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Posted on: February 21, 2011 11:47 am
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Getting to know the Red Sox

YoukilisTEAM MVP

On a team filled with possible MVP candidates, Kevin Youkilis may be the key. Newcomers Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford have gotten the headlines, but Youkilis' move to third base opened up the trade for Gonzalez. Youkilis, 31, has started 180 games at third base over his career, and at least one game a year there since breaking in with the Red Sox at third base in 2004. He started 54 games at third in his rookie season and 56 in 2009. Youkilis' bat is always steady, so his ability to field will be the difference.

PLAYER ORACLE -- Babe Ruth to Daisuke Matsuzaka

  • Rabe Ruth played with Waite Hoyt for the 1919 Boston Red Sox
  • Waite Hoyt played with Bert Haas for the 1937 Brooklyn Dodgers
  • Bert Haas played with Minnie Minoso for the 1951 Chicago White Sox
  • Minnie Minoso played with Harold Baines for the 1980 Chicago White Sox
  • Harold Baines played with Royce Clayton for the 2001 Chicago White Sox
  • Royce Clayton played with Daisuke Matsuzaka for the 2007 Boston Red Sox


Taken from civilization on Sept. 22, 2004, what could be the most unthinkable thing that could happen while you're gone -- George W. Bush being re-elected? Superman died? No, both of those things are possible.

But the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series? Nope, not possible. Add in the fact they were down 3-0 in the ALCS to the Yankees? Fat chance. The only response to such a thought? Absurd laughter, and that's just what Jack did on LOST when he was told of Boston's first title since 1918.

Here's the scene:

LOST is full of baseball references. Executive producer and writer Carlton Cuse is a Red Sox fan and co-creator and executive producer Damon Lindelof is a Yankees fan and once worked as a vendor at Yankee Stadium. Other baseball references:


  • There are characters Aaron and Boone, and Aaron Boone famously knocked the Red Sox out of the playoffs with his home run in the 2003 ALCS.
  • One character, Sawyer, tells another, Karl, to "Cowboy Up," shades of the 2003 Red Sox slogan.
  • Jack's father was a big believer in fate, and to illustrate his point, he'd say, "that's why the Red Sox will never win the World Series."
  • "The Numbers" are a recurring them in LOST -- they're 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 -- all six numbers are also retired Yankees jersey numbers. 15 of course, is Thurman Munson, who died in a plane crash.


-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: February 15, 2011 1:53 pm

Youkilis won't miss 1B social duties

Kevin Youkilis
Boston's Kevin Youkilis is looking forward to getting back to third base, the position he played early in his career. He said he doesn't like the task of holding runners at first, and he also won't miss the requisite first-base chats. The first baseman is like a team's social director, making small talk with baserunners, recommending local restaurants, cracking awkward jokes. Some guys enjoy it, but Youkilis said he doesn't.

"It's just not interesting," Youkilis told reporters Tuesday. "It's fun sometimes if you have guys you know or have played against. There are some guys you might not care for too much. ... I've never been a social scene kind of guy. You want no-hitters and perfect games so you don't have to cover the base, but you know it's not possible."

-- David Andriesen

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Reports: Gonzalez shipping up to Boston

Adrian Gonzalez The Red Sox have indeed agreed to a deal to bring Adrian Gonzalez to Boston pending a physical, multiple outlets are reporting.

Several sources indicate the Padres and Red Sox have agreed to a deal that would send the first baseman to Boston, while the North County Times ' Dan Hayes reports no major-league players will be headed to San Diego. However, because Gonzalez is negotiating a contract extension, the Padres may receive a better group of prospects in return.

FOXSports.com notes Red Sox top prospect, right-hander Casey Kelly, is likely in the deal, while shortstop Jose Iglesias and first baseman Anthony Rizzo would be the two other possibilities.

If Boston does land Gonzalez, Kevin Youkilis would move to third base. Last month he told CBSSports.com he was preparing during the offseason to play third base this season.

The Red Sox may not be done adding players, either. The team is still wooing outfielders Carl Crawford and Jayson Werth.

UPDATE: Gordon Edes of ESPNBoston.com tweets that Padres will receive Kelly, Rizzo and outfielder Reymond Fuentes in exchange for Gonzalez.

