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Pepper: Galarraga rotation spot in danger

By Evan Brunell

BLOWUP: Think Armando Galarraga is nervous about doing his job? Check out this meltdown against a reporter...

Reporter: Do you worry about your spot in the rotation?
Galarraga: No, why would I be worried? Is there something I have to worry about?
Reporter: Well, after tonight's performance, possibly...
Galarraga: You think? Why don't we talk about it at the end of the season? I don't count five starts.
Reporter: Aren't you disappointed?
Galarraga: I'm disappointed for this start. I'm not disappointed for the rest of the season. What are you talking about? What are you talking about, "When I next start"? Huh? Who you say I'm gonna be worried about my next start? Huh? (Unintelligible) ... my next start, or are you saying I'm gonna lose my job. Are you trying to say that?

Galarraga has made eight starts on the year so far and has a 5.91 ERA to show for it. He was already in danger of losing his job prior to Monday and then gave up five runs and eight hits in five innings to the Padres, walking two and whiffing one.

Hey, it's not easy to be someone like Galarraga -- a fringe major-league player who won't ever haul in millions of dollars unless something changes fast. He's got minimal job security, is on his third team in his career and clearly sees the writing on the walk. Just chalk this one up to a bad day. Athletes are asked a lot to stand before a microphone day in, day out on both good and bad days -- and woe to those who aren't in the right frame of mind and run out of patience. Everyone's allowed one of these days. (AZ Snakepit)

What to do when a diminutive white player gains a cult following, the appreciation of a manager and minimal impact on offense? Easy -- compare him to David Eckstein, which Rays skipper Joe Maddon did to Sam Fuld. (St. Petersburg Times)

GOODBYE: Tyler Colvin was optioned to Triple-A to get more at-bats, as he's been buried behind the hot play of the outfielders. But GM Jim Hendry wasn't forgiving in his evaluation of Colvin. "He had a really good year for us and since the first days of spring training he never played up to that level. We're in the production business. It wasn't that he wasn't given enough at-bats. He didn't earn enough at-bats. The other guys here outplayed him, too." (Chicago Tribune)

A STEP FORWARD: Danny Espinosa has been slumping lately and especially hideous from the left side. So naturally, when the Pirates brought in a right-handed reliever to flip Espinosa, a switch-hitter, to the left side of the plate, he cracked a two-run homer to send the Nats to victory. (MASN Sports)

It's all injuries, all the time today at Pepper...

TUESDAY TEST: Chipper Jones will test his injured right knee Tuesday after receiving two cortisone injections. If all goes well, he could be back in the lineup Tuesday night. But if his torn meniscus doesn't respond, he may need arthroscopic surgery, which will force him to miss two  to three weeks of action. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Rafael Soriano will likely be put on the disabled list if the latest report is any indication. Soriano told reporters that he will probably miss another week or two unless his examination Tuesday goes splendidly. He hasn't pitched in the last seven games and threw his team under the bus (again) by saying he didn't think he would have affected the outcome of these games and the poor offense is responsible for the futility. (New York Times)

Franklin Gutierrez has been sidelined all year with a mysterious stomach ailment, but is progressing so well he could debut this week. He DHed at Triple-A Monday and will play a full nine in the field on Tuesday before going to Seattle for a status report. (Seattle Times)

BROXTON TOSSES: For the first time since hitting the disabled list, Dodgers closer Jonathan Broxton played a game of catch. Exciting, right? There is no timetable yet on Broxton, nor any (public, at least) word on the next step. (MLB.com)

NISHIOKA TURNS CORNER: The Twins can't wait to have Tsuyoshi Nishioka back and received good news to that effect as "he's starting to turn the corner," trainer Dave Preumer says. He underwent sprinting drills Monday. (MLB.com via Twitter)

TILLMAN INJURED: Despite only having two pitches to work with, Chris Tillman was handcuffing the Red Sox through five innings and 88 pitches. He left the game and saw his bullpen cough up the game. Why? Now we know it's because he left the game with back tightness that flared up during the fifth. It was the second injury removal of the game, as Derrek Lee left the game in the third with a strained oblique. (MASN Sports)

DAVIES TOO: Vin Mazzaro gave up 14 runs against the Indians and is the story nationwide, but that never would have happened if not for Kyle Davies. Davies left Monday's game after just 21 pitches with shoulder soreness. He underwent a MRI, and the team is currently waiting for the results. If Davies hits the DL, Mazzaro may have been a candidate to replace Davies in the rotation... but then that whole 14-run thing... (Kansas City Star)

