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Posted on: November 17, 2010 5:39 pm
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Hot Stove League profile: Victor Martinez

Through Nov. 26, CBS Sports' MLB Facts and Rumors will be profiling both free agents and trade candidates who will help stoke the fires of the Hot Stove League. Today: catcher Victor Martinez.

Switch-hitting 31-year-old catcher, a four-time All-Star with a .300 career average, lined up for long-term deal. You know what you call that? A blank check.

Victor Martinez is a baseball rarity, and he's got a big payday coming from somebody this winter. The big downside to the big Venezuelan is his defense behind the plate. He's a mediocre receiver whose defense scouts say is on the decline, and he has trouble holding runners. It's a virtual guarantee that he won't be behind the plate for the entirety of this contract -- he'll transition to first base or designated hitter at some point.

But what matters is that his bat is in the lineup. He's not only good, he's remarkably consistent -- with the exception of an injury-plagued 2008, his OPS+ has been between 122 and 133 every full year of his career.

Victor Martinez STATS

2010: .302/.351/.493 with 20 home runs, 32 doubles and 79 RBI

Career: .300/.369/.469 with 131 home runs and 638 RBI in 1004 games


Martinez spurned what was described as a lowball two-year extension offer from the Red Sox during the season, and now will probably command at least four years. We haven't seen hard numbers on the dollar amounts that have been talked about, but he's going to get upward of $10 million per year -- maybe a lot more. When John Buck (one good year, against nine much better years from Martinez) is worth three years and $18 million in a thin market for catchers, the market could get ridiculous.

Also worth keeping in mind is that Martinez is a Type A free agent, which means in addition to money, a signing team other than the Red Sox would surrender a high draft pick.


The Red Sox have made it clear they'd like to keep Martinez, and should be considered the frontrunner until someone else throws out an offer so ridiculous Boston has to drop out. Buck was reportedly their backup plan, so with him gone that might put more pressure on the Red Sox.

Victor Martinez The Tigers are the other team that has been said to prioritize him, and they have a lot of money coming off the books, so they can handle a big contract. Lately, however, it's looking like Detroit could land Adam Dunn, which could limit the need and dollars for Martinez.

The Orioles have reportedly been a surprisingly aggressive suitor, though they would seem like a tough sell to Martinez. The Rangers have him on their wish list, and could throw the money they have earmarked for Cliff Lee at him if Lee goes elsewhere. The Rockies, Blue Jays and Mariners also have been mentioned but seem like less likely destinations.


The Tigers seem to be outfitted with a lot of interest and the most available money, so unless they blow all their mad money on Dunn, that would be a good fit.

-- David Andriesen

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Posted on: November 16, 2010 6:49 pm

Hot Stove League profile: Adam Dunn

Through Nov. 26, CBS Sports' MLB Facts and Rumors will be profiling both free agents and trade candidates who will help stoke the fires of the Hot Stove League. Today covers first baseman Adam Dunn.

As a Cincinnati resident and former Reds beat writer, I can tell you there are few players in the game today as polarizing as Adam Dunn. Bring up his name, and you'll hear a spirited opinion -- and nothing really in the middle. He inspires love or hate, very little in between.

Adam Dunn There's plenty to like about Dunn, he gets on base (a career .381 OBP) and he hits home runs in bunches, 354 since coming up to the big leagues at the end of the 2001 season. He's hit at least 35 home runs in each of the last seven seasons, only seven players have done that in their career -- Alex Rodriguez (11), Sammy Sosa (10), Rafael Palmeiro (9), Jimmie Foxx (9), Ralph Kiner (7) and Babe Ruth (7). Dunn is tied with Albert Pujols with a home run every 14.05 at-bats, behind Mark McGwire (10.61), that Ruth guy (11.76), Ryan Howard (12.79), Barry Bonds (12.92) and Jim Thome (13.55). Dunn's has also played in at least 152 games in all but one of his nine full seasons in the big leagues.

