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Posted on: October 30, 2010 3:40 pm

World Series Game 3 breakdown

World Series Game 3

Date: Saturday, Oct. 30, 6:57 p.m. EST on FOX
Weather forecast: 73° F, 10 percent chance of rain
Played at: Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Arlington, Texas
Capacity: 51,746
Dimensions: LF 332 ft., LCF 390 ft., CF 400 ft., RCF 377 ft., RF 325 ft.
Surface: Grass
Park Factors: (1.000 neutral, less favors pitcher): 1.091 runs, 1.160 HR, 1.066 H, 1.065 2B, .769 3B, .989 BB

The skinny: The Rangers look to Colby Lewis again to save their season. Lewis went eight innings in the team's ALCS clincher against the Yankees, allowing a run on three hits. He won two games after Ranger losses in the ALCS and need sot win this game or it could be sweep time for the Giants.

San Francisco Giants

Manager: Bruce Bochy
92-70, 1st place NL West
49-32 at home
9-3 postseason (def. ATL 3-1, def. PHI 4-2)
697 runs scored (17th overall), .257 batting average (15th), .321 OBP (19th), .408 SLG (13th)
Pitching: 3.36 ERA (1st overall), 4.11 xFIP (9th) 1.27 WHIP (4th), .236 batting average against (1st)
Fielding: 8.5 UZR/150 (1st overall), 52 defensive runs saved (4th), 73 errors (4th)

1. Andres Torres, CF
overall: .276/.332/.374 in 243 AB
on road: .252/.325/.456, 10 SB in 250 AB

vs. RHP: .283/.354/.527, 19 SB in 374 AB
vs. TEX (career): .200/.333/.600 in 5 AB
2010 postseason: .244/.306/.289 in 45 AB, 1 SB, 3 CS

Pablo Sandoval 2. Freddy Sanchez, 2B
overall: .292/.342/.397 in 431 AB

on road: .261/.300/.380 in 245 AB

vs. RHP: .276/.327/.362 in 323 AB
vs. TEX (career): .300/.429/.400 in 10 AB
2010 postseason: .294/.321/.373 in 51 AB

3. Aubrey Huff, 1B
overall: .290/.385/.506, 26 HR in 569 AB

on road: .315/.408/.540, 14 HR in 289 AB

vs. RHP: .287/.388/.506, 19 HR in 407 AB
vs. TEX (career): .283/.347/.488 in 258 AB, 13 HR
2010 postseason: .283/.353/.304 in 46 AB

4. Buster Posey, C
overall: .290/.385/.506, 26 HR in 569 AB

on road: .351/.406/.587, 38 RBI in 208 AB
vs. RHP: .304/.353/.479, 12 HR in 309 AB
vs. TEX (career): N/A
2010 postseason: .271/.340/.333 in 48 AB

5. Pat Burrell, LF
overall (SF only): .266/.364/.509 in 289 AB

on road: .241/.346/.446 in 195 AB

vs. RHP: .264/.356/.500, 17 HR in 284 AB
vs. TEX (career): .255/.367/.451 in 51 AB
2010 postseason: .176/.317/.353 in 34 AB, 1 HR

6. Cody Ross, RF
overall: .269/.322/.413 in 452 AB

on road: .229/.285/.372 in 266 AB
vs. RHP: .263/.315/.371 in 396 AB
vs. TEX (career): ..250/.250/.333 in 12 AB
2010 postseason: .317/.404/.732 in 41 AB, 4 HR

7. Juan Uribe, 3B
overall: .248/.310/.440 in 575 AB

on road: .215/.285/.400, 11 HR in 260 AB

vs. RHP: .252/.304/.462, 22 HR in 413 AB
vs. TEX (career): .304/.328/.482 in 112 AB, 13 HR
2010 postseason: .171/.231/.343 in 35 AB, 2 HR

8. Pablo Sandoval (pictured), DH
overall: .268/.323/.409 in 563 AB, 13 HR
on road: .208/.266/.299 in 284 AB, 4 HR
vs. RHP:  .282/.336/.443 in 422 AB, 12 HR
vs. TEX (career): .500/.615/.700 in 10 AB
2010 postseason: .214/.313/.286 in 14 AB

9. Edgar Renteria, SS
overall: .276/.332/.374 in 243 AB

on road: .277/.345/.362 in 130 AB
vs. RHP: .272/.324/.347 in 173 AB
vs. TEX (career): .284/.326/.364 in 88 AB
2010 postseason: .240/.296/.360 in 25 AB, 1 HR

LHP Jonathan Sanchez
overall: 13-9, 193.1 IP, 3.07 ERA, 4.11 xFIP
on road: 16 GS, 5-5, 91.1 IP, 2.86 ERA, 4.32 xFIP
vs. TEX (career): N/A
2010 postseason: 0-1, 2.93 ERA in 15 1/3 IP, 19 Ks, 6 BB

X-factor to win: The Giants need to keep up their hot hitting. So far this series, they've outhit the Rangers .314 to .227. Interestingly, Rangers batters have only struck out seven times, while the Giants have struck out 21 times.

