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Posted on: August 23, 2010 4:02 pm
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Report: Red Sox claim Johnny Damon

Johnny Damon Could the Caveman be headed back to his old haunts?

The Red Sox claimed Johnny Damon on waivers Monday, giving the team 48 hours to get Damon back into a Red Sox uniform as Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports .

Damon, of course, is perhaps best known for two things: his time in a Red Sox uniform where he banded together with other "Idiots" and won a World Series in 2004. He's also renowned for saying he would never play for the Yankees, then doing just that and nabbing a championship ring in 2009.

In his first year with the Tigers, Damon has split time between left field and designated hitter, hitting .270/.355/.409 and proving he's still got some thump left in the bat as a 36-year-old. Damon is finishing up a $8 million deal, meaning the Red Sox would have to assume just over a million left on the salary -- and perhaps some players, if the Tigers won't deal Damon without getting names in return.

Detroit is 11 games out of first place, essentially done for the season. They are expected to make Brandon Inge and Jhonny Peralta available through waiver deals as well. It's possible the Tigers would revoke trade waivers on Damon if they can't get anything beyond salary relief, but for a team out of the race and in a city with plenty of economic struggles, it's hard to imagine the Tigers not forking Damon over.

Damon has played just two games in the field since July 28, serving as the team's primary DH, so Damon isn't exactly required for outfield depth. The Tigers could DH Carlos Guillen when he returns from the disabled list or give both Ryan Raburn and Brennan Boesch full time duty. As for Damon in Boston, he would replace the motley crew of Daniel Nava, Bill Hall and Darnell McDonald, taking over left-field duties.

As Sherman notes , Damon said last season he would not consider returning to the Red Sox because of his experience moving from Boston to New York and not wanting to go through that another time. However, that was before the Yankees didn't bring Damon back, who willingly letting him go while the Red Sox chased his services. In addition, it's been proven that Damon doesn't always stick to his word. The chance for Damon to go back to his old stomping grounds and try to engineer another comeback will be very difficult for him to turn down.

And yet, he may not be inclined to do just that, as AOL Fanhouse's Ed Price reports .

The Red Sox certainly hope he changes his mind, however. Boston's left-field combo of Nava, Hall and McDonald is not enough to vault the team solidly into contention with an upcoming series against the Rays. Nava is a great story, but has struggled in his last 10 games, hitting .158. In addition, Nava hasn't proved himself on the major-league stage yet, while Damon doesn't blanch from the bright lights.

As for Hall, he would certainly lose playing time but would at least be in a time share with Jed Lowrie at second -- not to mention that Damon probably wouldn't be a full-time player with the terrible defense he brings to the game these days. Darnell McDonald (especially against left-handers) and Bill Hall would still see ample time in left, mostly in parks with a large left field as opposed to the Green Monster at Fenway.

Can you imagine Damon's return to Fenway Park? One thing's for sure: the boos would become cheers -- especially if Damon brings back the famed beard.

-- Evan Brunell

UPDATE: Even if Damon is undecided, David Ortiz isn't. Ortiz gave his unconditional support to a Damon resurrection in Boston.

Ortiz said to reporters (via the Boston Herald ): "Let me call him right now. … That would be great, man. You know Johnny. Johnny’s a fun person to be around. I’m pretty sure he’d be excited to be back. For all those people that did him wrong, he could put that back together — make 'em forget about the Yankees.”

Catcher Jason Varitek said Damon is a "special player" and "one hell of a teammate."

UPDATE: Damon said he won't be thinking about his future during tonight's game (for the Tigers, by the way): "I promise I won't think about it during the game. I'll think about trying to get hits and stuff." (Via MLB.com's Jason Beck's Twitter .)

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: July 4, 2010 10:13 am

Nava has been godsend for Red Sox

Daniel Nava The Red Sox have been in dire straits all season long, being without their projected starting left fielder Jacoby Ellsbury for all but nine games while center fielder Mike Cameron is touch-and-go every day due to an abdominal tear.

That makes the play of forrmer independent leaguer Daniel Nava all that much better. Sure, his first-pitch grand slam in his first major league at-bat was amazing and was replayed on sports highlights across countless channels the next day. But even more impressive is that Nava has kept up the production and has slid quite ably into the outfield rotation.

Nava has nine extra-bases and 13 RBIs in his first 17 games, as the Boston Globe 's Peter Abraham notes . The last Red Sox player who made that much of a bang in such a short period of time is the infamous Sam Horn in 1987, when he posted 12 extra-base hits and 17 RBIs. Horn is still well-known these days around Boston for being the name of the popular internet message board, Sons of Sam Horn.