UPDATE: On Twitter , Kelly reacts thusly:

Just waking up beautiful day in sarasota about to get some breakfast. Can't worry about things that are out of your control

UPDATE: Ken Rosenthal tweets that the Red Sox will also send a player to be named to the Padres. That could be a minor prospect of their choosing, or it could be a draft pick from the 2010 draft.

UPDATE: The Boston Globe reports Gonzalez has been at Massachusetts General Hospital this morning undergoing his physical and MRIs on his shoulder.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Youkilis' thumb 'pretty much 100 percent'

Kevin Youkilis As the University of Cincinnati baseball team readied for a home run derby as part of the school's homecoming celebration, the most famous alumnus of the Bearcat baseball team said he could participate if he wanted to do so.

Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis said he's been hitting and throwing and been cleared to play baseball after thumb surgery ended his season in August.

"It's great, it's pretty much 100 percent, it's real close to 100 percent in strength," Youkilis said. "I'm hitting, throwing, all the good stuff. So I'll be ready to go -- I'm ready to go now to play baseball, but there's no baseball to be played."

Youkilis said he was now going through his normal offseason routine, following his hometown Bearcats and Bengals on the football field, while he's turned into a Celtics and Bruins fan in pro basketball and hockey. He was at Tuesday night's NBA opener between the Heat and the Celtics, was ready to go to Saturday's UC-Syracuse game and was at least planning on tailgating for Sunday's Bengals-Dolphins game at Paul Brown Stadium.

"I don't have a bad life," he said. "I've got one of the best lives around, I think. I can't complain."

One thing he's not doing is worrying about the Red Sox's offseason moves. Whatever happens, he said, he'll be ready for it -- including a return to third base. Last year's third baseman, Adrian Beltre, is a free agent and may be tough for the Red Sox to resign. If he doesn't, Youkilis would be an option at third base and the team could sign or trade for a first baseman.

"I'm preparing myself to play third base, 'cause if you prepare yourself to play third base and play first, it's an easy transition," Youkilis said. "I always prepare myself mentally to play third. I'll probably take more ground balls this year. Hopefully I'll find out sooner rather than later.

"I love third base. I love playing it, I enjoy it, it's a lot of fun. I'd love to play third base, but wherever the team needs me, I'll play."

Check out the video below where he talks more about his thumb and his clean-shaven look.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Pedroia, Youkilis continuing recovery

Kevin Youkilis Kevin Youkilis and Dustin Pedroia are well on their way toward healing.

"I feel great," Youkilis (pictured) told NESN about his recovery from hand surgery. "I've been hitting, throwing and basically I'm done with my physical therapy. It's great, I'm ready for spring training to start and basically excited to play another game."

Youkilis was injured August 2, dealing Boston a crippling blow as it also had to deal with Dustin Pedroia's season-ending injury. Youk was on the way toward MVP consideration by hitting .307/.411/.564 in 362 at-bats with 19 home runs.

Pedroia, for his part, called into WEEI on Wednesday to provide an update on surgery on September 3 for his fractured foot. Pedroia had originally attempted rehab but had to cut his return short after two games back in the majors in August, finishing with a .288/.367/.493 mark in 302 at-bats.

"I should be 100 percent 12 weeks after surgery," Pedroia said. "I'll be out of the boot in three weeks, so we'll see how it goes ... I can't wait to get to spring training and get going."

 -- Evan Brunell

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Youkilis will play 'anywhere'

Kevin Youkilis Kevin Youkilis is tired of the asking.

"Are we going to be asking me the same questions every year?" Youkilis said.

Apparently so.

“Play third base? I’d play third base, sure,’’ he told ESPN Boston .

The 31-year-old may be asked to play third base in 2011 with Adrian Beltre an impending free agent and prospect Lars Anderson pushing him, along with a possibility of shifting Victor Martinez to first base. Although Youkilis has never been a regular third baseman, he has played that position countless times in the majors and rose through the minors at the hot corner.

In fact, Youkilis finished 2010 with the vast majority of appearances at first base, something he had not done since 2007 Gold Glove season. In the two seasons in-between, he has remained the first baseman only when third base needed a hole in the dike.

Youkilis doesn't mind switching positions between first and third, but prefers he stay at one position for a season before making a move unless circumstances dictate a shift over. In 2009, he essentially divided time at the two positions, appearing in 77 games at first and 63 at third due to Mike Lowell's DL assignments.

"I’m willing to play anywhere. Third base, first base, I’ve always been that way," Youkilis added. "I haven’t changed, and it’s not going to change. I’m here to play. That’s it.’’

