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Posted on: November 23, 2010 8:17 pm

Marlins on verge of landing Vazquez

Vazquez Negotiations to bring Javier Vazquez to Florida have gotten "hot," as sources tell ESPN's Jayson Stark.

A deal wouldn't be finished until after Thanksgiving, but it does seem to be that the Marlins will win the righty's services as the other contenders are now pessimistic about coming to an accord. That includes the Nationals, Cubs and Rockies.

Vazquez has already been offered and turned down a two-year, $20 million deal because he wants a one-year deal. Why he turned down that deal is a bit surprising, as even if he reverts to being a solid starter, it's unlikely he can do much better than that deal at what will be age 35, turning 36 midway through 2012.

Stark notes that he wants to assess his value after each year, but that would only reduce his earning power, unless he truly busts out with a Cy Young-worthy campaign as he did in 2009 -- but even then, he wouldn't do much better than a two-year, $20 million deal.

Vazquez could approach the $11.5 million he made with the Yankees. The decision currently rests with Florida, as Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports confirms.

-- Evan Brunell

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 8:03 pm
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Brewers offer Hoffman arbitration

Hoffman The Milwaukee Brewers offered Trevor Hoffman arbitration, but Adam McCalvy of MLB.com reports that Hoffman has agreed to decline arbitration.

Hoffman is a Type B free agent, so Milwaukee will net a compensatory pick if he signs elsewhere. The career leader in saves has indicated he will only play in 2011 if he is the closer, which he be in Milwaukee if he chose to return.

In other arbitration news:
  • Cliff Lee has unsurprisingly been offered arbitration along with fellow Type-A free agent Frank Francisco, which could chill Francisco's market. Vladimir Guerrero and Bengie Molina both saw their market increase with no offers of arbitration as MLB.com reports.
  • The Orioles have declined to offer arbitration to Koji Uehara, who may be among the most coveted relievers since he is extremely productive, is stingy with walks and will come on a one-year pact most likely. It's unlikely that Kevin Millwood is offered arbitration as the Baltimore Sun outlines, and if the Sun is to be believed, Millwood won't have a problem finding a job. The Rockies and Royals appear to be the farthest along in contract discussions.
  • Derrek Lee won't be back in Atlanta as the club will not offer arbitration to the Type-A free agent. Offering arbitration would have near guaranteed Lee's return, and the first-base job belongs to Freddie Freeman as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution notes.
  • The Diamondbacks will offer arbitration to Aaron Heilman and Adam LaRoche (both Type B free agents). It is possible LaRoche could accept and return as first baseman.
  • The Rays cut ties with Dan Wheeler (Type A) and Carlos Pena (Type B) as the St. Petersburg Times says, but did tender offers to Type A's in Carl Crawford, Grant Balfour and Rafael Soriano. They also offered to Type B's in Joaquin Benoit, Randy Choate, Brad Hawpe and Chad Qualls. Some of these Type B offers certainly have gentleman's agreements to decline, while Benoit is a Tiger and is already assured of giving Tampa a draft pick.
  • The Angels have announced DH Hideki Matsui won't be offered arbitration. The A's are thought to be contenders for Matsui's services.
  • The Denver Post has arbitration offers from Colorado out to Jorge de la Rosa (Type A) and Octavio Dotel (Type B).

-- Evan Brunell

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 5:35 pm
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Orioles, Athletics interested in Reynolds

Reynolds As Kevin Towers continues to settle in as Arizona Diamondbacks general manager, there's one major problem.

Tower's hasn't pulled off a big trade yet.

OK, so he's made one small trade (Juan Miranda from the Yankees for prospect Scott Allen), but that's it. And that's not Towers' M.O., especially as he works to address Arizona's problems with striking out far too much.

Mark Reynolds is the poster boy for strikeouts, setting the single-season record for whiffs in 2008 with 204 -- and breaking it in 2009 with 223 punchouts. In 2010, he fell in between both years with 211 whiffs. (Whew -- thank goodness Reynolds only has three full years in the bigs -- not sure what fourth adjective could be used for strikeouts.)

Reynolds is coming off a brutal year where he hit just .198, but made up for it with a .320 OBP and 32 home runs. However, that's a far cry from 2009's .260/.349/.543 mark and 44 home runs. He's an elite power bat, but his strikeouts are just too staggering to ignore.

Power is in demand, however, and there are teams interested. Jayson Stark of ESPN hears that the A's are interested despite Oakland landing on Reynolds' no-trade list. In an interesting twist, Stark notes that there is "no indication [the A's would] have interest if they weren't" on the no-trade list.

Huh. Hearing that makes one recall the words of agent Don Nomura , speaking about how Oakland's trade talks broke down with Japanese client Hisanori Takahashi. Nomura said that the club's five-year, $64 million offer to Adrian Beltre was simply a PR move.

Another team interested in the third baseman's services are the Orioles, who may have soured on Josh Bell slightly after his rough introduction to the majors. An alternative that the O's may be thinking, however, is shifting Reynolds to first.

As Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports writes, free agents consistently walk away from any offers the Orioles tender, in large part to the club's history of not contending ever since Jeffrey Maier stole a postseason victory for New York back in 1996. It doesn't help that Baltimore plays in an AL East in which all four of its contemporaries finished above .500.

Reynolds is a near lock to be traded this offseaosn, and while other teams are likely in on the hunt, it makes too much sense for Baltimore to emerge as the victor.

