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Posted on: November 6, 2011 12:50 pm
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Duquette expected to be named O's GM on Tuesday

Dan DuquetteBy C. Trent Rosecrans

Baltimore is expected to name Dan Duquette its new "president of baseball operations" on Tuesday, Roch Kubatko of MASNSports.com reports (MASN is partially owned by the team). The move is -- at this point -- hardly unexpected. After the Orioles were turned down by the Blue Jays' Tony LaCava, the team moved on to Duquette, settling on the former Red Sox and Expos general manager as CBSSports.com senior writer Danny Knobler wrote on Saturday. The Associated Press reports Duquette signed a three-year contract on Sunday.

The Baltimore Sun reported the Orioles didn't make a formal offer to Duquette on Saturday, but he met with team owner Peter Angelos and others on Sunday, according to Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman (via Twitter). 

Duquette, 53, served as Montreal's GM from 1991-94 and then was the Red Sox GM from 1994-2002. His cousin, Jim Duquette, was vice president of baseball operations with the Orioles in 2005 and 2006 under Mike Flanagan.

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Posted on: November 3, 2011 6:42 pm

Report: Orioles zero in on four GM candidates

By Matt Snyder

The Baltimore Orioles are going to interview four more candidates for the vacant general manager job, and hope to land their new GM from those four, reports Dan Connolley of the Baltimore Sun. The names: Dan Duquette, Damon Oppenheimer, Mike Radcliff and Allard Baird (Connolley).

Orioles GM search
Duquette was the Expos' GM for a few seasons before being the Red Sox GM from 1994 through March of 2002. He hasn't worked in Major League Baseball since then.

Oppenheimer is the current vice president and director of amateur scouting for the Yankees.

Radcliff was the Twins' director of scouting from 1994-2007 and has been their vice president of player personnel since.

Baird was the Royals' GM from 2000-2006 and is currently employed in the Red Sox front office.

According to Connolley's reports, the Orioles won't seek permission to interview anyone else unless all four candidates either turn down the job are aren't deemed worthy of being hired.

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Posted on: November 1, 2011 6:04 pm
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Blue Jays' Tony LaCava turns down Orioles GM job


By Evan Brunell

The Orioles' search for a general manager will continue after Blue Jays assistant GM Tony LaCava declined an offer to take over the Orioles.

“I'm working in a great place, a job that I love. It’s just as simple as that," LaCava told the Baltimore Sun by way of explanation."I really, really treasure my relationship with [Toronto] general manager, Alex Anthopoulos, and I really want to see this through with him."

This is a surprise, as Toronto was readying for LaCava's departure. The 50-year-old was meeting Orioles owner Peter Angelos for the first time on Monday, likely discussing the terms of his employment, the Baltimore Sun wrote. The Orioles were not doing a second round of interviews, so the fact LaCava was back in town and meeting with Angelos spoke volumes. He must not have liked what he heard.

Baltimore's GM job is not exactly seen as a plum job in baseball. The O's play in a very difficult division and arguably are the worst team in the division as far as resources are concerned, whether financial, organizationally, or major- and minor-league talent. In addition, Angelos is a meddling owner who still hasn't learned that the O's have struggled since the mid-1990s because of his over-involvement.

LaCava, for his part, tried to deflect that aspect of turning down the job by telling the Sun, “This was about the Toronto Blue Jays more than it is anything about the Orioles. ... They were classy in everything they did."

But this is a man that has waited about a decade for a GM job. There are only 30 GM jobs in the league and the fact LaCava turned down what would be his first GM job speaks volumes.

The O's have only interviewed three other candidates. One was Jerry DiPoto, who was hired as the Angels GM last week. The other two are Baltimore director of player development John Stockstill and Dodgers assistant GM De Jon Watson. The Orioles may re-open the field to interview candidates, especially now that the World Series is over. Stockstill isn't a well-known name and while Watson's name has surfaced in recent seasons as a potential GM candidate, he hasn't been a popular name. LaCava, of the three remaining candidates, was the clear top dog. MASN says Baltimore could interview Rangers' senior director of player personnel, A.J. Preller. Hometown candidate Thad Levine, who is Texas' assistant GM, could also receive consideration.

Unfortunately, it appears things are only backsliding in Baltimore. Ex-GM Andy MacPhail was able to wrest more control from Angelos than any other GM had, and for a while there, it looked like it was paying off. However, the last two years saw the organization stall, if not regress, in its progress and MacPhail chose to leave the organization despite Angelos' attempts for him to stay. The way the process has gone to interview a new GM, it appears as if what power MacPhail had was a one-time thing only and Baltimore is back to looking for someone to do Angelos' bidding.

