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Jeter chases No. 3,000 against Rays


By Evan Brunell

Much to the relief of Yankees fans (and the Yankees themselves, although they won't admit that), Derek Jeter came through the Cleveland series still shy of hit No. 3,000 although he did narrow the gap to just three away.

Now, Jeter heads home to New York to begin a four-game series against the Rays. If Jeter wants to get No. 3,000 before the All-Star Game, it will have to come during those four games. So let's take a look at each opposing pitcher and how Jeter has fared.

Facing: Jeff Niemann (5.05 ERA, 4.26 xFIP, 29/12 K/BB in 46 1/3 IP)

Niemann hasn't exactly gotten 2011 off to a great start through nine starts and is the worst of the four starting pitchers that Jeter will face. If he doesn't get at least a hit off Niemann, he'll find the going rough the next few games. The good news is that Jeter rips Niemann, collecting five hits in 10 trips to the plate, adding on a walk and striking out just one. Those are encouraging numbers, and even better for Jeter, Niemann's average fastball velocity is the lowest it has been in the majors at 90.9 mph. A slow fastball is manna for aging hitters.

HellicksonFacing: Jeremy Hellickson (3.21 ERA, 4.47 xFIP, 68/39 K/BB in 103 2/3 IP)

Hellickson is a rookie, so Jeter has only faced him twice and collected one hit. In the running for Rookie of the Year, the righty has been very lucky so far even though he deserves to be considered one of the best up-and-coming pitchers. Still, with a below-average strikeout rate and average walk rate, he isn't fooling many batters. While he's benefited from an amazing defense behind him, all Jeter needs to worry about is putting the ball in play. Against Hellickson, he can do that.

Facing: David Price (3.56 ERA, 2.87 xFIP, 122/23 K/BB in 124 IP)

It will be hard for Jeter to muster anything against Price, who has been dominating this year. He's stingy with walks and strikes out an average of almost nine batters per game. Helping Cap'n Jetes is the fact that Price is a left-hander. Jeter has always hit lefties far better than righties and that's continued in 2011 as he's mustered just a .245./294/.303 mark against righties, but dominating lefties at .299/.405/.403. In 28 plate appearances against Price, Jeter has a .240 batting average with a double, home run and three walks, but has struck out five times.

Facing: James Shields (2.47 ERA, 2.87 xFIP, 132/33 K/BB in 134 2/3 IP)

Shields, the early front-runner for AL Cy Young Award honors, was on a scorching streak in June, registering three straight complete games and a 1.06 ERA over five starts. His first and last start of the month wasn't fantastic, leaving his overall month at an even 3.00 ERA. Still, Shields is a dangerous pitcher, but Jeter has faced him the most of any Rays pitcher by far with 55 plate appearances and a .315/.327/.389 line. He may not walk much or hit for power, but that .317 average bodes well for Jeter's hopes if he enters Sunday still reaching for No. 3,000.

Overall, Jeter has a career .309/.372/.447 line against the Rays, but the vast majority of those at-bats came when the Rays were hapless and Jeter was an elite hitter. That didn't stop him from hitting .301 against Tampa in 86 plate appearances last season, although he did so with no walks or power. Both New York and Jeter have only seen the Rays twice this season thus far and he's collected one hit in nine trips to the plate.

While playing in New York is generally a positive thing for Jeter over his career, it hasn't been so far in 2011. He's slashing .285/.347/.400 on the road, compared to a paltry .234/.301/.262 at home.

Still, with four games on the docket, just three hits away and encouraging numbers against the Rays, Jeter will likely rifle hit No. 3,000 at some point in the series. The only question is which game.

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On Deck: Jeter returns; fireworks in St. Louis?

