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Live trade deadline chat!

By Evan Brunell

Welcome to the live trade deadline chat here at CBSSports.com! Starting at 2 p.m. ET, tune in to talk baseball with Eye on Baseball, as well as hearing from Scott Miller and Danny Knobler. Tune in below for all your trade deadline needs. The deadline expires at 4 p.m. ET. For all Eye On Baseball trade deadline posts, click here.

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Angels may demote Trout shortly

TroutBy Evan Brunell

Skipper Mike Scioscia is between a rock and a hard place, as Mike Trout needs to play every day to continue developing -- but Trout is one of the team's best options in the outfield.

"At the end of [Sunday] we'll see where he is," Scioscia told the Los Angeles Times. "Mike's done some good things for us when he's gotten his opportunity. "If the need for him becomes more apparent as we move forward, he'll be here. But right now there's a huge development component that is important to a kid in his position."

With Torii Hunter struggling and Vernon Wells limping along, Trout is a valuable weapon to have off the bench. Trout is hitting just .163/.213/.279 in 47 plate appearances, but has already shown his ability to impact the game in all five aspects -- hitting for average, power, speed, defense and baserunning. That line isn't indicative of the lift he's given Los Angeles, and Scioscia knows it -- but also knows Trout needs to start showing results, otherwise the team may feel his development is being retarded by intermittent play in the majors. Given Trout's potential, the Angels would prefer to have the 19-year-old in the minors.

"Development is as much experience playing the position as it is just physically going out there and getting used to a long season," Sciosciaadded . "If you want to play in the major leagues, you're not playing 140 games. You're playing 162, plus playoffs.

"So for him to maybe end up with 100 games played this year would stifle his development both from an experience standpoint understanding his game, his swing, the routes in the outfield, jumps stealing bases and just physically getting the body moving."

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On Deck: Verlander/Weaver highlights deadline day

On Deck

By Evan Brunell

Join Eye on Baseball for a live chat on Sunday, starting at 2 p.m. ET!

WeaverVerlanderBEST MATCHUP: A fantastic matchup is set to take place amid trade deadline hubbub, with AL Cy Young Award favorite Justin Verlander toeing the mound. Verlander has 14 wins, just like opponent Jered Weaver, but has a higher ERA at 2.34. Weaver is at an eye-popping 1.79, but Verlander has the inside track on the award thanks to his no-hitter, plus a fantastic 4.97 K/BB ratio, with Weaver at 3.62  -- still no slouch. This is a battle between the likely No. 1 and No. 2 finishers for the Cy Young, in some order. Detroit will have reliever David Pauley, just acquired from the Mariners along with Doug Fister, to back up Verlander, but the Angels have yet to make a move at the trade deadline. Angels vs. Tigers, 1:05 p.m. ET

PiratesPhilliesNEW FACES: Hunter Pence already made his Phillies debut, but he's still a new face as he prepares for his second career game as a Phillie, and will do so against a familiar face as Jeff Karstens draws the start for Pittsburgh. Karstens' 2.41 ERA came out of nowhere and is obviously over his head, but he is pitching better this year than he ever has. He'll do so with a new first baseman, as Derrek Lee was dealt from the Orioles over to Pittsburgh late on Saturday. Karstens is opposed by rookie Vance Worley. (Sadly, Lee won't join the Pirates until Monday, so the team gets one more day of Lyle Overbay at first.) Pirates vs. Phillies, 1:35 p.m. ET

EllsburyNEW STREAK: Dustin Pedroia's attempt to run his hitting streak to 26 games the other day was snapped, but another Red Sox player is ready and willing to start getting attention for his own hitting streak. Jacoby Ellsbury is at 19 games, continuing what has been a breakout season for the center fielder. Baltimore's Nick Markakis and Kansas City's Alex Gordon are also working on 19 straight. In other news, Boston is searching high and low for a new starting pitcher to replace Andrew Miller, who draws the assignment Sunday despite a lousy 17/24 K/BB ratio. The White Sox bring their own lefty to the mound in Mark Buehrle, whose 2.45 ERA since the start of May ranks in the top 10 of baseball. Red Sox vs. White Sox, 2:10 p.m. ET

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Updating trade deadline rumors

By Evan Brunell

Here's the latest trade rumors for Sunday, with the most recent updated at the top. You can also follow Eye on Baseball on Twitter, where the latest information will be at your fingertips.