On the negative side is his glove. No matter where he's played, left field or first base, Dunn has been a liability, and that's being kind. And then there's the strikeouts. He does it a lot, as in 199 last season and 1,632 in his career. He's struck out at least 164 times in each of his full seasons. Those who love batting average aren't going to get a lot of that with Dunn. And then there's the ol' J.P. Ricciardi accusation of Dunn not liking baseball.


2010: .260/.356/.536 in 648 plate appearances with 38 home runs and 103 RBI

career: .250/.381/.521 in 6,065 plate appearances with 354 home runs and 880 RBI


Dunn reportedly denied a three-year deal from the Nationals, so it seems it'll take at least four years to sign him. He signed a two-year deal his last time on the market (following the 2008 season), when he took a pay cut to join the Nationals and hoping for big years and cashing in this off-season. Dunn made $12 million last season and that's probably a starting point, but it could end up taking a four-year deal worth somewhere around $50-$60 million.


Dunn would love to play for the Cubs and in Wrigley Field. The Cubs would love to have his bat in Wrigley as well. The guy flat mashes at Wrigley, where he's hit .282/.410/.651 with 25 home runs in 66 games during his career. The Cubs need a first baseman, but may not be able to afford the likes of Dunn.

Adam Dunn A sticking point with Dunn seems to be that he genuinely doesn't want to give up playing in the field. Dunn dislikes the designated hitter role, one that he's most suited to play. However, if he limits himself to just National League teams, he'll really hurt any bargaining power he has.

In fact, the best fits he has are with American League teams. If he does value the four-year and all the money he can get, Dunn's going to have to go to the American League.

Among the teams/fits are the White Sox and Tigers, two AL Central teams with money and a need.

The Rays are losing Carlos Pena and would upgrade offensively with Dunn, but take a huge hit defensively. And again, the money could be an issue with the Rays cutting payroll.

Then there's the Nationals, although that seems like a long-shot, which is a shame, because it's probably the best fit -- a National League team with money and need.


Dunn took less money to avoid being pigeon-holed as a designated hitter for the rest of his career. At 31, it's Dunn's last chance to really cash in. To do that, he'll have to go to the American League. With that, it could be between the Tigers and White Sox. If I'm forced to make a choice, it may be the Tigers.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Door not closed on Dunn in D.C.

Adam Dunn There's been plenty of talk about the Nationals moving on from first baseman Adam Dunn, but general manager Mike Rizzo said on Wednesday that the team hasn't decided against bringing back done.

"That's a question that's asked a lot, will Adam Dunn be in the uniform in 2011," Rizzo told the Washington Post 's Dan Steinberg . "We're certainly working toward that end. We've got a lot of irons in the fire, though. There's a lot of questions and a lot of decisions to be made before opening day next year."

Ryan Zimmerman certainly made his feelings about done known.

"If you want a middle-of-the-lineup guy that you know is gonna play every single day and you know is gonna be there, you go with Adam," Zimmerman said. "There's really no other first baseman on the market that really compares with him, I don't think. He's a very good player, and if we can't get him back here, it's gonna be a big blow to our team."

Zimmerman told NatsInsider.com's Mark Zuckerman that he's talked to Dunn nearly every day since the season ended.

"He wants to be here," Zimmerman said. "He's a little upset that stuff didn't get done. But that was not the team's fault."

As for the Nationals' chase of Cliff Lee, the Nationals have contacts his agent, Rizzo told MLB Network/Sirius XM Radio.

"I'd be a fool if I didn't like Cliff Lee or want Cliff Lee on our club. He's the prize pitching guy in this year's free agent market," Rizzo said. "But again, I'm certainly not going to delude myself to the fact that we have a great chance of landing Cliff Lee. … I think the chances of Cliff wanting to come to the Washington Nationals at this time in our franchise is small."

You've got to give Rizzo some points for being realistic. The Nationals have very little chance of Lee choosing to play for them, but if they've got the money to offer, they've got to take that chance.