By C. Trent Rosecrans

Derek JeterJETER RETURNS: You may have heard by now, but Derek Jeter is on his way back. The Yankee captain is expected to start at shortstop and leadoff for the Yankees today against Cleveland's Josh Tomlin (9-4, 3.86 ERA). Jeter is 2 for 6 lifetime against the right-hander. Jeter hasn't played since leaving a game against the Indians on June 13 with a strained right calf. On June 12, Jeter had two singles off of Tomlin, driving in two runs in a 9-1 Yankee victory. The Yankees are 14-4 in 18 games without Jeter. Yankees at Indians, 6:35 p.m. ET (Follow live)

BAD BLOOD: Reds right-hander Johnny Cueto makes his first start in St. Louis since his part in a benches-clearing brawl last August at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati. Not only that, he's facing off the same pitcher that started that game for St. Louis, Chris Carpenter. Cueto was suspended seven games after kicking at players after he was pinned against the backstop. Carpenter was among those on the other end of Cueto's spikes and showed off scratches and scrapes on his back. Carpenter said Cueto's actions would have consequences "on the street." We'll see if he goes all 'hood on Cueto when the Reds' pitcher has to bat. The two teams also had words the last time they met, May 15 at Great American Ball Park when Reds closer Francisco Cordero hit Albert Pujols in the ninth inning of the Reds' final game of a three-game sweep. Cardinals backup catcher Gerald Laird, bench coach Joe Pettini and pitching coach Dave Duncan took offense and screamed at Cordero and other Reds players from the bench. Reds at Cardinals, 6:15 p.m. ET (Follow live)

Rays ON TARGET: The Rays have won six of seven games against the Twins this season and all three games played at Target Field. Tampa Bay has won its last five games in Minnesota and have to feel good with David Price on the mound. The All-Star lefty is 8-6 with a 3.43 ERA and is 1-1 with a 1.69 ERA in four appearances all-time (three starts) against the Twins. The Twins counter with lefty Brian Duensing, who is 5-7 with a 4.69 ERA but hast the team's lone win against the Rays this season, allowing two runs on seven hits in seven innings on April 17 at Tropicana Field. Rays at Twins, 2:10 p.m. ET (Follow live)

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Halladay, Weaver should start All-Star Game

By C. Trent Rosecrans

Perhaps the list of who won't be starting the All-Star Game is as impressive as who may start the game on July 12 at Chase Field in Phoenix.

Because of the rule that pitchers who start on the Sunday before the game are ineligible to pitch in the All-Star Game, Justin Verlander, James Shields, Matt Cain, Felix Hernandez, Cole Hamels, CC Sabathia and Jon Lester won't be getting the nod to start the game. However, it should be noted that neither Sabathia nor Lester were selected to the team, perhaps with an eye toward the fact they wouldn't be able to pitch in the game.

With those pitchers eliminated from the competition, it's easier to pick the starters for next Tuesday's game. We'll continue the process of elimination to determine the starters for the All-Star Game.

National League

Without Hamels and Cain, there are six pitchers left to pick from. It's unlikely that Tim Lincecum or Ryan Vogelsong of the Giants would be headed to Phoenix if San Francisco manger Bruce Bochy wasn't making the picks, so cross them off the list. That leaves Roy Halladay, Jair Jurrjens, Clayton Kershaw and Cliff Lee.

I'd be surprised if Kershaw didn't start an All-Star Game in his career, but it's not this year. He's got the potential to be as good as anyone in the game, but he's allowed six earned runs in three of his last six starts, so he's out.

Cliff Lee had an unbelievable June, but take that away and he's 4-6 with a 4.23 ERA. He's out.

So it comes down to the two 11-game winners, Halladay and Jurrjens. Jurrjens leads in ERA at 1.89, while Halladay has a 2.44 ERA. Halladay has more strikeouts, 131 to 63 and also leads in WHIP (1.027 to 1.061). Either one would be a good pick, but expect Bochy to go with the veteran Halladay, and it's tough to argue picking Halladay for about anything. His track record gives him the edge.

American League

If Verlander and Shields were in this discussion, it would be a lot more difficult. So in the also-rans, we'll start with C.J. Wilson. Wilson is 8-3 with a 3.14 ERA, good numbers to be sure, but not elite. Like Bochy picking two of his starters (and 60 percent of his starting rotation), Rangers manager Ron Washington was looking out for one of his own players by picking him over Sabathia or Lester, so he's out of the discussion.