  • The Rangers have acquired relief pitcher Mike Adams, reports CBSSports.com's Scott Miller.
  • Erik Bedard has been traded to the Red Sox, per CBSSports.com's Knobler.
  • Ryan Ludwick has been traded to the Pirates, per Miller.
  • The A's got a replacement first baseman after a deal for Lars Anderson with Boston fell through. Arizona traded for reliever Brad Ziegler, coughing up 1B Brandon Allen and reliever Jordan Norberto, MLB.com reports. Allen figures to start immediately in Oakland.
  • Rafael Furcal, who agreed to waive his no-trade deal to head to the Cardinals, is officially a member of St. Louis. The return was minor-league outfielder Alex Castellanos, who is in Double-A at age 24. The Cards only have to pay $1.4 million of Furcal's deal, which has roughly $4 million remaining.
  • Already Sunday morning there's been a trade, with Michael Bourn being dealt to the Braves for four prospects, as CBSSports.com's Danny Knobler confirms. Bourn was moved for OF Jordan Schafer, LHP Brett Oberholtzer, RHP Paul Clemens and RHP Juan Abreu, the Astros said. The quick and dirty review: Atlanta did very well here by not giving up any of their top-tier guys. Frankly, it's surprising Houston agreed to the move without getting one distinct strong starting pitcher. Oberholtzer and Clemens are starters, but their ceilings aren't very high.

Check out the other rumors floating around, the most recent will be updated at the top:
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Strasburg throws sim game, rehab start next?

By Evan Brunell

StrasburgStephen Strasburg may be able to make a rehab start before long if he keeps progressing well.

On Thursday, Strasburg threw a three-inning simulated game in Florida, tossing 50 pitches. Strasburg "threw extremely well," Nats pitching coach Spin Williams reported to the Washington Times, adding, "I think he's getting close."

Strasburg has long said he hopes to pitch in a major-league game at some point this season, while Washington is more inclined to wait until next season. If Strasburg keeps progressing, he could force the Nationals' hand over the last two weeks in September.

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Posted on: July 29, 2011 3:44 pm

Pirates could bench Overbay soon

OverbayBy Evan Brunell

Whether the Pirates can pull off a trade for a first baseman or not, Lyle Overbay is in danger of losing his job, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.

"Lyle's had a large volume of at-bats," manager Clint Hurdle said. "We had a heart-to-heart conversation a while ago, back when he took three days off. He has enough experience in this game to understand there is a need now. Is there time to catch a spark? Yes, but we need to get something done sooner rather than later."

Overbay is hitting just .229/.301/.345 in 383 plate appearances, numbers that would have earned a benching long ago had there been an acceptable alternative at first. Overbay's prime came with a reputation for a solid batting average and plenty of doubles, but that's fallen off in recent years. Still, even 2010's line of .243/.329/.433 in Toronto last season would be a dramatic improvement, as the left-hander has hit for zero power this season. Age may be catching up to him, as he's having trouble with the fastball this season like never before and his plate discipline has eroded to the point where pitchers can make the 34-year-old get himself out by swinging at pitches outside the zone.

"We have obviously anticipated more," Hurdle added. "The thing I tell him he has control of is his work ethic and the ability to keep working at it. Sometimes, you just have seasons where it seems like it is a grind all year long, you are just pushing that rock uphill all year. I've had those and I probably think that is where Lyle is right now."

Garrett Jones has been a problem in right field, one that the Pirates would like to address, and he could potentially move to first if and when he's kicked out of the outfield. That could come upon a trade or simply Jose Tabata and Alex Presley rehabbing from injuries. There's also Steve Pearce, who was recently activated from the disabled list. Pearce hasn't been much better in the power department this season in the short time he was on the team, but does boast a career .519 slugging percentage in the minors. If he can get consistent playing time in Pittsburgh, it's possible he could be decent. Yet, Pearce is 28 with intermittent playing time in the bigs with poor production, so Pittsburgh still needs to look for an outside bat to bring in.

