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Brewers offer Hoffman arbitration

Hoffman The Milwaukee Brewers offered Trevor Hoffman arbitration, but Adam McCalvy of MLB.com reports that Hoffman has agreed to decline arbitration.

Hoffman is a Type B free agent, so Milwaukee will net a compensatory pick if he signs elsewhere. The career leader in saves has indicated he will only play in 2011 if he is the closer, which he be in Milwaukee if he chose to return.

In other arbitration news:
  • Cliff Lee has unsurprisingly been offered arbitration along with fellow Type-A free agent Frank Francisco, which could chill Francisco's market. Vladimir Guerrero and Bengie Molina both saw their market increase with no offers of arbitration as MLB.com reports.
  • The Orioles have declined to offer arbitration to Koji Uehara, who may be among the most coveted relievers since he is extremely productive, is stingy with walks and will come on a one-year pact most likely. It's unlikely that Kevin Millwood is offered arbitration as the Baltimore Sun outlines, and if the Sun is to be believed, Millwood won't have a problem finding a job. The Rockies and Royals appear to be the farthest along in contract discussions.
  • Derrek Lee won't be back in Atlanta as the club will not offer arbitration to the Type-A free agent. Offering arbitration would have near guaranteed Lee's return, and the first-base job belongs to Freddie Freeman as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution notes.
  • The Diamondbacks will offer arbitration to Aaron Heilman and Adam LaRoche (both Type B free agents). It is possible LaRoche could accept and return as first baseman.
  • The Rays cut ties with Dan Wheeler (Type A) and Carlos Pena (Type B) as the St. Petersburg Times says, but did tender offers to Type A's in Carl Crawford, Grant Balfour and Rafael Soriano. They also offered to Type B's in Joaquin Benoit, Randy Choate, Brad Hawpe and Chad Qualls. Some of these Type B offers certainly have gentleman's agreements to decline, while Benoit is a Tiger and is already assured of giving Tampa a draft pick.
  • The Angels have announced DH Hideki Matsui won't be offered arbitration. The A's are thought to be contenders for Matsui's services.
  • The Denver Post has arbitration offers from Colorado out to Jorge de la Rosa (Type A) and Octavio Dotel (Type B).

-- Evan Brunell

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142 file for free agency

Lee Stop the presses!

At midnight just now, 142 players became free agents. While some of them are still partying hard in the bowels of Rangers Stadium and on the streets of Arlington, the business side of baseball marches on.

Cliff Lee wasted no time in breaking free from a team in which the vaunted ace lost twice and saw the Giants win a World Series. Victor Martinez waved goodbye to Boston, seemingly on the way to Detroit's "factory-er" pastures. Adam Dunn is walking from the Nationals and many assume is headed to the Cubs.

Less clear are the futures of Rays reliever Chad Qualls, finishing with a cumulative ERA of 7.32 in 59 innings, also pitching for the Diamondbacks.

Is Pedro Feliz on the way out of baseball? The formerly gifted defensive third baseman with some pop landed face-first in the third-base dirt for Houston and finished out as a marginalized bat in St. Louis with an iron glove.

And for the love of God, will someone tell me what's going to happen to Scrappy McScrapperson David Eckstein!?

As per the recent rule changes that shortened the exclusive negotiating deadline from 15 to five, all became free agents immediately.

Per the MLBPA, here is who became free agents:

