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Posted on: December 31, 2010 8:09 pm

Our last post of the year (hopefully)

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

We’ve come to the last NFL Facts & Rumors blog post of 2010. But don’t be sad, dear reader. Be happy, because in 2010, you only got a half year’s worth of entertainment (or, if you’re so inclined, a half-year of you wondering how in the hell Andy Benoit, Will Brinson and I got these jobs) after we jump-started this bad boy in June.

Either way, we appreciate your reading eyes, your argumentative nature in the comments section and your passion for the NFL. Without your hunger for news at all hours of the day, this blog would have a very hard time surviving. And we thank you for being here and for inviting us onto your computers every day.

We look forward to 2011, because it’s the playoffs, it’s the Super Bowl in Dallas, it’s the NFL Draft and hopefully it’s the agreement of a new CBA. Hopefully, it’s not Brett Favre or Albert Haynesworth or an owner lockout.

And hopefully, nothing more about foot fetishes.

And speaking of foot fetishes (I can’t believe I waited until New Years Eve to break out my strong segue skills), I thought we should end this year on an appropriate note – briefly discussing, once more, what simply isn’t our business.

More photos have surfaced of a woman that looks like Ryan’s wife getting her feet fondled by somebody who isn’t Rex Ryan. I won’t bother linking to the website; if you want it, it’s not too difficult to find. Instead, I’ll give Ryan the last word on the matter (and of the year).

"It's a personal matter and I'm not going to discuss it," said Ryan, according to ESPN New York.

And that (hopefully) is that.

Happy new year to all.

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Posted on: December 31, 2010 6:10 pm

Favre celebrates 2010 by dancing a little dance

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

It’s not quite as good as Chad Pennington dancing to the smooth sounds of Eminem – seriously, Henne looks awfully intense in this recycled video clip – but give Brett Favre credit for trying.

During Vikings practice this week, Favre got pulled into the awesomeness that is Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” and began dancing.

And actually his Running Man looks pretty good if you click the link.

With moves like that, it’s hard to imagine how somebody like Jenn Sterger (allegedly) could have declined Favre’s (alleged) offer(s).

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Posted on: December 30, 2010 9:14 am

Favre fails another concussion test

Posted by Andy Benoit
B. Favre
This is the last week we’ll spend speculating about whether Brett Favre will play or sit (at least we think…) Favre suffered a concussion in Week 15 and sat out Tuesday night’s game because he hadn’t passed his neurological test. On Wednesday, Leslie Frazier said Favre had not taken a test in “three or four days”.

However, according to Judd Zulgad of the Star Tribune, Favre took another baseline concussion test shortly after Frazier’s Wednesday press conference. The results of that test? Another fail.

In all likelihood, we saw Favre’s final NFL game in Minnesota’s outdoor Monday night contest against the Bears.

Joe Webb was solid if not spectacular in his debut start against the Eagles Tuesday night. If Favre is unable to go, the sixth-round rookie will get a crack at an encore performance this Sunday against the Lions.

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Posted on: December 29, 2010 3:23 pm

Sterger's attorney releases his own statement

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Earlier today, we told you about the NFL’s $50,000 fine on Brett Favre. As we figured, this punishment likely wouldn’t sit well with the attorney of Jenn Sterger.

And it hasn’t.

Joseph Conley, Sterger’s lawyer, sent the St. Paul Pioneer Press a statement in which he conveyed his disappointment about the verdict and questioned why the Jets organization wasn’t mentioned in the NFL’s release.

Here’s the full statement:

My client and I are extremely disappointed, but not surprised, at today's NFL announcement that Brett Favre did not violate the NFL "workplace conduct" policy. While I am not privy to how Mr. Goodell reached such a finding, we strongly disagree with his conclusion that there was insufficient evidence to support a violation of the policy. To the contrary, our evidence and the personal testimony of Ms. Sterger clearly showed a pattern of lewd and offensive behavior by Mr. Favre that lasted all of the 2008 season. As noted in the NFL's release, "there was no evidence to suggest that Sterger engaged in any inappropriate conduct." In addition to the offensive messages, there was ample evidence to show that the sexually explicit photographs were part of Favre's inappropriate behavior.

