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Posted on: December 19, 2010 12:09 am
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Brewers land Greinke

Zack Greinke Well, we call oursleves Facts & Rumors on this blog, and file this under the latter.

This rumor comes from a fan blog on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel site, and maybe there's something to it. I don't know, but even the author doesn't seem to stand by his own report with a huge disclaimer saying this is just a rumor, but a rumor he feels comfortable enough to publish -- even though I'm not so sure the editors at the Journal Sentinel would feel the same way.

With all that said, the Bernies Crew blog claims Zack Greinke's headed to Milwaukee. The disgruntled 2009 American League Cy Young winner is apparently tired of losing and Milwaukee is the place to cure that? Anyway, the deal, as reported, is Greinke and shortstop Yuniesky Betancourt along with $2 million to Milwaukee in exchange for shortstop Alcides Escobar, center fielder Lorenzo Cain and right-hander Jeremy Jeffress.

The Royals system is loaded, but does lack an impact shortstop and center fielder, so it would make sense in that it would fill needs, but doesn't seem to be on par with the impact players that the team has said it would need in order to make a deal.

Baseball Prospectus' Kevin Goldstein tweets he's talked to the agent of both Jeffress and Cain, and neither of his clients have been contacted by either team. Jeffress has tested positive for marijuana twice and has served a 100-game suspension. With one more positive test, he'd face a lifetime suspension. He made his big-league debut this year, but still would be a risky venture for the Royals.

With Greinke and Shaun Marcum, the Brewers would be vastly improved over last season (even with the addition of Betancourt) and in the National League Central, just about any team has a chance at making a run to a division title.

In the end, though, I'm not sure this one passes the sniff test. I could be really wrong, but I'm not sure the Royals are this desperate yet.

UPDATE: OnMilwaukee.com is reporting this as well , adding that the Royal would also receive right-hander Jake Odorizzi, a first-rounder in the 2008 draft. Odorizzi was 7-3 with a 3.43 ERA at Class A Wisconsin of the Midwest League last season.  He struck out 135 in 120 2/3 innings. Odorizzi is not an insignificant add -- it makes the package look better and better. Although, the author of that report, Andrew Wagner, does not name Betancourt as going to Milwaukee, just a "major league" player. That would be debatable with Betancourt, but that he has drawn a big-league check, so he technically counts.

UPDATE: Journal Sentinel Brewers beat writer Tom Haudricourt checks in on Twitter :

UPDATE: Haudricourt tweets again, but has no confirmation of the deal:

UPDATE: Several outlets confirm the deal, including the Journal Sentinel 's Tom Haudricourt .

Give credit to Jim Breen over at Bernies Crew for the stories and my appoligies. You win the day and respect, while many ofthe rest of us eat crow. Good work, Jim, and my apologies.

This makes the National League Central a three-team race between the Brewers, Reds and Cardinals this season. The Brewers have an imposing top of the rotation with Greinke, Shaun Marcum and Yovani Gallardo.

That said, the team has given up its shortstop, center fielder and second baseman of the future, plus two of its best arms. Baseball America's upcoming Prospect Handbook had Odorizzi as the organization's top prospect and Jeffress third. It also means the Brewers are going for a title this season, and a trade of Prince Fielder is unlikely before the season.

Give Milwaukee credit, they're going for it -- much like they did when they acquired CC Sabathia in 2008. It will be a more interesting race in the National League Central, that's for sure.

UPDATE: Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated tweets Jeffress isn't part of the deal, instead, a player to be named is headed to Kansas City. Heyman also notes the Royals had a deal with the Nationals, but Greinke would not approve that deal.

UPDATE: CBSSports.com senior writer Danny Knobler says the deal is all but done, with the two teams haggling over the last player, which is likely Jeffress.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: December 6, 2010 8:02 pm
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Monday night Winter Meetings notes

Winter Meetings Day 1 of the Winter Meetings is quieting down as most media are either posting their end-of-day wraps or schmoozing in the lobby.