-- Evan Brunell

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 4:36 pm
Edited on: November 23, 2010 7:57 pm

Cashman: Yankees' offer to Jeter is fair

Derek Jeter The Yankees are certainly doing their part in the chicken game with free agent shortstop Derek Jeter.

The team has reportedly offered Jeter a three-year deal worth $45 million. On Thursday, general manager Brian Cashman told ESPNNewYork.com's Wallace Matthews that he feels the offer is "fair and appropriate."

"We understand his contributions to the franchise and our offer has taken them into account," Cashman told Matthews. "We've encouraged him to test the market and see if there's something he would prefer other than this. If he can, fine. That's the way it works."

Brian Cashman It's not surprising Cashman thinks this -- but to actually say it is quite interesting.

There are certainly teams looking for shortstops, and even with declining production, Jeter would be the best available shortstop, although not many teams looking for a shortstop could add a $15 million shortstop.

The Giants, Cardinals, Reds, Orioles and Padres are among the teams looking for a shortstop. The Giants and Orioles, who just made a big bid for Victor Martinez, are likely the only teams in that group that could afford Jeter.

Instead, teams could fill with the likes of Juan Uribe or Orlando Cabrera.

The bottom line is Jeter is worth more to the Yankees than he is any other team, and it appease the team has decided $15 million is as much as he's worth.

According to Cashman, Jeter and agent Casey Close have asked for more than three years and more money. Jeter made $21 million last season.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

UPDATE : SI.com's Jon Heyman reports the Yankees aren't done upping their offer to Jeter. "If they haven't bumped it up already, they do intend to," he writes.

So why all the contentious negotiations?

The Yankees are one of the most successful franchises in the game, but their hard line against Jeter and Mariano Rivera is baffling when they're willing to do whatever it takes to keep Alex Rodriguez and Jorge Posada and get A.J. Burnett.

Actually, that's probably the lesson right there.

UPDATE : Now Heyman is backtracking , and the Yankees' offer may not rise.

Meanwhile, Cashman is putting the onus on Jeter in the negotation process.

"He should be nothing but a New York Yankee," he tells the New Jersey Star-Ledger . "He chooses not to be."

-- Evan Brunell

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 2:31 pm

Brewers, Braves in on Hinske

Eric Hinske Brewers general manager Doug Melvin has made an offer to free-agent Eric Hinske, he told Tom Haudricourt of the Journal Sentinel .

"It's his call, not ours," Melvin said. "We're waiting to hear back from him."

The Braves have reportedly offered Hinske a one-year deal worth $1.5 million to return to Atlanta, where he played left field, first base and third base. He hit .256/.338/.456 with 11 home runs and 51 RBI in 320 plate appearances.

Hinske was the American League Rookie of the Year in 2002, but has never matched the numbers he put up in his first year.

The Braves signed him to a one-year deal worth $1 million last season.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 11:52 am
Edited on: November 23, 2010 2:10 pm

Giants re-sign Huff

Aubrey Huff The Giants are close to a two-year deal with free-agent first baseman Aubrey Huff, FOXSports.com's Jon Paul Morosi writes .

According to a "major-league source," Huff will earn $22 million over two years with a club option for 2013.

Huff finished seventh in National League MVP voting on Monday, hitting .290/.385/.506 with 26 home runs and 86 RBI. Huff hit .268/.339/.357 in the postseason, but had a home runa nd four RBI in the World Series, where he hit .294/.368/.588.

Huff signed a one-year deal worth $3 million before the 2010 season.

UPDATE: The Giants have announced the deal.

"We're extremely excited to be able to sign Aubrey," GM Brian Sabean said in a statement. "He was an integral part of the team's success last season, not only with his outstanding play in the field but also providing a great clubhouse presence."

UPDATE: An interesting note from Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News (via Twitter ), Sabean said there was another offer for Huff, and he was given the OK to match it and then Huff chose to stay with the Giants.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 9:29 am

Yankees, Rivera disagree on length of contract

Mariano Rivera Apparently the Yankees are intent on  alienating not just one future Hall of Famer, but two this offseason. According to Yahoo!'s Jeff Passan , the Yankees are "currently included to offer" Mariano Rivera a one-year deal, instead of the two-year deal the free-agent closer is seeking.

The team is expected to give him more than the $15 million he earned last season, but only for 2011.

While the split isn't as drastic in Rivera's case as it is with Derek Jeter, it's still a part of a trend with the Yankee management trying to play hardball with two of the franchise's brightest stars.

While Rivera isn't the icon that Jeter is, he's not far off. And he's also still at the top of his game. Rivera recorded a 1.80 ERA in 61 games, finishing with 33 saves. He had a 0.833 WHIP and struck out 45 batter and walked 11 in 60 innings.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 8:52 am
Edited on: November 23, 2010 9:55 am

D-Backs CEO says Upton 'probably' stays

Justin Upton Remember the Justin Upton trade rumors?

Well, appears they've cooled. The Diamondbacks enjoyed hearing what others thought he was worth, and nothing wowed them yet.

Diamondbacks team president Derrick Hall doesn't see the talks amounting to anything.

"I think he'll probably be here on Opening Day," Hall told MLB.com's Steve Gilbert .

Kevin Towers said if something does happen with Upton, it should be sooner rather than later.

"I would say before the end of the Winter Meetings we should know," Towers said. "We're kind of walking through this thing slowly right now. If we are overwhelmed in a deal, great. if not, the fallback is we still have Justin Upton on our team, and that's a good thing."

The Winter Meetings are Dec. 6-9 in Orlando.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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