Our evidence clearly showed that the photos were sent by Favre. Likewise, Mr. Goodell completely failed to address the complicity of the New York Jet organization in Favre's conduct. The evidence was explicit that Ms. Sterger's personal telephone numbers were provided to Favre by still-current employees of the New York Jets. This was done without Ms. Sterger's knowledge and consent.

Furthermore, the fact that the League took the step of fining Favre for "not being candid in several respects during the investigation" is disturbing in the message it sends. It clearly shows that an NFL star player was given preferential treatment and tells all other players that failure to cooperate may cost you some money but will not result in other punishment. Additionally, today's decision is an affront to all females and shows once again that, despite tough talk, the NFL remains the good old boys' league.

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Posted on: December 29, 2010 1:04 pm
Edited on: December 29, 2010 1:09 pm

Favre fined $50,000 for lack of cooperation

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

After months of speculation, the NFL has announced its punishment of Brett Favre, regarding the Jenn Sterger matter.

Favre will be fined $50,000 and will receive no suspension. The NFL found there was no violation of league policy. Favre was fined the $50,000 for lack of cooperation.

The full statement from the NFL:

The NFL office conducted an investigation to determine whether Brett Favre’s interaction with New York Jets game-day employee Jenn Sterger in 2008 violated the NFL Personal Conduct Policy.

In reviewing the matter, the sole focus was on whether there was a violation of league policies regarding conduct in the workplace.  NFL policies do not extend to private conduct or make judgments about the appropriateness of personal relationships, except where that conduct or those relationships raise issues under the law or league policies.

The investigation included an analysis of publicly available reports; a series of interviews with knowledgeable individuals, including Sterger and Favre; a review of communications between the two furnished to our office; and independent forensic analysis of electronically stored material. The investigation was limited in several respects because the conduct occurred in 2008 but was not brought to our attention until this fall. As a result, certain records and individuals were unavailable to the NFL.

The investigation also reviewed a second media report about allegations involving other women who worked at the Jets’ facility in 2008.

Misconduct by Favre regarding that claim was unable to be substantiated because individuals with potentially relevant information declined to be interviewed or otherwise cooperate with the investigation. In addition, our investigation took longer than might ordinarily have been the case due to difficulties in arranging to speak with certain key individuals, the time required to retrieve and review stored electronic records, and Commissioner Roger Goodell’s decision to meet personally with both Favre and Sterger before making a decision.

On the basis of the evidence currently available to him, Commissioner Goodell could not conclude that Favre violated league policies relating to workplace conduct. The forensic analysis could not establish that Favre sent the objectionable photographs to Sterger. The review found no evidence to contradict the statements of both Favre and Sterger that they never met in person, nor was there anything to suggest that Sterger engaged in any inappropriate conduct.

However, Commissioner Goodell also determined that Favre was not candid in several respects during the investigation, resulting in a longer review and additional negative public attention for Favre, Sterger, and the NFL. The commissioner notified Favre that he has been fined $50,000 for his failure to cooperate with the investigation in a forthcoming manner. Commissioner Goodell stated to Favre that if he had found a violation of the league’s workplace conduct policies, he would have imposed a substantially higher level of discipline.

In a memo to clubs today, Commissioner Goodell reminded them of the serious nature of this matter and stated that NFL policies make no excuses for improper or potentially unlawful conduct in the workplace. 

“Every member of every club’s staff should be able to work in an environment free of harassment or hostility, and one in which every employee is valued, respected, and given a full opportunity to contribute to the goals of the club and the NFL,” Commissioner Goodell said. “Our new training program on workplace conduct will help all of us to promote the right kind of environment for all employees and I intend to dedicate the fine I have imposed on Favre to help fund that training program.”