Player, Position, 2010 Team
  • Glaus, Troy                        1B                AT
  • Hinske, Eric                        OF                AT
  • Lee, Derrek                        1B                AT
  • Benson, Kris                        SP                AZ
  • Hampton, Mike                        SP                AZ
  • Heilman, Aaron                RP                AZ
  • Lopez, Rodrigo                SP                AZ
  • Webb, Brandon                SP                AZ
  • Izturis, Cesar                        SS                BA
  • Lugo, Julio                        2B                BA
  • Millwood, Kevin                SP                BA
  • Patterson, Corey                OF                BA
  • Uehara, Koji*                        RP                BA
  • Wigginton, Ty                        1B                BA
  • Lowell, Mike                        1B                BO
  • Martinez, Victor                C                BO
  • Varitek, Jason                        C                BO
  • Nady, Xavier                        OF                CC
  • Bloomquist, Willie                OF                CI
  • Cairo, Miguel                        3B                CI
  • Edmonds, Jim                        OF                CI
  • Hernandez, Ramon J.                C                CI
  • Lincoln, Michael                RP                CI
  • Rhodes, Arthur                RP                CI
  • Springer, Russ                        RP                CI
  • Beimel, Joe                        RP                CO
  • de la Rosa, Jorge                SP                CO
  • Dotel, Octavio                        RP                CO
  • Giambi, Jason                        1B                CO
  • Mora, Melvin                        3B                CO
  • Payton, Jay                        OF                CO
  • Garcia, Freddy Antonio        SP                CWS
  • Jones, Andruw                        OF                CWS
  • Konerko, Paul                        1B                CWS
  • Kotsay, Mark                        DH                CWS
  • Pierzynski, A.J.                C                CWS
  • Putz, J.J.                        RP                CWS
  • Vizquel, Omar                        3B                CWS
  • Bonderman, Jeremy                SP                DE
  • Damon, Johnny                DH                DE
  • Laird, Gerald                        C                DE
  • Ordonez, Magglio                OF                DE
  • Seay, Bobby                        RP                DE
  • Ohman, Will                        RP                FL
  • Sosa, Jorge                        RP                FL
  • Tracy, Chad                        3B                FL
  • Blum, Geoff                        SS                HO
  • Moehler, Brian                        RP                HO
  • Chen, Bruce                        SP                KC
  • Matsui, Hideki                        DH                LAA
  • Shields, Scot                        RP                LAA
  • Ausmus, Brad                        C                LAD
  • Barajas, Rod                        C                LAD
  • Gibbons, Jay                        OF                LAD
  • Johnson, Reed                OF                LAD
  • Kuroda, Hiroki*                SP                LAD
  • Padilla, Vicente                SP                LAD
  • Ramirez, Manny                OF                LAD
  • Weaver, Jeff                        RP                LAD
  • Bush, David                        SP                MI
  • Capuano, Chris                SP                MI
  • Counsell, Craig                SS                MI
  • Crain, Jesse                        RP                MN
  • Flores, Randy                        RP                MN
  • Fuentes, Brian                        RP                MN
  • Guerrier, Matt                        RP                MN
  • Hudson, Orlando                2B                MN
  • Mahay, Ron                        RP                MN
  • Pavano, Carl                        SP                MN
  • Punto, Nick                        3B                MN
  • Rauch, Jon                        RP                MN
  • Thome, Jim                        DH                MN
  • Blanco, Henry                        C                NYM
  • Dessens, Elmer                RP                NYM
  • Escobar, Kelvim                RP                NYM
  • Feliciano, Pedro                RP                NYM
  • Tatis, Fernando                1B                NYM
  • Berkman, Lance                1B                NYY
  • Jeter, Derek                        SS                NYY
  • Johnson, Nick                        DH                NYY
  • Kearns, Austin                        OF                NYY
  • Moeller, Chad                        C                NYY
  • Pettitte, Andy                        SP                NYY
  • Rivera, Mariano                RP                NYY
  • Thames, Marcus                OF                NYY
  • Vazquez, Javier                SP                NYY
  • Wood, Kerry                        RP                NYY
  • Duchscherer, Justin                SP                OA
  • Sheets, Ben                        SP                OA
  • Contreras, Jose                RP                PH
  • Durbin, Chad                        RP                PH
  • Romero, J.C.                        RP                PH
  • Sweeney, Mike                DH                PH
  • Werth, Jayson                        OF                PH
  • Park, Chan Ho                        RP                PI
  • Correia, Kevin                        SP                SD
  • Eckstein, David                2B                SD
  • Hairston Jr, Jerry                SS                SD
  • Stairs, Matt                        OF                SD
  • Tejada, Miguel                        3B                SD
  • Torrealba, Yorvit                C                SD
  • Bard, Josh                        C                SE
  • Woodward, Chris                SS                SE
  • Wright, Jamey                        RP                SE
  • Burrell, Pat                        OF                SF
  • Guillen, Jose                        DH                SF
  • Huff, Aubrey                        1B                SF
  • Mota, Guillermo                RP                SF
  • Uribe, Juan                        SS                SF
  • Feliz, Pedro                        3B                SL
  • LaRue, Jason                        C                SL
  • MacDougal, Mike                RP                SL
  • Miles, Aaron                        2B                SL
  • Penny, Brad                        SP                SL
  • Reyes, Dennys                RP                SL
  • Suppan, Jeff                        RP                SL
  • Westbrook, Jake                SP                SL
  • Winn, Randy                        OF                SL
  • Baldelli, Rocco                        OF                TB
  • Balfour, Grant                        RP                TB
  • Benoit, Joaquin                RP                TB
  • Choate, Randy                RP                TB
  • Crawford, Carl                        OF                TB
  • Hawpe, Brad                        OF                TB
  • Kapler, Gabe                        OF                TB
  • Pena, Carlos                        1B                TB
  • Qualls, Chad                        RP                TB
  • Soriano, Rafael                RP                TB
  • Cantu, Jorge                        3B                TE
  • Francisco, Frank                RP                TE
  • Guzman, Cristian                2B                TE
  • Lee, Cliff                        SP                TE
  • Molina, Bengie                        C                TE
  • Treanor, Matt                        C                TE
  • Buck, John                        C                TO
  • Downs, Scott                        RP                TO
  • Frasor, Jason                        RP                TO
  • Overbay, Lyle                        1B                TO
  • Batista, Miguel                        RP                WA
  • Dunn, Adam                        1B                WA
  • Harris, Willie                        OF                WA
  • Mench, Kevin                        OF                WA
* Free agent per contract provision in his UPC

