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Posted on: August 18, 2010 7:38 pm
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Braves place Glaus on DL

Troy Glaus Some eyebrows were raised when the Braves acquired Derrek Lee. Would he replace Troy Glaus at first? Were the Braves going to move Glaus to third for Chipper Jones?

Well, yes.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 's David O'Brien tweets the Braves have placed Glaus on the disabled list, and after a week off he'll go to Triple-A Gwinnett. With Gwinnett, he'll work out at third base so he can play both first and third in September (and presumably October).

Glaus has been hampered with a sore left knee.

After a hot start, Glaus has found himself with a .239/.343/.406 slash line and 16 home runs and 61 RBI. On June 13, he was hitting .290/.382/.504 and in the 51 games since then, he's hit .173/.294/.277 with three homers and 21 RBI.

The Braves have super-sub Omar Infante to use with Martin Prado and mix-and-match the two at second and third base, while Glaus and Lee could be a righty/lefty platoon at first, while Glaus could have a spot start here and there at third base.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 11:29 pm
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Chipper injury could mean opportunity for M's

Chone Figgins
The Braves are trying to hold off the surging Phillies in the National League East, and now they're minus one Hall of Fame third baseman. You'd have to think their level of desperation is high right now.

Some are suggesting the Mariners could leverage that desperation to unload an ill-advised contract. Chone Figgins couldn't replace the things Chipper Jones did, but decent major-league help is tough to come by now that the non-waiver trade deadline has passed. Only players making more than their value can slip through, and Figgins, owed a minimum of $26 million and three more years on the contract he signed last winter, is highly unlikely to be snapped up.

The Mariners and Braves reportedly had discussions about Figgins at the deadline that weren't terribly serious, but Atlanta's situation has changed. And so has Seattle's since the Mariners signed Figgins thinking they were contenders. As the Seattle Times points out, the Mariners are paying $27 million of their $90 million payroll to two players: Figgins and Ichiro Suzuki. Thirty percent of your payroll for two leadoff hitters is absurd, and you know they're not trading Ichiro.

The Braves have other options. They can move Martin Prado to third and play Omar Infante every day. They can try to trade for Baltimore's Ty Wigginton, though Wigginton is a longer shot to clear waivers. But Figgins is ridiculously hot right now (batting .405/.436/.486 in August), and despite his contract, he could make the difference in whether the Braves make the playoffs by a game or miss by a game.

Are the Braves desperate enough to make this deal? Are the Mariners willing to pick up enough of Figgins' contract to make it happen? Hard to say, but you've got to think there's at least going to be a phone call between Frank Wren and Jack Zduriencik.

-- David Andriesen

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 5:01 pm
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Chipper Jones intends to play in 2011

Chipper Jones, Bobby Cox Well, it looks like Chipper Jones won't be retiring after all.

In a press conference Friday afternoon, Jones confirmed he is having season-ending surgery for his left ACL but wasn't prepared to call his career over, saying that it is not the right time to "make a decision to quit." He intends to rehab the knee and "come into camp next spring, ready to go."

Jones could still retire without seeing another regular-season pitch, but that decision will be made after the rehab process, not before.

It's unsurprising that Jones wants to play again in 2011 and not go out with a torn ACL -- just like how he came into the majors. Plus, Jones' concern about his dwindling skills was assuaged by a .307/.387/.520 line in 173 plate appearances from June 15 to his final game on August 10. Before that, he was considering retirement after a subpar 2009 was followed up by a .228/.375/.341 beginning to 2010.

If Jones does indeed play next season, he will do so without Bobby Cox skippering him for the first time in Chipper's major-league career -- maybe. Even though Cox swears that 2010 will end his managerial career at 29 seasons (25 with the Braves), many around the game are skeptical.

-- Evan Brunell

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 2:02 pm
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Could Inge, Peralta fit in Atlanta?

Brandon Inge Two potential replacements for Chipper Jones are currently making their home in Detroit -- but perhaps not for long.

While Brandon Inge and Jhonny Peralta haven't been put on trade waivers yet, the Tigers -- 9 1/2 games out of first and dead in the water -- figure to put several names on waivers shortly.

Inge, an impending free agent, would have been a fantastic add to Atlanta. Just back from a fracture in his left hand, the 33-year-old is hitting .255/.331/.393 and flashes strong defense at third.

Peralta, acquired from the Indians to give the Tigers some depth with Inge and Carlos Guillen out with injuries at the time, has played third and short for Detroit so far. On the season, the 28-year-old is hitting .238/.304/.382 in what has been quite the plunge from being an above-average shortstop in years past.

Replacing Jones on the active roster for the Braves is Brandon Hicks, who profiles as a utilityman. At-bats will be split between him, Omar Infante and Brooks Conrad. All three, with the possible exception of Infante, are best served coming off the bench.

-- Evan Brunell

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Posted on: August 12, 2010 11:49 am
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Chipper Jones tears ACL, out for season

Chipper Jones Could Chipper Jones' Hall of Fame career be over?

With the news that Jones is out for the year after tearing his ACL, it may very well be.

Jones' agent said that the injury, suffered Tuesday night, will require surgery.

Obviously, this is a blow to Atlanta's playoff hopes, already in doubt thanks to being just 2 1/2 games up over a surging Philadelphia Phillies team that will bring back Ryan Howard, Shane Victorino and Chase Utley shortly.

Even though Chipper wasn't the Chipper of old, he was still a valuable part of the Braves' team. Someone who hits 265/.381/.426 in 381 plate appearances with average defense at the hot corner is a strong complementary piece of a Braves team trying to reclaim its old familiar perch atop the NL East Division standings.