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Posted on: December 29, 2010 10:48 am

Favre decision coming soon

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Expect the NFL finally to rule on the Brett Favre/Jenn Sterger incident within the next 48 hours, and according to various media reports – some of which have been out there for a few weeks now – he won’t be suspended.

NFL.com’s Jason La Canfora, though, has determined a ceiling for how much Favre could be fined. According to La Canfora, the fine from the league won’t exceed $50,000 and, in fact, could be less.

So, a decision that won’t be noted for its swiftness could be remembered for its unremarkable penalty.

Somewhere, James Harrison is seething.

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Posted on: December 29, 2010 9:01 am
Edited on: December 29, 2010 9:03 am

Webb shows he belongs

J. Webb had an impressive showing for Minnesota vs. Philadelphia (US Presswire). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

We all acknowledge that it’s been a strange, strange season for the Vikings (can we classify this as a Jerry Garcia-type year, please?).

The Brett Favre saga, the Brad Childress saga, the Randy Moss experiment and ultimate failure, the Metrodome roof collapsing, and the Tuesday night football game all have made this a (not-so-good) year to remember for Minnesota fans.

And while QB Joe Webb’s performance won’t rank that highly on the chart of weirdness for 2010, his impressive play in the team’s 24-14 win against the Eagles shouldn’t go overlooked.

In case you need a refresher, Webb – whose real first name is Tawhidul (I somehow missed that fact this season) – had a standout career as a QB at Alabama-Birmingham. He wasn’t invited to the NFL Combine, and he worked out for scouts as a WR. Essentially, hardly anybody expected Webb to play QB in the NFL.

The fact he was chosen in the sixth round by the Vikings wasn’t a great sign either, because sixth round picks have a tough enough time making the team in the first place.

But Webb played well enough in training camp to convince Childress to leave him at QB – he actually beat out Sage Rosenfels for the No. 3 QB job – and after backing up Favre and Tarvaris Jackson all season, Webb took his first snaps in Week 14 and 15. He looked exactly like a sixth-round pick who wasn’t supposed to be a QB.

Yet, on Tuesday, Webb played like a professional, completing 17 of 26 passes for 195 yards while rushing six times for 31 yards and a touchdown to lead Minnesota to the upset.

"I just let my instincts take over," Webb told reporters, via the St. Paul Pioneer Press. "I sensed the pressure, but I didn't focus on it. I stayed in the pocket and focused on the throw."

Perhaps none were bigger than his 28-yard pass to WR Percy Harvin on a third-and-11 midway through the fourth quarter that kept alive a drive that eventually led to the Vikings sealing the game with a one-yard TD run by Adrian Peterson. Considering the Eagles had scored a TD of their own at the beginning of the fourth quarter to cut the Vikings lead to three points, the drive led by Webb was particularly important.

Said coach Leslie Frazier: "That's a huge play under a lot of pressure against a very good defense, for him to step up in the pocket and make that (3rd-and-11) throw. That's a heckuva play, and one you look at and you say, 'This guy has a chance.'"

Also from Frazier - who, by the way, said Favre would start in Week 17 if he was healthy (does this make sense to anybody?): “It'd be hard for me to say that I knew that Joe would play at such a high level so consistently.”

Did anybody?

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Posted on: December 28, 2010 5:16 pm
Edited on: December 28, 2010 5:20 pm

Brett Favre inactive against the Eagles

Posted by Andy Benoit

This time, we can be sure that Brett Favre won’t emerge out of the depths of the injury list and suddenly start for the Vikings in primetime. Jason La Canfora of NFL.com reports that Favre will indeed be inactive for Tuesday night’s game against the Eagles.

This announcement was expected after Leslie Frazier said on Monday that the veteran quarterback had not passed his concussion test. Rookie Joe Webb will get the start. Patrick Ramsey is the backup.

As for Favre, the discussion for the next five days will be whether last Monday night’s game was the last of his career. The Vikings have a meaningless contest at Detroit next week. The only reason for Favre to play would be so he could walk off the field on his own terms in his final game. We’ll find out (and, of course, spend the next five days wondering aloud about it).

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