"If you're asking me if I want Cliff Lee on my team, then yeah, 100 percent," Zimmerman said. "He can take some of my salary if he wants."

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Predicting where free agents will land

Baseball is currently in a five-day period where teams have exclusivity to negotiate with players who have become free agents. Sunday at midnight, that period will expire and free up players to talk to any and all teams.

There's plenty to like about this free-agent crop, as the top players at each position is enough to put together a contending team. Plus, there are a good number of nice backup options, too.

Below, you can find Evan Brunell's predictions on where free agents will wind up, going position by position with two names at each position.

Martinez C: Victor Martinez -- Tigers. All the noise surrounding Detroit going hard after Martinez seems legit. It's part of Detroit's M.O., filling a position of desperate need to contend and Martinez is the best option and remains capable of catching. Plus, Detroit has no major block at first or DH for an eventual switch for V-Mart as Alex Avila apprentices.

C: John Buck -- Yankees. Jorge Posada will be receiving most of his at-bats as a DH and Francisco Cervelli certainly can't start. The Yankees will flex their financial muscles on a catcher which they can bring in on a short-term contract who broke out in Toronto last season. It solves the catcher conundrum short term and leaves the long term free for Austin Romine.

Dunn 1B: Adam Dunn -- Cubs. Another popular pairing that makes too much sense. The Cubs need to strike to stay in contention even as they try to get their minor-league system in order and producing over the next couple of seasons. Dunn's defense is minimized now that he's at first, and the Cubs need someone to sky them big flies. (And if the Cubs really are not going after big-name free agents , which I doubt is 100 percent true, I'll tab Dunn to the Athletics .)

1B: Aubrey Huff -- Giants. Unfortunately, while bringing in Huff eventually paid off big time for San Francisco, he is now overrated. With Brandon Belt tearing up the farm, there's no overwhelming reason to give Huff anything close to what he can get on the market. I have a feeling Brian Sabean will do what he always does, signing older players coming off big years to nonsensical contracts. You know it and I know it. Sleeper alert: The Giants move forward with a Mark DeRosa/Travis Ishikawa platoon at first, leaving Huff to land with the Mariners .

Hudson 2B: Orlando Hudson -- Padres. The O-Dog will be on the move again, looking for his fourth team in four seasons, fifth overall. He's long wanted to join the Mets, but Luis Castillo has prevented him from doing so. The Padres plan to contend, but still need the dollars to make sense for who they bring in, and it will for Hudson to plug a vacancy at second with no viable internal options.

2B: Bill Hall -- Twins. Hall is looking for a starting job, but there are those telling him he is best suited as a super utility player. Look for Minnesota to give him a chance at the starting 2B job, but the Twins will love moving him around once they can justify it.

Jeter SS: Derek Jeter -- Yankees. I think a lot of people are going to be a bit surprised by how long the negotiations take. Despite popular sentiment, Brian Cashman is not one to pay someone beyond actual value. What he does have is disposable income that the owners can order him to pay a premium, so Cashman will do just that -- but only at a small premium.

SS: Juan Uribe -- Giants. This is one return that makes sense. Edgar Renteria isn't being brought back, even if he doesn't retire. Pablo Sandoval's struggles at third and Uribe's ability to slide to third as need be will be coveted by San Francisco, and he deserves the deal he'll sign for. It's a very weak market for shortstops, so even those that could be available in a trade (Jason Bartlett?) may have too prohibitive a price.

Beltre 3B: Adrian Beltre -- Angels. Los Angeles makes the big strike here, importing a gifted defender who had a great season with the stick. He won't hit .321 again, but he'll be a signing on the level of Torii Hunter. He's expensive but will produce and help put L.A. back into postseason contention.

3B: Miguel Tejada -- Padres. San Diego was pleased with Tejada's production after acquiring him from Houston and will sign him to play his natural position of short even though he began the transition to third base last season.

Crawford LF: Carl Crawford -- Red Sox . Crawford will spark a bidding war between the Red Sox, Angels and some other team yet to be known, plus a late charge by the Yankees (you know it'll happen). In the end, the Red Sox will win out, offering just enough to entice Crawford to Boston.