While many prepare for dinner and drinks, here's the latest...
  • It's a done deal: J.J. Putz has signed to close for the Diamondbacks at two years and $10 million. In one day, GM Kevin Towers has acquired three relievers. Sounds just like him.
  • Twelve -- count 'em, 12 -- have inquired on reliever Taylor Buchholz as the Providence Journal reports. The righty was one of the better relief pitchers in 2008 but has struggled with injuries the last two seasons. Buchholz was shipped from Colorado to Toronto late in 2010 and then to the Red Sox after the season. Boston then non-tendered him and would like to bring him back but the Sox will have quite the competition to work against.
  • Rays GM Andrew Friedman had a busy first day behind the scenes, even if he didn't get anything done. But enough groundwork has been laid, as he "wouldn't be surprised" to swing a trade or two by the end of the Winter Meetings, as the St. Petersburg Times relays. He needs to rebuild a bullpen and complement the offense.
  • Speaking of rebuilding the bullpen, Friedman believes he can convince reliever J.P. Howell to rejoin the Rays on a contract by the end of the week as the Times adds.
  • AOL Fanhouse's Ed Price notes that six to eight teams are interested in reliever D.J. Carrasco, who has been among the most underrated relievers the last two seasons in this humble scribe's opinion. The Mets are one such team interested.
  • Edgar Renteria appears in an Associated Press story out of Columbia and via MLB Trade Rumors , is saying there are "three options" for a 2011 deal. All options are in the NL and one of the teams is the Giants, who are thought to be interested in Renteria as a backup infielder. Renteria has said previously that he would like to end his career playing for the Cardinals or Marlins, so those could be the other clubs in play.
  • Braves GM Frank Wren says some things have caught his attention and he would like to explore these avenues as the meetings evolve. There's no indication what those avenues are, but one such avenue in Lorenzo Cain from the Brewers is probably not happening as Milwaukee is not as interested in moving Cain as the Braves were led to believe, as MLB.com notes.
  • The Reds want Miguel Cairo back and expect things to be wrapped up by the end of the week with a big-league deal as MLB.com reports.
  • The Indians are interested in talking long-term extension with Shin-Soo Choo now that Choo has received his military exemption from South Korea. He is coming off back-to-back 20-20 seasons and is eligible for arbitration for the first time this offseason as MLB.com relays.
  • Cleveland wants to find a defense-first third baseman to help take the pressure off the rotation that is built around groundballers. However, if a deal makes sense for the Indians for a defensively-challenged third baseman (like Edwin Encarnacion), GM Chris Antonetti wouldn't rule out such a move, says MLB.com .
  • The Twins have offered Japanese infielder Tsuyoshi Nishioka a three-year deal worth $9 to $10 million. This is on top of the $5 million posting fee to be paid to Nishioka's Japanese team as AOL Fanhouse reports.
  • Doug Melvin refused to comment on Carl Pavano as Adam McCalvy of MLB.com tweets. "I'd rather not get into that," Melvin said. "I'll leave that to the rumors. You don't want to tip your hand." Sounds like Melvin just tipped his hand.

-- Evan Brunell

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Posted on: December 6, 2010 1:21 pm
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Braves, Brewers discussing Cain deal

Cain The Braves have expressed interest in acquiring center fielder Lorenzo Cain from the Brewers, reports MLB.com's Mark Bowman.

Atlanta is in dire need of outfielders and Cain would slide right into center field and could then shove Nate McLouth and Joe Mather onto the bench as Martin Prado is gearing up to play left.

However, the club is concerned about the shape of Chipper Jones' knee and the possibility Prado may be asked to see significant time at third. Acquiring Cain would give the club the depth to put McLouth and Mather in left.

Milwaukee needs as much pitching as it can get its hands on as evidenced by the Shaun Marcum deal in which it dealt top hitting prospect Brett Lawrie. If Cain was dealt, it would be for such a pitcher, which Atlanta has in spades. The Brewers would have to move forward with Carlos Gomez in center in such a deal, and that may not be palatable after Gomez's poor season in 2010 that saw him lose his starting job to Cain.

Both sides have talked, but don't seem to be pushing to complete a deal at the moment.

-- Evan Brunell

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Posted on: August 25, 2010 10:56 pm
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Gomez believes he is Brewers CF

Carlos Gomez Carlos Gomez is riding the bench. Lorenzo Cain is starting in center field.

"Right now I still have the job," Gomez says.

Wait, what?

"I'm telling myself I'm not the fourth outfielder; I'm a starting outfielder," Gomez told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel after being activated off the disabled list and playing in right field in lieu of Corey Hart on Tuesday. However, Gomez has lost his center field job to the rookie Cain, who is hitting .314/.368/.431 in 17 games, swiping three bags. That, combined with Gomez' .228/.285/.348 line in 275 plate appearances, make it easy to see why Gomez is on the bench.

"[Cain] is in the lineup ... and he's playing center field," manager Ken Macha said when approached about Gomez' comments. "That should be enough of a statement."

"I'll just say that's interesting," he added. "You can take that any way you'd like. I'm just saying it's interesting."

Interesting that Gomez thinks he's the starting center fielder despite a poor offensive line? Absolutely. So why is he so adamant that he's the starter, not Cain?

Simple: his speed and defense. And Gomez does have that in spades, as his career high in the majors is 33, obtained in 2008 with Minnesota when he appeared in 157 games. However, he has just 10 on the season, so it's not like he burns up the basepaths, despite 64 thefts in 2005 in mid-Class A.

