmen- winner gets bye and 1 or 2 seed
Monday, August 30th

End of PP2. Trade Deadline to start at time TBD.

The views expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of CBS Sports or