Rangers ON COMEBACK TRAIL: Good news for the Rangers, as two-thirds of their expected starting outfield could be back in the fold before long. Josh Hamilton is expected to head on on a rehab assignment as early as Wednesday and should be back with the big-league club at some point in their six-game homestand that begins May 23. Meanwhile, Nelson Cruz doubled in his rehab start Monday and could rejoin Texas on Friday. (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

TEAHEN UP IN AIR: Mark Teahen, sidelined by a strained oblique, will be evaluated on Tuesday before a decision is made on whether to DL him. It's too early to guess which direction this goes in, but if Teahen is on the DL, it will constrain third base candidates to Brent Morel and Omar Vizquel. Dayan Viciedo will receive the call from Triple-A if needed. (Chicago Sun-Times)

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Pepper: Wagner coach at 28; Japan quake fallout


By Evan Brunell

These days are certainly different for Ryan Wagner, a 2003 first-round pick of the Reds. He debuted that same year at age 21 and looked as if he would deliver on his promise, but injuries and attrition caused him to struggle over the next two years before being dealt to the Nationals in a contentious deal, with Cincinnati later alleging that the Nationals then-GM Jim Bowden wasn't up-front about the injury issues of reliever Gary Majewski. 

With the Nats, Wagner was nothing more than a fungible reliever who regressed in effectiveness before undergoing surgery for a torn labrum in 2007. After two years of trying to rehab the injury, Wagner called it quits in 2009. And now, he's a 28-year-old manager, accepting a job with the Victoria Generals in the Texas Collegiate League, a college summer league.

"The college level is where I want to be," Wagner said. "I love coaching the younger boys, but it's definitely a slowdown from the big leagues.

"With the little kids, it's fun teaching the fundamentals and watching them grow. But a lot of these kids are D-I players and when you tell them something they are able to make the adjustments." (Victoria Advocate)

DEVASTATION IN JAPAN: While Americans were sleeping soundly, Japan was the victim of the worst earthquake since 1900, measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale. A tsunami developed that will hit Hawaii, but isn't expected to devastate the island. Other places, such as Thailand, may not be so lucky. In the midst of all this, Japan has canceled all professional baseball games for Saturday along with other major sporting events. (Yakyubaya.com)

CONCERN FOR GRANDMOTHER: There are plenty of Japanese ballplayers and media members stateside for spring training that have left many scrambling to contact friends and family. One such player is Daisuke Matsuzaka, who has heard from his family and friends but has not been able to reach his grandmother. (Boston Herald)

Yankees LEGEND OK: Yogi Berra suffered a fall at Yankees spring training camp Thursday and was taken to the hospital as a precaution. The Hall of Famer is doing just fine and may even return to camp Friday. (New York Daily News)

STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES: Stephen Strasburg has had a Twitter account for several months but only recently has been tweeting with any frequency. One such tweet yesterday: "Keeping it freaking stupid with coach today!" Who knows what that means, but good to know. (Washington Post)

WILD THING: "Adaptable, even-tempered and not easily rattled" were words used to describe Charlie Sheen. Huh. Interesting. But these words are from the Sheen of three decades ago when he was a relief pitcher for Santa Monica High School. Sheen served as a "very efficient" bullpen ace, coach Jose Lopez recalls. (Los Angeles Times)

MORE Mets MESS: Everyone knows about the Wilpons' struggle to hang onto the Mets in light of the Bernie Madoff scandal, but there's an entirely different scandal being dealt with at this point. Back in November, the Mets fired team employee Charlie Samuels, who admitted to gambling on baseball and also provided mob associates with insider tips. He is also under investigation for stealing memorabilia from the Mets clubhouse and then selling them. The New York Police Department's Organized Crime and Control Bureau was at Mets camp Thursday to interview players and employees about Samuels in the hope of ferreting out more information for the case. Baseball investigators were also on hand to see if illegal gambling is being conducted by other employees and players. Investigators spoke to people with close ties to Samuels, such as  Mike Piazza and Francisco Rodriguez. (New York Daily News)

AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT GAME: Rockies manager Jim Tracy finally got Denver Nuggets basketball coach George Karl in town, with Karl assisting Tracy in managing Thursday's game. While Karl's the basketball guru, he may have had a hand in Todd Helton cracking a double, speaking to the first baseman just before the at-bat. A bit of a stretch, but whatever, it's spring training. (Denver Post)