LF: Marcus Thames -- Phillies. Thames built his value this past year, establishing himself as a strong platoon option against left-handers who surprisingly held his own against righties. The Phillies are interested in bringing in another right-handed hitter to pair with Ben Francisco, and Thames seems like the perfect low-cost, high-upside option.

Damon CF: Johnny Damon -- Astros. Damon may be a center fielder, but it's in name only as he's restricted to left and DH at this point of his career. No contending team is going to be interested in starting him, but he can still land somewhere where there's a faint glimmer of a chance at the postseason. Damon can be the grizzled, scrappy veteran who can lead them to the top. Welcome to Houston, Johnny!

CF: Melky Cabrera -- Royals. Cabrera's stock is down. Way, way down. He'll have to latch on with a bottom-feeding club who gambles on his tools. Kansas City seems like the perfect place to do that. With an up-and-coming farm, he could fit in seamlessly if he takes his job seriously. If he doesn't, the Royals simply move on.

Werth RF: Jayson Werth -- White Sox. It makes a lot of sense for the White Sox to go after Werth -- they have their own bandbox and need someone who can play the outfield and who could DH in his off days. Carlos Quentin's defense needs to be hidden or moved to first if they don't bring Paul Konerko back. Helping matters is Chicago has the money to make it happen.

RF: Andruw Jones -- Braves. Coming off a strong season for the White Sox where he proved he can still bring it, just not quite as a full-time outfielder (although that possibility does exist), Jones seems like he could make a return to Atlanta. The Braves have a need to remake their outfield, and Jones seems to be a perfect piece of the puzzle.

Thome DH: Jim Thome -- Twins. No reason for Thome to leave the Twins, really. He had a strong season there, became a cult hero, has been loyal to his teams and Minnesota definitely could use this slugger back provided the two can agree on how much playing time he will get. Having Delmon Young, Denard Span, Michael Cuddyer, Jason Kubel and Justin Morneau doesn't leave much room for Thome, but it worked out just fine in 2010.

DH: Manny Ramirez -- Rays . Manny is a DH and probably will find the market a bit hostile towards him. He's not upper-echelon any longer, but not many teams need a DH. After long and overdrawn-out negotiations thanks to Scott Boras, ManRam will finally sign around the beginning of spring training and coast into town to help the Rays and what could be a moribund offense.

Pavano RHSP: Carl Pavano -- Brewers. Pavano is set to cash in on his success with the Twins and is certain to be in a position where he can outdo accepting arbitration thanks to a poor right-handed starter's market. Milwaukee needs to find starting pitching and fast, and the Brewers proved last year with Randy Wolf they weren't afraid to go get it. Wolf's struggles won't be enough to deter Milwaukee from Pavano, not when a Wolf-Pavano-Yovani Gallardo rotation would do wonders in the NL Central.

RHSP: Hiroki Kuroda -- Dodgers. Kuroda's been a bit overlooked on the national stage, as he truly is a strong pitcher. The Dodgers want -- need -- to contend, so they'll make sure Kuroda goes nowhere. They do need to slash salary, but a lot of that was tied up in Manny Ramirez, so there's plenty for Kuroda.

Lee LHSP: Cliff Lee -- Rangers. Buy into Texas being players for Lee and Lee eschewing the bright lights of New York just as long as the money is there. And it will be. The wife likes having him close to home, he's going to be on a contending team and get his money. There isn't much reason to move to New York.

LHSP: Jorge De La Rosa -- Tigers. Detroit has money to spend and a need in the rotation. De la Rosa will flirt with quite a few teams, Yankees included, but it's Detroit who will step up. It needs a strong pitcher in the rotation to have any hope of contending, and de la Rosa falls right into the bracket the Tigers are comfortable with.