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Friday afternoon trade rumor roundup


By Evan Brunell

Today's the last weekday prior to the trade deadline, which expires on Sunday. Will there be a flurry of activity much like there was Wednesday when Colby Rasmus was part of a three-team deal and Carlos Beltran headed to San Francisco? It's too early to tell, but here's the latest rumors, headlined by Hunter Pence. If you're looking for information on Ubaldo Jimenez, we've broken that off into its own story -- head here and check it out.


MLB Trade Deadline
Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal says the Reds are on Michael Bourn, Houston's center fielder. An odd fit, given the team has Drew Stubbs, but Stubbs has been struggling this year and Bourn can impact Cincinnati at the top of the lineup. The team is also in on Hunter Pence, but Rosenthal tabs Pence as the "Phillies' to lose."

On Thursday, a deal between Philadelphia and Houston was so close that Pence was told during the game that night he was being removed due to a trade, as Heyman reports, but he never came out of the game. That's because a potential deal Philadelphia would have engineered with Jonathan Singleton, Jared Cosart and a third piece fell through when the 'Stros wanted Domonic Brown. Both sides are so close, though, it's hard to imagine a trade doesn't eventually happen. Heyman, for his part, thinks a deal will happen if it's Brown and Cosart for Pence.

However, Joel Sherman of the New York Post isn't ready to count out Atlanta. The 'Stros appear to prefer the Braves' prospects, but Atlanta refuses to deal Mike Minor. If that changes, Pence could be a Brave. Will that be enough to keep him out of Philly, a team Heyman says will "do whatever it takes" to get Pence?
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Ubaldo Jimenez rumors flying hot and heavy


By Evan Brunell

Could Rockies ace Ubaldo Jimenez really be on the move? Joel Sherman of the New York Post has an interesting revelation, that being that Jimenez was out of shape in the spring, which Colorado is upset about. On Jimenez's side, he's upset that Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki got massive contracts and has "shut off" pitching coach Bob Apodaca. Funny, because Apodaca said the other day that he had the most open relationship of any pitcher with Jimenez.

Troy Renck of the Denver Post couldn't stand those statements though, making a lengthy statement on Twitter about these accusations.

I don't understand the continued characterization of Jimenez nationally as a malcontent. You'd think he was Terrell Owens. It's beyond unfair. Perception isn't reality when it comes to Jimenez. If people really knew him they would realize how wrong they are about these statements. Jimenez is not mad at Tulo-CarGo.. .He signed his own contract at family's insistence. ...He and Apodaca are not on the outs. I am not questiong other people's sources.. I am just saying I have known Jimenez for five years.He's the hardest working pitcher they've ever had. He's been a role model in Latin America. A mentor to young players. He admitted he made a mistake going to Europe in January. And he should have spoken up about hip flexor in spring training. If Rox trade him. I get it. But please know it's not because he's a bad guy or teammate. There are no questions about his character. Zero.
Renck could be correct for all we know, but all due respect to the reporter -- who has been with the Rockies virtually day in and day out for years and certainly has a far better pulse of the team than Sherman -- it seems like his main argument is "I know Jimenez, and it just can't be true!" Jimenez's character appears above reproach -- not just based on Renck's comments, but over the past few years, but that doesn't mean Jimenez is not upset about the big deals or that he has decreased his working relationship with Apodaca.

The Tigers are making another run at starting pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez of the Rockies as CBSSports.com's Danny Knobler wrote, but Colorado wants Jacob Turner or Rick Porcello, which is a tall task for Detroit to meet in any deal for Jimenez.  Also, the Red Sox have entered the race "aggressively," as SI.com's Jon Heyman reports. Also in the hunt are the Indians, Reds and Jays. And yeah, the Yankees are in the hunt too, but the the Post's Sherman hears that the Yankees value Jimenez as a No. 2, not an ace, which is affecting trade talks.

All told, it's clear that the possibility of a Jimenez deal is better than originally thought.

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