Keep an eye on: Pablo Sandoval certainly looks like a designated hitter. There's been more of the Panda in the stands at AT&T Park than on the field during the World Series, but with the option of the designated hitter, Bruce Bochy is able to get the Kung-Fu Panda in the lineup. 

Texas Rangers

Manager: Ron Washington
90-72, 1st place AL West
39-42 on road
7-6 postseason (def. TB 3-2, def. NYY 4-2)
787 runs scored (5th overall), .276 batting average (1st), .338 OBP (6th), .419 SLG (9th)
Pitching: 3.93 ERA (10th overall), 4.36 xFIP (22nd) 1.31 WHIP (11th), .246 batting average against (6th)
Fielding: 1.9 UZR/150 (10th overall), 1 defensive run saved (19th), 105 errors (18th)

1. Elvis Andrus, SS
overall: .265/.342/.301 in 588 AB, 32 SB
at home: .263/.331/.309 in 304 AB, 0 HR
vs. LHP: .268/.341/.301 in 153 AB
vs. SF (career): .429/.500/.429 in 7 AB
2010 postseason: .316/.355/.368 in 57 AB, 3 2B, 8 SB

2. Michael Young, 3B
overall: .284/.330/.444 in 656 AB, 21 HR
at home: .307/.361/.509 in 322 AB, 16 HR
vs. LHP: .322/.374/.497 in 171 AB, 6 HR
vs. SF (career): .172/.294/.345 in 29 AB
2010 postseason: .236/.263/.345 in 55 AB, 1 HR

Colby Lewis 3. Josh Hamilton, CF
overall: .359/.411/.633 in 518 AB, 32 HR
at home: .390/.438/.750 in 264 AB, 22 HR
vs. LHP: .271/.331/.458 in 166 AB
vs. SF (career): .375/.500/.750 in 8 AB, 1 HR
2010 postseason: .217/.368/.500 in 46 AB, 4 HR

4. Vladimir Guerrero, DH
overall: .300/.345/.496 in 593 AB, 29 HR
at home: .315/.354/.527 in 311 AB, 16 HR
vs. LHP: .338/.395/.536 in 151 AB, 7 HR
vs. SF (career): .330/.385/.558 in 233 AB, 31 RBI
2010 postseason: .265/.275/.327 in 49 AB

5. Nelson Cruz, LF
overall: .318/.374/.576 in 399 AB, 22 HR
at home: .371/.423/.675 in 197 AB
vs. LHP: .330/.388/.587 in 109 AB, 21 RBI
vs. SF (career): .083/.154/.083 in 12 AB
2010 postseason: .327/.365/.755 in 49 AB, 5 HR, 10 RBI

6. Ian Kinsler, 2B
overall: .286/.382/.412 in 391 AB
at home: .319/.443/.438 in 185 AB
vs. LHP: .376/.473/.484 in 93 AB
vs. SF (career): .300/.391/.500 in 20 AB
2010 postseason:

7. Jeff Francoeur, RF
overall: .249/.300/.383 in 454 AB
at home*: .267/.294/.333 in 15 AB
vs. LHP: .300/.363/.442 in 120 AB, 4 HR
vs. SF (career): .231/.285/.320 in 147 AB, 2 HR
2010 postseason: .326/.396/.609 in 46 AB, 3 HR

8. Bengie Molina, C
overall: .240/.279/.320 in 175 AB
at home*: .213/.245/.247 in 89 AB
vs. LHP: .350/.412/.420 in 100 AB
vs. SF (career): ..231/.231/.231 in 13 AB
2010 postseason: .353/.371/.588 in 34 AB, 2 HR

9. Mitch Moreland, 1B
overall: .255/.364/.469, 9 HR in 145 AB
on road: .244/.330/.500, 6 HR in 86 AB
vs. LHP: .200/.304/.300 in 20 AB
vs. SF (career): N/A
2010 postseason: .342/.390/.447 in 38 AB

RHP Colby Lewis (pictured)
overall: 12-13, 3.72 ERA, 3.93 xFIP, 201 IP
at home: 6-9, 3.95 ERA, 3.83 xFIP, 114 IP
vs. SF (career): 0-0, 0.000 ERA, 1 IP
2010 postseason: 2-0, 1.45 ERA in 18 2/3 IP 18 Ks, 11 BB

* at Rangers Ballpark only

X-factor to win: File this away in the 'things I didn't think I'd be writing," but: the Rangers have to keep the Giants offense at bay. San Francisco scored 30 runs combined in their first 10 games of the postseason, and 20 in the first two of the World Series.