Soriano RHRP: Rafael Soriano -- Angels . L.A. has said all the right things in moving forward with Fernando Rodney as a closer after moving Brian Fuentes, but the Angels bullpen was in tatters all season and Rodney is not good enough to block Soriano, who is one of the best closers in the game but will find a rough market.

RHRP: Joaquin Benoit -- Rays . Benoit's price tag is going to be high, but the Rays will be faced with a barren bullpen. Why not bring back someone they know can do it for them? They can entice Benoit with the possibility -- probability -- about taking over as closer.

LHRP: Scott Downs -- Red Sox. Downs is a Type-A free agent, but Boston will gladly fork over its second-rounder after Crawford gives Tampa Bay its first-rounder. The Red Sox want to beef up their bullpen after years of trolling through cast-offs. Downs has been coveted for a while, and Boston will take the plunge.

LHRP: Brian Fuentes -- Marlins. Florida wants to contend, but needs some help in the bullpen to do so. Knowing the Fish, they won't be looking to spend big at the position, but Fuentes is a nice, safe and affordable pick to be the new closer they want.

-- Evan Brunell

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142 file for free agency

Lee Stop the presses!

At midnight just now, 142 players became free agents. While some of them are still partying hard in the bowels of Rangers Stadium and on the streets of Arlington, the business side of baseball marches on.

Cliff Lee wasted no time in breaking free from a team in which the vaunted ace lost twice and saw the Giants win a World Series. Victor Martinez waved goodbye to Boston, seemingly on the way to Detroit's "factory-er" pastures. Adam Dunn is walking from the Nationals and many assume is headed to the Cubs.

Less clear are the futures of Rays reliever Chad Qualls, finishing with a cumulative ERA of 7.32 in 59 innings, also pitching for the Diamondbacks.

Is Pedro Feliz on the way out of baseball? The formerly gifted defensive third baseman with some pop landed face-first in the third-base dirt for Houston and finished out as a marginalized bat in St. Louis with an iron glove.

And for the love of God, will someone tell me what's going to happen to Scrappy McScrapperson David Eckstein!?

As per the recent rule changes that shortened the exclusive negotiating deadline from 15 to five, all became free agents immediately.

Per the MLBPA, here is who became free agents:

Player, Position, 2010 Team
  • Glaus, Troy                        1B                AT
  • Hinske, Eric                        OF                AT
  • Lee, Derrek                        1B                AT
  • Benson, Kris                        SP                AZ
  • Hampton, Mike                        SP                AZ
  • Heilman, Aaron                RP                AZ
  • Lopez, Rodrigo                SP                AZ
  • Webb, Brandon                SP                AZ
  • Izturis, Cesar                        SS                BA
  • Lugo, Julio                        2B                BA
  • Millwood, Kevin                SP                BA
  • Patterson, Corey                OF                BA
  • Uehara, Koji*                        RP                BA
  • Wigginton, Ty                        1B                BA
  • Lowell, Mike                        1B                BO
  • Martinez, Victor                C                BO
  • Varitek, Jason                        C                BO
  • Nady, Xavier                        OF                CC
  • Bloomquist, Willie                OF                CI
  • Cairo, Miguel                        3B                CI
  • Edmonds, Jim                        OF                CI
  • Hernandez, Ramon J.                C                CI
  • Lincoln, Michael                RP                CI
  • Rhodes, Arthur                RP                CI
  • Springer, Russ                        RP                CI
  • Beimel, Joe                        RP                CO
  • de la Rosa, Jorge                SP                CO
  • Dotel, Octavio                        RP                CO
  • Giambi, Jason                        1B                CO
  • Mora, Melvin                        3B                CO
  • Payton, Jay                        OF                CO
  • Garcia, Freddy Antonio        SP                CWS
  • Jones, Andruw                        OF                CWS
  • Konerko, Paul                        1B                CWS
  • Kotsay, Mark                        DH                CWS
  • Pierzynski, A.J.                C                CWS
  • Putz, J.J.                        RP                CWS
  • Vizquel, Omar                        3B                CWS
  • Bonderman, Jeremy                SP                DE
  • Damon, Johnny                DH                DE
  • Laird, Gerald                        C                DE
  • Ordonez, Magglio                OF                DE
  • Seay, Bobby                        RP                DE
  • Ohman, Will                        RP                FL
  • Sosa, Jorge                        RP                FL
  • Tracy, Chad                        3B                FL
  • Blum, Geoff                        SS                HO
  • Moehler, Brian                        RP                HO
  • Chen, Bruce                        SP                KC
  • Matsui, Hideki                        DH                LAA
  • Shields, Scot                        RP                LAA
  • Ausmus, Brad                        C                LAD
  • Barajas, Rod                        C                LAD
  • Gibbons, Jay                        OF                LAD
  • Johnson, Reed                OF                LAD
  • Kuroda, Hiroki*                SP                LAD
  • Padilla, Vicente                SP                LAD
  • Ramirez, Manny                OF                LAD
  • Weaver, Jeff                        RP                LAD
  • Bush, David                        SP                MI
  • Capuano, Chris                SP                MI
  • Counsell, Craig                SS                MI
  • Crain, Jesse                        RP                MN
  • Flores, Randy                        RP                MN
  • Fuentes, Brian                        RP                MN
  • Guerrier, Matt                        RP                MN
  • Hudson, Orlando                2B                MN
  • Mahay, Ron                        RP                MN
  • Pavano, Carl                        SP                MN
  • Punto, Nick                        3B                MN
  • Rauch, Jon                        RP                MN
  • Thome, Jim                        DH                MN
  • Blanco, Henry                        C                NYM
  • Dessens, Elmer                RP                NYM
  • Escobar, Kelvim                RP                NYM
  • Feliciano, Pedro                RP                NYM
  • Tatis, Fernando                1B                NYM
  • Berkman, Lance                1B                NYY
  • Jeter, Derek                        SS                NYY
  • Johnson, Nick                        DH                NYY
  • Kearns, Austin                        OF                NYY
  • Moeller, Chad                        C                NYY
  • Pettitte, Andy                        SP                NYY
  • Rivera, Mariano                RP                NYY
  • Thames, Marcus                OF                NYY
  • Vazquez, Javier                SP                NYY
  • Wood, Kerry                        RP                NYY
  • Duchscherer, Justin                SP                OA
  • Sheets, Ben                        SP                OA
  • Contreras, Jose                RP                PH
  • Durbin, Chad                        RP                PH
  • Romero, J.C.                        RP                PH
  • Sweeney, Mike                DH                PH
  • Werth, Jayson                        OF                PH
  • Park, Chan Ho                        RP                PI
  • Correia, Kevin                        SP                SD
  • Eckstein, David                2B                SD
  • Hairston Jr, Jerry                SS                SD
  • Stairs, Matt                        OF                SD
  • Tejada, Miguel                        3B                SD
  • Torrealba, Yorvit                C                SD
  • Bard, Josh                        C                SE
  • Woodward, Chris                SS                SE
  • Wright, Jamey                        RP                SE
  • Burrell, Pat                        OF                SF
  • Guillen, Jose                        DH                SF
  • Huff, Aubrey                        1B                SF
  • Mota, Guillermo                RP                SF
  • Uribe, Juan                        SS                SF
  • Feliz, Pedro                        3B                SL
  • LaRue, Jason                        C                SL
  • MacDougal, Mike                RP                SL
  • Miles, Aaron                        2B                SL
  • Penny, Brad                        SP                SL
  • Reyes, Dennys                RP                SL
  • Suppan, Jeff                        RP                SL
  • Westbrook, Jake                SP                SL
  • Winn, Randy                        OF                SL
  • Baldelli, Rocco                        OF                TB
  • Balfour, Grant                        RP                TB
  • Benoit, Joaquin                RP                TB
  • Choate, Randy                RP                TB
  • Crawford, Carl                        OF                TB
  • Hawpe, Brad                        OF                TB
  • Kapler, Gabe                        OF                TB
  • Pena, Carlos                        1B                TB
  • Qualls, Chad                        RP                TB
  • Soriano, Rafael                RP                TB
  • Cantu, Jorge                        3B                TE
  • Francisco, Frank                RP                TE
  • Guzman, Cristian                2B                TE
  • Lee, Cliff                        SP                TE
  • Molina, Bengie                        C                TE
  • Treanor, Matt                        C                TE
  • Buck, John                        C                TO
  • Downs, Scott                        RP                TO
  • Frasor, Jason                        RP                TO
  • Overbay, Lyle                        1B                TO
  • Batista, Miguel                        RP                WA
  • Dunn, Adam                        1B                WA
  • Harris, Willie                        OF                WA
  • Mench, Kevin                        OF                WA
* Free agent per contract provision in his UPC