Additionally, the following 34 players are eligible for free agency pending option provisions in their UPC

Player, Position, 2010 Team
  • Ankiel, Rick                 OF                AT
  • Farnsworth, Kyle        RP                AT
  • Gonzalez, Alex                SS                AT
  • Infante, Omar                2B                AT
  • LaRoche, Adam        1B                AZ
  • Hendrickson, Mark        RP                BA
  • Beltre, Adrian                3B                BO
  • Hall, Bill                OF                BO
  • Lopez, Felipe                3B                BO
  • Ortiz, David                DH                BO
  • Ramirez, Aramis        3B                CC
  • Arroyo, Bronson        SP                CI
  • Cabrera, Orlando        SS                CI
  • Harang, Aaron                SP                CI
  • Francis, Jeff                SP                CO
  • Olivo, Miguel                C                CO
  • Peralta, Jhonny        3B                DE
  • Podsednik, Scott        OF                LAD
  • Davis, Doug                SP                MI
  • Hoffman, Trevor        RP                MI
  • Zaun, Gregg                C                MI
  • Reyes, Jose                SS                NYM
  • Chavez, Eric                DH                OA
  • Crisp, Coco                OF                OA
  • Ellis, Mark                2B                OA
  • Garland, Jon                SP                SD
  • Young, Chris                SP                SD
  • Bedard, Erik                SP                SE
  • Branyan, Russ                1B                SE
  • Renteria, Edgar        SS                SF
  • Wheeler, Daniel        RP                TB
  • Guerrero, Vladimir        DH                TE
  • Gregg, Kevin                RP                TO
  • Kennedy, Adam        2B                WA
-- Evan Brunell

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R.I.P. D-Backs: Headed in wrong direction

As the sports world waits for the crowning of a champion, 22 other teams are busy preparing for spring training. What went wrong for these teams, and what does 2011 hold? MLB Facts and Rumors here at CBS Sports will be answering those questions through all of October. Today: The Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Diamondbacks were embarrassed by their last-place showing in 2009. They added, they tweaked, they hoped for a big rebound.

And somehow in 2010 they got even worse.

The Diamondbacks finished with 97 losses, the same record they posted as an expansion team 13 years earlier. Arizona featured one of the worst bullpens in history, an offense that set a major-league record for strikeouts, and a midseason turnover at manager for the second year in a row.

After 2010, there’s no illusion of tweaking. The Diamondbacks are rebuilding.


A lot went wrong, but nothing went worse than the bullpen.  Arizona relievers lost 32 games, on the hook for about a third of their losses, and finished with a 5.74 ERA. That’s more than a run worse than the next-worst bullpen and almost three runs – three runs a game, think about that – worse Chad Qualls than San Diego’s top-ranked ‘pen. The opening-day closer, Chad Qualls, was traded away with an 8.29 ERA.

Brandon Webb and Dan Haren were supposed to give Arizona a killer 1-2 punch. Yeah, not so much.

