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Posted on: April 21, 2011 1:37 pm
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Cards fans ready for Reds' Leake

By C. Trent Rosecrans

Mike Leake won't be pitching for the Reds this weekend in St. Louis, but he'll be seen in the stands.

St. Louis blog Joe Sports Fan is selling these shirts this weekend, and, well, they're just perfect.

Mike Leake

Bravo Matt Sebek and company. To order your shirt for when the Reds come to your town, you can send an e-mail to Matt at matt@joesportsfan.com or tweet him @MattSebek.

The Reds-Cardinals rivalry was amped up last season after Brandon Phillips called the Cardinals "whiny little bitches" and then set off a fight, where Johnny Cueto kicked Jason LaRue in the head. The two teams haven't come to fisticuffs since then, but there are still plenty of hard feelings on both sides. Cueto is currently on the disabled list and won't be in St. Louis, by the way, and LaRue retired after suffering a concussion in the brawl.

Leake is making his first post-arrest start today in Cincinnati, where the Diamondbacks picketed runs off of him in each of the first two innings before he got off clean in the third.

UPDATE: Leake allowed four hits and three runs, striking out six and walking two, improving to 3-0 on the season with Cincinnati's 7-4 victory over the Diamondbacks.

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Posted on: September 19, 2010 12:17 am
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LaRue says concussion will end his career

Jason LaRue Cardinals catcher Jason LaRue told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that the concussion he suffered at the feet of Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto will end his career.

"I'm done," LaRue told the Post-Dispatch 's Joe Strauss. "It's a simple decision."

LaRue was kicked in the head during a fracas on Aug. 10. Cueto served a seven-game suspension for his actions. LaRue's cost was much higher.

LaRue estimates he's had "close to 20" concussions in his athletic career, dating back to high school football. He said riding in cars and watching TV have caused him "sensations that he likened to seasickness" as well as headaches and nausea. He said hasn't improved since the incident.

Apparently LaRue had contemplated legal action against Cueto, but has since decided against doing so.

"I was going to retire on my own terms," LaRue said. "It's unfortunate that the blow that decided it came from someone kicking me in the head with spikes. I wouldn't say I would change things if you could rewrite history. They say things happen for certain reasons. In this case, I couldn't tell you why. Does it suck that my career is over because Johnny Cueto started kicking me in the head? Yes, it sucks.

"I expected to walk away when I felt it was right. The bottom line: it's unfortunate."

LaRue will join his team in Pittsburgh on Monday to spend the final roadtrip with his teammates, as well as seeing a concussion specialist in Pittsburgh.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: August 19, 2010 5:45 pm
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Concussion costs LaRue rest of season

Jason LaRue
Johnny Cueto lost one start after being suspended for kicking people during a fight. Meanwhile, one of the people he kicked, Jason LaRue, has lost the rest of his season.

It was a footnote to the story of the Cardinals acquiring Pedro Feliz on Thursday, but the roster spot for him was opened when LaRue was transferred to the 60-day disabled list. The catcher suffered a concussion last week during a brawl with the Reds, and the Cardinals have said they're shutting him down for the season because he has shown no sign of recovery.

"We have spoken with a lot of different medical experts on this," general manager John Mozeliak told MLB.com. "It is obviously one that is not as clear-cut as you might have with an elbow or knee injury. There are a lot of unknowns.

"Given the way he is feeling and reacting, we really felt it was in his best interest not to have him feel like there is pressure to come back."

LaRue was a backup, and wasn't going to be the difference in whether the Cardinals make the playoffs. But a concussion is serious stuff. And what if it had been Albert Pujols or Adam Wainwright who had been lost for the season?

One thing is for sure: It's a good thing for Cueto that he doesn't currently project to start in the September 3-5 series in St. Louis. Dusty Baker would be crazy to send him to the plate, because there's a good chance he'd wind up with a fastball in his ear -- there's a system of baseball justice that doesn't come from the commissioner's office.