David Price is 8-6 with a 3.43 ERA with 116 strikeouts, a good half-season to be sure, but not an All-Star starting pitcher.

Gio Gonzalez is that under-the-radar starter who has been lights-out this season, going 8-5 with a 2.31 ERA and 106 strikeouts in 109 innings. Gonzalez is fourth in the American League in ERA but his WHIP is an improved 1.235, which is decent but not in the Top 10 in the league.

Jered Weaver and Josh Beckett are both in the top three in both ERA and WHIP, with Weaver first in ERA (1.92) and third in WHIP (0.921) to Verlander (0.862). Beckett trails Weaver in ERA (2.12) and jumped ahead of him in WHIP (0.906) with Sunday's performance. If you're one of those people who puts value in pitcher's wins as a stat, Weaver leads all American Leaguers eligible to pitch in the game with 10 wins, while Beckett's pedestrian record of 6-3 belies what he's been able to do on the mound this season.

Weaver had a case to start last season season's game in Anaheim, but wasn't eligible because he'd started the Sunday before the game. He's scheduled to start on Thursday, putting him on track to start again on July 12, and he should get that chance.

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American League pitchers and reserves

By C. Trent Rosecrans

The biggest notable name that's not on the list is Yankees' starter CC Sabathia, who is scheduled to start next Sunday, so he wouldn't be eligible to pitch in the game anyway. He also said he was happy not to go, instead using his time off to take a mini-vacation.

American League


Chris Perez, Indians (players' pick)

Jose Valverde, Tigers (manager's pick)

Aaron Crow, Royals (manager's pick)

Josh Beckett, Red Sox (players' pick)

Mariano Rivera, Yankees (players' pick)

Gio Gonzalez, Athletics (manager's pick)

Felix Hernandez, Mariners (players' pick)

Justin Verlander, Tigers (players' pick)

Brandon League, Mariners (player's pick)

David Price, Rays (managers' pick)

James Shields, Rays (players' pick)

Jered Weaver, Angels (players' pick)

C.J. Wilson, Rangers (managers' pick)


C Matt Wieters, Orioles (manager's pick)

OF Jacoby Ellsbury, Red Sox (players' pick)

OF Carlos Quentin, White Sox (players' pick)

SS Asdrubal Cabrera, Indians (players' pick)

1B Miguel Cabrera, Tigers (players' pick)

2B Howie Kendrick, Angels (players' pick)

OF Michael Cuddyer, Twins (manager's pick)

C Russell Martin, Yankees (players' pick)

OF Matt Joyce, Rays (players' pick)

3B Adrian Beltre, Rangers (players' pick)

IF Michael Young, Rangers (players' pick)

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Four Rays ejected in one inning

By Matt Snyder

Well, this is something you don't see every day. The Rays had a manager and three players ejected in the same half-inning. It was the top of the eighth and the Rays faced a 2-0 deficit to the Cardinals. Relief pitcher J.P. Howell, manager Joe Maddon and obviously several other Rays felt Howell was being squeezed by home plate umpire Vic Carapazza. Maddon was tossed after Lance Berkman drew a walk on a close pitch with two outs. A few batters later, Colby Rasmus put the game out of reach with a three-run home run. Before Rasmus had even completed his trot, Howell went into tirade mode. Just watch the highlight.

Check out the video on MLB.com by clicking here.

Evidently, Howell and Maddon weren't alone in their feelings on the umpiring, because both David Price and Elliot Johnson were ejected from the Rays' bench for comments they were making from the dugout.

So, yeah, the Rays had four players ejected in the same half-inning. That's some efficient work in getting after the umpires.

Full game recap/box score

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Posted on: June 16, 2011 11:53 pm

Rays prospect throws no-hitter

By C. Trent Rosecrans

You know the Rays are already stacked with starting pitching -- the rotation of James Shields, David Price, Jeremy Hellickson, Wade Davis and Jeff Niemann has plenty of talent -- and the Rays' minor-league system is still deep in pitching talent.