Meanwhile, Cain has swiped 26 between two seasons in 2010.

As for defense, Gomez is one of the better center fielders in the game, but Cain is no slouch either. It simply makes sense to have the hot hand hitting, which Gomez understands.

"I'm the best center fielder on the team," he stated. "But Lorenzo is doing a really good job for the last two weeks and it's not fair for me to come off the DL and take his chance. I understand."

As odd as it may be that Gomez believes he's the incumbent, it's hard to fault him for that. He started for the Twins in 2008 and has been the Brewers' starter up until his DL stint in 2010. Baseball players have to have confidence in themselves that they can do the job, which Gomez clearly has despite a .285 on-base percentage. At age 24, his window to be a starter has not closed, but he won't be handed the center field gig next year, either.

"We'll figure out after the season if I'm going to be the starting center fielder, the fourth outfielder or if I'll be here [with the team]," Gomez said, saying he understands he will likely have to battle Cain for the job in spring training. "We have a lot to play still. Cain is a good player but he's only been here two weeks, so they have to see what he is, then they'll [determine] if he's ready.

"Right now I still have the job."

Gomez may want to check with Macha if he really does have the job.

-- Evan Brunell

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Posted on: August 19, 2010 12:33 pm

Gomez may lose CF job to Cain

Lorenzo Cain When the Brewers swapped J.J. Hardy to the Twins for Carlos Gomez in the offseason, the hope was the Brew Crew had found their center fielder of the future.

Instead, Gomez has shown absolutely no indication of taking the next step at the plate and thus has been left with a .228/.286/.350 line in 271 plate appearances before hitting the disabled list on August 3 with a concussion. Being considered a top defender can only do so much when a complete liability at the plate.

To replace Gomez, the Brewers called up one of the team's better prospects in Lorenzo Cain (pictured). The 24-year-old had split time between Double- and Triple-A, hitting a cumulative .317/.402/.432 in 380 plate appearances. Cain's most likely career outcome at this point was as a solid backup outfielder, if not a fringe starter.

However, since replacing Gomez, Cain has been much more than that. In 13 games comprising 41 PA, Cain has raked for a .389/.439/.566 mark. Certainly over his head, but Cain seems to have put to rest the question of if he can be a viable center fielder, something called in question in 2009 when he missed half the season. He'll likely never rack up the walks, but could be a .280-.300 hitter with 30-plus steals and strong defense.

Gomez, on his end, may end up being the fourth outfielder Cain was considered to have been.

Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel doesn't see any chance Cain loses his starting job, which might leave Gomez shuttled off to Triple-A once he's ready to come off the DL. Gomez wouldn't be down in Triple-A for an extended period of time, however, as rosters are due to expand in September.

Has Gomez Wally Pipped himself? Sure looks like it.

-- Evan Brunell

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Posted on: August 12, 2010 1:09 am

Braun to return to Brewers' lineup

Ryan Braun Ryan Braun will be back in the Brewers lineup on Thursday, Milwaukee manager Ken Macha told MLB.com's Adam McCalvy .

"He's going to play," Macha said. "After he took batting practice, he came up to me and said, 'I'll be ready to go tomorrow.'"

Braun hasn't started since suffered a strained left wrist Sunday against Houston. Braun pinch-ran in Tuesday's game and pinch-hit on Wednesday. He struck out with bases loaded.

Braun is hitting .289/.343/.463 with 16 home runs and 68 RBI.

As recently as Monday the Brewers were scrounging for healthy outfielders, but pretty soon it could be very crowded. Corey Hart (back) was back in the lineup on Wednesday, Braun is on the way back and Carlos Gomez is expected to start a rehab assignment at Triple-A Nashville on Friday and would return soon looking for playing time alongside rookie Lorenzo Cain and recently-acquired Chris Dickerson.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: July 6, 2010 7:38 pm

Gallardo put on DL

Yovani Gallardo The Brewers have placed right-hander Yovani Gallardo on the disabled list and the team activated left-hander Doug Davis.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel' s Anthony Witrado , Gallardo had more tightness in his left oblique area than he was comfortable with and was placed on the disabled list.

General manager Gord Ash told Witardo it was a "safety first" decision.

Gallardo will be available  to come off the disabled list on July 20 in Pittsburgh. The Brewers had planned on bringing outfielder Lorenzo Cain to Milwaukee, but he never made it and the team needed to keep more pitchers on staff because of the recent strain on the bullpen.

Gallardo suffered the injury in the third inning of Sunday's game with the Cardinals, the same day he learned he'd made his first All-Star team. Manager Ken Macha said Monday that Gallardo would be unavailable for the All-Star Game , even if he wasn't placed on the DL.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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