QUESTIONING COLE: MLB Trade Rumors has a bunch of questions for college pitcher Gerrit Cole, who should be a top-five pick in the upcoming amateur draft. Cole was plucked out of high school by the Yankees, but opted to go to UCLA and doesn't regret the decision. Also in the interview: Cole's relaying of a Charlie Sheen story. (MLB Trade Rumors)

OZZIE'S IMPRESSED: Dayan Viciedo has impressed manager Ozzie Guillen the most at spring training. The Cuban defector is currently converting to right field from third base as he looks unable to field the position and first base is locked up. Viciedo was hitting .476 in spring training games but a fractured right thumb will sideline him about a month and guarantees a ticket to Triple-A, which was likely coming regardless. If he can show some semblance of plate discipline, he could be a nice bat for years to come. (Chicago Sun-Times)

ON THE WAY BACK: Erik Bedard was one of the better left-handed starters in the game but missed all of 2010 and had just 30 games started combined between 2009-10. Clearly, Seattle's trade for Bedard hasn't quite worked out, but the lefty had a strong start Thursday and felt he was approaching how he felt during his 2006-07 run. That's all well and good, but the 31-year-old needs to actually pitch in a major league game multiple times before anyone gets excited. (MLB.com)

BIG SWEAT: Dennys Reyes makes himself known to Red Sox fans, as the portly left-hander appears all but a lock to snag a spot in the Red Sox bullpen as the requisite lefty. Reyes has quite an interesting story of how he dislocated his right shoulder, which forced him to begin throwing left-handed. He didn't get the shoulder treated, which is why his right shoulder has a six-inch hunch over the left and still causes him pain on certain fielding plays. (Boston Herald)

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Jinxed by Guillen, Viciedo breaks thumb

By Matt Snyder

Thursday afternoon, Ozzie Guillen told the Chicago Sun-Times that 22-year-old Cuban import Dayan Viciedo was the only player in camp who had impressed him. Later Thursday afternoon, Viciedo took a Dave Bush pitch to the right thumb. It is fractured and he'll reportedly miss three to four weeks. (Sun-Times)

What, jinxes and curses are only allowed to be blamed on the North side of Chicago?

It's a shame because the youngster had been really shining for the White Sox this spring. He was hitting .476 at the time of the injury. He was playing well enough all around that Guillen, when asked who had impressed him thus far in the spring, answered, "So far? There's only one guy, that's Viciedo."

Now, Guillen did back that statement up that others were playing well, but that he expected it out of those guys. So it's probably more accurate to say Guillen was simply most impressed with Viciedo.

The young corner infielder/outfielder was probably headed to Triple-A anyway, as the Sox need him to continue to grow as an everyday player, rather than sit on the bench and see occasional at-bats with the big club. Last season, his second in America, Viciedo hit .308 with an .840 OPS in 104 at-bats after a September recall. He certainly showed his big-time power, pounding seven doubles and five home runs in that limited time. In 86 Triple-A games, Viciedo hit 20 home runs.

He'll get to flash that power in Triple-A once that thumb is healed, assuming Guillen doesn't work his magic again.

[Disclaimer alert: In case there's any confusion, let us point out there are no such things as curses or jinxes.]

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ChiSox 3B job up for grabs; Morel the favorite

MorelWhile Friday got upstaged by the Vernon Wells trade, the White Sox held a town meeting and revealed some important things about the White Sox.

Chief among them was the announcement that Ozzie Guillen's 2012 club option was being picked up, tying the skipper to the team for two more seasons.

However, there was plenty more. For one, Guillen announced that the only starting job up for grabs is third base according to Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune. All other positions are settled, but third is down to Mark Teahen and Brent Morel, with Morel in the lead for the gig.

"Morel (pictured) is gifted defensively, but the 23-year-old still has some work to do with the bat. In 70 plate appearances for the White Sox, he hit .231/.271/.415, but that came on the back of a .322/.359/.480 line in 527 PA split between Double- and Triple-A.

[Morel] can probably play four days a week, and you can still get the benefit of having his defense out there and growth offensively," GM Kenny Williams told Gonzales.

With Teahen and Morel handling third base, that freezes out Cuban Dayan Viciedo, who bashed five home runs in 106 PA for the White Sox at just age 21. Viciedo may be ticketed for Triple-A, but is also trying to learn the outfield in the hopes of winning a bench job as the Chicago Sun-Times reveals. If he was to stick with the team, he would help back up first, third and the outfield.

However, given Teahen's versatility of playing right field and a need for a backup center fielder -- Alejandro De Aza is the internal candidate there -- it's likely Viciedo is shipped out.