-- David Andriesen

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 8:34 pm
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Cardinals' LaRue to DL with post-fight concussion

Jason LaRue
Cardinals catcher Jason LaRue, who was kicked in the head by Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto during a fight between the teams on Tuesday night, is going on the disabled list as symptoms of a concussion linger. The Cardinals made the announcement during their game Friday night.

Outfielder Nick Stavinoha was called up from Triple-A Memphis. The Cardinals had already called up a third catcher, Steven Hill, on Wednesday.

Cueto is serving a seven-game suspension for kicking several people while pinned against the backstop during the scrum. LaRue had to have stitches in his lip and also suffered seriously bruised ribs, and pitcher Chris Carpenter was left with scratches on his back from Cueto's cleats.

Carpenter, who was fined in the incident, spoke out Friday about Cueto's actions.

“He came in there with intent to do something because he came in from the back side when you look at it," he said, according to FoxSportsMidwest.com. "I was in the same position. I was in a worse position. I had people grabbing on top of me and holding me and I didn’t start kicking people and doing all that stuff.

“All this stuff that happened – the yelling, the pushing, the fighting and everything else – there was nobody throwing punches. There was nobody doing any of that. I don’t care how scared you are, I don’t care what the deal is. Whatever excuse you have, you don’t start doing that. If you did that on the street, he would end up being…That’s serious stuff.”

It's been a bad year in baseball for concussions, an injury whose recovery is impossible to predict. Mets outfielder Jason Bay is out indefinitely with a concussion, as is Twins star first baseman Justin Morneau.

-- David Andriesen

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Posted on: August 11, 2010 12:55 pm
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The Day After in Cincinnati

Yadier Molina
It's probably not ideal that the Cardinals and Reds have a day game Wednesday just a few hours after their bench-clearing fight, but on the other hand it might be good that they can get the game in before the disciplinary hammer comes down.

There are surely suspensions and fines on the way, but Reds manager Dusty Baker didn't want to speculate on who would be punished and how severely. Here's what he had to say in his pregame session with reporters.

"Hey man, I don't think it's even fair to print or anticipate or even say about losing guys. That's kind of like setting the sentence before somebody went to trial. It's like 'how many years will you get in jail?' Who says you will get to jail? I just hope the guys up there realize the tension, the pressure and background. You also can't just go on what you see on the video because you don't know what was said or what was done. You have to beware of the first man's testimony until the second man comes forward. The first man always sounds innocent until the second man testifies."

"Sometimes you know they claim no punches were thrown. There were words that created punches to be thrown. You know what I mean? Not that what happened was right on our side or what was said was right. There's always a cause and effect on every situation almost. In our hearts that thing was over, until some people started talking."

Cardinals catcher Jason LaRue, who says he was kicked during the brawl and has a concussion, showed up on the pregame TV show sporting a cut lip, reportedly dropped an F-bomb, and said "it's a shame Cueto doesn't have a brain."

Brandon Phillips did not try to tap catcher Yadier Molina's shin guards with his bat -- the action that set off the scrum Tuesday -- when he came to the plate Wednesday, but it appeared the home-plate umpire instructed him not to.

Should be a tense few hours at Great American Ball Park.

-- David Andriesen

UPDATE: A Reds official told the Cincinnati Enquirer that video of the incident is being sent to the league office, and it won't arrive until Thursday, so they don't expect to hear anything on discipline until at least then.

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Posted on: August 11, 2010 10:35 am
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Cardinals call up catcher to replace LaRue

Jason LaRue
Fallout should be trickling in today from Tuesday's bench-clearing incident between the Cardinals and Reds, as we wait to see who's hurt, who will be disciplined and who will be next to say something stupid.

Of immediate concern for the Cardinals was finding someone to step in for catcher Jason LaRue, whom the Cardinals say suffered a slight concussion and a rib injury when he was kicked by Reds starter Johnny Cueto.

"We're facing an issue with Jason," St. Louis manager La Russa said after the game. "He got clobbered in the head with their starting pitcher kicking. So he has a slight concussion and he has some facial tears there ... We'll see how that's all handled."