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Posted on: September 16, 2011 11:28 am

Can Buck Showalter be both manager and GM?


By Evan Brunell

The Orioles will undergo a transition this offseason when team president and GM Andy MacPhail leaves the team as is widely expected.

With MacPhail's leaving comes the real question as to who the Orioles will replace MacPhail with. If MacPhail, who has a track record of GMing the Twins and Cubs in the past, can't succeed in Baltimore under overbearing owner Peter Angelos despite supposedly gaining more latitude than previous GMs have, it's going to be very hard to attract strong GM candidates to Baltimore as an intriguing destination. Also complicating matters is Angeles' adoration of manager Buck Showalter, whom was Angelos' No. 1 pick to become the new O's manager ahead of McPhail's preferred Eric Wedge.

There have been multiple reports from multiple outlets lately that Angelos could kill two birds with one stone by hiring Showalter as GM in addition to managerial duties. It's a position Showalter would be hard-pressed to turn down as it would give him a very prestigious role, and one that isn't commonly seen in baseball. GMs in the past have also been responsible for non-player operations, a duty that generally falls to the president now. And player-coaches were very common in previous generations -- but someone acting as both a GM and manager? You don't see that often.

It might have been more believable way back when before both GMing and managing were demanding of a 24/7 job. In this day and age, it would be awfully hard for Showalter to pull off such a role.

But it could be done.

Anything can be done with the proper reinforcements. If Showalter wants to try his hand at managing and GMing, he needs to realize that his primary focus is going to be on getting ready for the night's game. While he'll inevitably need his coaching staff to step up and assume more work than currently responsible for, where Showalter will need help is in the front office. And in this, Baltimore might actually become a coveted destination for potential GMs.

Showalter's going to need a hands-on assistant GM that essentially functions as GM without the title or final say. Someone needs to field all the trade calls, pore over the minor leagues, prepare contract discussions... there is no shortage of duties attributed to a GM these days to the point where a GM needs as much help as he can get, never mind a manager-GM. Any assistant GM that comes into a team with Showalter as manager-GM will be asked to shoulder a lot more responsibility than an actual assistant GM -- to the point that he would end up acting as a glorified GM. This would be an attractive job because the assistant GM would get more hands-on training and expertise, plus would raise his stock with other teams as a potential GM candidate. Showalter could also elect to have two assistant GMs to help with the load.

At the end of the day, is being both manager and GM a good idea? No.

While Showalter could potentially pull this off with the right support, it seems foolhardy for the Orioles to combine two very important jobs. Showalter needs to pick which avenue he wants to go down, or he'll become just another name in an increasingly-long list of failed Orioles GMs.

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Posted on: June 24, 2010 8:54 pm

Orioles' star, owner do lunch

Nick Markakis So who gets the check between a guy making $6.75 million a year or the guy who can afford to pay a guy $6.75 million a year?

Either way, the tip better be pretty good.

Anyway, Baltimore's Nick Markakis met with Orioles owner Peter Angelos for about an hour-and-a-half on Thursday, the Baltimore Sun 's Jeff Zrebiec reports. And because it lasted so long, it was likely more than Markakis telling him he sucks.

"I wanted to give him my input and tell him the things I thought we lacked and needed, and what we needed to change," Markakis said. "He's completely open to anything. He was listening, and he was a lot easier to talk to than I anticipated. You know me, sometimes you’ll have a better conversation with the wall than talking to me. But it went a lot better and it was a lot smoother than I thought it was going to go. If I can strike up a conversation and talk to a guy like him who owns the team, I think it is a good situation."

Last week Markakis made his displeasure with the team known and wanted to talk to Angelos about it.

"I want to see this organization going the right way," Markakis said. "When you can get things turned around and in the right direction, this will be one of the best places in baseball to play. As players, as an organization, I think we owe it to fans and the people that are here to make that next step to show that we are willing and we do want to compete. We know we’re in the toughest division in baseball, we know what we are up against. Right now, our backs are against the wall. All our top prospects in the minor leagues are here. I think it’s unfair to put them in that situation where they feel like they have to go out there and do too much, and I think it’s showing. We need to address that and go from there."

Markakis is in the second year of a six-year, $66 million deal with a club option for 2015, so he's pretty much stuck there.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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