After Webb threw just four innings in 2009, the Diamondbacks picked up his $8.5 million option for 2010, assured he would be ready to go this spring. Instead his rehab went on … and on … and he never threw a pitch. Instead Arizona threw that $8.5 million right down the drain. And with the writing on the wall at midseason, Haren was shipped out.

The Diamondbacks weren’t terrible offensively, eighth in the NL in runs scored, but were painful to watch as they struck out a record 1,529 times. Mark Reynolds had the dubious distinction of becoming the first man ever to finish with more strikeouts (211) than batting average points (.198).


Edwin Jackson threw a no-hitter on June 25 (or maybe it was a no-hitter and a half, since he threw 149 pitches), the single-game highlight of the season. The only thing that would be close was tying a major-league record with four consecutive homers August 11 in Milwaukee.

Chris Young bounced back from a lousy 2009 to raise his average 45 points and hit 27 homers and drive in 91 runs. Kelly Johnson proved a nice addition, bumping his average 60 points from the previous year in Atlanta.

On the mound, Ian Kennedy and Daniel Hudson provide hope for the future of the rotation.


Arizona had some young players in deep reserve who might benefit from more exposure, such as Cole Gillespie, Rusty Ryal and Tony Abreu.

Another piece of potential help is first baseman Brandon Allen, who didn’t do well in his first season but put in a solid year at Triple-A and looked vastly improved ina  September callup. If Adam LaRoche isn’t back, Allen is probably the guy.

The Diamondbacks won’t have any luck convincing their fickle fan base that next year is going to be a run for the roses, though it’s unlikely for things to get worse and new manager Kirk Gibson has brought some legitimacy to the team.


Webb is a big question mark – do you bring him back at a discount and hope that if he does bounce back, you get something out of the money you poured in there the past two years? He seems to be getting some looks from multiple teams in instructional league, so I say walk away if the bidding gets serious.

New general manager Kevin Towers has said he wants to build the pitching staff from the closer down, so look for them to consider Rafael Soriano. Having a proven commodity in the key spot can only help the rest of the bullpen.

There are young starters in place, but there are not enough of them, and they could use an affordable veteran presence. Maybe somebody like Ted Lilly or Jake Westbrook?


This organization is in a pretty deep hole, and it’s not going to climb out overnight. Plus, the Padres, Giants and Rockies all have big upsides, and the NL West isn’t the cupcake it used to be. Tough to see the Diamondbacks getting out of the cellar, but in this situation you’re just looking for progress.

Check out the rest of the R.I.P. reports here.

-- David Andriesen

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Add Rays reliever to list of freak injuries

Grant Balfour It seems 2010 is the year of the freak injury -- first Kendry Morales breaks his leg jumping into home plate, then Chris Coghlan injured his knee in a post-game shaving cream pie accident and now Rays reliever Grant Balfour has gone on the DL after "wrestling" with his pitching coach.

Balfour is expected to miss 4-6 weeks with a left rib strain and was placed on the disabled list this weekend. His injury was one of the reasons the Rays acquired a reliever, Chad Qualls, rather than a bat at the deadline, Marc Topkin of the St. Petersburg Times writes .

Balfour had a 2.08 ERA and had struck out 44 batters in 43 1/3 innings.

The injury occurred Friday before batting practice when Balfour was "messing around" with Jim Hickey.

"[It was] just kind of a freaking thing," Rays manager Joe Maddon said. "[It's] something that guys do almost every day in these situations. Nothing ever happens. It happened."

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: July 31, 2010 9:05 am

Rays take flier on Qualls

The Rays have acquired reliever Chad Qualls from the Diamondbacks for a a player to be named later, as MLB.com Steve Gilbert confirms .

In the move, the Rays will be footing the entire remaining salary of Qualls, thought to be about $1.6 million. The 31-year-old has been one of the worst relief pitchers in the game so far on the season with an abominable 8.29 ERA over 38 innings. However, he has 34 strikeouts and 15 walks, which is a solid mark. His .434 BABIP is worefully unsustainable and has left just 51.4 percent of runners on base -- also unsustainable. As a result, his xFIP is a more impressive 3.84.

The Rays are taking a chance that the 8.29 ERA is an aberration and instead are choosing to focus on the fact that Qualls' peripherals speak to a far better pitcher -- one that notched 24 saves for Arizona last sesaon.