-- Evan Brunell

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Sale tops White Sox prospects

Sale The White Sox are among the teams with the worst farm system, thanks to the owner forcing GM Kenny Williams to adhere to bonus slot recommendations from the Commissioner's Office despite no reason not to. Complicating matters is William's eagerness to contend every season, even if that means trading away solid prospects.

However, the ChiSox still have a couple intriguing pieces in the farm system, highlighted by Baseball America 's No. 1 prospect of the system in Chris Sale.

Sale (pictured) was plucked in the first round of the 2010 draft and pitched out of the bullpen down on the farm to get him ready for the majors. He was able to contribute to Chicago down the stretch drive, which tells you everything you need to know about how close Sale is to the majors.

With the season over, however, the White Sox are rightly returning Sale to his starting job. Sale draws comparisons to Randy Johnson given his stuff and overall build, but placing a Hall of Famer tag on someone who hasn't even put in a full year of legal drinking yet is a lot to ask. If Sale can stay healthy, he could emerge as an ace in Chicago. If he can't or has durability issues, the closer's job in his future.

Backing up Sale on the prospect lists are two third basemen in Brent Morel and Dayan Viciedo.

Morel is the player that figures to stick at the hot corner and could win the starting job at third in spring training although he will have to fend off Mark Teahen and Omar Vizquel. Morel's game isn't power, but rather hitting for a high average, although power could eventually develop.

Viciedo, meanwhile is a Cuban defector who has game-changing power but can't draw a walk to save his life. That's not quite an impediment to success (as Vladimir Guerrero can attest to) but it is a major stumbling block and it remains to be seen if "The Tank" can overcome that deficiency. While he has been a third baseman to date, many view his future at first or DH. If Paul Konerko does not return to the club, Viciedo could be the heir apparent at first.

The rest of the list:

1. Chris Sale, lhp
2. Brent Morel, 3b/ss
3. Dayan Viciedo, 1b/3b
4. Jared Mitchell, of
5. Eduardo Escobar, ss
6. Gregori Infante, rhp
7. Jacob Petricka, rhp
8. Brandon Short, of
9. Trayce Thompson, of
10. Anthony Carter, rhp

-- Evan Brunell

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Guillen can't see Viciedo as major leaguer -- yet

Dayan Viciedo "Very impressive."

Nope, that's not manager Ozzie Guillen's view on third baseman Dayan Vicideo, a 21-year-old Cuban defector.

It's about the 23-year-old Brent Morel, who is a top prospect and has shined in his 23 big-league plate appearances thus far, hitting .238/.304/.619 with two homers. Morel, a third baseman who has seen time at short in the minors (albeit just 17 games), cranked 10 home runs across Double- and Triple-A with a .322/.359/.480 line in 527 PA. He's likely to be a starter next season for the White Sox.

Viciedo, on the other hand?

"I don't think Viciedo is ready. That's my opinion," Guillen stated to MLB.com . "To play in the big leagues? You see a good couple of at-bats here and there, but to get a good 500 at-bats, I would think about it."

The White Sox are looking to get a return on their investment, having poured four years and $10 million into the youngster prior to the 2009 season.

The righty has 86 PA for the ChiSox -- and just one walk to show for it. That's a big reason his OPS is .726 despite a .271 batting average and solid power with six doubles and three home runs. Somewhat aggressively called up, Vicideo had a .274/.308/.493 line in 363 Triple-A plate appearances (with Morel moving up to Triple-A upon Viciedo's promotion). Walks have always been a problem for the youngster, and it remains to be seen if it will hold him back at the big-league level.

"He's still far away from being here, a year away or maybe two years away," Guillen added. "Right now, I don't think he can perform every day. We have to wait and see in spring training how mature he is and how he comes back."

So what does Viciedo have to learn besides plate discipline?

"You hit in Triple-A and you face two or three good pitchers," Guillen remarked. "In the big leagues, you face everyone. They have a lot of scouts. They are going to see his weakness. Offensively, he has to make some adjustments."

 -- Evan Brunell

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Trade deadline buyer: Chicago White Sox

As the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline looms, the CBS Facts & Rumors team will look at the biggest players leading up to the deadline. This week we'll look at the teams who will be talked about the most; next week will be the players who might be moved.

Kenny Williams On June 8, the White Sox were nine games under .500 and 9 ½ games back in the American League Central. But then they roared back into the playoff picture with an amazing surge and now sit atop the division.

