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Posted on: March 23, 2011 10:18 am

Mike Brown - head "Bungler" of Bengals

Mike Brown in case you don't know is the owner of the Cincinnati Bengals, he took over the team in 1991 after the passing of his father - NFL legend Paul Brown - who BTW the Cleveland Browns were named for.
Mike Brown also annointed himself defacto GM at that time, he fired the most successful coach in franchise history - Sam Wyche, he then went on to hire David Shula - who has a great football name being the son of HOF'er Don Shula but that is where the similarities with him and his dad end and David lost 50 games FASTER than any coach in NFL history.
He then hired Bruce Coslet who was equally as disaterous and had the Bengals spinning their proverbial wheels in the mud almost as fast as Shula did.
In fact the most successful coaching hire Brown's made is Marvin Lewis and even he is at a .455 winning %, over all in his 20 years at the helm the Bengals have a .361 winning % which if you were a GM of any other tyeam would have had you fired by now but now Brown, nope, when you own the team you can do what you like and apparently that means running the team further and further into the ground.
Let's also not forget his abysmal draft record with a decent choicxe here & there but over 95% of his picks have not worked out or they've had repeated run ins with police all of which goes back to scouting & researching the background of the players they draft.
They employ 1 scout, not 5-6 like most NFL teams do, they have 1,  they promised Marvin Lewis they would change that but still haven't done so.
He has had public feuds with players who want to be traded out of his organization from Corey Dillon to Chad Johnson & now Carson Palmer all of which fought and fought to gain their freedom - only Corey Dillon received his being traded to the New England Patriots for a second round pick.
Chad Johnson still is on the Bengals roster as is Palmer - who has threatened to retire if the Bengals don't trade him but Brown says he will NOT trade Palmer.
I have to ask Bengal fans - HOW is this even remotely acceptable? How do you put up with a losing product year after year, bungled draft after bungled draft, the childlike "I'm taking my ball & going home" attitude with players like Johnson & Palmer, how is that acceptable?
If a player even the QB of the team EVER tried to force a trade in the Patriots organization Bill Belichick would have that player traded faster than you can say "Fumble", they just would be no doubt about it.
Belichick wouldn't be trying to "show who's boss" to the player, you don't wnat to play here, we'll get someone who does oh and you will be traded to where WE will receive the most value from.
To call Brown's attitude shortsighted is being kind, it's selfish and serves to only boost his ego that he can take a hardline with his QB, it doesn't improve the team, gets them no value to build upon, makes the organization look badly and puts the coaching staff in a difficult position.
I don't blame Palmer, he wants out, he's tired of the losing and the failed promises from the front office and though I don't normally back players who demand a trade in this case can you really blame him?
The Bengals could do very nicely for themlseves by trading him, get a player and a pick or 2 extra draft picks in return, sure they won't be first round picks BUT you do build your team in the lower rounds, why not make the MOST of the opportunity to give yourself more chances to select a player that could very well become a franchise player or at least a solid contributer to end the YEARS of futility!
Mike Brown will have none of it, just as the Lions did with Barry Sanders and received absolutely NOTHING for him after he retired when they wouldn't trade him.
Palmer says he will retire and move on to another facet of his life, he's made money, has a family that he would be able to spend more time with but it shouldn't HAVE to come to that, it just shouldn't but sadly it will.
Palmer will retire, the Bengals will get nothing for him and Mike Brown can stroke his ego that he was the hardline, old school guy who showed the superstar player who was boss.
That's fine and if at the end of the day that's what drives him and not the success of the franchise he is steward for than so be it, I just think it's doing Bengals fans a great disservice and in the end isn't that who Brown should think about first and foremost?
Aren't the fans the reason he's able to earn the living he does and gets to live the dream of EVERY NFL fan - to be GM of an NFL franchise.
Aren't the fans who the players always credit and who are the lifeblood of ANY professional sports team?
If you've answered yes to those questions than WHY is Mike Brown putting them behind stroking his ego?
Bengal fans deserve better but unless Mike brown has an epiphany of epic proportions than it isn't going to happen and THAT is what is most sad in this whole saga.
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