No, that line is nowhere near the obscene .342/.435/.592 line over 1,611 plate appearances he checked in at from 2006-08 as a mid-30s player, but the 38-year-old still had plenty left in him even as he considered retirement, unable to stand his personal brand of production deteriorating, even if it was still better than most.

Now, Jones will have to take to the sidelines for an injury that will take months to heal, if not a full year. While the ACL is reportedly not torn, according to Mark Bowman of MLB.com, it is stretched and will require surgery. He suffered the injury by ranging behind the third-base bag in the bottom sixth of Tuesday's game against the Astros, snaring a grounder at the foul-ball line and making an acrobatic, jumping throw to throw out Hunter Pence.

He landed with his full weight on his left leg -- the one that already had a torn ACL that caused him to miss all of the 1994 season -- and crumpled to the ground, later being helped off the field.

What a shame this might be the way Chipper Jones ends his career, not in a dogpile in October or to a standing ovation in his final regular-season game.

As Sheldon adds, however, agent B.B. Abbott believes that Jones won't retire without at least rehabbing the injury. It's certainly understandable how Jones wouldn't want to let this be his curtain call.

The 1999 MVP still has two years left on his deal plus a 2013 club option, so his security isn't an issue. He originally signed a three-year, $42 million contract in March of 2009, a year before his previous deal expired. In addition, since revealing in June that he was considering retirement, Jones' play has picked up, posting a .907 OPS after the announcement.

Given his production and the injury, it's difficult to imagine Jones walking away from the game.

The Braves slotted in bench player Brooks Conrad to replace Jones Tuesday and Wednesday, but despite his penchant for hitting clutch home runs, isn't quite a full-time player. In 101 appearances as a 30-year-old in his rookie season, Conrad has a .238/.313/.495 line with six dingers. You might see the Braves do a timeshare between Conrad and Omar Infante, or have Atlanta troll the waiver wire and pick up a middle infielder. The top name on the market remains Ty Wigginton, although it is unknown if he has been claimed on waivers.

-- Evan Brunell

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Posted on: August 11, 2010 5:28 pm

All Jones can do is wait

Chipper Jones Braves third baseman Chipper Jones was hobbling but optimistic Wednesday, and still feels the diagnosis of a left knee sprain is the extent of the injury he suffered Tuesday.

Jones won't know for sure until he gets the results of an MRI exam scheduled for Thursday, but he doesn't think this injury is the same as the torn ACL he had as a rookie in 1994.

"I have a lot of pain in the lower left side of my knee,” he told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "I don’t know what that means. We’ve just got to basically wait for the MRI to come back, and hopefully that will tell us. Hopefully it’s just a sprain.

"I mean, there are some good signs. It’s not blowing up the way my knee did the first time I did it [in 1994]. There’s little if any fluid in it right now, so hopefully that will be the case tomorrow morning when I get up. We’ll just have to wait and see."

It would be a shame if the injury does turn out to be more serious, with Jones already contemplating retirement. Braves fans surely would hate to see the future Hall of Famer go out that way.

-- David Andriesen

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Posted on: August 10, 2010 9:58 pm
Edited on: August 11, 2010 1:32 am

Chipper leaves game with knee injury

Chipper Jones Braves third baseman Chipper Jones left Tuesday's game in Houston with an apparent left knee injury after making a great play to get the Astros' Hunter Pence.

Jones, 38, fielded a grounder by Pence right on the third-base line, leapt to make a throw to first and landed awkwardly on his left knee. Pence was out on the play.

Jones' future has been a point of discussion all year. At one point it was reported he was ready to announce his retirement, but in June he said he'd wait until the offseason to make a decision. Jones is hitting .263/.380/.422 with 10 home runs and 46 RBI.

The Braves were already playing without Jason Heyward, who was out of the lineup with a sore right knee. Atlanta general manager Frank Wren told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution 's David O'Brien in an email that Heyward's injury was "minor."

UPDATE: O'Brien tweets that Jones has suffered a sprained left knee and will have an MRI on Thursday.

UPDATE: Bobby Cox had this to say to O'Brien and other reporters after the game: "Chipper's going to be out a while probably. I hate to see it because he's played so good right now. It's about as good as I've seen him swing the bat in two years. He's been playing great defensively and offensively. It's going to be a while, probably. We'll see.

"Chip thinks it's not too bad. But that's Chip talking. I can't tell you. I don't know."

UPDATE: Jones says , "It’s hurt. I heard a distinct pop. I don’t think it’s my ACL, ’cause when I did it before it sounded like my knee exploded. It sounded like the whole stadium could hear it pop. While I did here it pop [Tuesday] it wasn’t the same pop. That’s something you don’t forget.

“But I’ve got a very distinct pain on the lower left side of my knee. Just got to wait for the MRI.”

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: June 17, 2010 6:33 pm
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Jones says no announcement until after the season

Chipper Jones told reporters Thursday that he was waiting until the end of the season before making any announcement about what he called "the R-word."

It was reported earlier this week that Jones was leaning toward retirement, and he confirmed that on Thursday, but said nothing was imminent.

Jones said he didn't want to distract from the team's playoff hunt or Bobby Cox's final season as the Braves' manager.

UPDATE: "I'll speak at length with my support group at the end of the season," Jones said to reporters, before adding with a smirk: "I'm sure you guys will be the first to know, you'll probably know before I do."

UPDATE: MLB.com's Mark Bowman has more from the media session on his blog , including this quote: "Honestly I haven't made a decision either way. Let's face it. We all know sort of which way I'm leaning. But I think it's best that we put this all behind us.  Somehow the cork got taken out and I'm putting it back in right now. I don't want to hear any more talk about retirement until the end of the season." 

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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