So why is Youkilis of this mindset when many prefer to stay at one position, never switching -- not even if the switching is done in the offseason?

“I’m not like that,’’ Youkilis said. “Just play the game. You’re paid to play the game, so you can’t complain.’’

Right now, Youkilis is getting paid to not play the game, thanks to surgery for his right thumb which knocked him out of action in the beginning of August. Youk finished with a line of .307/.411/.564 in 435 plate appearances, bashing 19 home runs and seemed well on his way to another high MVP finish in what was shaping up to be a career year.

-- Evan Brunell

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Lowell still planning to retire after 2010

Mike Lowell Mike Lowell hasn't changed his plans to retire after the season, he told reporters after Sunday's game against the Blue Jays.

"I'm pretty much set on what I'm going to do," Lowell said (via the Boston Herald 's Scott Lauber ). "It's going to be fun to enjoy my kids."

Lowell is hitting .229/.306/.379 this season after his 1 for 3 performance on Sunday. He's been a little better than that since his latest return from the disabled list, hitting .250/.303/.417 since Aug. 3, when he hit a homer on his first pitch back. He has four home runs and 16 RBI this season, but hasn't knocked in a run since Aug. 11.

Lowell said in April that he'd most likely retire after the season. Lowell missed all of July after aggravating his surgically repaired right hip. He started the season with a thumb injury and then was used as a $12-million backup until Kevin Youkilis' hand injury gave him a place to play.

The Red Sox signed Carlos Delgado, but he's been derailed by injury and it looks like it may be Lowell as the every-day first baseman from here on out.

"Am I personally enjoying it? Of course. That’s obvious." Lowell said. "I have more fun playing than not playing. Yeah, it’s been much more enjoyable knowing your name’s being written in."

Still, it won't last forever. Youkilis returns next season and Lowell will be a 37-year old (in February) free agent without a spot on his current team. Instead, it looks like he knows as well as anyone that his future is retirement. But he could go out with another postseason run.

"We have a rotation that we believe can be scary in the postseason, and we’re going to need them to be pretty scary down the stretch," he said. "We’ve pieced a lot of different pieces to put out a lineup that’s still competitive. There’s a lot of resiliency here. If we can make a run, I think this team, the fans should be very proud of what we’re doing."

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Youkilis wants to return for playoffs

Kevin Youkilis Kevin Youkilis told reporters today that he still hopes to be ready to play in the postseason.

Keep in mind, that's Youkilis talking, not anything doctors have said.

"We don't know the timetable, we have to see when the stitches come out and all that, hopefully I can play in the playoffs," Youkilis said (via WEEI.com ). "I might not be able to play at all, but I'm going to try to give myself the best chance to play int he playoffs if we make it."

That's nearly as big of an if as there may be in the whole deal -- the Red Sox are 5 1/2 games out of both the AL East and the wild card, behind the Yankees and Rays in both.

The Sox are sure to still be in the hunt through September, but another postseason could be a tough feat -- especially without Youkilis. However, the Sox did get Dustin Pedroia back today.

Youkilis, for one, isn't buying into the talk that the Sox are out of the playoff hunt.

"People keep coming up to me and saying, 'These guys have no chance anymore.' I tell them they're wrong," he said. "We've got a great team here. The best part of this whole team is the fact that where we're at, through this whole thing, is remarkable. It's not an ideal thing to the fans out there that we're five-and-a-half games out, but to be five-and-a-half games out with all that's gone on. … it's a great thing to watch."

Still, he hasn't enjoyed watching the Red Sox on TV.

"Sitting at home, it's not good. I wasn't really feeling that good last week. This pain medication, it's not good at all," Youkilis said (via the Providence Journal ). "I got rid of those real quick. I finally got back up to feeling good line on Tuesday. … It's not fun watching baseball, but to be here and be in this environment and be around the guys, it means a lot."

Youkilis said he initially thought he'd just bruised his thumb before test showed a muscle tear. He doesn't know exactly how it happened, but assumes it was when he was hitting.

As for the other injured Sox, Terry Francona told reporters Jacoby Ellsbury had a doctor's appointment to check on his ribs, Mike Cameron is recovering from his sports hernia, Jason Varitek's broken foot is improving and reliever Hideki Okajima threw on Tuesday and could be sent out on a rehab assignment as soon as Sunday.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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