Keep an eye on: Lewis has quietly been the team's second-best pitcher in the postseason. The right-hander was in Japan the last two seasons with the Hiroshima Carp, before returning to the United States this season and posting a solid season.

Accuscore prediction

Accuscore is a comprehensive sports forecasting engine that takes many variables into account and runs simulations for the most likely outcome.

TEX 5.5, SF 3.8

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: October 30, 2010 1:38 am
Edited on: April 18, 2011 12:28 pm

White Sox interested in Rasmus?

Colby Rasmus 'Tis the season for hypothetic trade rumors, and the Chicago Sun-Times' Joe Cowley is at it with the White Sox.

Still sticking to the Sun-Times story that the White Sox offered Ozzie Guillen to the Marlins for outfielder Mike Stanton (a story that has gotten WTF? denials from both sides), Cowley writes the White Sox are targeting the Cardinals' Colby Rasmus and is willing to give up Carlos Quentin headlining a package of players for the centerfielder.

"It was obvious that [the Cardinals] were paying extra attention to Quentin at the end of the season, so this might have been something that was already talked about," a scout told Cowley.

Rasmus, 24, hit .276/.361/.498 with 23 home runs in his second season. Quentin, 28, hit .243/.342/.479 with 26 home runs in 2010. He's second-year arbitration-eligible this offseason.

The White Sox would have to throw in plenty more than just Quentin, but hey, these are the same folks who thought someone would give up Stanton (the outfielder, not the former reliever) for a manager.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: October 25, 2010 9:50 pm

Rangers announce rotation

Tommy Hunter And we've got our rotations set for the World Series, as Rangers manager Ron Washington met with the media at the team hotel on Monday.

Game 1: Tim Linecum vs. Cliff Lee
Game 2: Matt Cain vs. C.J. Wilson
Game 3: Jonathan Sanchez vs. Colby Lewis
Game 4: Madison Bumgarner vs. Tommy Hunter (pictured)

However, Washington said the rotation could change, meaning Hunter's slot isn't secure if things aren't going Texas' way when Game 4 rolls around.

In other notes (thanks to Jeff Wilson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram ):

• The team's bullpen hasn't been set, and the team is considering leaving a left-hander off the roster and adding a right-hander, possibly Dustin Nippert or Mark Lowe. The team added extra left-handers to face the Phillies' heavily left-handed lineup.

Vladimir Guerrero will start in Game 1 in right field, and could also start the second game. David Murphy would start if Guerrero sits.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: October 25, 2010 6:30 pm

Lewis believes he's starting Game 3

Colby Lewis On Sunday, Rangers manager Ron Washington said he hadn't decided on his rotation past Game 1 starter Cliff Lee. Monday, Colby Lewis said in a radio interview that he expects to start Game 3, with C.J. Wilson starting Game 2.

When asked when he wanted to know when he is going to start, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram has this transcription from SIRIUS XM's Mad Dog Radio:

"Um, I think it was, I don’t know if it was announced yesterday or not but I’m almost positive I’m going to be going in Game 3, so, first game back here.  Yeah, it’s going to be a lot of fun. I mean, I don’t know, it’s just a situation where hopefully we can snag that first one with Cliff [Lee] going and, of course, C.J. has been awesome for us this year and I know he’s going to go out there and give us a quality start.  Hopefully we can take two from them and come back here and take two out of three and finish it up."

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: October 24, 2010 3:29 pm
Edited on: October 24, 2010 4:08 pm

Guerrero to start in field in Game 1 or 2

Vladimir Guerrero Two quick notes from the Rangers' workout on Sunday via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram 's Anthony Andro's Twitter feed .

1. The Rangers haven't set their rotation for the World Series past Cliff Lee starting Game 1 on Wednesday. C.J. Wilson and Colby Lewis will start, but the order isn't set.

2. Vladimir Guerrero will start one of the two games for the Rangers in San Francisco.

Guerrero played 18 games in the outfield for the Rangers this season, 17 in right field.

If Jonathan Sanchez pitches Game 2, look for Guerrero to start that game. Guerrero crushed left-handers this season, hitting .338/.395/.536 against lefties with seven homers in 151 at-bats. David Murphy has been better against right-handers, with 11 of his 12 homers coming against right-handed pitchers. His batting average and on-base percentage is better than Guerrero's against right-handers, and his slugging is just three points lowers (.482 vs. .479).

