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Could ManRam be shipped out of L.A.?

Manny Ramirez Gotta give Kenny Wiliams credit.

The White Sox general manager is considered one of the most aggressive GMs in the game, and word that he's chasing Manny Ramirez shouldn't come as a surprise. Remember the "big deal " the ChiSox had brewing that may have scuttled the Edwin Jackson trade? Yeah, the guy Williams was trying to get was ManRam.

Obviously, that didn't work out, but Kenny isn't done trying. He's trying once more, although the odds are long.

The Dodgers have asked Chicago for Dayan Viciedo in any Ramirez trade, reports SI.com's Jon Heyman. Viciedo was the No. 6 prospect for the White Sox entering the season according to Baseball America and is currently sharing time at third base with Omar Vizquel. In 59 at-bats, he has yet to draw a walk but is hitting .322 with five doubles and two home runs. The future looks bright for him.

However, as FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal just said on the MLB Network, Chicago asked L.A. to pay all but one million of Manny's remaining $6.7 million due this year -- something the Dodgers outright rejected. Given the Dodgers are the ones that have been trying to save money the last two-to-three years, the fact that Chicago made this request is odd.

The White Sox are trying desperately to acquire a hitter. They missed out on Lance Berkman, headed to the Yankees, when Berkman exercised his no-trade clause to block a trade to Chicago. They have been trying since the beginning of time to steal Adam Dunn away from the Nationals, but the Nationals have an exorbitant trade price. Chicago acquired Edwin Jackson from the Diamondbacks in the hopes they could flip him for Washington, but the Nats are balking -- and the White Sox are reportedly furious .

Williams may not succeed in his pursuit of a hitter, but he's certainly trying.

The Dodgers aren't shopping Ramirez, but are taking calls from not just the White Sox, but the Rays and a "mystery team," a near-requisite for any Scott Boras client to have as Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports reports . Although the Dodgers are in contention for a postseason spot, the club recently acquired Scott Podsednik who could take over a full-time role.
-- Evan Brunell

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Rays take flier on Qualls

The Rays have acquired reliever Chad Qualls from the Diamondbacks for a a player to be named later, as MLB.com Steve Gilbert confirms .

In the move, the Rays will be footing the entire remaining salary of Qualls, thought to be about $1.6 million. The 31-year-old has been one of the worst relief pitchers in the game so far on the season with an abominable 8.29 ERA over 38 innings. However, he has 34 strikeouts and 15 walks, which is a solid mark. His .434 BABIP is worefully unsustainable and has left just 51.4 percent of runners on base -- also unsustainable. As a result, his xFIP is a more impressive 3.84.

The Rays are taking a chance that the 8.29 ERA is an aberration and instead are choosing to focus on the fact that Qualls' peripherals speak to a far better pitcher -- one that notched 24 saves for Arizona last sesaon.

-- Evan Brunell

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Nats: 'Price won't come down' on Dunn

Mike Rizzo
Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo is adamant. If nobody is willing to meet his price on Adam Dunn, the slugger will remain in Washington.

"The closer to the deadline it gets, the more pressure is on the teams to come with something that makes sense for me to trade one of the best offensive players in baseball," Rizzo told reporters Friday. "I will come to the price where I originally said I'm going to go, or I won't trade him. The price won't come down."

Dunn is the biggest piece left on the trade market, with the non-waiver deadline looming at 4 p.m. ET Saturday. The White Sox, Rays, Tigers and Giants are considered players for Dunn, with the Yankees a possibility if they decide to stockpile even after getting Lance Berkman.

"There's quite a bit of interest in him," Rizzo said. "Suffice to say, he's a very popular player right now."

-- David Andriesen

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Dunn won't make DH an issue in trade

Adam Dunn Adam Dunn doesn't want to become a designated hitter, and has made that very clear. In a recent interview with Facts and Rumors' C. Trent Rosecrans, Dunn said, "I don't want to DH. If I have to DH, I'll probably go home."

Statements like that haven't dissuaded American League teams from pursuing a rental of the impending free agent, and Dunn seems to have softened on the idea of bing a DH at least for the rest of the season.