The team's top pitching prospect, left-hander Matt Moore, threw a no-hitter on Thursday night for Double-A Montgomery against Mobile. Moore, the game's top left-handed pitching prospect, struck out 11 and walked just two on Thursday, throwing 106 pitches.

It's his second career no-hitter, throwing a seven-inning no-hitter in 2009.

On the season, he's 4-3 with a 2.43 ERA. In 14 starts, he's struck out 103 batters in 77 2/3 innings, while walking just 21. Moore will celebrate his 22nd birthday on Saturday.

Moore led the minors in strikeouts in each of the last two seasons and trails only Edwar Cabrera of the Rockies' low Class-A Asheville team this season. Cabrera has 110 in 86 innings.

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On Deck: Can Holliday help end Cards' slide?

By C. Trent Rosecrans

There may only be four night games tonight, but there's still plenty of entertaining storylines to follow in those four games.

Holliday just in time: Matt Holliday returns from the disabled list just in time to try to avoid a sweep at the hands of the Nationals and to help the Cardinals try to end a five-game slide. You think adding a guy hitting .342/.433/.542 with six homers in 44 games will help? I do. Since Holliday went on the DL, the Cardinals have fallen out of first place in the NL Central. Meanwhile, the Nationals have won their last five and with the Marlins' loss to the Phillies, the Nationals aren't in last place. They need to win to keep it that way. Cardinals at Nationals, 7:05 p.m. ET (Follow live scoring)

Giant sweep: Hoping to take over first place from San Francisco, the Diamondbacks welcomed the Giants, but now they're just looking to take a game from the defending champs. To do so, they'll have to solve the most surprising player of the season, Giants starter Ryan Vogelsong. The San Francisco right-hander is 4-1 with a 1.81 ERA this season and has an ERA of just 0.99 in his last seven starts. Giants at Diamondbacks, 9:40 p.m. ET (Follow live scoring)

Trading shutouts: In the first game of the Red Sox-Rays series, James Shields shut out the Red Sox. On Wednesday, Josh Beckett shut out the Rays. Thursday night's matchup features two pitchers more than capable of shutting down any lineup -- Tampa Bay's David Price (7-5, 3.51 ERA) and Clay Buchholz (5-3, 3.59). Red Sox at Rays, 7:10 p.m. ET (Follow live scoring)

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Pepper: Red Sox sweep Yanks; Varitek on Posada

By Evan Brunell

WALK A MILE IN THESE SHOES: Jason Varitek has been the Red Sox's answer to Jorge Posada for over a decade and has already undergone his own transition from starting catcher to backup. While Posada remains in the lineup as DH, Varitek wonders if his transition was easier to undertake.

“Jorge’s really had to go from focusing and doing the things that you have to do behind the plate -- the constant reminders, this and that, the maintenance, what’s going on -- and now you’re almost like, ‘Well what do I do with my time?’ ” Varitek said.

'Tek says the fact that he still starts games or has to stay mentally engaged in case he is needed in the middle of the game has allowed his transition to be easier and forces him not to worry about his slow bat. While Varitek's bat is waking up, he's still at a poor .164/.258/.218 in 63 plate appearances. Posada doesn't have that luxury, as his lousy line is as starting DH. But the Red Sox captian isn't ready to anoint Posada's career dead in the water.

"[Saturday] he had one of the few hits against Buchholz, and Buchholz had his top notch stuff,” he said. “You go through the Xs and Os and you don’t look at the batting average.” (New York Times)

Looks like Julio Teheran will get another spot start Wednesday. The Braves only need a fifth starter Wednesday and May 31, so can go with a four-man rotation for the time being. Obviously, Atlanta would have preferred Brandon Beachy not get hurt, but he kind of had decent timing. Beachy will take about a month to return, so Minor could still grab a few starts in June. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution via Twitter)

The first-place Rays have yet to do battle against the Yankees, but that changes Monday as both teams begin a two-game set in Tampa. David Price will draw the ball to start and admits he is always just a bit more motivated against the Bronx Bombers. "That just happens," Price said. "Whenever you're pitching against the pinstripes, you have a little more. That's how it is, that's just from their success forever in baseball." (St. Petersburg Times)

