Posted on: March 7, 2011 9:10 pm

The San Jose Athletics?

I was just reading about how the team by the bay(no not that one, the other one) is gettting ready
to move to San Jose.  I feel this is a good topic to discuss.  The Athletics started in Philadelphia and
then went to Oakland where they were successful for most of the 70's and 80's.  Now they could be
moving to San Jose which I know nothing about.  I hope they find the peace that they have never found
in Oakland and may San Jose new stadium be a great new ballpark and lets get the baseball season
going for 2011!
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Posted on: May 27, 2010 4:54 pm

where are u going?

So here is an interesting thing I was reading about today.  That LeBron James, D-Wade, Joe Johnson, and Chris Bosh are all going to
meet and discuss the various options that they all have on where to sign as free agents.  Now this to me is very interesting because for
the first time I can ever remember that so many "superstars" were all free agents at the same time.  Can you imagine if Charles
Barkley, Micheal Jordan, Larry Bird, and Karl Malone all had their contracts come up at the same time and they could pick the teams
that they wanted to play for.  Here is my question to all of you.  Is this the very essense of free agency and is this going to turn into the
norm where players work their contracts so that they can coincide with other players and they can pick where they want to play and
inturn that they can move to a better team?
My feeling is not so much with the other Three major sports(NFL,MLB,NHL), but the NBA does not have a lot of stars.  Their are so many sernarios that can happen with free agency this year that it is too long to get into.  But at the very least two out of the four are going to be playing ball with the other.  I think Jordan would have had a long wait for a championship if not having a scotty pippen on his team.  The same can be said for kobe as well.  Three championships with shaq and then none until they brought in gasol and odom(both former allstars).  So where do "u" think they will all end up? 

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