Additionally, the following 34 players are eligible for free agency pending option provisions in their UPC

Player, Position, 2010 Team
  • Ankiel, Rick                 OF                AT
  • Farnsworth, Kyle        RP                AT
  • Gonzalez, Alex                SS                AT
  • Infante, Omar                2B                AT
  • LaRoche, Adam        1B                AZ
  • Hendrickson, Mark        RP                BA
  • Beltre, Adrian                3B                BO
  • Hall, Bill                OF                BO
  • Lopez, Felipe                3B                BO
  • Ortiz, David                DH                BO
  • Ramirez, Aramis        3B                CC
  • Arroyo, Bronson        SP                CI
  • Cabrera, Orlando        SS                CI
  • Harang, Aaron                SP                CI
  • Francis, Jeff                SP                CO
  • Olivo, Miguel                C                CO
  • Peralta, Jhonny        3B                DE
  • Podsednik, Scott        OF                LAD
  • Davis, Doug                SP                MI
  • Hoffman, Trevor        RP                MI
  • Zaun, Gregg                C                MI
  • Reyes, Jose                SS                NYM
  • Chavez, Eric                DH                OA
  • Crisp, Coco                OF                OA
  • Ellis, Mark                2B                OA
  • Garland, Jon                SP                SD
  • Young, Chris                SP                SD
  • Bedard, Erik                SP                SE
  • Branyan, Russ                1B                SE
  • Renteria, Edgar        SS                SF
  • Wheeler, Daniel        RP                TB
  • Guerrero, Vladimir        DH                TE
  • Gregg, Kevin                RP                TO
  • Kennedy, Adam        2B                WA
-- Evan Brunell

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Posted on: October 26, 2010 6:47 pm

Cubs leader for Dunn?

Adam Dunn Matt Sosnick isn't Adam Dunn's agent, but that's not stopping him from making predictions about where the Big Donkey may land.

"I would say [Dunn] is probably going to the Cubs, and he'll probably get three years and $40 million," Sosnick told the Chicago Tribune .

It's not much of a stretch, Dunn has openly spoken of his love for Wrigley Field.

"[Wrigley Field's] obviously one of my favorite parks to hit in," Dunn told the Chicago Sun-Times in August . "I've always really enjoyed playing there. The atmosphere is great there for any player. The fans are always hard on the other team, which makes it fun."

As a frequent visitor with the Reds, and as a less-frequent visitor the last two years with the Nationals, Dunn has hit .282/.410/.651 with 25 home runs in 293 career plate appearances at Wrigley Field.

Earlier this month, Carlos Zambrano said Dunn told him he wants to join the Cubs.

"I want that guy," Zambrano told MLB.com . "He wants to play for us, not only this year, but two years ago. He told me he wants to play at Wrigley Field badly."

Two years ago, the Cubs had under contract through 2010. Now, after the 2010 season, the Cubs have an opening at first base and Dunn is a first baseman (he was a left fielder back then).

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: October 14, 2010 5:31 pm
Edited on: October 19, 2010 11:25 am

R.I.P White Sox: Never a dull moment

As the sports world waits for the crowning of a champion, 22 other teams are busy preparing for spring training. What went wrong for these teams, and what does 2011 hold? MLB Facts and Rumors here at CBS Sports will be answering those questions through all of October. Now: the Chicago White Sox.

