Posted on: April 20, 2010 9:08 am

Two headed monster - Varly and Nabby

As I am watching last night’s Caps game, I cannot help but wonder at Varlamov.  I’ve watched him play in the Russian league for a few years, watched him play at the Juniors, and he always, and I mean always, takes his game up a few notches in pressure situations.  That is to say that he’s decidedly pedestrian in the regular season, almost like he doesn’t even take the games seriously, and then bam .. just becomes lights out when things matter.  What exactly do you do with a player like that? 

Many will say to just let him mature, but I have another idea, and this is killer.  Once San Jose finally gives up on Nabokov, he should hook up with Varly, or SJ should trade for Varly.  He’ll do a good job filling in for Nabokov during the regular season, and then kick arse in the playoffs – dead combo between the two, IMHO.

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