UPDATE: MLB.com's T.R. Sullivan has an update with some of the Rangers' other questions. The biggest one may be in the bullpen.

The Rangers may drop one of their four left-handed bullpen arms for the World Series roster against the more right-handed Giants. Mark Lowe, Scott Feldman and Dustin Nippert are the choices as right-handed bullpen arms.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: October 13, 2010 5:26 pm
Edited on: October 19, 2010 11:05 am

Rangers set ALCS rotation

Rangers manager Ron Washington officially confirmed that his ALCS rotation will be what we projected last night, with C.J. Wilson getting the nod for Game 1.

So that's Wilson vs. CC Sabathia in the first game, followed by Colby Lewis vs. Phil Hughes, Cliff Lee vs. Andy Pettitte and Tommy Hunter vs. A.J. Burnett.

Washington also said the Rangers will add a reliever for the series, dropping reserve infielder Esteban German from the roster. Left-handers Michael Kirkman, Clay Rapada and Matt Harrison and right-handers Mark Lowe and Scott Feldman are the candidates to be added.

UPDATE: The Yankees have switched it up and will throw Hughes second and Pettitte third. The above text has been changed to reflect that and is correct.

-- David Andriesen

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Posted on: October 12, 2010 11:11 pm
Edited on: October 12, 2010 11:39 pm

ALCS has battle of evenly-matched teams

RZThe ALCS is set, and the Yankees with 27 World Series rings will do battle with a team that just won its first postseason series -- ever.

Cliff Lee That may seem like an obvious advantage, but both teams are rather evenly matched in starting pitching. Although the Yankees will be able to roll with a normal format of the ace in the first game, the Rangers will have to push Cliff Lee (pictured, right) back to the third game.

Game 1 will pit Yankees ace CC Sabathia against fellow lefty C.J. Wilson. While Sabathia holds an edge, it's not a major one as Wilson has his own successful year in the books. Game 2 will see Andy Pettitte go against Colby Lewis. Lewis holds the edge in an ability to go deep in the game and actually has a better xFIP than Pettitte (3.93 to 4.05) but it's close enough that you can't discount Pettitte's pitching from the south and his postseason credentials. Another close matchup.

Then, Lee goes against Phil Hughes. Easy advantage for Texas and Lee, but Phil Hughes is no slouch either. Then you get into the soft underbelly of both teams in Game 4 starters of A.J. Burnett and Tommy Hunter.

Even though the Yankees have a chance to jump out to an early lead, the Rangers will also benefit from being able to throw Lee in Game 3 -- oftentimes a game that sets the tone for the rest of the series -- and a do-or-die Game 7. Unless the Yankees bring CC Sabathia back on three days' rest for Game 7 (and that sounded unlikely given Joe Girardi's comments on the subject), the Yankees might be underdogs going into a possible Game 7.

The starting pitching matchups remain close enough that each team's offense will have to step up in order to guarantee victory -- and each team goes different routes when it comes to offense.

The Yankees paced baseball in runs scored with 859, but the Rangers weren't too far behind at fifth with 787. However, both teams went in very different ways when it came to scoring these runs. The Yankees live and die by plate discipline, also pacing first in the majors in on-base percentage.

Mark Teixeira Mark Teixeira (left) paced the team with 93 walks, but Brett Gardner, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Jorge Posada, Nick Swisher, Robinson Cano and Curtis Granderson also cracked or exceeded the 50-walk plateau. That's eight of nine starters, if you weren't counting.

Ah, but the Rangers have their own weapon: a team batting average of .276 paced the league with both Michael Young (.284 batting average) and Josh Hamilton (.359) tying for a team lead with 186 hits. Vladimir Guerrero and Nelson Cruz also topped the .300 batting average mark, so this team can make contact.

The Yankees have the advantage of running up the pitch counts of the Rangers pitchers which will force Texas to dip into what has already been an overworked bullpen. On the other hand, an aggressive approach at the plate might be what it takes to take out the Yankees starters -- but only as long as the club doesn't expand its strike zone. Given the team is 18th in total walks, that could end up a real concern.

Fielding is the last major impact there can be on a series. The Rangers have a team UZR/150 (Ultimate Zone Rating) of 1.9, but the Yankees lurk just behind at 1.8. In defensive runs saved, the Rangers have one to their name, while the Yankees have exactly zero. So even the pitching is evenly matched up.

Both teams are too close in offense, pitching and defense to call any victor. Given the Yankees have the edge in plate discipline and power, that might be enough to tip the scales in favor of New York in what is shaping up to be a battle between two evenly-matched teams.

-- Evan Brunell

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