There's one thing about these Chicago White Sox, they're never dull. And that was the case again in 2010 as Kenny Williams and Ozzie Guillen had their own reality show and provided more than enough fodder in an ultimately unsuccessful season.


Jake Peavy The vaunted White Sox rotation never quite lived up to its billing -- Jake Peavy (pictured, left) had his search cut in half with injury, and even before that he was medicore, going 7-6 with a 4.63 ERA. Mark Buehrle, John Danks and Gavin Floyd were merely slightly above average.

The team's hole at designated hitter was only magnified by watching their old flame -- the one they dumped -- marry up, as Jim Thome not only hit 25 homers, but he did it for the division-winning Twins. And then there's Manny Ramirez ... but that's an old story.


The White Sox went on one of the longest hot streaks of the season, a stretch of 25 victories in 30 games to erase Minnesota's 9 1/2-game lead. But after that, the team just couldn't keep it going and saw its own lead in the division disappear.

Paul Konerko (pictured, below) had a fabulous season, hitting .312/.393/.584 with 39 homers and 111 RBI. (If you're talking about Konerko, it's good for him this season came in the final year of his contract.)


The White Sox got a glimpse of the future at the end of the season. Brent Morel played 24 games and didn't put up the prettiest numbers at the big league level, but he could be the starting third baseman next season.

More impressive was 2010 first-rounder Chris Sale. The organization expects the left-hander to start. As a reliever -- in an attempt to limit his innings -- Sale showed the potential of a future ace. Fresh out of a small college, he wasn't intimidated by big league hitters, appearing in 21 games and amassing just a 1.93 ERA. He struck out 32 batters in 23 1/3 innings and walked 10 with a WHIP of 1.071.

Paul Konerko EXPECTATIONS FOR 2011

Since winning the World Series in 2005, it's been title or bust for Williams and Guillen. That's not going to change now.


The biggest question for Williams will be if he can afford to keep Konerko, a White Sox mainstay. Konerko had a huge year and is a free agent, but he'll also be 35 on opening day and will command a big price tag, plus a multiyear contract. If you're going to spend that kind of money, why not give Adam Dunn a shot? Or, heck, go for broke (which they've been known to do) and sign both. The team certainly wouldn't lack power with a Konerko-Dunn tandem.

It'll be easy to let Bobby Jenks go, but who to replace him as the club's closer? I like Matt Thornton, but I'm not so sure Williams/Guillen is ready to lean no the lefty and take him out of the set-up role.


The Magic 8 Ball tells us to ask again later, there's too much time between now and April to know just what the White Sox will look like. This much is sure, the White Sox will be interesting, even if it's just the manager and general manager.

Check out the rest of the R.I.P. reports here.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: October 11, 2010 10:01 am
Edited on: October 11, 2010 10:25 am

Damon would like to return to New York

Johnny Damon The Tigers will be among the teams pursuing free-agent first baseman Adam Dunn, the team told former Tiger Johnny Damon.

The Tigers told Damon they weren't going to bring him back after their season ended. Damon, 36, hit .271/.355/.401, starting 97 games as the Tigers' designated hitter.

"They told me they are looking for a prototypical type DH like Adam Dunn," Damon told the New York Post 's George A. King III . "They said they need that type of bat in the middle of the order. I am a No. 1 or No. 2 guy, so …"

Damon, who made $8 million last season, told king he would welcome a return to the Yankees.

"I would love to have that as an option," Damon said. "It would be very exciting to go back there."

Damon has a shot at 3,000 career hits. He has 2,571 hits in his career. If he played three more years, he'd have a good shot. In the last three years combined, he has 469, including 146 this past season.

The biggest issue for Damon is finding a team that will let him serve as  DH without having big power numbers. After hitting 24 homers in 2009 (17 of those at homer-happy new Yankee Stadium), he hit just eight homers in 2010.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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