In the short term, it will be handled by calling up Double-A catcher Steven Hill to back up Yadier Molina. Hill, 25, is batting .280 with 22 homers and 86 RBI for Springfield.

LaRue did not go on the disabled list. To make room for Hill, right-hander Jeff Suppan, acquired by the Cardinals June 14 after being released by the Brewers, was placed on the disabled list with a groin injury. Suppan felt tightness while running the day after his Sunday start was rained out. The move is retroactive to August 1.

-- David Andriesen

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Posted on: August 10, 2010 11:33 pm
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Cardinals accuse Cueto of hurting 2 players

Cardinals manager Tony La Russa said backup catcher Jason LaRue suffered a concussion in Tuesday's fracas in Cincinnati.

La Russa said LaRue suffered the concussion at the feet of Reds starter Johnny Cueto, who kicked outward when he was backed up to the backstop during the near-brawl.

"I've got Cueto kicking me in the back. It's super unprofessional. I don't know where he learned how to fight," Cardinals pitcher said Chris Carpenter, who claimed he ended up with scratches on his back.

Cueto said he was just trying to escape after being pinned against the wall.

"When 15 people get over you, you get scared," he said after the game, using catcher Ramon Hernandez as a translator. "I did get nervous, a lot. I put my feet up, trying to get out of the way. I was trying to get up. My back was against the wall and I was trying to get people out of the way so I could get up."

Cueto can expect a suspension as soon as Wednesday for his role in the fracas.

Carpenter said he didn't have a problem with former teammate Scott Rolen, who grabbed him and drove him to the backstop.

"It was fine. I think Scott grabbed me and they thought we were doing something. That's when the bullrush got me. Scott was pulling me out and I was fine with that," Carpenter said. "I didn't know what happened, I felt someone grab me. Next thing you know I'm laying on the net getting kicked."

When a Reds radio network reporter said to Rolen that it looked like he was trying to serve as a peacemaker, Rolen paused and said, "That's a very friendly way of putting it. It's a very nice thing to say."

Of course, this all started Monday when Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips called the Cardinals "little bitches."

Phillips, the Reds leadoff hitter, always taps the shin guards of the opposing catcher and umpire with his bat before the game. Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina took issue with the gesture.

"The comment he made last night ... that's going to happen. If you think I'm going to be in a good mood about the comment you made last night, don't say hi to me," Molina said.

Molina then said something to Phillips, kept him from getting into the batter's box and Phillips started jawing back. Then the benches emptied, with managers Dusty Baker and Tony La Russa getting into a shouting match.

"One thing led to another and guys were chirping and some guys said be quiet and then one of their coaches told our guys to be quiet," Baker said. "I told him to be quiet and Tony told me not to talk to his coaches."

After the managers were pulled apart, the second wave went on behind them with Rolen, Carpenter and Cueto caught up in it.

No players were ejected, only the two managers.

Molina then backed up his words, hitting a home run in the second and imitating Phillips' home run trot.

Molina finished 2 for 3 with two RBI, while Phillips was 1 for 5 with an RBI and made the last out in a Reds' loss for the second consecutive night.

Afterward, Phillips didn't have much to say.

"We just lost today. Regardless of what happened, it's all about wins and losses and we got an L today," he said.

With the 8-4 win, the Cardinals take over the lead in the National League Central by percentage points over the Reds.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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This week in free stuff: Aug. 2-9

A look at this week in promotional giveaways from around baseball:

Monday, Aug. 2
Ike Davis bobblehead Brooklyn Cyclones (New York-Penn League) -- Ike Davis bobblehead -- or bobblesomething. The Cyclones are celebrating Davis' three heads-over-heels caches over the dugout railing with an upside-down bobblehead, although I'm not sure what exactly bobbles.
Springfield Cardinals (Texas League) -- duffel bag. The practical giveaways are the best -- who can't use another duffel bag?