Where Horn's career went after that 17-game stretch, however, Nava would certainly like to avoid. Horn had just 13 extra-base hits and 29 RBIs over the next 86 games and was released in 1989. Nava, on the other hand, may not be long for the majors this year once Jeremy Hermida and Jacoby Ellsbury make their long-awaited returns, but he seems to have established himself as a viable backup outfielder and should have several years of big-league experience ahead of him.

Even if Nava's career takes a Horn-like path, the beginnings of his Red Sox career came at the most opportune time, keeping Boston afloat and a half-game out of first place. There are worse ways to have a short major-league career.

-- Evan Brunell

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Posted on: June 19, 2010 2:58 pm
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Drew hopes to avoid DL

Red Sox outfielder J.D. Drew told reporters before Saturday's game against the Dodgers that he was "very hopeful" he'd avoid the disabled list and he'd undergone an MRI on Saturday.

Drew will miss the rest of the Dodgers series after pulling up lame following his catch of a Manny Ramirez liner in the third inning with a hamstring injury.

"It was one of those plays where it was kind of a perfect-storm scenario where I had to lean in, leg came forward, hamstring grabbed really good," Drew told reporters, including Brian MacPherson of the Providence Journal . "I don't think I've done an extreme amount of damage. ... It'll definitely be at least a couple of days to try to get things under wraps and let it calm down. The reason we went to get pictures is to make sure it's not something I'm dealing with for a week and a half or two weeks."

Drew will be re-examined before the Red Sox open a series against the Rockies on Tuesday.

The Red Sox's recent outfield injuries left them with a starting outfield of Bill Hall, Daniel Nava and Darnell McDonald for Saturday's game against the Dodgers.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: June 12, 2010 9:49 pm

Did Martinez call two historic shots?

Red Sox catcher Victor Martinez was present for both instances in which a player hit a grand slam on the first pitch he ever saw in the major leagues. This much we know. Boston's Daniel Nava did it today, and Cleveland's Kevin Kouzmanoff did it in 2006, both as teammates of Martinez.

Martinez wasn't just there, he says he predicted both before they happened, according to the WEEI blog .

"(Martinez) was standing right next to me when he said, 'First pitch, bomb!'" Red Sox DH David Ortiz said Saturday. "I came up (to the clubhouse, where Martinez was watching the game on TV) to get some batting gloves because of the rain and Vic was here. He said, 'Watch this, first pitch grand salami' There you go."

Martinez said he advised Kouzmanoff to swing at the first pitch he saw, since Rangers pitcher Kevin Millwood wouldn't have a decent scouting report on him.

"When he walked to the plate I called a grand slam," Martinez said.

-- David Andriesen

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Posted on: June 12, 2010 5:11 pm
Edited on: June 12, 2010 5:23 pm

History at Fenway

You can't ask for a better start than this: Red Sox outfielder Daniel Nava just hit a grand slam on the first major league pitch he saw, crushing a Joe Blanton offering over the wall at Fenway Park.

Nava learned of his callup from Triple-A Pawtucket last night, and hours later was taking a curtain call in a nationally televised game.

Some perspective:

  • Nava is the fourth player to hit a grand slam in his first major league at-bat, along with Bill Duggleby (1898), Jeremy Hermida (2005) and Kevin Kouzmanoff (2006). Only Kouzmanoff and Nava did it on the first pitch.
  • According to baseball-almanac.com , 25 players in history have now homered on their first major league pitch. The only other Boston player to do it was Bill LeFebvre in 1938.
  • The closest comparison in Red Sox history was Rip Repulski , who was traded from the Dodgers to the Red Sox midseason in 1960 and hit a grand slam at Fenway on the first American League pitch he saw.

Nava, 27 is a great story, a former independent leaguer who, after being cut from the baseball team at Santa Clara University, served as team manager. Here is a nice feature on him from the Red Sox blog Fire Brand of the American League, chronicling his unlikely journey.

-- David Andriesen and Evan Brunell

UPDATE: Nava came up with the bases loaded again for his second at-bat, striking out on a check swing.

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Posted on: June 12, 2010 1:32 pm
Edited on: June 12, 2010 1:33 pm

Red Sox call up OF Nava

The Red Sox have called up outfielder Daniel Nava, and he'll start in left field today. Outfielder Josh Reddick was optioned to Triple-A Pawtucket.

Nava, 27, was batting .294 with eight homers and 38 RBI for Pawtucket.

-- David Andriesen

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