"That's just Dhing for two months," Dunn told the Washington Post on Friday. "It's not like if I make this move, it's career-ending."

Dunn said that, despite rumors to the contrary, he had not been told anything about a potential destination. He also indicated nothing is getting done with a possible extension with the Nationals. He's waiting around for news or for the deadline to pass, just like everyone else.

"It sucks," Dunn said. "Part of it, dude. You just get tired of hearing it. You can't even watch TV. I don't know how else to put it. It probably would affect other people more than it does me. It doesn't, because my options are awesome. I can't have better options [than] what I have."

With the Yankees getting Lance Berkman, they're out on Dunn. Sounds like it's down to the White Sox, whose trade for Edwin Jackson might help them put together a package the Nationals like, the Rays, who have prospects galore, and possibly the Giants.

-- David Andriesen

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Garza gives teammates whiskey

As is custom after a no-hitter, the starting pitcher buys teammates a gift to commemorate the occasion and serve as a thank you. Usually, that's in the form of an engraved (and expensive) watch. Garza, however, went in another direction.

"Becoming the first Rays player ever to pitch a no-hitter has been a great experience," Garza said according to the St. Petersburg Times . "I really couldn’t have done it without the support from my team. To thank them for their nine innings of hard work, I decided to give them a personalized embroidered bag and bottle of Crown Royal Black.  That way, we can all celebrate together when enjoying the new whiskey."

Here's hoping the team drinks this on an offday...

Unless Garza takes inspiration from David Wells and tries to throw a perfect game while drunk .

Matt Garza's whisky
Photo courtesy St. Petersburg Times of Evan Longoria's gift.

-- Evan Brunell

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First series sellout for Rays

Carl Crawford This weekend's American League East showdown has already produced a bit of history.

The Rays announced Thursday that Tropicana has been sold out for the entire three-game series against the Yankees -- the first time the Rays have sold out three consecutive regular-season games.

The Rays' attendance record for a three-game home series is 122,896, for a midweek series against Atlanta during their inaugural 1998 season. Then total for the three Yankees games should be about 135,000.

The stakes are a boost, as is the opponent -- the Yankees are the top road draw in the majors, and South Florida is fillied with New York retirees. But if the Tampa-St. Pete area keeps showing signs fans will show up when the product is good, it can only help the team's bid for a new stadium.

-- David Andriesen

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Trade deadline profile: Adam Dunn

Leading up to Saturday's trade deadline, the MLB Facts & Rumors team takes a look at the biggest names on the trade block. Wednesday examines one of the best home-run hitters in the game, Washington's Adam Dunn.

Adam Dunn Career stats: .251/.382/.522, 339 HR, 840 RBI
2010 stats : .275/.362/.553, 23 HR, 63 RBI
Contract status: Signed a two-year, $20 million contract prior to the 2009 season with Washington. Making $12 million in 2010 and projects to be a Type-A free agent after season.

Why he's desirable
Adam Dunn can change the game with one swing as one of the most prodigious home-run hitters of the 21st century. Dunn is currently enjoying a renaissance in batting average over the last two years as well (2005-08: .245 batting average, .270 since) which makes him more attractive, although his value remains tied up in walks and home runs. He is an absolute butcher on defense, although has been minimized somewhat by a move from left field to first base.

Dunn would immediately add sock to any lineup trying to make a push for the playoffs and does so at an affordable price. Any team could also offer Dunn arbitration (and be thrilled if he picks it up). If not, they grab two top draft picks to restock their farm system with. It's rare a player comes along like Dunn who fills such a perfect need with a win/win proposition in arbitration.

Why he's available
Simply by virtue of being a free agent on a team going nowhere, Dunn has been bandied about as a trade candidate all year. Reports surfaced earlier that Dunn approached the Nats about a contract extension, but these talks have gone nowhere.

While Dunn would prefer to stay with an up-and-coming team, it seems that Washington isn't prepared to commit a four-year extension to Dunn. Just 30, the odds are that the lefty stays productive for at least a couple more years and probably longer given his "old people" skills, but it's understandable why the Nationals would be sketchy of a four-year deal. A three-year deal might be in the cards, but it's not known if Washington is interested in that scenario as well.