Tuesday, Aug. 3
Ryan Howard gnome Springfield Cardinals (Texas League) Whitey Herzog bobblehead. If you missed the big league team giving away Whitey bobbleheads last week, here's another chance.
Reading Phillies (Eastern League) -- Ryan Howard garden gnome. It kind of looks more like a wizard version of Ryan Howard, but, you know, either way my wife would love this, not because she likes Ryan Howard but because she has a really weird things with gnomes. When she saw our local nine had a gnome giveaway this year, she circled that date on the calendar.

Wednesday, Aug. 4
Chicago Cubs -- beer koozie. What else could you want or need at Wrigley Field?
Los Angeles Dodgers -- beach towel
Portland Sea Dogs (Eastern League) -- Hanley Ramirez bobblehead. I always appreciate when minor league clubs honor players who played for them, even if they're no longer in the organization. Kudos Sea Dogs.
State College Spikes (New York-Penn League) -- Daniel Moskos & Tony Sanchez double bobblehead

Thursday, Aug. 5
Lehigh Valley IronPigs (International League) -- Brian Schneider bobblehead
New Britain Rock Cats (Eastern League) -- beach towel
Brooklyn Cyclones (New York-Penn League) -- Irish Heritage Jersey
State College Spikes (New York-Penn league) -- kids Roberto Clemente Kids activity book. It's good to educate the kids.

Friday, Aug. 6
Baltimore Orioles -- Nick Markakis mini bobblehead
Detroit Tigers -- island-themed Tigers floppy hat. It's like a combo Magnum costume -- in floppy hat form. The pattern of a Hawaiian shirt and the Detroit Tigers' D
Pittsburgh Pirates --  Andrew McCutchen bobblehead
Buffalo Bisons (International League) -- toothbrush. This may be one of the lamer giveaways, I've got to admit.
Trenton Thunder (Eastern League) -- David Robertson bobblehead
Vermont Lake Monsters (New York-Penn League) Buster Olney bobblehead. When sportswriters get their own bobblehead, you may have run out of ideas. Olney grew up in the state.
Everett AquaSox (Northwest League) -- recycled tote bag

Saturday, Aug. 7
Kenny Lofton Cleveland Indians -- Kenny Lofton "The Catch" bobblehead. This one is great, I love bobbleheads from specific events, hence my Endy Chavez bobblehead. This one is from Lofton's catch over the wall of a sure homer by Baltimore's B.J. Surhoff on Aug. 4, 1996.
Florida Marlins -- samba whistle. Better than a vuvuzela.
Arizona Diamondbacks -- Luis Gonzalez bobblehead. In an added bonus, 50 fans will get an autographed, bronze version.
Colorado Springs Sky Sox (Pacific Coast League) -- Goose Gossage figurine.
Round Rock Express (Pacific Coast League) -- souvenir desk batting helmets
Northwest Arkansas Naturals (Texas League) -- lunchbox
Stockton Ports (California League) -- Grant Desme bobblehead
Kinston Indians (Carolina League) -- reusable grocery bag
South Bend Silver Hawks (Midwest League) -- reusable grocery bag
Princeton Rays (Appalachian League) -- Wade Davis bobblehead
Billings Mustakens (Pioneer League) -- Jason LaRue bobblehead. See what Jason LaRue looked like before his awesome mustache (hint: less awesome).

Sunday, August 8
Milwaukee Brewers -- Italian sausage racing sausage bobblehead. I've gotten the bratwurst and a previous italian sausage bobblehead off of eBay, and I can tell you it's great. Although my wife said she didn't think it looked like a sausage.
Chicago Cubs -- light switch cover. Really, a nice, simple giveaway. It's got pinstripes and if you're a Cubs fan and have a man room or something, it's pretty cool.
Pittsburgh Pirates -- batting helmet. The classics never die.
Harrisburg Senators (Eastern League) -- Stephen Strasburg bobblehead. How'd he get his own bobblehead? Oh yeah. He's good.
Brooklyn Cyclones (New York-Penn League) -- MCU Park model.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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