General manager Kenny Williams has said he wants to bulk up for the second half, and he’s one of the more mercurial figures in the game, prone to acting boldly and quickly. On the other hand, Williams has said he’s not impressed with what’s available and the asking prices, and might stand pat. There’s not much the White Sox could do this month that would shock anyone.

Record: 52-42, two games ahead of Detroit (50-44) and Minnesota (51-45) in the American League Central
General manager: Kenny Williams, 10th year
Expectations: High. The South Side got a championship fix in 2005, and White Sox fans are buzzing over the big rally they have made in the standings.
Payroll status: Opening day payroll was $108.2 million, seventh-highest in baseball. The White Sox have about $66 million committed for 2011.

What they need

Left-handed bat: The White Sox have gotten a collective .231 batting average from their designated hitters, so bringing in a slugger to upgrade there is an obvious target. They’ve been focusing on left-handed power.

Starting pitcher: Considering Jake Peavy is out for the year, Chicago is actually in pretty decent shape and could sit tight with the rotation. But Daniel Hudson’s name is coming up a lot as part of a package to get a hitter, and if the Sox lose him they’ll probably need to move on adding a starter.

Who may fit

Adam Dunn Left-handed bat: Reports indicate the NationalsAdam Dunn is Williams’ top priority, and Dunn would be a great fit. As of early this week, the asking price (Gordon Beckham or Carlos Quentin, for openers) was more than Williams was willing to pay.

The other big name connected to the Sox is Milwaukee’s Prince Fielder, though reports vary on whether Chicago is in that race. As with Dunn, the price would be steep.

On the next tier would be the AstrosLance Berkman, who is not having a great year and is expensive.  Also a possibility, though a remote one, is right-handed Toronto home run leader Jose Bautista.

Starting pitcher: Don’t expect Chicago to be in on the biggest names, but they could focus on a second-tier guy like Jake Westbrook, Kyle Farnsworth or possibly Fausto Carmona.

Trade chips

Young infielder Beckham (.241/.297/.341) is the first name to come up in talks, but the White Sox really want to hang onto the 23-year-old, whom they drafted in the first round in 2008. He’s still learning the ropes at the big-league level, but he has a huge upside at the plate.

Right-hander Hudson, also 23, is projected by most teams as a No. 3 or 4 starter, but the White Sox think his potential could be even higher.

They don’t want to move outfielder Quentin (.244/.344/.517), especially with the way he’s been hitting lately, but if it’s what it takes to get Dunn (who, in addition to bringing a high trade price would need a place to play, since he refuses to DH) without giving up Beckham, they might do it.

Why not offer closer Bobby Jenks? Right-hander J.J. Putz and left-hander Matt Thornton both have closing experience and are pitching out of their minds right now, so Jenks, a pending free agent, is expendable.

Cuban infielder Dayan Viciedo, 21, also is attracting a lot of attention. He has batted .295 in limited major-league action this season.


The White Sox don’t meet the Nationals’ price for Dunn, who stays in Washington. They end up with Berkman or turn to alternative options such as Kosuke Fukudome or Adam LaRoche.

-- David Andriesen

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Buyers: New York YankeesLos Angeles Angels
Sellers: Florida MarlinsToronto Blue Jays

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White Sox offering pick of the farm for Dunn

Adam Dunn White Sox general manager Kenny Williams is "desperately" trying to land the Nationals' Adam Dunn, the Chicago Sun-Times ' Joe Cowley writes .

Cowley cites a major-league source as saying Williams has spent the last few days trying to get the Nationals' slugger, offering up "anyone and anything he has in the minor leagues in a package."

However, Cowley writes the Nationals' Mike Rizzo is "still fixated" on getting Gordon Beckham or Carlos Quentin in return.

With Daniel Hudson and Dayan Viciedo on the table, the White Sox are just waiting to hear back from Rizzo.

Still, Williams is playing it close to the vest

"If I'm being honest and completely transparent right now of the price that is being asked for some of the players that we've inquired about, for us, it's more detrimental to our present and our future than we'd like," Williams said.

If anyone is going to overpay for a player like Dunn, it'll be Williams, who is prone to bold gambles. That said, Dunn in U.S. Cellular Field would be a dream for the White Sox.

Dunn, however, is a free agent after the season and made it known he doesn't want to be a full-time designated hitter, while any manager with that option on the table would be fired for negligence if they put him in the field when there's the option to keep his bat in the lineup and glove out of it. If, after the season, a National League team made a play for his services, he'd bolt.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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