-- Evan Brunell

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Posted on: July 26, 2010 11:30 pm

Diamondbacks still looking to deal

Chris Snyder Dan Haren has been dispatched to Anaheim, but that's not likely to be the last of the news coming out of the desert this week.

Steve Gilbert of MLB.com said Monday the Diamondbacks are open to offers for at least four more players: catcher Chris Snyder, right-hander Edwin Jackson, reliever Chad Qualls and first baseman Adam LaRoche.

A report earlier in the day by Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports said the Red Sox had offered reliever Ramon Ramirez to the Mets for Rod Barajas before Barajas ended up hurt. That would indicate Boston is interested in shoring up at catcher (even with Monday's return of Victor Martinez), and obviously the Diamondbacks are desperate for anything resembling an even remotely competent reliever. Would the Sox make the same deal for Snyder that they were prepared to make for Barajas?

Jackson has been connected to the Nationals, though you wonder how interested the Diamondbacks are in parting with two-fifths of their starting rotation wihin a few days.

This week could be important to interim GM Jerry DiPoto, who is considered a longshot to keep the job. Some good trades might help -- and if he can get someone to take Chad Qualls (1-4, 8.49 ERA) off their hands, he might be the Diamondbacks' employee of the month..

-- David Andriesen

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Posted on: July 24, 2010 12:48 pm

Latest on Haren

Dan Haren Yes, that's a photo of Dan Haren spitting suflower shells during Friday night's game. The way people are burning through Haren file art, expect to see photos of him grocery shopping and tying his shoes if this thing drags on much longer.

At any rate, rumors about Haren's imminent departure from Arizona abound today, most of them centering around the Yankees.

According to Twitter links from Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated, the Yankees and Diamondbacks seem to be haggling over who pays how much of the $33 million due Haren on the rest of his contract, and how the financial obligation affects what players move.

The Diamondbacks wanted the Yankees to take all of Haren's salary and send them a package that included Joba Chamberlain. That's not happening. They countered with, instead of Chamberlian, sending pitching prospects Ivan Nova, Zach McAllister and two others. And the Diamondbacks apparently are trying to unload Chad Qualls and Chris Snyder (who has at least $6.5 million left on his contract after this year) in the deal, but the Yankees have balked. Aaron Heilman also has been mentioned as a possible throw-in by Arizona.

A source tells the New York Daily News the Yankees want to make the deal, but "but not at all costs." Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic quotes D-backs CEO Derrick Hall as saying the Yankees are involved, but not necessarily the front-runner.

Bottom line: It seems a virtual certainty Haren will move, and the Diamondbacks are targeting pitching and holding out for the best deal.

-- David Andriesen

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Posted on: July 22, 2010 8:09 pm
Edited on: October 19, 2010 11:27 am

Arizona needs 'A-plus' deal for Haren

Dan Harren If the Diamondbacks are going to give up Dan Haren, it's going to take an "A-plus" deal, Arizona CEO Derrick Hall tells the Arizona Republic 's Nick Piecoro .

Haren is under contract through 2012 plus a club option for 2013, so it's not as if the team needs to get rid of him right now. However, the Diamondbacks are looking to slash payroll and Haren will make $12.75 million in each of the next two seasons and the team option for 2013 is for $15.5 million with a $3.5 million buyout, so it would make more financial sense than baseball sense if he is moved.

If the Diamondbacks do move Haren, it will take pitching, Hall told reporters.

The Tigers, Yankees, Phillies, Twins and Cardinals all have had reported interest in Haren.

"Ideally what we would ask for is major-league ready pitching, be it starters and/or bullpen, and prospects," Hall said. "The volume doesn't matter. It doesn't need to be four or five or six guys, it's really about the quality."

Hall told Piecoro that it didn't have to be a player who is already in the majors, but top-flight minor-league talent would work.

Hall also said the team wants to keep either Haren or Edwin Jackson, who is signed for $8.35 million next season.

Hall said there has been interest in other Diamondbacks and nobody's untouchable -- "if you're getting enough in return, you'd have to consider."

Other Diamondbacks of interest to other teams may be reliever Chad Qualls and Aaron Heilman, both free agents after the season. Shortstop Stephen Drew is arbitration-eligible after the season and could also draw interest.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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