There is no first-base prospect banging on the door, although the Nats may be gearing up for a big financial payout to Prince Fielder or Adrian Gonzalez after 2011.

Who is interested
The fact that Dunn is anti-DH hasn't stopped AL clubs from taking a look at the slugger. The White Sox have been hot to trot after Dunn for a while, at one point reportedly making their entire farm system available for him -- and the Nats weren't biting. You can bet GM Kenny Williams will do everything he can to integrate Dunn into the fold. There is a ready-made DH position for him to get at-bats in a ballpark that is a dream for home-run hitters.

The Yankees have also been linked to Dunn, who would pepper the right-field bleachers like nobody's business. The Rays have also checked into Dunn, who could really use his pop at DH as they scramble to keep pace with the Yankees. The Angels are seeking an upgrade, although the loss of Joel Pineiro for over a month may have adjusted their thinking on a contention window. The Giants are also hot after Dunn and may have a leg up on the competition both due to losing out on Scott Podsednik (although one argues that may be a good thing) and the appeal of being a NL team.

Adam Dunn The problem here is that Dunn is anti-DH. He does not want to DH, and there are questions around just how happy and productive he would be as a DH. Fortunately for Dunn, as an impending free agent, he can control his future after the year. For the next two months, Dunn can just deal with being the DH, and the high probability of playing in October might adjust his thinking -- Dunn's only taste of contention came when he was dealt to Arizona in 2008.

The D-Backs finished two games behind the Dodgers. Back then, Dunn said he truly enjoyed playing meaningful baseball down the stretch, although he then found himself frozen out of the free-agent market and joining a down-and-out team like Washington.

The Rangers, Rockies and Tigers have also been connected to the lefty.

Expected return
Nats GM Mike Rizzo has reportedly attached a high price to Dunn, considering Dunn just as good as Ryan Howard. (And he's not far off the mark when talking just offense.) He proposed swapping Dunn to the White Sox for Gordon Beckham, something the ChiSox rejected out of hand, telling Beckham he would not be traded.

The Nats came back with an offer of Daniel Hudson along with a prospect -- either Jordan Danks, Tyler Flowers or Brent Morel says Bruce Levine of ESPN Chicago. The Nationals might be able to make the White Sox blink as the trade deadline approaches and make a swap, but it would be a tough pill to swallow. Many in the game believe Rizzo's demands will dwindle the closer the deadline is.

No names have been considered from the Yankees' end, although it wouldn't be a surprise if the Nationals asked for Ivan Nova, a similar quality pitcher to Hudson -- young and breaking into the majors. The Rays likely won't deal Jeremy Hellickson for Dunn, but Jacob McGee is a possibility.

What happens
It would be a disservice to the Nationals' future for Dunn to stay in town. Staying in town has no bearing on any possible contract extension with Washington, in addition to the fact the Nats are going nowhere. The quality of prospects being discussed for Dunn means that, at the very least, Washington should get a solid building block for the future. Washington needs to think of an actual contention window of 2012-2015, and the player acquired for Dunn has a far better chance of having an impact in those years.

The guess is that the White Sox will send Hudson along with a prospect slightly below the tier of Danks/Flowers/Morel for Dunn. Dunn won't be pleased about DHing, but will do his job, try to get Chicago into October, then run back to the NL in the offseason.

More trade deadline targets -- Jorge Cantu (trade profile ) | Scott Downs (trade profile ) | Roy Oswalt (trade profile )

-- Evan Brunell

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Rays lose another CF

Ben Zobrist Already without B.J. Upton, the Rays lost another center fielder when Ben Zobrist left Wednesday's game with the Tigers before the fourth inning.

Zobrist left the game with lower back stiffness, according to MLB.com's Bill Chastain .

Sean Rodriguez replaced Zobrist, who singled in the first..

Upton sprained his left ankle on Tuesday, but isn't expected to miss more than a couple of games.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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