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Posted on: March 5, 2012 6:42 pm
Edited on: March 5, 2012 6:46 pm

Marlins home run sculpture a vision obstruction?

By Matt Snyder

There may be a problem with the sculpture in left-center field at the new Marlins ballpark, and not just because it's an eyesore for many people. It may, in fact, be placed too close to center field and be a distraction to left-handed hitters when facing right-handed pitchers. Some left-handed hitters on the Marlins reportedly think it will be.

“If it is an issue, it can no longer be there,” said Marlins utility player Greg Dobbs (MiamiHerald.com). “I won’t be the only left-handed hitter saying something. If other teams have a problem with it, they’re definitely going to voice their concern to the league.”

Marlins new ballpark
Catcher John Buck squatted behind the plate to get a look recently, and he thinks it's close.

“It’s kind of my job to scope those things out,’’ Buck said (MiamiHerald.com). “It might be close. It might be all right. I don’t know. We’ll see. I think for left-handed batters it might be trouble.”

A lot more will be known Tuesday night, after the Marlins square off against the University of Miami in the stadium. For the time being, though, club president David Samson says MLB officials investigated the park last Thursday and found no "issue whatsoever." (MiamiHerald.com) Meanwhile, the batter's eye in center field is being painted black instead of the green color you can see in the above photo, so that's one thing they've already had to change.

If the home run celebration sculpture does pose an issue, it will be very interesting to see what the Marlins choose to do with it. At that size, it can't be easy to move, and it reportedly cost over $2 million to construct.

Hat-tip: Big League Stew

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Posted on: March 2, 2012 6:51 pm

Video: Fish now in aquariums in Marlins new park

By Matt Snyder

One of the many unique features in the new Miami Marlins ballpark are the aquariums behind home plate. And it's now a live tank, because the fish are in there, swimming around. Here's the footage shot from a fan in a private tour Feb. 29, via YouTube:

The aquariums are made of fiberglass with clear acrylic panels over an inch thick and are said to be unbreakable. About a month ago, first baseman Gaby Sanchez wanted to "test" the aquariums by throwing a baseball against them. The Marlins let him.

“We had Gaby Sanchez here and he threw a ball as hard as he could against the tank and it didn’t even make a mark and nothing moved inside the tank," said club president David Samson (Fish Tank blog). "We have an extra layer of glass in front of the glass that’s in front of the fish."

Hat-tip: Hardball Talk

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Posted on: February 2, 2012 12:19 pm
Edited on: February 2, 2012 12:23 pm

Marlins new ballpark nears completion

By Matt Snyder

The new Marlins ballpark continues to get its finishing touches, including the sodding of the field, which just happens to be taking place Thursday. Courtesy of Juan C. Rodriguez, the Sun Sentinel's Marlins beat writer (definitely click through to see a lot more pictures of the stadium), here is a beautiful shot of the field -- which gives our best idea yet of how the park will look during play:

Also, here is a shot -- again, from Rodriguez -- of the aquarium that's behind home plate. It's not directly behind, instead a bit to the side, closer to the dugout.

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 6:55 pm

Eye on Photos: Marlins new ballpark

By Matt Snyder

The Marlins new ballpark is set to open in 2012 -- which is why they were trying to spend money like madmen at the Winter Meetings -- and it's now more than 90 percent complete, according to team officials. Tuesday, members of the local media were treated to a tour of the entire facility.

Joe Capozzi (Twitter handle: joecapMARLINS) of the Palm Beach Post's Fish Tank blog was kind enough to let us post the following pictures that he took on the tour. Check out the pictures below. Click on any individual picture for a full size (630x500 px).

This will be the spacious Marlins' clubhouse. The steps leading up to the center-field seating area. 
A nice view from center field, overlooking the entire playing surface, facing home plate. 
The view of home plate from the left field foul pole, almost literally. 
Nice view of the playing surface from the press box, which would be a similar view to nearly any seat in the area.  An announcer scouts out his new view ... 
This is an indoor batting cage, that will have a viewing area, so fans can watch players take batting practice. A view of right field from seats on the third base side of the stadium. 

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Posted on: September 8, 2011 3:55 pm
Edited on: September 8, 2011 3:58 pm

Marlins plan closing day ... with Mike Piazza?

By Matt Snyder

Mike Piazza was a big part of the Mets closing down Shea Stadium, so it's only natural he'd be a part of the Marlins closing down Sun Life Stadium.

Wait, what?

Yes, the Marlins have unveiled plans for "historic closing day" at Sun Life Stadium. They're having a celebration September 28 in memory of all the great times in the football stadium before finally moving to their own baseball stadium.

From the press release sent by the Marlins:

"To commemorate the 19 seasons as the Florida Marlins, the Club will host a special post-game on-field ceremony, during which the Florida Marlins All-Time team will be unveiled, as selected by the fans in an online voting campaign. The historic Closing Day will also feature the Top 10 Memories in Florida Marlins history, also voted on by the fans.

"Current and former players and coaches will come together to celebrate this great milestone in the history of the franchise. Scheduled attendees include Kurt Abbott, Antonio Alfonseca, Moises Alou, Alex Arias, Bruce Aven, Rickey Bones, Bobby Bonilla, Kevin Brown, Luis Castillo, Greg Colbrunn, Jeff Conine, Reid Cornelius, Andre Dawson, Alex Fernandez, Cliff Floyd, Chris Hammond, Lenny Harris, Bryan Harvey, Livan Hernandez, Charlie Hough, Charles Johnson, Josh Johnson, Rene Lachemann, Al Leiter, Mike Lowell, Josias Manzanillo, Jack McKeon, Robb Nen, Vladimir Nunez, Tony Perez, Mike Piazza, Scott Pose, Hanley Ramirez, Pat Rapp,  Ivan Rodriguez, Cookie Rojas, Benito Santiago, Gary Sheffield, Julian Tavarez, Tony Taylor, Michael Tejera and Preston Wilson."

So, yeah, Piazza's name jumps out there. It's not like this a 100-year franchise or anything, but the Marlins do have two World Series championships and many good players have had stints with the club. Piazza had a five-game layover after a trade from the Dodgers before being spun to the Mets.

It's nothing to get worked up over, and if Piazza really wants to go, more power to him. It's just funny. He was with them for five games.

It must have been a magical week ... and, hey, he did land them Preston Wilson. So there's that.

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