Manny Acta, by all appearances, has been everything the Indians want in a manager. He's driven closer community-player relations, encouraging players to take part in Twitter. (Dusty Baker, take note.) But he's also made an impact on the field by setting expecations in spring training of contending and using all his tools at his disposal to make decisions. That's put him in the early bid for manager of the year. (New York Times)

Tony La Russa remains away from the Cardinals with a bout of shingles, missing six games to date. La Russa is unclear when he can return to the team and will hold a meeting with GM John Mozeliak Monday to try to answer that very question. (FoxSportsMidwest.com)

Chase Utley played in his first full minor-league game on Sunday and is getting ever-closer to returning to the majors. GM Ruben Amaro indicated that Utley needs to get more at-bats, but would not rule out a return during the upcoming week-long homestand starting Wednesday. Sounds a bit optimistic, but it looks like Utley will give fantasy owners a jolt by returning before the calendar flips to June. (Philadelphia News)

A few eyes widened Sunday when Daniel Murphy of the Mets walked on what was thought to be a 3-1 count -- except umpire Angel Hernandez had called Houston's Aneury Rodriguez for a balk prior to what ended up being the fourth ball.  "I don't know. I wasn't paying attention," Murphy said. "I heard, 'Balk.' And then, '3-1.' I guess that's what Angel said -- ['ball']. It went from 2-1 to 3-1. It was a four-ball walk." (ESPN New York)

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen wants fans to know that the team will turn things around. “Hopefully, we go home and play better for our fans,’’ Guillen said. “They deserve that. We owe them one after that last homestand. Hopefully, we continue to play the way we’re playing now.’’ The White Sox are 6-3 in their last nine games, but are still a discouraging nine games out of first place. (Chicago Tribune)

There are no plans to demote third baseman Pedro Alvarez to the minors, Pirates GM Neal Huntington revealed on the radio. "He's a slow starter," Huntington said. "We're seeing signs he's getting to where he needs to be. He's squaring up some balls. He's not getting himself out or getting into pitcher's counts." Alvarez is hitting .210/.277/.286 in 130 plate appearances. Even rebuilding teams give up on prospects with that stat line at this point. (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

AYBAR RAKING: Erick Aybar is less patient at the plate, which is allowing him to go after good pitches more and has a .351 batting average to show for it. Sure, he's playing a bit over his head, but he seems to turned a corner offensively at age 27 and is looking like 2009 is the norm, not exception. Aybar struggled to a .255 batting average last season, which he says was in part due to being too patient at the plate. (Los Angeles Times)

GREAT ESCAPE: Those who play SplinterCell for X-Box will notice a move taken right out of the game. An Astros fan ran on the field and evaded security guards by leaping over the center field wall and scaling a berm in a way that would make Sam Fisher proud, then vaulting yet another wall and escaping... until Houston's forces caught up with him outside the park. (Youtube)

PEACOCK ON FIRE: No, not the animal. Nationals' right-handed prospect Brad Peacock has taken his game to another level and currently has a 2.13 ERA in six starts for Double-A. Credited for his success is his curveball, which is being thrown near fastball velocity which is causing hitters to miss the adjustment needed to hit a breaking ball. (MLB.com)

ATTENDANCE ISSUES: Yeah, the weather hasn't been great and it's hard to get excited about a perennial loser no matter the state of the rich farm, but the Royals have noticed their poor attendance this year. The play on the field is surprisingly strong so far, plus the constant influx of young players over the next couple of years should fix the issue. For now, though, K.C. has to worry a little bit about lack of fan turnout. (Kansas City Star)

HEYWARD RETURNING: Jason Heyward is hoping his return to the lineup will happen Tuesday. Sidelined with a sore shoulder, Heyward has reported progress and will be available to pinch-hit in Monday's game. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

SCOUT PASSES: Dick Wiencek, one of baseball's most successful scouts, passed away due to complications from a heart attack. Wiencek signed a record 72 players, including Bert Blyleven, Alan Trammell, Mark McGwire, Jim Kaat and Graig Nettles. Thoughts and condolences to friends and family. (MLB.com)

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